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Mally's Stock Cars, Bikes,Life, and Yaris happenings.


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It has been suggested I run a Stock Car blog.

I'm not really into this, my photos were taken on a Box Brownie, and I still use a phone to phone and Camera for photos.

Its 2 weeks before the season starts at Kings Lynn, so a bit of background first.

My Dad was my hero, he worked int'mill and rode motor cycles because he couldn't afford a car.

We lived on the edge of moorland, so I rode a bike from age 10.

Royal Enfied 350 and 16H Norton. Norton was a bit heavy for me.

Obviously I've been involved with bikes ever since.












Bantam was mine, Suzuki, youngest son, grass bike eldest son.

CF Camper my dads, I inherited it.

Harley was mine and I built the Trike.


The three wheeler I built, more about that later.

The guy in it is Paul the face painter, bought it from me.

Borrowed all my photos of the build and never returned them.

So after you get Cavcrafts £100 from Giles have a go at finding my photos please.


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Luckily I have a few 2cv photos left.

The rear wheel can be done in at least 2 ways.

Throw one side away and turn the other arm over, but you have to weld a bit in.







Or weld a piece of box across, thereby using both rear springs.




Add a frame. (Bent round a local lamp post).









Registerd as a  Mallinson 002, think its dead now.


Thats it for today, kit cars tomorrow maybe.

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Step back a bit here.

Logical step from a bike, a Reliant, wood frame, ally body, fibreglass roof. 16 and driving a car, no need for a test as long as you didn't* have reverse.

Had this for a few years, no photos though.

One night was giving a school friend and his girl a lift, when he set fire to her hair!

I put the fire out, chucked him out, and later married the girl.

My now ex-school friend went on to be a Vicar. Thus re enforcing my views on Religion.

Works for some but not me.

My love for Reliants, and the wife, is on going.









 Was passing a pub one day and saw a strange vehicle, so went in and asked.

Dutton Kit Car. Buy a body and chassis £900, old Escort £50. equals.........

Brand new reg vehicle.

A month later hired a pickup and went to Worthing.








You may tell from the reg, the last photo is not my actual first Dutton which was X reg, but at the moment I can't find a photo of that, I've built a few and they are all the same.

After a couple of years I sold the first one at double my cost and went to Malta for our first holiday abroad.

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There were plenty of part built around at that time, still are few.

It's harder than you think and people lose heart.

I bought unfinished ones here and there and finished them.




The one on the left had a Minor 1000 engine.






The next cars were bought complete, because we liked them and they were well finished.




This NCF Diamond was one of the best I've owned but I lost a lot of money when I sold it.




This Cobra belongs to my eldest son, who started with a Dutton with Minor engine.

He has a little* more cash than me and the youngest, we spend all ours on the Stock car.







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Correct, they raced at Le Mans it seems.

Manufacture was sold on a time or two and done in different areas of the country.

I advertised in a Kit Car mag for unfinished mini based kit.

Bought it from an AA man in Hull.

It was unregistered, he had cut the roof out for a webasto, but never bought one, engine was in, rear sub frame loosely attached, no bonnet, and left outside.

Strangely he had had it sprayed. it was full of water inside due to absent sun roof.

At the time I worked at Aerospace so was able to reattach the cut out roof panel with a gap. They have good stuff for filling gaps on planes. You can almost see the join in the photo. It didn't look bad at all.

I was actually a little afraid when driving it its so small. I did fit a roll bar to attach seat belts to.

Sold it to a French man at a kit car show.

They are allowed to use them in classic motor sport because of the Le Mans connection he said.


Edit, just read the assembly time 15 to 20 man hours if I read it right! 

Took me a little longer.

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That adds up a bit, but at least mini bits are obtainable.

All affordable kits are gone now really.

SVA killed many and it's getting worse.

Thing with the Marcos it would all be new, no scrap doners these days.

Was very noisy in mine as well. I'm deaf but still heard it.

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Right the ovals now.

As I said earlier my dad was a biker, hence he took me to Speedway at Belle Vue.

One week we turned up and Stock cars were on, my dad was upset, but I loved them.

I was 8 and these cars were turning over, loosing wheels, and coming on again in the next race.

One day that will be me I told him.

This was the first one. Mike Parkers Hell Drivers, raced them for a while, Minors, Riley 1.5 mainly.




Then moved to Autograss, family affair kids and wife can drive, lasts all day.






Later started Rebels, Reliant engine and box.

Good formula if you want to crash, but are low on funds and expertise.



Then Stock cars, which is where we've been ever since.

Look I can fly!




Have lots more photos, but thats enough to tell the story.


F2 went for sign writing yesterday before the snow, will post that when it returns.

All being well first meeting 2018 Kings Lynn 3 March, just keep going round!

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That adds up a bit, but at least mini bits are obtainable.

All affordable kits are gone now really.

SVA killed many and it's getting worse.

Thing with the Marcos it would all be new, no scrap doners these days.

Was very noisy in mine as well. I'm deaf but still heard it.


A mate of mine used to be into kit cars, said the same thing when we were chatting about thiem a few months ago.  He said the SVA is widely viewed as a classic example of a solution to a problem that didn't exist in reality, the result being many companies simply stopped bothering and packed it in.

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Next meeting 10 March Stoke, see how that goes, might have time to laquer the sign writing now.

Damn it right on my stomping ground, I would of popped along to say hello if it went ahead but mrs fp has just informed me that were out that evening when I mentioned it

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Never been Baarlo, Been to the old Venray a few times when my sons raced Rebels there, and more recently to Emmen with an F2, won races at both.

Was at Venray in 2005 when Piet Keijzer died. Very sad event.


Had a phone call on the sign writing front, thing are progressing well but snow is blowing into the garage, the water in the kettle is frozen and the kettle froze to the bench.

Hot air blower will sort it, but fumes give him headache, unsurprisingly!

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Could take her to the Stoke bar, it's like going back 50 years, in decoration and smell.

Good for viewing the racing though, you get used to it after a bit.

She would usually be up for that to be fair but taking mum and dad out, last time we were there and took grandad we sat in there so he was comfy and didn't freeze

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Quick report from Stoke 10 March.

Track was muddy, but not as bad as expected, was in heat 2, 19 cars total.

Going well but got spun in the early laps. Got going again and finished 7th.

First 8 qualify for final, so we are in. Makes for an easy night, much more spare time.

Had the fastest lap in ht 2 according to mylaps.


Final, involved in a big incident on first bend, but car not damaged, total restart. going well, got up to 2nd then put in fence. Set off again well down and finished in 8th, had a flat rear inside tyre from the fence incident, so quite good really.


Last race Grand National, best race of the night, very fast and leading places changed often. 

Finished 3rd so all good.

18 points in total, we think, could have been a lot worse.

Very little damage apart from the new tyre, (£55). Forgot to collect prize money for 3rd, Stes wife usually gets it but she was working. Ah well its only a tenner, or less maybe.


Need to change the diff for Belle Vue next Sunday.

Couple of photos, expected more mud than that.





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