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  1. That is a lovely model, I particularly like the Quarter lights on the doors and just the right amount of play worn!
  2. My last catalogue Dinky 1971 (I think) now with price in New Money, but still using the rather poor rendered drawings of the cars not photos including on the cover this time... Some new models from UFO another series I've never heard of! I've heard of, but never seen Joe90... The Opel Commodore looks like it should be really nice never seen (Dinky) one. Why is the Mini automatic?Seems a bit peculiar! New rally version of the Capri... They got their monies worth with the Range Rover model, standard, Fire Chief & Police and is the Police Cooper S also Auto? Strange mixture of vehicles on this page... Strange again, they obviously didn't know where the Lunar Roving Vehicle should fit in''' Another blank check list... New for 72 CF van model!!! Wow I don't remember seeing one of them... Apparently the Spitfire & Stuka are no longer from the Battle of Britain film... I never did get any of these Dinky kits even though I liked the idea of them, I suppose because I was into Airfix & Frog plastic kits by then...
  3. Just been to visit my mother so this is the latest HJ Stupid Answers to Stupid Questions post (don't worry I actually do visit my mum most weeks, but hadn't got around to posting any of the HJ stuff) Below is an interesting one as while in traffic jams I have often seen the driver of the car in front struggling through menus (which often seem to freeze or crash) in order to do something that appears pretty simple such as the radio or temperature. Is it really the case that a new car touch screen can be needed to do such simple things while using a phone is illegal? If so some of the idiots I've followed weaving from lane to lane or nearly driving off the road at a bend may not have been using the phone as I had thought. Below a question about zero emisions and quite a few of my concerns are listed here. Not sure about the raw materials for the batteries, does he mean they can't be mined quick enough or they don't exist? Someone asking HJ about fitting an aftermarket loud exhaust to a Mustang! Why would you ask him rather than find either a Mustang owners forum or a modified car forum? Lastly, one for the cars you didn't know existed thread and HJ actually seems to give a pretty sensible answer (tell me I'm wrong!)
  4. I've never been a fan of Matchbox as I always prefered the Corgi/Dinky size cars, but that catalogue is great really documenting all the models so well and there are so many of them! Thanks to @bunglebus @Split_Pin The SL isn't quite as good as it looks in the pics, but I did buy it new! Anyway here is a scan of my 1970 Dinky catalogue... Front cover has all the cars layed out, I love this style...I can try and spot all the models I have... Never really into the fantasy type models even though I loved Thunderbirds. I have a Prisoner Moke now though... Very strange how they used renderings of the models rather than photos... I would have prefered photos really... Just looking at the first page of cars reminds me that the vast majority of my cars were Corgi, I only had the HA Viva and a Volvo P1800 with a missing door that someone gave me out of all of those... Some of these renderings are pretty bad, but also some of the models weren't all that accurate either. I would have loved the Zodiac with four opening doors, but never got one... The Mk2 Cortina was one of my faves at the time, but the stickers were all paper, including the Lotus side stripes (which had the no 7 attached to them) so they got really tatty very quickly... "With operating water pump" why? Funny I only seem to have filled in the Cortina on the check list... More farm stuff... The Moke was much played with even if the canopy didn't really fit and the bonnet always sprang open... I didn't know anyone with model Dinky planes... Those gift sets look great...
  5. Aha, most of my childhood we didn't have a TV, but I knew of Batman from all the enacted "Dinner, dinner, dinner" stuff and other kids swapping Batman bubble gum cards and so on while nothing about Green Hornets! OK thanks for that. I had had a quick look on ebay, but kind of hoped there would be some website that made it a bit simpler since as you say there are lots of types. The one I was looking for recently is for a Dinky Mini Moke and the tyres are sort of plastic rather than the usual rubber ones. I feel your pain! Many of the cars I thought I had have either gone missing or have suffered the improvements* I made to many when I was a bit older. Yes that Merc is strange compared to all the others as it doesn't even have the normal state of the art Whizzwheels, but a pretty good representation of the real thing! Here's mine with those despised Technocrats on the box 49 New Pence haha! Powerblaster & Whizztrack on the back A rather nice Orthographic Projection on the bottom of the box
  6. My last Corgi Catalogue, 1972... I would have been 13 and starting to think I was too old for toy cars while still loving them. I was by then into making Airfix models in a big way as well... This is the best sort of front cover... I know I hated the Corgi Technocrats and thought them childish and patronising, bring back the Corgi Story! Someone had discovered the Pantone pen... I fancied the Capri dragster, but I would have probably tried to make it look like a road car and ruined it... I have a Merc 350SL and it looks nothing like the rendering shown here... They still use the lovely line drawings to show details though... The drawings of the competition cars in the lower corners look like the artist has never seen either the models or the real thing, they look like they escaped from A-ha's Take on Me video... More of those drawings, why are they there? At last Graham Hill posing with his Cortina, no mention of Project X now... An actual photo of Daf City Car... Amazing they still sold the Mini & bubble car, I remember having them when very young... I never aquired the piss colour Marina, pretty sure I bought Graham's GXL instead (although mine's bronze colour)... Strange mix of fun and the Fuzz... Yeah yeah yeah... Same... Same, TDF set still cool... Actually left blank! Not again... Nice... Also nice... More great line drawings... Real suspension? Wow! Is that Unimog tipper new? Someone had fun doing these pics... Blimey that Booster thing looks a bit mad...
