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  1. I just picked this Parkside welder up from Lidl mainly as everyone raves about middle isle welders and plasma cutters and I alway miss out. I've not opened it yet as I may take it back but I thought Id ask here if anyone has any experience with these? The reviews seem good from what I see. In the future I'd like to be welding my Cars so I know gas would be better for that. Are there any transferable skills from fluxcore to gas mig? I notice this has just one knob for wire speed. If there are some transferable skills it might be worth me keeping it so I can practice in our current small garden without worrying about storing gas. P.s. I do have an inner wing that needs sorting soon... maybe not by me 🫣
  2. I understand classics not being fun sometimes. For me it totally depends what I'm doing with them . My Escort is my main classic and i've been everywhere in it but being a 1.1 4 speed It can get a bit tiering and probably like your mini being a smaller car its not as easy to drive as a bigger or higher spec classic. I'm sure if I had a mk4 1.6 ghia it would be a lot easier to use. For some reason i bought a nackard Capri which i've done up over the last 5 years. Much more capable engine wise but it feels like a much older car and a bit of a work out after a long drive. Traffic doesn't bother me as much in the Capri though and with that long bonnet I do feel less vulnerable even if its no different that the Escort. I sometimes use these for work too which adds an eliminate of "will I get there" even If I always do. I do end up borrowing my fairly understanding girlfriends Car a lot 🤣 But like your post about the Merc soft top, I went out in the Capri yesterday with the sunroof open listening to 70s/80s tune and it felt all worth it. Same with the Escort and if I do use it for a job, people love it. I'm hoping when we move house I can by an old Ford focus so these can be used for fun and not need to be relied on.
  3. I've just shined the orange parts up in prep for this.
  4. Well I'm very happy with my Ford Donkey Jacket! but I don't know much about it. All I can find is a photo of a bloke wearing a similar one (logo slightly different place) at a workers strike in 1973. Anyone know anything about these... would all workers be offered one? or just Truck drivers etc? ... I've naturally been driving around in my Escort mk3 wearing it like a nut job. Probably heading to a car show near you 😝
  5. My Dad did some work with Roy Wood in the early 70s. He told me that Roy bought this Car for his wife due to the number plate and Roy drove a Jenson Intercepter. I know in a box of photos somewhere at home theres a pic of both cars outside his house.
  6. Amazing progress on this! Interesting seeing the strut top work. Mines also going on the passenger side quite badly. Someone added a strengthening plate to it and it must have bubbled under it. Mine also has a Bosch distributor off a Sierra with the ignition module instead of points. I just recently swamped the points on my Escort mk3 which were playing up. It wouldnt run at all with the new condenser so the old one is back on that.
  7. Today I had a quick look the Ignition system. I change the Distributor Cap + Rotor Arm and checked the points Gap which seemed like they might be slightly too snug. I didnt alter them yet as I'm trying not to do too much and end up with a non running car. Last time I swapped the cap I learned that mistake by getting the leads 1 out of sync 😂 I did notice the king lead and one of the plugs had some white fur/corosion on them so I think maybe they need a bit of lube on them or something? I took all the plugs out, cleaned them and checked the Gap. Put them back in and went for a spin up to temp. I must admit I did turn it off and drive down the road a bit before pulling out number 4. Looks a bit sooty but hopefully all good? I did notice on my drive its probably even more joggy now mainly on light acceleration but seemed a nicer idle at first. If you floor it is seems ok I guess although I've not really gone far enough to test this. I thought I'd come back and change the condenser as a test and also check the timing. Not having much luck with the screw holding the condenser on though. Its stuck solid and after a few goes of penetrating oil and a long extension to try and get a good purchase on it... it wont budge so this is all I've gotten up to. Also when I through the Timing light on their I think it was reading 10 degrees of retard on there so I need to check where this is at properly before I change anything. Heres the troublesome screw (no idea how to flip this pic around) The only other thing I can think of is its not getting enough fuel. The Fuel filter I recently swapped as the last one wasn't great still doesnt fill up that much so I'm wondering if its getting starved a bit? When I first put this one it filled right but now its as you see. This photo is while the car is running. Again this could all be the carb as the VV is know for not being a good unit. I just want to rule everything out before I spend some money on one. I've been offered another weber unit for £150 but I might have to move fast with all these tests in case it goes. Its also money I dont really want to spend right now so wouldnt want to buy it and there be no difference.
