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  • 5 months later...

(Months later...)  Yeah I have, haven't I?  I do like variety, always have.  Unfortunately as the old cars get older, it gets harder to find something "different."  Or at least, makes finding them more expensive. And, thank you everyone for the comments on here.  It's nice to think someone is enjoying my words.


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On 1/31/2021 at 3:04 PM, eddyramrod said:

I've been on this forum over a decade now, and have often alluded to cars I've known in the past.  The basic idea of this thread has been rattling around in my head for some time; in relatively recent times it's been gaining momentum, because I posted in the Family Snaps thread, and the Proud of Your Motoring History thread.  So here it is.  My life in cars.

I'm actually starting before I was born!  I posted in the Family Snaps thread...


The Morris 8 in which, I was told, my mother learned to drive.  If I can find a suitable model it will join my collection.


ZE 3192, the little Ford van my dad had in Ireland in about 1947.


And a model of it!  This early in the story there is plenty of guesswork involved, but it's educated guesswork, because I spent years, decades even, devouring everything my parents could tell me about their old cars.  They've been gone a good few years now so there's nobody I can confirm things with.


My dad with what I assume was a work van, late 40s or early 50s.  I keep chasing the Matchbox-Dinky casting of this on ebay, but they normally go over my budget, so if you know of a scrap one that would benefit from some Humbrol, you know where to come.


RAF 563, their Austin A40 Devon van-conversion, which was their camping steed in the mid-50s.  A Matchbox-Dinky model of this van has very recently arrived and is in the queue for painting up.


That's me there, in Daddy's arms, so this must be the summer of 1959.  I didn't know they'd had a Minor, but...


...the Corgi Cameo version is perfectly good enough.

I'm going to take a little break here because I don't want the posts to get too large.  I'll break up the story into bite-size chunks.

Going back to the beginning:

Freynes of Clondalkin are still in business. There’s a Pharmacy and a separate Veterinary practice. Not bad going after all these years. 

Brilliant thread. 


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Not sure where exactly but I have a decent USA model of the pt cruiser I'd be happy to send to you for free if I can find it. It maybe bigger than the little dinky sized ones though? My son is currently clearing his loft so it may turn up sooner rather than later 👍👍👍


Free of charge as I've really enjoyed reading the thread 👍👍👍

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