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  1. Cortina 1.6 cruesqder on the m62 today. Wasnt hanging around either.
  2. Opened mine just now. I am amazed, quality items and a couple of drinks. Instruction sheet enclosed to enable easy use of contents . Think I will have to up my secret santa game next year. Thank you santa.
  3. Sounds like fun. Have donated a couple if quid. Also donated to rob burrow , Leeds rugby league player. He has just been diagnosed with this. Think he is 36. Awful condition.
  4. Arrived home to a parcel. Put it by the xmas table, tree is in the garden . Excited.
  5. Spent an enjoyable half hour reading this thread. Your FIL is great. An eccentric gentleman no doubt.
  6. I shouldn't laugh but. Mum at school stopped me last week to show me a scratch on her bumper, 05 focus. Scratch is very tiny and not worth bothering with. She then tells me the tale of how another parent had done it but said nothing. So loads of detective work secured her a witness to said little bump. Driver of car approached and agreed to pay for the damage . She then tells me that dent master have said around £150.00 to spray bumper etc. Dont get me wrong the bumper does have a scratch and mark on it. But not that bad. This was on Tuesday she was telling me all this . Other lady going to pay , so she should , look at the damage and other drama. So jump to friday and we are all going out of car park when said mum runs into the back of an 05 fiesta and proper smashes the bumper in. Cant wait for monday to see if fiesta driver is getting some proper prices for spraying and fitting a new bumper. Karma at it's best.
  7. Yes I agree . Put them up for sale again. It is very strange for this place but can happen.
  8. Grumpy because my kids have been off school the last three days. Unwell with cough and cold also occasional throwing up. So no real sleep through the night cos they wake up. They seem to be over the worse now thankfully and normal service should be resumed for school on monday. Except that in the last hour I feel ill and started sneezing. So looks like it's my turn. Great.
  9. A lot less than you but. When I had my colonoscopy. They removed a polyp. So sent away for tests for cancer cells, " standard practice, nothing to be concerned about. Unless it's cancer " . You dont say really. Anyway cue a couple of weeks later and gets a call to tell me the results. " would you like the results now mr nulty?". Well yes . "Ok ". Then silence for a minute, thought I was on the jungle or someother shite tv contestant thing. "Results are all clear sir. See you in five years ". Wasnt worried about the result. But when they rang me I did have my doubts. So good luck sir for next week.
  10. Noticed a few " meal prep " places opening lately. A few have newish landrovers and other large 4x4 type vehicles favoured by the recreational drug purveyors.
  11. Good man . My kwality item is ready and waiting to go to its lucky new owner.
  12. Did post in ask thread about jumpy celica clutch. Bit of googling suggested giving it more revs and let clutch out slower, giffer style driving I believe. Anyway Been doing that and it works fine . Went out today got my dinner and watched a few planes at liverpool airport, always fascinating how they get in the air. Then a general hoon round hale village and some country lanes home.
  13. Plus get the old ones, with tyres on. back home. Not helping am I?
  14. Your attempts at that bonnet remind me of one of those shopping channel chaps. You know the ones who throw all crap at something,like a pan. Then produce some miracle spray stuff and clean it all off in a flash. Well apart from the magic cleaning off bit I mean.
  15. I had a c reg mg metro back in the day. Loved it and it did grip real well. Looks lovely.
  16. I shall have to run it past my daughter. To mind the kids. Hopefully come down on saturday. Do a camping bit in a tent and back home for sunday. Dont think a celica is the most comfy.
  17. Celica has this little spoiler in the bonnet. Cant get to it underneath ti take off. Needed painting cis badly faded in the sun. Rest of bonnet fine . So found some wrap I had in the shed and threw that on. Will keep it tidy till weather warms up next year and i can respray the spoiler.
  18. taxi paul

    Shite Trailers

    Here is mine. Doubling has storage at the minute. Picked it up from the lad over the road. Has new wheels and tyres , taken off and put away . Plan is to grind and repaint. It's all metal so easy enough. Make a lid to take it a foot higher and then attach roof box, also put away in shed.
  19. The arm rest on the celica was a tad low and hard plastic. Et voila and a handy ebay cushion. Elastic straps fitted in seconds. Now arm rest at nice height and comfy.
  20. Seems reasonable , if you are minted. I'm not so I'm out as well.
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