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Mally's Stock Cars, Bikes,Life, and Yaris happenings.


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Belle Vue   Sun 18th

Kings Lynn Sat  24th provisional, but very likely.

Stoke          Sat  31st



Belle Vue    Mon  2nd

Mildenhall    Sat  7th

Sheffield      Sun  22nd


We are attempting to do every Brisca F2 (Shale Meetings only) except Belle Vue 28 May.

But shit happens sometimes.

Will stick a link here when I find it.

Shale tracks are B Vue, K Lynn, Mildenhall, Sheffield, Stoke.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Update fro Belle Vue.

Didn't want to go, trailer in a snow drift and still snowing.

Heard at 8-30 it's on, start digging.

Very little snow at the track, but bitterly cold. 44 cars booked in, 26 turned up, so all in every race.

Ht 1, got spun early on when doing well, now at the back. Finished 5th so very good.

Ht 2 finished 6th, cant remember much, but track getting bumpy.

Final, flew in the air on a bump, broke a half shaft on landing, so no finish.

G/Nat, up to 2nd place and hit a stationary car on the last lap, trying too hard. Finished 4th so not too bad.

Front bumper needs straightening, broken half shaft has smashed LSD, so a locked, welded diff for Kings Lynn next week.

Another 18 points, so consistent if nothing else.






May be able to rescue the diff, but its cracked as well as bent, see how it goes with a cheap one in first.

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Kings Lynn 24th March report.

Some you win.


post-20532-0-03993700-1521988599_thumb.jpgKings Lynn 24th March


Some you lose.




Won the first heat, always good to get a win early in the season.

Thus qualified for final.

Going well in the final, but pushed heavily into a parked car, was raining and very slippery.

Broke half shaft, damaged front wheels x2, damaged Rear wheel, broke shock absorber.

Made a mess of the nerf bars.

Was only 2 races before our next, raining, car full of mud and I was child minding/mechanic, so we called it a day.

On a normal day we would have attempted to fix it, however 30 cars in the last race and 8 finished, so probably did the right thing.

Won £15 and a large trophy.

Spent £100+ on diesel, £25 on petrol, £100 shocker, £30 half shaft, £20 steel.

Busy week ahead, got to change diff again as well.


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Stoke 31st March.

Heat 1, going well, got trapped against the fence and lost many places, didn't qualify.

Consolation race finished 3rd, all good.

Final, going well in 6th place, misread Starters fingers and thought the car in front was in 3rd place.

Trophy for 3rd so attacked. Went over the other cars bonnet and ended up facing a very large tyre. No finish!

Grand National 4th on last bend, tried to keep a tight line to achieve 3rd, but almost spun and finished 6th.

Not bad overall, but tried too hard and it didn't come off.

Belle Vue 2nd April. Very wet, slippery, waterlogged track.

Cant see in the mud, eyes full of mud, terrible. All the cars look the same unable to tell our own from the others.

Very few finishers in any race, just keep going.

Ht1, 6th

Final, 4th including a stop to change goggles.

Grand National, 4th.

Currently 14th in National points, which for us is quite good.


Mildenhall next. Sat 7th April. British Championship, big meeting 88 cars booked.

Also features F1 Stock Cars.

Long journey, overnight stay, should be good though we like Mildenhall.

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Mildenhall 7th April.

British Championship, different format to usual.

Being a Championship everyone drives different to normal, survival of the fittest, no one cares. Winning is all that matters.

Every car races in 3 heats, points are added up, top 30 cars go forward to the British.

Points in the heats,15 for winner down to 1 for 15th.

We are heats 1,4,6.


Ht 1, Got spun early on, difficult to turn around due to number of cars, made it eventually and finished 10th.

Ht 4, Flat tyre, no finish.

Ht 6, in the fence, yellow flags, able to rejoin under our own steam, in 26th place on restart.

finished 7th place on the day, my laps says 6th.

Fastest lap in the race. also 3rd fastest overall on the day.


