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  1. I can tell you’re all chomping at the bit to hear and see more. Do have a full on treat for you this time. This one’s not mine. Shame. 34 chev belongs to the guy I work for first time I’ve seen it in the flesh today. He says if I work hard he’ll build another one for himself next year😂 Nice hey. It’s his way around the ulez. Running on lpg, never getting clamped or lifted. Winning. I’ve a vid too though not smart enough to load that up.
  2. Omg barn find bikeshite; r6 bmw rt spares for the gs cb500 +2 reapers qr50 x 2 poss a good one between them. honda dommy. Had a few of these at least one still in there somewhere. yam tdr 250 plus spare tzr motor. Never part with that one it’s a tool. oh there’s a cg125 too and many others in various locations.
  3. Fat fingers small phone. Apologies about spellings at that. scruffy bastard is probably picking its nose mind.
  4. This one too as it’s picking it’s nose out looking at me. Status; death trap. many many more kicking about. Most of them broken.
  5. So. I thought I’d entertain* y’all with my trials and tribulations keeping my (mostly entirely boring) fleet of chod on the road. I’ll start with the current and if you’re all lucky* maybe include some history, garage relics/garden ornaments and future hopes and dreams. It’s highly likely the thread may go down like a boat anchor and I’ll get bored of updating though a man can try hey. So. On he road and in use and at large. This here’s mostly the boring bit. exhibit one; r1100 gs 96 model oil boiler with that there new fangeled fuel Injection, first bike I’ve had with it seems all good to be fair. Cuts fuel splashage at turn of key when a pipe breaks loose and no tapping the float bowl. Also has abs which is frankly fucking dangerous as I use it a fair bit off road and it needs key off reset everyfuckingtime which is of zero help when you forget and are about to Chuck it off the side of the alps. The amount of times that ive been looking for which tree to grab before I ghost it into oblivion is more than I care to remember. Great bike mind, now running rt final drive so fast cruising a go go. Super reliable* much fun. Really didn’t think I’d like it, bought for a euro trip years ago and now probably run it till it dies. Does feel like it should have a steering wheel rather than bars but holds its own on road and off. Heavy cunt to pic up mind. Status; Currently languishing in mid France after a ftp when gearbag shed its cogs. Exhibit two; soon to be ulez extension outlawed mk7 tranny. Roller painted in raf blue grey as gifted it with ruined back doors and wanted a window. All doors came in different colours less of an eyesore as stands. Land Rover steels with welded in centre bores and Jdm yo arch’s cos I’m cool as fuck. is my daily as builder by trade and semi converted tramper van as do lots of camping/ off roading/ doging when chance permits. Status; Lots. No really lots of welding done, they’ll be more next ticket same as every year for the last 2o odd of transit ownership. ( have had a few). It ain’t no banana but it’s alright. Shall enjoy it before relegated to horse and cart/milk float/dry bummed finance package in the soon coming future. exhibit 3 Her 1.8 pez focus its an car. It does ok. Seems a bit juicy dash said 23 mpg back from Devon which is worse than the transit did to Scotland though I was lead footing it and none of the four of us could be considered small people. We had it 3 months or so, has been crashed into four times! Shame really as was clean when bought. Hopefully wright off with latest stoved in wing and becomes a free car. I’ll buy it back and put the money towards fuel, and oil. Burns a bit tadts plus is on 150k. Boot lock don’t unlock and it’s a bit vibey. shes happy (for now) so all good. C1 piglet Toyota would be my choice though she’d really like a jag or capri which would be nice though time/money stretched enough already. That’s it for current legit on the road. There’s lots more kicking around shall add when time if any interest.
  6. @Cavcraft so you bought it then yeah?
  7. Excellent write up. Shall be a trip to remember for sure. Got back from France Sunday night. Left my bike south of Paris after ftp here. 7 bikes, one big crash, 3 punctures and a burnt out clutch ( all fixed) broken gearbox on bm, not so much. Turns out I don’t have euro cover so back with the van a week Sunday to pick it up. Must check the cover situation on the van… Do love France.