  7. More Corgi catalogue scans this time from 1970... Cost 6d or 2 1/2p, I saw one in Snoopers Paradise in Brighton, I wonder how much they want for it? Probably the cover isn't torn like mine though... It still has the Corgi story inside the front cover, then the first few cars show that Lancia now in new colours and with Whizzwheels! The next page is really bugging me as it shows "Project X" which I know at the time I worked out what it was, but now my mind has gone blank... Edit... Ha, I just Googled it and it's the Cortina Mk3 with Graham Hill! Not that exciting after all... Also Mangusta, E Type & Camaro now all Whizzwheels I still have a C111 in the box... More with added Whizzwheels... Don't remember ever seeing a Daf City Car either as a Corgi or a real car, one for cars you didn't know existed thread? Even more Whizzwheel updates... They have one of those Bertone Coupe things in Snoopers as well... I'd like the GP Beach Buggy with surf boards (from Mini Countryman?) for Mrs Concern's summer house, we have the one towing a sailing boat already... The Mini Manifique was one of my faves at the time... I had the Olds with the golden jacks, but would love the one towing the speedboat for the summerhouse, I don't remember ever seeing the boat... Golden jacks with that lovely Mini Marcos again... Same as... Yawn... Still no idea who "The Green Hornet" is... Yawn... Car not included? What a swizz... I thought for a moment the check list wasn't filled in... Farmer Palmer off to get his Christmas shopping... Funny they should include things like the Dodge as must have been pretty rare in UK... Always wanted a Unimog... Don't remember the three tier transporter, I want one now... Gotta love the recovery truck with TWO cranes... Actually this was the Unimog I wanted... I always liked the Jeep thing, but never saw a real one... Same as before... Love the TDF set, but they go for silly money now... Where do you all get replacement tyres from, most of mine seem to have melted or cracked and broken... Was never going to be as good as Hotwheels...
  8. Interesting about the Marina Coupe doors, my dad had one and we never had any problems with access to it. More recently I had a Citroen C4 VTS Coupe and lots (I mean LOTS) of people complain about the doors being so big! I can't say we've had a problem with them. Now I have the Volvo C30 and I have noticed lots of people on Volvo forums complaining that the doors are too big! I don't get it, they seem fine to me... To me the biggest problem out of all was that the Marina needed a hatchback...
  9. Citroen DS4 rear doors You could take your eye out with one of these...
  10. Corgi leaflet from 1969 featuring a bad rendering of the London-Sidney winning Hunter. I carefully put all the transfers on in the correct place according to Corgi. I was very upset when I found they bore little relation to the real thing... Hard to show properly as doesn't fit on the scanner opened out, but you get the idea... I never liked the circus models Corgi were fond of... Must be when they intrduced the Corgi Rockets and I never could see how the Golden Key would "tune up" the toy car... Another completed check list... Pre Whizzwheels Sting Ray & Mangusta with detachable chassis, I loved them both... I had the Hunter, Mini Marcos & Camaro with the golden jacks. They got played with so much the spring went out of the suspension and the wheels would randomly fall off... The Camero had the hidden headlights, that was great as well... Always wanted the Renna 16, never got one... All of these a waste of space to the ten year old me...
  11. Very poor condition Corgi leaflet...
  12. As promised a few pages ago, I've started to scan my old Corgi & Dinky catalogues, here's the first Corgi from 1967/8 Seems to have lost the back cover... Love the line drawings showing the opening boot bonnet & doors of the E Type, plus the colour rendering that manages to look nothing like the Available Later model... . It looks like I doodled on the Toyota. The Green Hornet? Never heard of him... Why is Steed's Bentley red? A very small section devoted to BMC. Obviously I had all of them! More great line drawings showing details on the Yank section... I don't remember ever seeing the Lancia in anything except blue like the one I had (have?) I always wanted the rally VW, but the toy shop only ever had the Police one at Christmas & birthday time, so I had that. Never liked it... I loved my Lotus gift set, also had an orange and white Elan in with it as well... I had a Mustang like the one below, but when i looked through all the old toys it wasn't there... Ticked the cars I had on the check list... What did the Oldsmobile Toronado win? I never liked any of the Classics despite including a scale model of Ian Carmichael... No... Loved my transporter... The Commer vans with interchangable rear was great! My fave combination was white van with yellow pick up as it always looked wrong... Those line drawings again... Ever see an Anglebox ice cream van? Me neither... Why did Corgi & Dinky make so many models of agricultural vehicles & equipment? I was never a fan...
