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  1. I think the Harris Kia exploded or something. Was last seen going into a Cornwall shiters garage.
  2. Ha monkey world. Lovely place. Pity about the lanes you have to drive down to get to it.
  3. I shall just put LIKE here. Save me ticking each post. Looks to be a good venue and well enjoyed.
  4. Sounds like a plan. Neighbours will love you.
  5. Looks like room for one there. I suppose it depends on where it is held.
  6. Now I know why I stopped dogging .
  7. Beko it's a canvas tent that you said hasn't been used for a while. So it may leak a bit. But rain is what makes the fibres swell and 're proof itself. Keep your clothes in the car just in case. Fantastic tent though.
  8. Took the kids into tavistock today. Walking round the market and my little lad ,in his loud voice shouts. "Why is everyone here so old". Never mind be back oop north tomorrow. Where when you speak to a stranger they don't look at you in a mad way and scurry off. There was also a glimmering hope for shitefest visit on Saturday. Social worker rang me to say the little cherub who was coming Friday seems to be helping police with some enquiries. Woo , thought I. No need to go back. This was short-lived has another young person is coming to stay permanently.
  9. I heaved a sigh has I shot past exeter today, on my way to Plymouth. I shall have another sigh has I go past again on Thursday. I sort of arranged JDM at castle coombe last weekend . Then into Plymouth for family stuff, nieces birthday. Then drop into shitefest on my way back Saturday. But had to work , has in mind some unruly youth last weekend and again this. Never mind I shall await photos. Beko' S tent does sound like some carry on camping, boy scout jobbie.
  10. Well all have a great time. Hopefully weather will be good. Was hoping to attend has I am down in Devon visiting family next week. Was going to call in on the way back home Saturday. However I am now in work , so to speak next weekend . Due to this will be travelling home on Thursday. Bugger.
  11. Your wife won't have forgot how many cars. When she wants a new kitchen and you say you have no money. She will list all your cars and how much you have spent on them. For instance . If you have twenty pounds and your wife has five pounds. How much does your wife have?? No wrong answer. She has £25.00. Weaker sex my arse. Happy anniversary.
  12. You never fail to disappoint. Decent car for someone that.
  13. Can you go through a Maccies drive threw. That would be good.
  14. He is probably wondering where he went wrong. Good luck.
  15. My last foster child moved out about six weeks ago. So I am enjoying not having to deal with anyone at the minute. Then gets a reminder today that I have to attend compulsory training next week. It's an education day and run by the virtual school . Or people talking shite to justify their job. Wouldn't normally mind but Wednesday is Widnes market shite sale. Sort of car boot but with worse stuff. Also getting lectured about helping with homework strategies and attendance enhancing solutions is a bit eastedbon me. The kids I get are usually expelled from school and have no intention of going anyway. Also there is fuck all anyone can do about it, the kids know this very well. So I listen to bollocks and not my head in the right places.
  16. Like wise. One car limit still and I have a toyota. So no news really. Well a fog light bulb has gone on my toyota, major grump. Can I feck get to it. Have to take wheel off and arch liner.
  17. Men and their sheds. Made Britain great don't ya know. Excellent work. Way beyond my ham fisted efforts.
  18. Very nice. Lovely day for cycling has well.
  19. I suppose the fact that the building on fire is one we all recognise and know shows it's importance in the world.
  20. Went to burscough boot sale last week. It's not a bad one . Picked up some beer pump clips off a bloke. Got ten of them for two pounds. Usually around six pound each in ebay. I usually go to Widnes market on a Wednesday. It's a proper shite market. All the traders who have the contracts to take stuff from the local recycling places are there. You can get some good stuff if you don't mind rooting and maybe fixing it once you get home. Got a Makita cordless last week. No battery so £4.00 and no idea if it worked. Get home ok battery in off mine and perfect. Also got an embassy cigarette ashtray for a pound, easy tenner on ebay cos man cave tax on this and other brewanaria stuff. Got a 1970's wall clock for a pound, again no man cave tax. Well worth a visit. Friendly bunch of traders.
  21. Or next time Mr bell does a raffle thing, which won't be long will it. He can round it up to the higher pound and we , being the nice people we are. Shall buy tickets therefore getting him his monies back.
  22. Been building this for a few weeks. All recycled or second hand. Keep my collection of pub tat. And make a burger on my hotolate.
  23. Very nice car. I seen the ad on here. Looks well cared for and quite modern really. Anyway square crumpets are surely a Scottish import, goes with the sausage.
  24. Think it's a good idea for a new format. Technical section would be good. Also non motoring news sticky would be good as well. I and other people may have some non car news to share. I don't have car news really at the minute. I have a toyota. So get in it , drive it and then get out. Nothing happens really. Although that may change seeing has one or two importers have a 3.2 xc90 for sale.
  25. It is a really nice car. I loved it. It's one that you can spend a few pound on and it not repay you by grenading itself. Good luck.
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