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  1. I've lead a very sheltered life! I've just started Season 7 today.
  2. I'd like to pick peoples brains here, I have so far used Araldite and glued any restored cars back together (glue bomb I know haha) and it has been pretty good with the blob of glue looking like a rivet. However a few times I've marked the fresh paint where I've held it in clamps while it sets despite putting cloth and a bit of card to protect it and letting the paint harden for at least a week. So I'm thinking of screws for the next few I've been working on and want to know what size screws, where do you get them and do you need to run a tap in the hole or is the Mazak soft enough to self tap with the screw? I think i have said that I'm watching the Dukes of Hazzard series for the first time ever and rather predictably I've been making a General Lee from a King Size Charger I bought in a lucky dip bag along with Burago Fiat for £1. It didn't have any wheels or front steering/suspension so it now has Corgi late whizzwheels from a Mantis that I've mucked about with It is getting there I don't have a dremel so spent ages removing the head and tail lights witha file It's not fixed together yet (see above question) and the decals are going printed onto paper with cellotape over the top. I know you can buy a set in 1/43 scale, but the cheapest I could find would cost over ten times what I paid for the model!
  3. "Perfection is the enemy of getting things done" I love that one haha!
  4. In the post now. Thank you, I love this thread!
  5. A nice haul there! I love those plastic Norevs and that 104 is super! I like that Carrado even though I suppose it's a pull back (is it Welly?) I'm never sure about SuperKings as the scale can be almost anything, but that truck is really nice too. By the way Mrs Concern spotted the Land Cruiser and boat over my shoulder and was very interested! @bunglebus would you like the Zodiac door card?
  6. Apparently was sold recently and opinion on bus forums is it's not as good as expected. If you google the plate, lots of stuff comes up http://bcv.robsly.com/pwy39w.html https://www.facebook.com/groups/719428644759176/?hoisted_section_header_type=recently_seen&multi_permalinks=7123266024375374 If you happen to be in the area again, I live 5 miles from that location and would be happy to get you a cup of tea or coffee!
  7. I would need to check, but I think I have a NSR repro door card spare for Dinky Zodiac as I bought a pair of them at a toy fair. Looking at this I need the OSR
  8. I've just watched this, it's hilarious! I never liked racing Hot Wheels on track (even though I did have a track) as a kid, but now I'd run my Matchbox C30 & Hot Wheels C4 VTS (my only suitable cars) on that Race Canyon track anytime. I've just remembered I have a few Hot Wheels Minis too...
  9. Or visits often, I saw it in the same place a couple of months after that photo too. Both times it looked like the owner was camping there.
  10. What a strange coincidence that we posted the same vehicle at almost the same time! I took that photo 10 Oct 23
  11. Update as I've been lazy and not bothered resulting in a whole load in one go. In no particular order... First at a toy fair recently, this said "Mercury" on it, but other than that I have no idea Traction Avant in West St Leonards Old V40 in Hankham I do like a Focus ST partly as it's almost the same thing as my C30 I especially like them in Electric Orange Can't remember where I saw it T25 thing with silly Porsche wheels in Worthing Should put this Renner in the laquer peel thread really, it lives just around the corner Nice little Fiat pick up in the DLWP car park I annoyed Mrs Concern by stopping to take pics of this Beetle while we where on our bikes in Lewes then stopped again for this patinated Sunbeam (posh) Imp I meant to see if it has an MOT I saw this in the middle of no where a few times while out cycling and still have no idea what it is, I thought it was some sort of forward control Land Rover to start with Another one I see when out on my bike a very nice Xantia Estate Spotted in the middle of Woodchurch Kent with obligatory Only Fools and Horses reference At Ardingly Antiques Fair last year OVLOV BMW of some sort From the pasenger seat of Mrs Concern's Modus a couple of blurry pics of a Serpico In Deal Kent, is this an Econoline? Elan Sprint I've seen a few times in Newenden This Mazda must be pretty rare and fantastic condition, seen in Brighton Lastly a Mk1 Transit near Horsham, I can't remember when I last saw one
  12. Funny I just saw a C15 camper while out for a ride. Nice spotting Ed!
  13. I'm not a Hot Wheels nut but this is interesting... https://getpocket.com/explore/item/hot-car-becomes-hot-wheels2-13804105
  14. I think it's going to be used as rail replacement service vehicle.
  15. This bus is still on the side of the road at Pevensey It looks as if someone has tried to force the doors open Anyway it looks as though something may be done about it soon
  16. Amazing work there Mr Ramrod! I love seeing what you've been up to tat wise and the pair of P6s don't disappoint!
  17. @Datsuncog Yes please to the genuine Lancia, the one I made can go in the bin haha! I tink I have a grille and light I can use Also thanks for getting me the Whizzer Mini Marcos.
  18. Great progress there! You manage to get stuff moving so quickly, I wish I could rather than prevaricating about everything. Regarding your "not a dremel", can you use it as a drill as well as for cutting and grinding? Mrs Concern was looking at Dremels inB&Q the other day, but decided they were too expensive so I'm wondering what cheaper alternatives there are.
  19. That is lovely (and fantastic pics as always!) and I agree much more exciting than the circus one. However since I picked up the crane for £2.50 last year Which cleaned up well so I made a hook and ratchet for it I kind of got sucked into collecting Corgi Chipperfields models despite having no previous interest. The crane is just sooo nice, really heavy and a lovely model and interesting toy so I've added other bits of the set Cages Land Rover before and after also trailer and human cannonball above I wouldn't say no to Joe's Diner as well obv!
  20. Any pics of it out of the box?
  21. Update... See also https://autoshite.com/topic/54025-wtf-is-going-on-with-car-insurance-prices/page/10/
  22. This is a strange one, not sure it explains the recent rises is Direct Line prices, but still... Background youngest daughter's Clio got written off in 2018, all was settled and she was happy with her pay out. The other day she got this letter... I really don't understand what's going on with this as the valuation was fine and anyway, why would they re check the value after the payout? Nevr mind she won't say no to an unexpected £220! If you're interested this is all the detail on original incident https://autoshite.com/topic/33802-will-clio-be-write-off-hidden-agenda/
  23. i was in Norwich yesterday I wish now that I'd asked how much the Chipperfields Commer was Saw this in as well, never even knew it was a thing, cool though!
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