Qualified for the British near the back, 26th out of 30. 

Went from 26th to 13th in the first few laps, then hit a bumper with the front tyre and burst the tube, so no finish.


Good nights entertainment and very little damage, so all's well.

No meeting this weekend. Sheffield next, 22 April.

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Enjoying the updates Mally, look forward to reading about your progress during the season


Before switching to BriSCA, Mark Dorrill raced bangers as 445 for many years in orange and black colours, his local track was Brafield / Northampton but he travelled about a bit too, think his dad Bill was a racer too.


A garage I use has a stock car Mark Dorrill, I keep thinking I would like to see him in action as I only see the car broken in the workshop!

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Sheffield 22nd April.

Very fast track, unforgiving fence. Have had some damage here over the years.

Heat 1, finished 6th, so qualified for final.

Final, going well and spun of own accord. near the back now, passed a few and was attacked by 524.


If you pause from 8.32 it shows it well.

To his credit 524 Micheal is a hard, fast driver and came over afterwards to ask who's fault it was!

My son Ste who drives ours, did well to contain himself.

What goes round comes around.

Fuel tank is damaged, not sure if it leaks yet, have to fill it up and check.

Grand National, got a break early on, led for many laps.

Caught and passed by Gordon Moodie at the end so finished 2nd.


New grading now, down from Red to Blue. 4 points short of red.

Of the 2 drivers above us in the points one borrowed a diff and the other a half shaft from us.

If we weren't so helpful we would still be Red.

Some people lend parts some don't.

Two weeks off now.

Next up is Mildenhall 5th May, Belle Vue 7th May.

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Mildenhall 5th May.

Split duties today, Childminder/Mechanic, rarely goes well but has to be done sometimes.

Racing in heat 2 and 3.

Forgot to take ear muffs for grandchild as you do when mummy's not there.

Too loud grandad, so walk behind the stand, she normally watches daddy come on the track.

While we are behind the stand Ste drives on the track, but forgot his goggles.

Normally I'd see this and run for them, but I'm not there. So missed his heat.

Went on Ht 3, somewhat annoyed, and won by a distance. Happens sometimes, so all's well now!

5th in Final,5th in G National.


Belle Vue 7th May.

Spun in heat, finished 7th so qualified for final.

Got up to 4th in final bit of a crash and finished 7th.

G National, 36 cars, got put in the fence heavily early on, wiped the bumper end off and all the suspension.

Took a while to fix it so we could get it on the trailer. Been a while since we had a big one though.


Stoke 13 May.

Very hot, not much shale on the track so soon racing on stones/hardcore.

When watered this is very slippery.

Lot of dust, many crashes, one car ended up on top of the fence.

Everyone either crashed, spun or both. Difficult to know who was where.

Ht1 3rd

Final 8th

G Nat 6th

Not great, but consistant.


Holidays now for 3 week, Will miss B Vue and an experimental race at Northampton, which is a tarmac track but they are covering it with  shale for a couple of meetings.

Grading period ends next weekend. There is a slight chance we may go back to Red as have scored decent points, but depends how others have fared,

Next Meeting Sheffield, no damage, just change the diff, we like it there.

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Sheffield 10 June.

Back up to Red grade this month following  decent results lately.

Have missed 3 meetings due to holidays. This means we will remain Red until August as you have to do 3 meetings per grading period to drop.

Took my wife to Sheffield, she uses a wheelchair and many tracks are not suitable, but Sheffield has a lift and a very nice carpeted Grandstand, so I sat with her all day and Paul took over my job as mechanic.

Very roundy roundy meeting, short on cars as Mildenhall was on the night before, so all in every race.

Heat 1, 4th. Heat 2, 7th. Final, 6th. GN, 7th. No Damage.

Not spectacular, but consistant. Around 20 points, which is quite good.

Next meeting Mildenhall in a fortnight, Sat/Sun meeting so sleep in the van.

