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  1. A friend worked for the FSO importers back in the day. She would tell tales such as how a rattle in the door was found to be empty beer bottles behind the door card and other such horrors which meant they had to virtually take the cars apart to check them before passing them on for sale.
  2. Nasty, give shell fish the swerve from now on, I do.
  3. They've always got an excuse! Get well soon lass. edited to add: And I hope you don't suffer so bad.
  4. What struck me most about this picture is that here we have a group of youngsters and not a cigarette in sight!
  5. The dirty tank in those upholstery cleaners always looks like that, even if you use them on clean stuff. I think there is something in the machine that adds brownness as it sucks up.
  6. Fancy a warship? @coalnotdole More info here https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/royal-navy-plans-clearance-sale-starting-with-four-decommissioned-ships
  7. The car engines are unlikely to be sea-water cooled 😉
  8. Highly recommended, 5 stars and would visit again
  9. Where he has put used units in new packaging mark them as being used because when you find them again in 20 years time you will have forgotten that they are not new parts. Ask me how I know.
  10. I was also going to ask the availability of the rubber parts for the cylinders, it used to be a common thing to replace them along with boiling brake shoes in a bowl of water to get rid of brake fluid contamination because the old ones has leaked.
  11. 5 years old Aston so may still be old money (who don't do new cars). Shame its not still on the Rover though.
  12. Extended like on the Chapron Decap doors, it looks very stylish but you would be stuck inside in a car park. Still would.
  13. How much do insurance companies up your premium after you've Noobtuned? You do declare it don't you? Asking for a friend.
  14. Affectionately known as Monsieur Bibendum , I'm not sure why.
  15. I can't wait to find this parked up and dirty so I can write Nouveau in the dirt
  16. When I asked a lady friend why she wasn't spooked by spiders after she just picked one up and put it out the window she said "I went to an all-girls boarding school, you didn't dare show fear"
  17. @MantaGTE85 Have a picture of Maggy having her thigh fondled by Dennis
  18. Ah, the days before the rainbow became synonymous with LBG + other letters which I can't keep up with but am not against.
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