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  1. Looks like an accusump to me.
  2. Ooh, I've always wanted one of those re-badged Lanchesters ! I think I'll really struggle to resist when it inevitably comes up for sale in a few weeks...
  3. The humanity... At least, opening rear windows plus extremely popular smol car mean replacement should be neither difficult nor expensive. Count your blessings, and all that ! Edit : Any plans to roffle the stone ? "Surrey thatched cottage, spares or repair" ?
  4. After reading this thread, I was really dreading the arrival of my renewal quote... It's now landed, and the premium is 50% more than last year, despite no changes to my circumstances whatsoever ! Furious, I went on the usual comparison websites to find a cheaper alternative. But it soon turned out that the cheapest of the alternatives is actually 25% more than what my current insurer has quoted !
  5. Ultra-rare, but sadly only fit for spares... Perhaps of some use to @wuvvum ?
  6. There were two suspension options (standard and sport), and then different springs depending on the engine fitted and the presence of the optional panoramic roof. The springs fitted to inconsistant's car are the correct type ; I know, because I had checked the parts catalogue before buying them. They are, however, cheap aftermarket parts rather than genuine Audi. There are threads on the A2OC which suggest many aftermarket spring manufacturers take a "that will do" approach rather than exactly match the original specifications ; this could explain why the ride height may seem a bit on the high side.
  7. ABS light is clearly the wiring, when that is repaired the light will simply go off and stay off (the system self-tests after every start). EML was due to an EGR flow code when I owned the car, hence the EGR pipe replacement (done during Alan Prost's tenure). A VCDS scan will help you work out if it's still the same code (in which case the valve itself may be to blame), or whether there's another issue. The good news is that the car's age means a lit EML will not be an MoT failure anyway. Oh, and get yourself on the A2OC forum. There is loads of know-how on there, and it's also the best place to source A2-specific parts at reasonable prices.
  8. Great to see this is still alive and serving the AS community !
  9. Excellent work, and welcome to the Autoshite KITCAR MASSIV !
  10. How about an engine that can't decide whether it's a V4 or a V8 ?
  11. Perhaps I'm stretching the definition of a production vehicle, but how about the delightful Melkus RS1000 ?
  12. Ignition switch ? Pretty common 1990s VW problem, they fail without much notice and result in a "turns over but won't start" fault. A new switch is really cheap to buy, but a complete bugger to replace.
  13. I presume you're confirmed the origin of the noise is not the drum brakes ? I've been caught out before...
  14. They're nothing special to drive, because they're basically a Polo 9N with a fancy aluminium body. The latter is actually pretty well engineered, though that stupid bonnet is a notable exception.
  15. Only an unhinged engineer would design an un-hinged bonnet. Vorsprung durch Wahnsinn !
  16. Absolutely correct - don't worry about the mayo, those engines aren't prone to OMGHGF. Just find the cause of the coolant leak, my money would be on a corroded radiator.
  17. [Talking to wife on the phone] "No, of course I didn't spend my whole day off browsing Autoshite ! In fact, I managed to fix both the roof of the shed and the handbrake of the Mondeo !"
  18. Mercedes actually made quite a few changes to them in 2018, but nobody seems to have noticed 😁
  19. Perhaps a poll would be the best way to determine whether you should keep or sell it ? I mean, if it works* for Elon Musk, it must* work for Autoshite ?
  20. The scuttle in 6Ns is rarely the cause of water ingress, as it has two pretty large drains that never get blocked. Said drains lead behind the arch liners, which are drained through the tiniest of holes and are therefore a massive mud trap. A buildup of mud in that area often results in the lowermost part of the wing rusting through. For reasons that I never understood, the bottom of the A pillar rarely suffers the same fate. The front sunroof drains don't drain in the same area in 6Ns, you can see their ends in the door jamb, by the lower corners of the screen. A squirt of WD40 and a blow through with the airline are usually enough to clear them.
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