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Mildenhall 23/24 June.

Mildenhall weekend, worth the distance for two day meeting.

Met flat4alpha and delivered his bumper, nice to meet you.

Heat one, 30 cars. Spun early on, set off again right at the back, just in front of the leader.

Battled through and finished 11th. 12 Qualify so that'll do.

Tannoy 788 docked 2 places for cutting a corner. FFS it's a stock car race.

Ah well, always the Consolation race.

Lots going on in the Consolation, was leading/second for a while, then a couple of yellow flags.

After much discussion the 2 leading cars (us) were sent off for reacting slowly to the yellow flags, mainly because they were busy knocking shit out of each other and didn't notice the flag!

After the race Ste had a 'discussion' with the Steward. Never a good thing, they remember you forever.

Decided to call it a day and bring out the beer and barbique.

Almost spit the dummy and went home, but its a World of Shale qualifier tomorrow and we are well up in that.

Had fastest lap as well, so cars good.

Will continue here later with Sunday results.


Right Sunday,

First humble pie.

There was an incident on Sunday involving a Dutch driver. Hit the fence hard and fractured his Sternum. Happened right in front of me. Yellow flags and he was obviously in a lot of pain.

Marshalls jumped on the track straight away.

Steward  is correct that reaction to yellow flag must be instant.

First heat, finished 5th, kept out of trouble just wanted to qualify after yesterday, and it worked.

Final, going well, around 6th place on the last lap.

Yellow top well in the lead, then a bunch of cars.

One decided to go for it feet from the flag, big pile up, lots of dust, and our car emerged unscathed to take second place.

So trophy and £30 prize money. Cost about £200 for the weekend but better than nothing.

G/National, spun early on then car stopped and restarted itself, fuel problem?

Anyway finished 9th.

All in all good weekend, excellent weather, lots of points towards the World of Shale final grid.

Meeting dragged on, was 6-45 pm when we set off home, went via Kings Lynn and home by 10-15.

Next week Stoke.


They have made Northampton which was tar into a Shale track.

Lots of problems with dust yesterday when Brisca F1's and V8's were on.

Spectators were offered a refund, which is unheard of. So fair enough. Well done Deane Woods.

Hope to race there at the Euros if we get a booking.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Stoke 30 June.

Bit late with this, almost forgot as not much to remember.

Ht 1 5th, qualified for  final.

Final 10th, involved in a couple of incidents which delayed progress.

GN 8th.

No damage so all's well.

Next meetings Mildenhall 21 July, Stoke on the way back  22 July.

Little Tykes Car race scheduled at Stoke, around 50 kids entered, parents push them round. 

We have 2 cars in that, but I'm not pushing.

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Forgot to mention this before.

At the last Mildenhall event on the Saturday, first 3 in the final were checked.

One of the new rules is if you remove the rear shocks and jack up the axle, the diff/prop shaft must not hit the seat.

Safety in case of a broken shocker.

All 3 failed, so results stood.

Should have been null and void IMO.

On Sunday we were second in the final and they didn't check. Ours would pass!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Mildenhall July 21st.

Ht 1, Haven't a clue, guess 5th? forgot and no result on mylaps.

Ht 2, 6th

Final, 11th. Would have been 4th, but white top lap down put him out on last bend.

GN,   6th.


Stoke  July 22nd.

Rubbish in the kids race, but they enjoyed it.

Ht 1, 3rd

Ht 2,  10th

Final 7th

GN    2nd


Good weekend all in all, very little damage.

Have qualified 3rd for the World of Shale final in August, so inside second row.

Also seeded into the European Championship final next weekend at Northampton.

Car is up for sale, planning a year off next year, see what happens, last one went to Holland.


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Thanks for that, it's all a bit of a dream.


From the beginning.

Sold the car within 5 mins of arrival at the track.

Young lad came up and said here's £500 deposit, my mate wants your car.

Had had a lot of enquiries and hadn't a clue which one it was from.


