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Congratulations on the success, it must be very rewarding and almost a relief after all the time effort and money that good into amateur racing.

I find any kind of racing and the engineering behind it interesting but I'm completely in the dark re. the classes and regs of stock car racing, assuming that's what this is, could you give us a brief overview or point me to a simpletons guide please!

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Tapatalk with a modern-ish smartphone. Makes posting photos here so much easier.


I'm 72, Old fashioned engineer, can't teach an old dog new tricks when he doesn't want to know.

Haven't got time or inclination really.

Find it difficult to remember things at times too.

I use a pencil and paper best, but then lose the papers.

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I write a lot on my hand, lasts for a while, and if you lose it you are in trouble.


There are certain specifications, rule book runs to 129 pages.

RCE are the leaders in chassis innovation, but on shale it's easier to get by without going to extreme.


Belle Vue F1 drive 27 August.

Heat one, doing fine, altercation with the fence  then  half shaft fell out of axle.

Ste had pointed out to Richard before the meeting that there were only 4 bolts instead of 6. Yes it's been like that a while!

Sheared the bolts off, had to tap them round with a screwdriver to extract them, borrowed 5 bolts, they are 7/16 BSF, but most tap them out to 12mm it seems. On our to do list now.

Consolation, good race, finished 4th. Half shaft fell out right after the chequred flag.

Final, borrowed 3 bolts, no more available, so welded half shaft to hub as well.

Didn't weld it all the way round and it sheared on the 5th lap.

That's it for the day then. Hub seems to have a lot of side wobble, need to sort the bearings and tap the hub oversize.

Let down by poor preparation and lack of parts, rarely happens on the F2, but we lack experience in F1.


F2 engine and box dropped at Preston for rebuild.

Sponsor scrap man has just given us another Zetec, so still got a spare.

Waiting game now. Postman keeps calling with new bits.

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We are F2 788, F1 310.

But have sold the F2, before we won the big one, and having to build a brand new one.

Had hoped to be out again before the end of season, but outside forces may mean that won't happen.

Our F1 escapades are subject to the loan of Richard Howarths, 495 car. 

You are more likely to see Richard in his car than us, we just fix it now and then, but we live in hope.

Next year, new car, European Champion, F2 788.

Tell your mate to come in the pits and mention Autoshite. I'm the very old guy doing all the work :)

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  • 3 months later...

Long delay due to shit happening.

Wife's Funeral Wednesday.

All quiet now in our house. That's when it hits you, when you've done most of the sorting, the phone stops ringing, and there's only you and the Cat.

Few items been lying about for a while, just to keep me busy tonight.





I do the jigsaw, Ste my youngest and the driver, welds it at work when they are set up for ally.

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Apologies for the disjointed joins I'm crap on't internet.


Engine from scrapman, free, and he pays for his sign writing on the car, CaRiP, Rochdale, been with us a good few years now.




Take this to Tommy, he strips it examines it rebuilds it. For £500. (£600) now I think, just paid him in time.

You don't get rolling road set up, but ours have all been fine and other builders are £1200 minimum.

Some do race scrapyard engines and win though.


Returned from Tommy.



Leave it there for now.

As the Title says 'and life' we may have a funeral report next. Good a place as any. See how I feel on Thursday.


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Crem was full, pub was full.

I didn't blub, which felt strange.

Met people she worked with that I haven't seen for 30 years, kids who remembered her and are now in their 40s.

Whole thing went very well.

If anyone has the misfortune to need organise a Funeral in Greater Manchester area I can recommend an inexpensive place with top notch service.


Thanks to all for your thoughts and assistance.


Picking a new chassis up Saturday all being well. Normal service will be resumed after that.


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Collected this yesterday, it looks almost finished, unfortunately it's nowhere near.post-20532-0-89958000-1545592423_thumb.jpg




I fitted the engine today, you can't see it because I had to take it out again.

The clutch lever i expertly* modified will not function.

Have to buy a new one.

Chassis is constructed in such a way that you can't take the bell housing off from the back.

I altered our last chassis, but this is powder coated so I'm loath to take the angle grinder to it.


This is a front upright as supplied.




Cost £120


This is a Cortina front upright as supplied by me, cost about £30


For obvious reasons I prefer Cortina, I have a few* lying about.

I know the discs rusty but it won't be by March.


Tomorrow Diff, half shafts and rear calipers maybe.


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On the Mondeo the belt drives other things and the water pump runs on the back side of the belt so goes the opposite way to the crankshaft.

For racing you want least weight and simplicity so water pump runs same way as crank.

TBH some use an idler pulley, which to my mind is better, because we have no means to tighten the belt.

 But it's easier to do as I'm told.

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Might be last year for Belle Vue.

Planning permission for houses is going through it seems.


Ah, for fuck's sake.


Anything devs can get their hands on east of central Manchester is getting eaten for houses now. Identikit houses that replace anything and everything, from the centre right out to Stalybridge.


It's just plain sad.

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Hadn't seen the Olympic, yes I'd have a go at that if I was 53 and not 73.

Can only take short jobs on now :)

Rang my mate at TMR supplies for a clutch fork, "are you open". 

No but I'll open up for you!

Splendid chap.

So late start after a trip to Barrowford.

Went well today,

Lsd, checked it over, bit grubby but we have had it years.

Not many use LSD's on shale, we mostly do. Break less half shafts and handles better.




Half shaft, note bearing collar tack welded. Pull out if you don't do that.








Engine back in, hope it stays there this time.




If all is well the gearbox should fit.


Might have a go in the morning, nothing else to do.

Going sons for Xmas lunch, and other son in Cavcraft territory Boxing Day.


Edit, that crankshaft pulley lets it down, I'll get a black paint brush.

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