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On 2/7/2023 at 2:33 PM, anonymous user said:


Pope Francis with his Vatican runaround. On his trips out usually gets driven in a new Fiat 500L

Wonder if VR means Vatican / roma

(if mo = Modena etc)

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51 minutes ago, TheIsleofShite said:

I see some of the Pritchard bullshite is in that advert for the split window Bug.


The very last of the split window Deluxe Beetles built after April 13th 1952 came with opening external air vents located on the rear portion of the front quarter panel, known as “Crotch Coolers”, this example being one of those models

The crotch coolers were part of the 1951 model and were introduced  April 13th 1951. They were deleted on 1st October 1952 when the 1953 model was introduced. 1953 was the last year of the split window.

Perhaps these so called VW experts should read up in the Etzold volumes to find out the actual dates of the changes to the VW Bug. I've been using mine as reference for almost 40 years.


English version has been in print since 1988


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