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  1. Not communicating with you is surely all the more reason to play the fuck right off card?
  2. Princess Anne had one of…oh…
  3. Can you not just tell Idiot Sister to fuck right off? Seems a reasonable solution to me.
  4. That’s no way to carry on. Everyone knows that they should be kept completely as they came from the factory. Even pumping up a flat tyre anywhere other than the factory is a bit dodgy.
  5. The Passo S Ubaldo now renamed Passo San Boldo is a phenomenal place. Hairpin bend in a tunnel. short bridge, then another hairpin in a tunnel then repeat then repeat then repeat. Here’s a picture of my bike at the bottom. See sat nav.
  6. I tried to buy Daytonas a couple of times but they are the wrong shape for my feet. My last winter boots are TCX something goretex and were waterproof for three Limobiking winters so about 75000 miles. They still keep the water out, not that they’re getting much use lately since I don’t ‘have’ to go out in the rain. It does occur to me that it’s a bit daft talking about waterproof winter boots to you now too 😂
  7. I’ve got a pair of Spada boots which sound like the ones you’re describing. During the 400 miles of heavy rain I rode through coming back from Holland they leaked like a sieve. They do look pretty cool though 😎
  8. My dad had one. Last car he bought before he died. Leukaemia, the car had nothing to do with it.
  9. I had to drive one of these just last week. Even as I was driving it I was forgetting it. Nothing to recommend here.
  10. This still holds true a year later. It’ll warm up soon and a whole new world will open up to you.
  11. Yup. Me riding my first one on the M11 a fair few years ago. My son on the back (wearing a helmet I’m not daft) is 38 now. Edit. It might have been the North Circular Road.
  12. I was disappointed in the Rukka suit I spent big money on. Nowhere near as good as it should have been. I replaced it with a Dane suit , bought from Hideout funnily enough. (I couldn’t afford the Hideout kit.) The Dane kit is the best I’ve ever had. Warm and dry all day. I stopped using heated clothing when I started my long commute from Ipswich to London. Sounds daft but there was method to my madness. I figured that if the heated stuff broke I wouldn’t be wearing enough clothes and I’d be in trouble. Decent layering up saw me through.
  13. That’s so true. Plus I was much harder (more stupid) in my 20’s. Leather jacket, unlined waterproofs and a 36 ounce sleeping bag from Millets. I must have been mad. Good times! I still go to rallies nowadays but not in the winter.
  14. I haven’t done the Dragon since around 1988. I did a few before that. I loved a winter rally. Wrap up warm and enjoy yourself.
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