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Laters city life, Im outta here for a bit

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About three hours later than planned am loaded and a smoke away from ready to roll.


Out of practice having been about 5 months since last jaunt. This shows in the amount of tat strapped to the moto. 

First leg to the Cotswolds for tea. Via Screwfix for for timberlocs. More about these later. 

In a bit. 

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8 hours ago, andyberg said:

Enjoy the ride chap, I would love to do this at some point but not sure if my wife is agreeable 🤪

Get it done. Every rides an adventure. Just a mini one this time stopped in the Cotswolds to see a mate then on again to Wales. 


Camp all set up for the night. Timberloc screws worked a treat as pegs on this slag heap.


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On 09/05/2024 at 06:27, sutty2006 said:

It’s nice to be able to pack up and fuck off for a few days. I miss those days of chucking camping gear in the back of the manta and heading for Holland or something for a show. I will get them back one day! Enjoy!

Ah yes there's something special about carrying all you need. I find the skill is pairing down all the shite you can live without. Simple is better. 

Reminds me i need to clean some pants and socks. 

Working weekend in Wales is keeping me busy. 

Todays job is ferrying a film crew about. 

Serious lack of reception here! Will add some pics when i can.

edit; lost reception and time put a stop to the above which was saved in the editor a few days ago. 

Been helping out with the marshalling of a bit of this. 


Big deal this year being a world round. I didn't take many pics though will add more when i find them. 

Spent lots of time driving this


Which was fun 🤩 


And luckily there was more than one available 


Had one of these every night. Far better than tv.


Lovely riding to be had on the road and off in Wales.


Really enjoyed seeing the Northern lights for the very first time in my life. Was a more than a bit special that. 



Left the site today for another sunny ride taking in lots of twisties.

IMG_0378.jpeg.630801a58f6d9f331189c44d2fe1341d.jpeg 190 miles later arrived in Devon at my mum and dads. 

Bike pushed in the garage and a chance to have my first non baby wipe shower since leaving home.  All just gone to bed here thinking I won't be long either. 

Bikes lapped it all up well. Could do with adjusting the chain before the next leg its had nowt but chain lube since i left home. Due to being a dick and forgetting to put juice in at my coffee stop I now know i have 47 miles left in the tank when riding on the stop flat out till it starts to splutter the constant jiggling enables another 2 miles at least. Didn't get as far as laying it on its tap side before coasting into the services though past experience has shown me that doesn't yield much on most bikes. Very relieved to it made it wasn't feeling confident when it started to starve off! 


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Gave the bike a very mild once over this morning. This basically involved putting my marshalling sticker on the mudguard I should of applied before the event and lubing the chain. Have ignored the slight slackness and reasoned that with all the luggage it will be fine. After all too tight is worse than too loose. The headbearings have worked a little loose. They're knackered i've been in there with sandpaper and fresh grease and now have spares in my tool roll. One evening after work i plan to use their jet wash then do some spannering. Notably I did find a screwdriver in my dads garage and properly tighten the indicator Ive been twiddling up with the ignition key everytime it works loose. Spotted that just before I left home. 

Off to the Cotswolds early doors tomorrow. Looks like my run of good weather is done for if the forecast is to be believed.



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Managed to dodge the rain though made up for it 'shortcutting' up some byways by my mum and dad's muddying the only pair of trousers I bought with me. Dried out on route before 'shortcutting' again up the Fosse byway where i mainly dodged puddles till the last slightly tricky section into the airport where I got soaked navigating the rutty, overgrown, muddy terrain which ran into a dead end and thus needed riding twice. 

Used the bike on the back lanes today when i had to dive out for a belt for the ride on mower. Could of spent a lot of money in that shop if i had any. Settled on a 4 quid tub of grease to do my headbearings. 


Talking of which some progress has been made. Bike is now clean.


Am now practicing Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance.


Footage of the event has been released. Quite a good watch if its your bag.


Encase you miss it here's my moment of fame when Manni stops to admire my marshalling skills.




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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, stuboy said:

like a working holiday

Yes. This is something I am striving for in my life.  Have made a pledge over the last few months to earn my way doing things I enjoy. 

Today has been a good day. Dragged out and washed some boats which are to be sold. When some prices are agreed Ill chuck a forsale up here. There's some other bits kicking stock too.


Had a nice scenic ride to collect some spares the fixed the mower. Mowed some grass and did a bit with the strimmer too. Bit of training with the young lad who works here showing him the ropes and teaching him to drive the quad. Chatted to the group using the place, fed and watered the animals and fixed some signs. Happy days. 

Got time when all was done to set about the bike too.





Should make it handle and bit better. Top bearing was fine so left it be with some fresh grease. Have a feeling I'll revisit the bottom one and use the spare there before the too goes. The seals not that great. Might try and fashion some neoprene around it, had a sleeve thing on a mountain bike once that velcro fastened around the outside. May help a bit. 

Sussed the chain out. I tightened it some though interestingly had a tight spot. The chain and sprockets are less than 1000 miles old. Supplied chain, looks like a 528 was supplied sans link. The (secondhand) split link i fitted is of a different pitch though looks like a 528 oring link. Strange. 

Bit more investigation required. I had a spare in my tool roll though it's a 520 so of no use at all. 

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Used the bike in the Cotswold a fair bit getting supplies and whatnot. Some lovely roads and cracking scenery. Once the group went home used the bike to explore all the bits of the woods id never ventured to on foot.


After Id made it shiny with the jetwash Percy was often to be found admiring himself in the mirror finish of the exhaust.


Loads of lanes to be explored in the future around here too and lots in the way home. 


Mate Matt bought my old transit up for it to begin its new post ulez life.


He'd borrowed a bike off another mate big George and we had a cracking ride back again on the twisties and then playing with the traffic through town. 

Stopped on the heath for a piss then parted ways at the top of Shooters Hill.


Need to go unload my tat before the crack heads do. Ten days back in London, its nice contrast all round. 


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On 19/05/2024 at 10:08, 2flags said:

Looks like you had a great time. City life, don't you just love it? We moved out 26 years ago. Don't miss it one bit. 

I dunno guess its all what works for you. For me I like the balance. Born in the sticks to no fixed abode my mum and dad on moved to south east London where my dad was raised to gain employment when i was three years old. Maybe its my country routes that means i. have a love for it but raised in the city i love that too.

I like the variety of people, the realness and yeah wven the grittiness of it plus like my parents before me it pays the bills.IMG_0461.jpeg.72a81dfd3208fc019105e11d478f86df.jpeg


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Posted (edited)

However. This is fucking shit.


In the van today as weather has turned and need my gazebo to keep at least my tools out the rain. This will add another two hours at least on my 15 mile each way commute. Got an absolute soaking yesterday on the way home on the bike as carrying no water proofs. Still better than the traffic though and needed a shower by that point.

Still i'm having a better day than some.


They'll be getting a ticket for parking there.


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Ah, I remember it well. Where we used to live it was, in the morning rush hour, a 45-minute drive into the office. You could see the traffic lights ahead and knew that it was a 20-minute journey just to get to them! It was a 20-minute cycle ride. If you were late, you could not afford to drive, you had to cycle! That was 26 years ago. I found a job I could do in the sticks. I do not regret it one bit. 

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