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  1. I phrased that badly, the orange yellow transporter was £10. I'll see how much the General Lee is next time. I think the Marlin was good, but will have a better look at it. I have bought stuff from there before and if you buy a few can get £s knocked off. Do you know what the little muscle cars (as in what toy manufacturer) in the first tray are? I thought they were nice, but don't want to get into that scale so didn't really look at what they are.
  2. Been in a few junk shops today and this plastic Muscle car caught my eye, at first I thought it was meant to be a T-Bird, but having looked through my book of muscle cars I leaning towards a 67 Olds Cutlass. Anyone know what the model is? Another place had a few Matchbox size that looked nice, but I know nothing about that scale of toy, but took some pics in case anyone is interested These seem to be between £2 & £4, no idea if this is reasonable or not. The Corgi Marlin was really nice and I’d like it, but no where to put it plus we have a blue one with trailer and kayaks in the summer house. I think the yellow and orange lorry (Bedford maybe?) was £10 which seamed dear to me. This box was on the floor so maybe cheaper? We are likely to be back to this shop soon so if anyone is interested in anything, let me know Lastly @Datsuncog I’m aware I’ve owed you money for the green C4 for a few weeks. I kind of thought as you have one put by for me I’d see if anything came up on Tat Friday if you don’t mind. However I was out last Friday and tomorrow will be driving to and from Norwich so again probably not available. Could I ask if you see any more C30s cheap, then get them for me even if they’re gold? However if you’d like me to pay for the C4 now, please let me know.
  3. Today I spotted a couple of interesting cars in Bexhill, 1st an Espace (Mk2?) Fairly tidy looking... Twin sunroofs... A bit of lacquer peel and inappropriate racing stripes... Also a Belmont... So I thought I should look through my pictures for any other spots and found a few... In the back of Looses in Norwich... A Vanguard also in Norwich. I had a toy one of these when I was small, now I wonder if I still have it... Rusty Ovlov, fully loaded... Nice looking MG ZT, but lots of lacquer peel on roof bonnet and boot... I put this on the cars you didn't know thread as someone mentioned NSU Prinz... The Imp Californian also nice to see... Commer truck worth a look too... Dodge Charger in Hastings... I did a time trial over at Beachy Head last year and one of the participants turned up in this Fiat Coupe... The chap I bought some bike wheels from had this lovely Ovlov 740... In the back streets of Hythe... I love the 182 in Racing Blue... Especially with the optional stripes... Lastly a Corrado... It's a VR6 too...
  4. Yeh, still playing with them... Sounds interesting... I've got a list of stuff I want now!
  5. Thanks I love it (again haha) and yes I've decided to put some of my favourite toys out on the shelves in one of the spare rooms. The C30s will stay in the cabinet with Mrs Concern's tin robots. I'm happy with the Minis even though they weren't exactly a bargain unlike the box of stuff from you!
  6. As you may recall I'm trying to collect all the cars for my Corgi Transporter GS, so I bid on a job lot of Minis and won them for a not unreasonable £25, no postage as I collected them from down the road. (should have made a collection thread!) The ones I need for the project are the wicker side Cooper... Playworn just how I like, but has the later wheels than I think mine had... Also the blue Mini Minor was needed and I now have two... Slightly different colours to each other, the newer one has cracked window and older one with flat wheels... Can see difference in colour from underneath too, newer one with sump guard mount point... In addition I got two Dinky toys. I've never had a Dinky Mini and this is an old one... Listing slightly, but suspension still works... It's actually an Austin Seven and has a tin base.. The other Dinky is the much later, larger scale police car... A bit rough, but still nice... Now what you've been waiting for @danthecapriman a recreation of my childhood toys using the Imp and Cortina you supplied... I don't have the correct Rally Mini so my new Corgi Club one is acting as a stand in for now, I didn't expect it to fit with the roof rack on... Obviously the Rover 2000 is the original, it still does its party trick... The original blue Minor (now black and red) looks to be different again in colour to either of the ones I just got... Also interesting that the bases of the old Minor and old Seven (was red now yellow with silver base) are different... I'm still on the lookout for the correct (I think) Rally Mini with the signatures on the roof, two spot lights in the grill and racing number2 to complete the set...
  7. I've just had a chance to play with look at the toys models from @danthecapriman and they are all great! Probably the most interesting to me at the moment are the Bentley and the Imp as I haven't had either for many years and luckily they are just how I remember mine looking with a nice amount of wear! The Bentley has lights missing and no spare wheel, but pretty sure mine was like that and don't ever remember having a spare! I'd forgotten the Imps had the folding seats worked by squashing the rear down and pushing it, obviously how the springs on this collapsed. I have managed to open the seats up now. The rear window has been pushed a bit too far into the frame and I can't get it open. I can't decide if I should drill the base off to do something about the problems or leave it as part of its history! ... I don't remember seeing the blue Merc in the flesh, but always liked it in the catalogues. It doesn't disappoint... Also regarding Transporter, I wish mine was the three decker...
  8. I was hoping that the much better informed than me would answer as I don't know if the Imp was only part of that set. My memory told me that the Minis were the black wicker sides one, light blue one and metallic maroon one, but Google says a red Monte Carlo rather than the maroon one. I had several Monte Minis at various times and the wicker on and a maroon one, none of which I now have so I'm not really a reliable witness on this! The picture of transporter with a full complement will have to wait as none of the Minis I have left are suitable...
