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  1. Marketplace - 1977 Triumph Dolomite restoration 1500cc, £600. Bishops Stortford "Stood up for 16 years in dry storage. Will require welding and a clutch, car does start and engine runs. Will need trailering away as is not road worthy. I inherited the car from my uncle and just need the space so is up for sale." Bonus Fiat 124 Coupe in the background too.
  2. Marketplace 1991 Peugeot 205 1.8 GRD £550 "Dark blue, has faded in some places due to having a plastic sheet over the top of the car, Peugeot starts first time, driver side door does not shut and lock, new lock being delivered. Mileage- 117824"
  3. neil1971

    Dad cars

    Lurking in the background here is the Magnette (LJG300) that dad owned, bought from my grandad,
  4. No pic as I was driving (need a dashcam!), but spotted a wonderful early 2000s Suzuki Alto in Westcliff, it was yellow but most of the front panels had been replaced with silver ones presumably from a scrapper, can remember this sort of thing being a regular sight years ago but rare nowadays.
  5. No photo as I was driving, but coming back from Norfolk a few weeks ago, I knew I was back in the shithole that is Essex when I saw an Evoque or similar with the plate W4XED
  6. I think my Grandad made this wooden garage, complete with petrol pumps and showroom Getting some early driving experience on the Norfolk Broads Some large stones by the side of a busy road in Wiltshire, me, Grandad and Flash the Alsatian
  7. neil1971

    Dad cars

    Dad's MG Magnette ZA / ZB, not sure which (LJG300 I think) Austin 1800 Landcrab (E reg I think) Austin Maxi (GJN???L, Dad hated it and didn't have it long at all) Fiat 124 Special T (KNO434N) rear ended by a Mini when stopped at a Zebra crossing in Romford but I think it was repaired Fiat Strada (KAR965V) written off by an out of control Audi (see, it's not a new thing!) Fiat Strada (EUL511V) Fiat Strada (JTW199Y) - Dad's last car before he died in 1988, I was 17 and had a brief loan of it before it went back to my step mum who I think sold it, last taxed 1994 Mum's Fiat 850 Sport Coupe (PEV565K) first car, early 1980s as Mum only learnt to drive fairly late on Fiat 127 (WWC979S) Fiat Uno 55S (A821VFM) Toyota Corolla (J568LDY) got hit on a roundabout, damaging driver's door, culprit didn't stop, looked at a couple of Micras but didn't end up buying another car Why do I remember these registrations when I can't remember what I had for breakfast?!
  8. Crows, maybe more on the hard shoulder than central reservation but always loads of them on a motorway, guess there's plenty of food chucked out of cars as well as roadkill
  9. Looking at the ears (no-one else's are visible in the pic!), you're right, Grandad lived in Basingstoke so I presume the photo was the New Forest but there are donkeys there as well as the more common ponies
  10. A pony, me, my mum and grandad's Cortina Estate in the New Forest. Guess they didn't have barbers back then. My dad's old Strada EUL511V, he had three of these so no wonder I ended up on this site!
  11. Fantastic, I had one of these as my first car in 1988, UME13S, not the posh Palio though, just a basic 903cc, and my mum had a red one at the same time WWC979S
  12. There's a house in Suffolk with a few of these in the garden, Streetview photo is old but sure they were all still there recently plus some sort of kit car too
  13. It was 50/50 whether to put it in the scrap thread or this one, even the guy's body language in the picture is 'what have I done?'
  14. 2007 BMW 3 Series, £1500 "I started this project with the intention off finishing but moving country so got to go apart from the unfinished body work I have all panels and bumpers etc only thing this car needs to run at the stage 2 again is a clutch and a right side brake calliper Has brand new coilovers and control arms has had new injectors and rocker covers in my ownership but needs to go ASAP !!! "
  15. Last time for mine was last November, before that it had been about two years, I do clean the inside, glass and mirrors more often though.
  16. "I WILL ALSO GIVE THIS IN WRITTEN WRITING" What other sort is there? Unwritten writing? But then that's not writing at all...
  17. Slightly broken Suzuki Swift in Edinburgh, the only photo
  18. From a Facebook group Spotted in Berkshire / Surrey I think, sorry if it's an already known one, I'm far too lazy to look through 49 pages to check!
  19. It looks Dedra shaped, maybe a later version than the ones we got? I've never seen one before either
  20. Always makes me laugh when I see a car advertised with 'Full MoT history'
  21. MGB GT, £795 in Westerham, Facebook marketplace "Spares or repair . Needs welding sills . And new carpets . It does run . I’ve bought a few bits for it . I was going to repair it myself but lost workshop to do it in."
  22. My Uno had one of those 'backflash' stickers on it when I got it, not my thing but wasn't sure how easy it would be to remove cleanly so it stayed.
  23. neil1971

    E10 Fuel

    I filled up with it for the first time today, compatible according the gov.uk checker, can't see it making much difference in a Nissan Note but time will tell. It does say that E5 will still be available but probably a bit more expensive and not at every petrol station, so probably no need to panic just yet, but I don't mind beating the scrap price of the Merc by £20 if it helps the guy on on the programme 😀
  24. Vanden Plas Princess 4 Litre R Could be the rarest of things, a barn find that actually is, one owner and the tax ran out at the end of 1981
  25. It was a while ago, I only came across the group recently and am not a member of it - try this link which will hopefully go direct to the post
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