Saturdays racing, beautiful sunny day. good track, dry but a little bumpy.

Heat1   Won quite easily, looked very fast.

Final, Start at the back of the Reds, finished 4th, so all good.

GN skip that, Euro final Sunday.

Then the heavens opened. Hid in the van until about 9-30 pm then lit the Barbique under an umberella.

Slept in the van, good nights sleep considering the space I had between the gear.

Sunday morning, still raining, tracks a Bog.

Draw for grid. Grand daughter drew...15 for us. then drew Dave Polleys as he wasn't there....22, well done Amelia!

They put the F1's on to clear the mud........didn't work.

Cars line up, drop flag, slow progress, cars everywhere. Ste is good in the wet, but it was very wet.

25 Laps is a long way in those conditions. Got a flat O/S/R tyre just after half way which is normally the end, but some how it stayed on the rim.

Starter hadn't a clue who was winning, we knew from about 5 laps before the end.

 Starter gave last lap board and pointed. At this point he realised he was winning, but too late to panic, which is good.

Started oval racing aged 11, that's 27 years ago.

Always been a decent driver, but now joins Billy Batten and many other greats as F2 EUROPEAN CHAMPION.

Massive trophies X3, £200 prize money, and Red/Yellow chequered roof status for the next 12 months.

Which is handy as we were about to drop to blue.

Will add some photos when I find them and work out how to do it.


So, car is sold after WOS in August, obviously a mistake in retrospect. What use is a Red/Yellow Aerofoil in the garage?

Have given our word, our word is our bond, and obviously the guy wants the car even more now, he paid before the meeting started.


It's up in the air at the moment, we will have £4,500 from the sale, need possibly £10,000?

One way or another it seems another season is on the cards, will let you all know when I do.


Next meeting probably Northampton 11 June, subject to getting booked in and time off work.

There is a Belle Vue meeting Friday 17 August. Car is being loaned out to Richard Howarth, who happens to own a couple of Brisca F1's and is letting Ste have another go in exchange.

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Have raced World Final at Cowdenbeath, awesome place. Finished last of 12 finishers in Robbie Dawson hire car.


Few photos, not the best,but give an idea of the conditions.







Order has been placed for new Chassis, cash from sale will cover it.

Never had a new car before unless you count self builds.

Got a spare Eng/box.

Around £4,000 needed for ECU and new bits. Disney fund is being raided in the hope he can sell the car in a couple of years and pay the cash back.









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Kings Lynn.

They took our ECU for checking after the Euro win and supplied us with a temporary one.

Heat 1, finished 4th, all good.

Heat 2, involved in mass collision first lap, lot of damage to suspension including a couple of shockers at £110 each so called it a day.


Despite the aerofoil colour we still start blue.



Car is on loan Belle Vue Fri 17 August. (Swop for Brisca F1 drive)

Ste's final drive before sale is the World of Shale at Stoke 25 August.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Belle Vue, Richard Howarth borrowed the F2.

Had problems with the steering at first and kept turning into the tyres, too precise for him hes used to an F1.

Second race was running 3rd and wiped out by another white top.

Final finished 5th, GN a very good second.

For first time in the car he did very well.


Stoke WOS Sat 25th.

Started 3rd on grid, nice trophy for that. The race had good sponsorship, decent cash down to 10th place.

Finished 7th. By a quirk someone had given an extra £100 for 7th finisher, so won £220.

Car is sold and gone,

Aerofoil is lonely in garage. Have been officially told that unofficially we can start Red grade as long as he is European Champ, so Red it is until next August.

New chassis starts construction at TLF on Monday, projected 3 week build, we shall see.

Debating if to collect it powder coated or do a dry build first, bound to want to alter it a bit.

Starting to gather new bits, ordered rebuilt engine, spare box needs attention.

Hopefully be out before end of season, but other things have priority.


Ste is racing Belle Vue tomorrow, Monday, in Richards F1.

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