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  1. Lundy was 68 when he won the final at Sheffield in June 2022 so he is either 70 or very nearly 70.
  2. Neither if you cut a hole in the bulkhead and fed it out through the radio aperture. Allegedly
  3. Just got my renewal quote for the RAV4. Up from £260 to £276. Probably not a big enough increase to justify trawling through the price comparison sites.
  4. I occasionally buy and repair salvaged cars and I avoid Kias like the plague. The cost of parts is ludicrous compared to say Nissan Qashqai or Toyota Avensis
  5. Followed a Iveco Horsebox through Durham today. Registration was COW1E . Pretty sure that used to be on a Rolls Royce that belonged to Sir Tom Cowie.
  6. Youre welcome to borrow the RAV if you want. Its on your route to Peterlee
  7. WHS. We used to travel all over the country banger racing with a similar setup ( Sprinter 416 towing a twin axle trailer with a car on each) and we got stopped several times . Fortunately the sprinter was 4.6 tonne GVW and 6.6 tonne GTW and I had an operators licence for work. The setup certainly seemed to attract attention from plod.
  8. He has probably put it in with his tachograph charts so he doesn't lose it
  9. Not having a temperature gauge on Toyota Yaris . Just a light which indicates cold or HGF.
  10. He is really lucky to have you for a next door neighbour
  11. So sorry to hear about this Dave. Sincere condolences from all of the Durham Oval racing mob
  12. In my experience yellow grade was the worst. Whites in front slowing you down and the blues desperately trying to get away from Deano, Diggy and the other maniacs at the back
  13. Builders Merchant delivery driver. Late 50s, took the job because he is sick of nights out and tramping around the country. Wagon loaded way above the sideboards with random building materials but ALWAYS topped off with a bundle of slaters laths. Usually found at around 8.45 to 9.00 in a housing estate next to a school. He will have both Hiab stabiliser legs extended,one blocking the path and another blocking most of the road. Take him about 20 minutes to unload a pallet loaded with 2 bags of cement and a tin of paint. Traffic will be gridlocked for a 2mile radius.
  14. Very good but you forgot one important part. The private plate. Ideally he would have liked T5 STE but obviously that has been bought by another Dublifer so he then trawls through the DVLA website looking for T5 STV. No chance . The process is repeated until he finally succeeds in acquiring ZT55 XQU . This is proudly displayed with the letters arranged Z T5 XQU. He will casually mention in conversation that the last three letters are the initials of his wife Xavier and children Quentin and Ursula whilst everyone who has the misfortune to know him thinks they are called Sharon, Martin and Chantelle.
  15. Spotted today in Durham (driving so no pic) CU 6 on a green Mercedes 220 . A quick internet search shows that its a 1976 model ! Last saw this near Durham Riverside cricket ground about 5 years ago driven by an old gentleman. Made my day to see that both him and the car are still about.
  16. Says the man who called banger racers knuckle draggers.
  17. First driver to win Brisca formula 1 world final 3 years in a row 1973/74/75. I believe that he was also Brisca formula 2 world champion before that. @Mally will probably be able to confirm
  18. Who are you using for the sign writing? Dom Davies?
  19. Wonder how many of them are still in use today?
  20. It belongs to Andrew Ward. He owns/ has an interest in a few pubs in Durham. Elm Tree, Angel, Holy Grale, Drunken Duck, Woodman, New Inn from memory
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