  8. On a recent jaunt to France …
  9. Had the middle ones on one of my old acclaims sans centre caps thought they looked alright. Was more fun squealing on the standard steels to be fair as seem like I recall more grip showed up other flaws. Can’t remember rightly to be honest (smoked a lot at the time). Is highly possible maybe I just liked the tyre squeal on the skinny 13’s. Always rated venoms over soft line three spokes, still do now. Adding to the thread. Defo WOOD.
  10. Prolapsed arsehole is a strong wheel choice.
  11. Maxxus box van parked too long in the ends These things really do have tin foil body panels. A decent fart would cave the wing in, this one had been parked by touch like an old Parisian Rena and the rust was only been kept at bay by the graff paint.
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185494743932?_trkparms=amclksrc%3DITM%26aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20191002094254%26meid%3D086f06b82bc74c43953a3ad1da12d452%26pid%3D100935%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D284877341474%26itm%3D185494743932%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2332490%26algv%3DDefaultOrganicWeb&_trksid=p2332490.c100935.m2460
  13. OMG OSF https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115456786069?hash=item1ae1c2be95:g:RVEAAOSwhKBinPpQ
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325260530992?hash=item4bbb09d530:g:xQIAAOSwvbZiphmu
  15. Well my dam held up so didn’t flood the garage again and after another five days or so the council came out with the rods and unblocked it. I’ve cleaned up all the mess left behind and disinfectanted the living actual shit out of my garage and the communal area where kids play and I often lay on back front and side fixing broken motor conveyances. It now smells a heap better rather than a steaming heap. Also to make me smile a friendly scrap man tool away the Megane garden ornament today which was looking a right eyesore with its flat tyres and tree juiced paint work. The money from this and running in my scrap has given me a living wage which has meant the week I’ve taken off to sort the kids and run the flat whilst the missis has covid has paid too. To top it off the r1100gs is much nearer its euro trip readiness with brand new secondhand shaft fitted from the spare rt1100 and shod with actual brand new knobblies that have been kicking about down the side of my bed for the best part of a year whilst I pump up the cracked front and bald rear due to slow punctures. To top it off with the soiled crap I threw out the garage I’ve managed to squeeze the r6 shit peice in there too despite having to rehome all the useful crap from the aforementioned megane shed. Winning.
  16. Aye. It’s alas slightly more cash than the 360 I just got for the broken megane mind. Though investment and all that.
  17. I keep going back to the blue to look at that. Am sorely tempted and one’s just left the fleet….
  18. See it first on a fiesta fair late plate years ago and again the other day on an xk8. Still inexcusable in my book. Proper afterthought shite. To be fair this rants from a a man who has land rover steels on a transit with plastic arches though reckon if I churned out motors for a living I’d have more than a scaff bar, beasting stick and gas tourch to hand.
  19. What the actual fuck is that shite arch spoiler thing about.
  20. Thanks for the words of advise chaps all duly noted. Luckily the council came on a emergency call out last night and knew which drain was blocked as they “couldn’t clear it last time” sadly they didn’t have the gear to fix it with them despite prior knowledge as to the problem though said they’d be back today to sort it and leave me some disinfectant to clean my garage up, how kind. Came to find they hadn’t been and had to clean out sewage from garage again. Am on the emergency list again and they’ll be here with the gear to fix it in two hours. Three hours ago. I’m a self employed builder. I would have no work if I was this shit. For the record I took one look down that man hole and thought fuck that, it’s in raised ground so gonna be deep. It was the storm drain by the garage I was armpit deep in though fisting my manhole just sounds more classy I felt. Washed up well serval times, shall keep tabs on how I feel. Just joined Twitter think I might contact the council through there instead and link in environmental health and local newspapers. on the plus side I’ve found my missing axle stand and binned enough stuff from the garage I can walk in it now.
  21. Good stuff. Nice colllection and history. Do miss my old mk2 Granada. Poshest motor I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. One of the many I wish I still had.
  22. Last pic water height is about 6 ft higher than storm drain by garage. Have plugged storm drain with a bag and sand and made a dam to avoid more garage trauma. Waiting on council emergency response to fix. Fingers crossed no more shitty water and fanny rags in my lock up. I need a wash though suns still out so shall enjoy it.
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