  8. Apparently they made an L shaped plate to stop this happening. I dont think that kind of anti theft technology was standard from the factory though ha!
  9. When I was a kid my Dad had an X reg 1.3 (5 Door, sunburst Red, Base model) He said it was the same. Used to jog about loads and trouble starting it. Him and his mate did a weber manual choke conversion on it and it was alright after. I'm sure he said he smashed the old vv up with a hammer 😂 I bet the 1.1 Terracotta Escort was nice. I remember when I bought this one a guy had a terracotta 1.6 base model on another forum. I wish I had bought it from him. Last I remember he couldnt sell it for £600 and so he scrapped it unless that wasnt true. This is pretty quick once you get into second. Feels more lively than the Capri I own but then that also needs a bit of TLC in the tune up department.
  10. An intermotor condenser turned up today. looks like the other spare I have, not sure how old these are though?
  11. Nah still has them. I thought this for years then it started running terrible. Took it to my garage and they said your points arnt event sparking 🤪 I'm actually planing a full service this weekend and week. Not sure if I should change the points. I think last time was 2018 and I'd like to attempt them myself. Any advice is welcome. So far i've bought Rotor ArmDistributor CapPoints/CondenserSpark PlugsAir FilterOil + FilterRocker Cover Gasket (as i'm going to do the tappets) Oil change yesterday, going for tappets today.
  12. Right to finish this off... Yesterday it was 10 years to the day I bought this old gal! In more recent times this has been used in Rapper Aitch's '1989' Music video! A short film where someone ran over a child in a graveyard (not out yet) A sky internal video then we moved north and the MOT man smashed the passenger sill off and passenger inner wing out. A couple months later it was back on the road and nearly a year later hear it is with a similar ear shite train... Used this car a lot in the last year and about to under go a full overdue service. Thinking of going for points and condenser too as its not been done since 2018 and I've never actually done it myself. I dont have a dwell meter but hoping I can get by with a timing gun and feeler gauge. Anyway that probably brings this thread up to date. Obviously theres been a lot of trips all over the country to London, Manchester, Bristol, Dorset, Lake District (locked my keys in it there) Glasgow, Bath... im sure theres more... Its done 30k as a second car. And the reason why I keep this thing... when I was a kid my Dad had a 1.3 X reg Base model in Sunburst Red. As you can see here I think its cool as F**k. If one came up I would sell this Car or the Capri and keep em both. It was always my dream (sadly) but this is as close as it gets. Heres a random photo dump of the last 10 years... mainly music related.
  13. It's not bad. We got it in 2017 from Glasgow and hes spent a bit of time doing little things like re doing the seats, painting the airbox and adding things like a nice rocker cover. For it to be mint it would want a respray really. Drives nice though!
  14. I remember when you bought this on RetroRides and followed it with real excitement! I'd really wanted a Red 1.3 mk3 Escort for years especially in 3 door form. This one was such a bargain at £500 and looked great in Sunburst Red. Did it survive do you know? I paid 3 times that for mine in 2013.
  15. Ooo whats happening to this one? looks ready to be saved! Does it have an engine in it? Looks a bit high at the front. My Dad has a 1979 1500 we bought from Glasgow in 2017. Its a lot of fun, bit quicker than my 2.0 Capri too. I keep thinking one day I'd like do do an mx5 engine swap on one at some point but it doesn't look as straight forward from what i've seen on youtube. https://youtube.com/watch?v=4V6OeX4Zvag&si=EnSIkaIECMiOmarE
  16. Just found a video of it, apparently it was crushed and given to a fan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bh_m2YboJvw&ab_channel=DrivewayDIYer
  17. I do like the look of these early Polonez (mk1?) like the one Ben imported from Thailand. Whats the value these days? Although as 'how many left' think theres 13 on the road its unlikely ones coming up for sale. Also what are they like compared to UK cars of the era... i'd expect it to have wollowy handling and not much power being a big 1.5 car? so probably like my Escort mk3 1.1 before I lowered it 😂
  18. Yeah 8 BTDC sounds better. Also had a problem with the diff cover. Got a new one from Martin at "Capri Gear" for a decent price. Its a gorgeous looking Car mate! The body work looks incredible.
  19. It interesting you say its not a quick car. I always assumed my Capri 2.0 Ghia was going to be quick when I got it sorted (Type 9, 1.6 axle) but its really not. My 1.1 Escort is way quicker off the mark but understandably once going, is like a train. I've been using 20w50 for a couple of year and just about to change it again. What have you got it timed too? I think mine is at 6 BTDC which I was told might make it a bit sluggish.
