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  1. When I stop at a services the first thing I need is a pee so I don't appreciate the lavvies being as far as is physically possible from the entrance. I'm not going to be doing impulse purchases of useless tat or buying nosh until after I have made myself comfortable. I hope the people who design these places read this brilliant thread and will take note of my comments
  2. Were they not grp bodies with coloured gelcoat or had they not asked boat builders about how to do the job properly?
  3. A motoring journalist of the day wrote of the Austin Maxi with its similar seats that it was the ideal car for the young man about to start a family, then set up home, then carry kids and all their paraphernalia. Paraphrasing just a tad, twas a long while ago that I read it.
  4. Perhaps it was a hang over from dicky seats?
  5. Take a magnet with you when you go to inspect so you can find out how much of the sills are made of wob. My first experience of travelling in a Minor was at the age of two when four adults and three kids went on holiday from Penge to Crantock in Cornwall. Later experience included commuting to London in a bright yellow one driven by a colleague which only stopped on the handbrake and buying a Traveller for my wife which rusted apart before she even passed her test. The Traveller was quite a good load carrier before its demise.
  6. Jolly bad show, obviously a trade* person with a plate like that. Old school money would have a decent personal plate. * "trade" as in someone who has to work for a living.
  7. Those back lights look like they have been filched from the Marina parts bin. Really needed some a tad bigger but probably not full on Volvo 940.
  8. Have you ever tried to find a parking space big enough for a Volvo in the back streets of Montmartre? Everything has its place.
  9. I love wheels like that, so easy to keep clean. I hate cleaning fiddly wheel.
  10. Folklore says that there is a veteran van at the bottom of a dene hole at Detling with the registration TIN 1
  11. I didn't think that they used the letter I in UK? I saw another car with a similar plate yesterday and was confused
  12. The sadly (as opposed to smiley) is because in those days if you earned £100 a week you could own and run a Ferrari. Now it costs that to fill your tank.
  13. I was once (probably about ten years ago) astonished to see that car on the hard shoulder of the M25 anticlockwise. Does it get a day release from the museum? Or is there is a replica?
  14. Mine had door mirrors back in the day. You will need to build up your arm muscles if going anywhere near mountain passes.
  15. Anyone with welding skills want a Saab with chassis rot? The garage were about to put new hub bushes on the rear when they noticed the underseal was bulging and when they poked it with a pointy thing there was badness underneath. repair would mean dropping the subframe and the fuel tank. A shame because the sills are fine and the car had a full service a few months ago and the exhaust is fairly recent. MOT expires on Monday. It would have been ready to pass but for the chassis. So it will be going over the bridge unless one of you lot wants another project. You will have to wait for info on the replacement but I am mildly excited and will be viewing tomorrow.
  16. An early example of people trying to avoid airport parking charges?
  17. Most of my cars were sold to scrappies... they don't come back
  18. DSdriver


    Did they make a Bedford Lemming perhaps?
  19. My DS has the sealed beam lamps as used in classic Minis, they are brilliant (excuse the pun).
  20. You thought that was hard, have you ever ttried changing a starter motor on a Citroen DS?
  21. Interesting thread, keep 'em coming. I presume Bra Vision on the side of that van does not mean what an Englishman would hope?
  22. Should've spent the money on the handling kit instead!
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