  13. Liked for the cars not all the bad stuff! Makes you think you need to just get on with enjoying yourself as you never know what's coming and it sounds like you are now.
  14. My dad's at the time 10 year old Mk1 Cortina JJJ322D At one point he stopped teaching me until I got my hair cut, my mum had to let me know this as he didn't say anything!
  15. I saw this van at Trax on Sunday, is it a thing or has someone mucked about with a normal hatchback?
  16. In the road opposite my house,,,
  17. Today a package from Ali Express I'd forgotten I'd ordered turned up, which was nice! I like to have a model of my current car and although I have a nice Matchbox C30 (see earlier post) I wanted something larger scale. I know 1:32 used to be made, which would be ideal, but currently unavailable. Found a 1:24 still in stock by doing an image search. made by Welly, never heard of them, butseem to be Chinese Opening bonnet & doors, I think the tailgate is moulded in with the rear lights so fixed. Good detail inside but LHD The T5 engine detail is great, it looks just like this Overall shape of the model is very good, it really looks just like the full size car Shame this is the original version when mine is the facelift one, never mind it's still a lovely thing I think quite a few people have been fooled into thinking I've bought another C30 T5 for real by this picture on my Instagram account haha! When viewed on a phone it is pretty convincing, on a laptop, less so. This gives the game away
  18. While in the loft the other day, I came across these Corgi & Dinky catalogues If anyone is interested I'll scan them and share on here A leaflet of Corgi cars that has been very well used Corgi 1967/68 and falling apart a bit This leaflet has the London to Sidney rally Hunter (I have one in a box) so is presumably from 1968? Must be 1971 as price is in old and new money 1972 for both maybe? Those cartoon scientists on the Corgi one always annoyed me! Edit; All upside down! Sorry not sure why haha
  19. I've just been in the loft to find my Dinky Mini Moke from when I was a kid and also picked out a load of other toy cars in various stages of decay. Among all these was my small collection of Cortinas... This is the first Cortina I got a Dinky pre airflow with opening doors and steering wheels At some point I repainted this a similar colour to the original although it now has a layer of mould on top Another Mk1, this time an estate by Corgi and it always irritated me that it was smaller than the dinky saloon and that it had the strange wood stuff on the side as I only ever remember seing one real one with it. Again refinished many years ago in original colour This was a favourite toy and so the paper stick on stripes and racing numbers quickly wore off and got repainted several times. The whole thing was repainted without the red boot and bonnet many years ago and still looks pretty good considering I was about 12/13 when I did it. I also see that I put a canterbury registration on it! Amazingly I still have the box. My most recent Cortina a nice Mk3 belonging to Graham Hill, the box is even signed by him so it must be true As I was getting these out I also found some interesting other Fords A Corgi Capri I got when it first came out whenever that was and originally white with a matt black bonnet, much abused and now yellow, not found anything except the body so far... This was a really nice Dinky Capri until the young me decided it needed a sunroof and set to it with a junior hacksaw! It also at some time benifitted* from a painted matt black vinyl roof, since removed with polish. This Dinky Escort suffered much abuse including a full set of rally stickers I got from somewhere and a nice matt black bonnet, since repainted in original colour blue Lastly what must be a bit of a strange one as it's a Hotwheels model, but in the same or similar scale as Corgi/Dinky. At some point I had an earlier Corgi Mustang in white with red stripes and a Dinky one in red, neither of which I can find now. This one originally had Boss 302 stickers and stripes stuck on together with the pony logo on the rear quarters, these all curled up and were removed and chucked decades ago. I was fascinated by the peculiar way the black detail was applied to the bonnet (the whole section can be removed!) and loved the "venetian blind" rear window slats!
  20. Mk4 is my least fave Golf, but I like this one... Haven't tried to search the number plate yet, so what is this? and from the side... looks sort of familiar, but I can't put my finger on it.
  21. That's interesting, I've had three C4 VTSs and none of them suffered from this and I've never seen one with cloudy lamps either. You'd think with them being from the same era both would be made with the same process.
  22. Some of you may be interested to see where the idea for the themed model collection alluded to above came from so I've put some pics on this thread here https://autoshite.com/topic/20735-doesnt-fit-anywhere-else-shite-thread/page/4/
  23. Excellent result on the Audi! I did both my daughters Clios plus Mrs Concern's Modus. The problem is it doesn't last and I would buff them up each year with polish and a DA before the MOT
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