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  1. Not that but even if I park the DS at the complete opposite end of the car park from all the other cars there will be a prime example of shite parked next to it when I return. I call it obtaining coolness by proximity.
  2. But is the oil tank included in the price?
  3. I had the car park ticket machine at Bedgebury Pinetum indicate that my reg number was "not an option". Rather difficult as you needed the ticket to get out of the car park.
  4. Traffic chaos at Hadlow, workmen have just shut the A26 completely to dig the road up... without warning the bus companies or creating diversion for artics. It is entertaining watching the lost art of the three point turn outside our house as cars turn around. A MINI did it in seven and is holding the record.
  5. I have said that when filling the DS and a shite car is alongside. You get some very strange looks
  6. The lack of symmetry disturbs me, I was OK with Citroen placing the chevrons on the front of the BX off-centre but what is the world coming to?
  7. Is it because modern cars are much wider or have roads got narrower. Or is it because they now have cars parked all along both kerbs that you lose the perspective?
  8. Hydraulics are already there so convert suspension to Citroen and run it on three wheels @dollywobbler
  9. Or cut a bigger hole in the tyre and fill it with concrete or summat
  10. What about second hand aircraft tyres - they have to be replaced regularly for safety reasons. I have no idea about a size match but it is the route boatyards go on their straddle carriers.
  11. Does the hours count include time spent by others? e.g. the upholsterer and engine borer.
  12. News update: The classic mechanic I had approached did not want to take this job on but we had a nice email conversation about the Wateringbury Citroen garage that he used to work at and where I had my cars serviced back in the eighties. So I rang our local garage and explained the problem, they checked their records and the last HGF was in 2012. My, how time flies. So the car is booked in for next Tuesday and the will be sending the head away for testing as recommended above. Meanwhile, I might be tempted to remove the info display panel and clean up the contacts to see if I ca
  13. Thanks for that advice, I think I have found someone to do the job if they are prepared to take it on. It is quite likely that the car has overheated whilst being driven by my wife (and she is the main driver). Although today she did check the temp gauge because I told her to.
  14. Blowing steam out of the exhaust and losing rad coolant. Temp gauge up and down. I haven't done a head gasket myself for many years and certainly not on anything as complex, or outdoors, or in winter, or with an engine that points sideways. My time is much better spent earning the money to pay a professional to do the job. I am wondering if the head needs skimming or is cracked.
  15. The Peugeot of last resort was returned to the road today after its summer vacation. It looks like the head gasket has failed again. It was repaired last time by the village garage so I am thinking it would be better to find a specialist if there is such a thing for this engine. Its a 1.4 petrol with auto box and has only done 57k miles being in our family from new. Recommendations of good mechanics in the mid Kent area would be appreciated.
  16. I'm not sure my stomach would approve of a mix of cheese and orange juice for breakfast but I fully approve of the scrubbed pine look of the table and floorboards. I wish you every success with your new purchase, is it the same engine they used in the later Saabs?
  17. Mrs DS regaled a story a story which I had never heard before of her being stuck in a DS which wouldn't start and some chap offering to give her a push start. They got up to walking speed and he instructed her to let the clutch up... to which she replied "it hasn't got a clutch pedal".
  18. Cars always look better when rained on. Always take your car for a trade-in just after a rain shower.
  19. On one of my visits to Scotland I formed the opinion that Scotland was designed by God with the intention of making a killing in Kodak shares. As you can tell that was a while ago.
  20. Superb photoing skilz in this thread. We will be swapping the Saab floppytop over with the peugeot-of-last-resort at the end of the month. They get six months tax each a year and spend the rest of the time in the barn. I will take pictures if I remember.
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