  9. As it seems quiet on here I just thought I’d add a few pictures of some childhood cars I still have, some ok, some wrecked and some modified... First the Corgi Majors transporter, I don’t remember the horns being broken off, I was sure they were just bent down. I’m hoping they’re in the bottom of the box... I’m trying to get examples of all the cars that came with it. I have the Cortina Estate in blue, but it’s now part of a sculpture as I’ve mentioned before so I’ve bought one from @danthecapriman and it should be here soon. Of the Minis here just one is from the set, the pale blue Minor now black. The Yellow one here was a red Seven and pre dates the rest. There’s no sign of the Monte Mini or the wicker side Cooper that came with it. As you can see I have the Rover 2000 complete still. The bronze colour Imp seems to have gone and I bought one from Dan. My Green Mini Magnifique is in bits, some I haven’t found yet. A few years ago someone* decided the box all these toys was in was just the size they needed and tipped the lot into another box causing all sorts of problems, losses and breakages, luckily I’m not one to bring up the past or harbour a grudge... My original Surfer Mini Countryman badly Humbroled red and white and with a back door made from a bit of aluminium venetian blind... Commer gift set is still pretty much intact despite much use... Unlike the sorry state of the Lotus Racing set, as can be seen the trailer has lost it’s tow hitch so I need to look out for one of them. The box lid got damaged/worn out so I made the replacement you see here. The orange Elan is the second I owned and pretty much ruined, but was played with endlessly, now repainted Humbrol orange similar to original colour, roof was white and had been painted black, now bare metal. The others all ok, but very playworn. This MGB GT suffered from me wanting it to be a roadster! (another on its way from Dan). This Dinky Capri despite not such an accurate model as the Corgi Roger Clarke one, is lovely for the wheels and colour, shame I decided it needed a sunroof (and I think also a matt black “vinyl” roof at one time). I always wanted the Safari VW Beetle, but had two Polizei instead, this is what happened to one of them... Note the wire wheels on the back, maybe from a Marcos 1800? I'll add some more as I get around to sorting out the box of bits.
  10. Went to Hastings today and bought this in a junk shop for £2 which I thought was ok as it has the roof and very good cond. Mrs Concern already has three more (purple with sailing boat, blue with roof and surf boards and a tatty orange one with no roof)... I may take one of the surf boards from the other Buggy or the Mini Countryman or maybe buy a repro... They also had a couple of Minis I was tempted by (maroon no 226 & a blue Magnifique) both £20 which was more than I wanted to pay. Now I've looked on ebay, I see that wasn't a bad price for excellent condition. The only other one that piqued my interest was a boxed Ford branded Mk1 Mondeo for £10 looked like 1/43 or similar. Not sure if that's good or not as couldn't see any on ebay.
  11. OK I get it with the tyres, I have a common popular size and you have two unusual sizes! Oh well!
  12. Love this thread with all sorts of technical stuff I don't understand and never will but like reading. What size tyres does it need? £800 seems expensive, I've just had four new Michelin PS5 225/40/18 fitted for about £500. I need to get the alignment done still, but £50 should sort it. Anyway carry on with the baffling but interesting work!
  13. Now I don't frequent this thread really so there's a very good chance that this has already been shared previously, however I found this through a roundabout route I won't go into and imagined it would be of interest... https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2020/01/lets-really-figure-out-what-that-put-it-in-h-car-from-the-simpsonscould-be/
  14. I've never even heard of the Toblerone VW van, looks great though!
  15. I've posted this guy on the electric thread a few times and had no interest, but I think he has a great angle...
  16. If you walk along pretty much any row of parked cars, you will find at least one with an obviously illegal tyre, often the car in question is about three years old or newer, so no I don't think longer MOT intervals are a good idea. Happy with no MOT for classic cars as it takes an enthusiast with dedication just to keep the thing going so most will have it to MOT standard or better.
  17. Hi @Datsuncog If you have the chance please pick up any Matchbox Volvo C30s that aren't gold (not sure if there's a red one lurking in the pic near the bottom) And also the Majorette Citroen C4VTS in green (If there's one in black or red I'd prefer it but not too fussy) If it's difficult then no problem and thanks anyway
  18. You couldn't make it up... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/394425285750?hash=item5bd5943c76:g:szYAAOSwtj1jyCXa&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoKA2Wxn8WzB2KfkBqtXdGaiEHOiGm5VMKpUPUblVNwbxvvpp5GlUCBVSaC8gGJb1XfUb%2F8soJ%2FQjevOaF7HeWobZZDmdLLtCicRzziPeu4KTm%2F6GU86daTcg4POjummU4QCSZgBZmrmBLaoPzt5n2hYZPCtg%2Fng08VDQ9t2ezMBGDSyAf1NbHi7Ttvy%2B3Ik1jaUBMxMhcA2g7fPJ9AeJC6g%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR7ahsb-5YQ
  19. This strange siamese twin Bond Bug... I just saw it on BookFace... I suppose it was a publicity stunt of some sort...
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