  20. This is the more modern Merc I was talking about. Are these shite? they seem about £2k cheeper than last year when I was dreaming ...
  21. haha most likely! I had this plan with my Escort mk3 but of course it got really rusty. Also to buy a "modern" car i'm probably going to have to sell my Escort or Capri... starting to look at nicer stuff too on Auutotrader that might be a bit too modern. I do like the idea of buying a Merc or something nice if I sell the Capri (feels like a bit of burn buying a normal car after this) I noticed the 2.1 W04 (c classes) seem to have dropped loads. is this due to them being gas guzzelers? Just an observation... Probably going off topic now.
  22. Thanks for all the car choices! I guess i'm thinking: mk1/2 Focus , Volvo C30 (what are Volvo S40 's like?) , Most Toyota stuff or Mk8 Civics although i'm not totally keen on the look. I also heard on a youtube video Merc C or E classes are good (w203) but I always though that wasnt the case? I should have mentioned I tried to get into the modern world of Car last year with a Vauxhall Combo 1.7DI .Which was cared for and 2 owners. In my month long ownership it died due to a failed oil pump just after I had a timing belt. I know this doesnt reflect a whole brand but I was a bit gutted... I had plans for that van so probably wont go back to vauxhall immediately.
  23. Are the Diesel 1.8 Focus engines good? I have no experience with these engines. Are parts still available for them like the Zetec ones? I have looked at these before and other Toyota's . Do you have a more modern daily i'm guessing? Thats true. again I don't know a lot about electronic fuel injection. The Focus I used to have was as close as i've come. Its all Weber and VV carbs since haha
  24. I'm loathed at the idea of buying a modern car. I know its coming and hoping to stave it off till next year. I started thinking though what is the most modern older shite you can buy/get away with? Something you can load up the miles on and is: reliable, young enough a garage to fix quickly, not going to have irritating faults such as DPF problems or sensors stopping you in your tracks and also if it does brake down your not going to get "I told you so" from your misses or work colleague. In my mind there are older cars that do this job well (things between the mid 90s and mid 2000s) and then theres loads of stuff after that which is loaded with electrics and £500 trips to the garage. I borrowed my misses 2013 Qashqai last week and it broke down on me... we think it was the DPF and some cleaner seems to have fixed it but it nearly left me stranded and with a lot of ear ache when I got home especially after the garage plugged it in and it came up with a bunch of faults for everything. Anyway... My modern old shite choice is: a looked after mk1 Focus petrol. I had a 1.4 Estate for about 7 years and it was great. Is this too old though now? are they likely to fail due to being old even if looked after? Could it do a good 10-13k a year in 2022? I quite like the idea of an auto saloon too just for 100% shite points. Shite choice number 2 would be a golf mk4 1.6. My Dad had one of these until about 4 years ago (replaced by a A3 2.0 TDI). It seemed a bit more dated compared to my Focus and was pretty rough in the end but, never really went wrong. I think both his Golf and my Focus had a problem with loosing coolant once, thats all I can think of. Also a student of mine turned up in one today and I thought maybe thats a good Car in the right condition and spec... might seem a bit too old though these days? Volvo V70... no nothing about these but I see them around, they look ok and I'd prefer a 940 but in reality thats probably too old and not as safe. The only thing I know about these is a lady i knew in the USA hated her Volvo so much due to the gearbox failing she bought a dodge challenger. Obviously being an idiot i'd love to go out and buy something like this... ...but its probably a worse idea than the 37 year old car I have to occasionally use at the moment. I figure something non turbo, non Diesel is good. I did think originally of buying an older mini but they seem like money pits? Also they probably have to smaller boot. I hate the look of focus mk2's with a passion but are they any good? I'd love to be really stubborn and buy a Escort mk6 but now i'm being silly 😜 Love to hear what shite you come up!
  25. Haha yeah I didnt end up taking the dash out but I did take the drivers seat out and lower drivers dash. I decided to film it to help others and so I could remember how it all went back. I think they changed it on later ones but it seems mad the the brake pedal has to come off with it too! Yeah the tie rod snapping at high speed must be horrific!! To be honest after that I decided that any old car I buy i'll probably swap out anything that looks as crusty as mine did. The Capri I own has all new/newish parts on... although thats just reminded me it doesnt have new U bolts on... should really sort that haha
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