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  1. Nice shite juggling boss. Keep up the good work.
  2. Love that fez with the old school Sainsbury's stripes.
  3. Todays wheels primed and ready. Just cooking some kippers whilst I wait for the youngest to get out of bed then off to cycle along the coast path.
  4. A few more badly taken shots starting with this lovely pair. Alright which one of you lives here? And just up the road Parked up on the north circ And again my mates work truck
  5. For those who know not of my ongoing exhaustion I shall recap. Mate borrowed my Berlingo and returned it with a big old blow. H had a look and diagnosed a fucked back box. Bought one crawled under and spotted the t was fine just loose. Tightened it which highlighted the mid section was fucked. Swapped back box for mid section at the factors fitted that though old still fine back box never despite much fuckabout mated to new mid section as well as it did the crusty old one. Gave up on the bastard and been resigned to driving about with a rattle and a slight blow till today. Twats just sheared off the down pipe and is now strapped to the roof whilst i drive home sounding like a crackle tune cunt. Fucksticks.
  6. Ah yes. In that case fuck youtube. They make good viewing and the fact that you enjoy the process shines through. Happiness ain't about money anyway hey.
  7. I dunno man. I really enjoy your vids. Nicely filmed with decent music. A bit of style can make the mundane interesting.
  8. Been out in the cold doing groundwork all week for a granny flat house build so feeling pretty broken. Came home to a greeting of my cars making (another) funny noise. Here we go two three four. Took it for spin this morning and yeah the drive shaft is still grumbling though thats not the noise shes on about that gains with speed. Come home het the jack out all tight apart from said shaft. Whats this though Bumper repair worn down and doing the impression of a raleigh griffter with a playing card taped to the fork leg. I like repairs like this. Driveshaft can wait till i'm less broken.
  9. If the underside if my vehicle looked like that id have the pic framed and hanging on the wall.
  10. I have or more than one occasion failed a test. Working full time rather gets in the way of getting back in time for a free retest sometimes. My last fail was on a transit for rust (no really). Id done a fair bit of welding the previous year and decided to chance my arm. Was shocked to learn that my step and rear spring hangers had gone crunchy, both nasty areas for am amateur welder to tackle. Although it was a great pleasure to see the surprise at it returning and gaining a pass I now choose to use a place that doesn't charge me twice. They gained my custom for being fair and honest and most importantly for a curb fettler letting me climb in the pit to have a look myself.
  11. Loads of ways to look at this. £800 quid is still the top wack i've paid for a four wheeler. All have needed running repairs of course though have only paid out more than 200 quid once on parts when a maté rebuilt a gearbox and did clutch and wheel bearings at the same time. Some of that was labour of course which i had to force into his hand! All the vans ive had have paid for themselves in jobs and running scrap within the first few months. My last transit was given to me, ran it for 5 years with a parts total of about a grand. It definitely didn't have a couple of grands worth of acquired for free cherry run through it in that time though it definitely did earn me a whole heap of money whilst being used as a camper/family transport too. Apart from the aforementioned gearbox clutch episode which was wholly down to time and me nit having any i do my own repairs and dont count my time as largely i enjoy it. Its part of my own way and f beating the system and allows me to keep a van and a motorcycle for me and a car for the mrs in the road. The key for me is to know when to pull the plug and take it to the bridge. Have sold a few for profit, a few for a loss and scrapped many after running them into the ground a couple of which have weighed in over the purchase price. Berlingo cost 700 quid has had about 200 in bits and is just shy of 10 k in four or five months ish. Has been used as family transport though also has allowed me to work netting more than its total each week.
  12. Shout me. Please say you need wheels i have loads of them. Pretty sure i've used/given away the rads mind.
  13. Lovely. Cant beat an aquarium and i seem to recall Hastings is the best value short of dumping the push chair by the tanks at pets at home (or the zoo as we used to call it when they were little). Maybe he'll grow up like my mate George who's saving for a series landrover largely inspired by his mum and dads one's and the trials and tribulations. Memories are worth more than gold. In other news my selfish happiness today stems from this. Spanners in a row! Alright so many are missing though they'll turn up in time. Been having a sort out in the new lock up, this for the last 30 years of my life is the stuff of dreams. Much work needed still though space to swing a kitten achieved.
  14. You kinda got to be in the city. Its one of the reasons Ive chosen to bring my children up in London. Many disagree it seems though i feel there's value in seeing all walks of life and learning how to deal with it. Although, this is our current issue in our block. Ok so its nice to see someone is making use of my garden chairs i did procure them for communal use though they aint sweet wrappers all over the floor.
  15. Great work going on here I like and appreciate the attention to the bonnet release cable as its an issue i've put on the back burner before which has lead to much faffing about! Good stuff 11/10.
  16. Mrs Wack names checks out there. Shit thing to happen good that she spotted it and got elbow in though.
  17. I imagine for the occasional user of a classic its not such a thing as you may imagine. I have a friend who uses hi none compliant though registered car daily and uses an app to avoid the cameras. News feed today told me just shy of 2000 have accidentally* fallen over.
  18. Was wondering if it was to do with breaking/giving it the beans forces though looking at the above evidence this seems the most likely.
  19. Someone paying both ulez and congestion charge to drive their old jap camper into town. Doubt the owners of this give a shit Tours or rental apparently A broken scooter. Stops to helped he'd already gone through the check list and was consigned to the wait for recovery. I did offer though he wasnt up for chucking it in the back if a van full of tools. Had heard a rumble behind the fence here before. Know what it is now. Diddy van on the ferry Nice Local Aldi Sherpa coupe Crusty bus. Honestly so mind. Always some great stuff at my mot guys place Did a few days groundworks for this fella. He'd owned this for years very much in love with it. Another dubber
  20. Code readers hey. Its a brave new world I don't understand out there.
  21. Can only echo whats above really. Would be great to get it sorted and get the old man out in it. Petite and French. A winning combo.
  22. Them theres the breaks. Helped my mate tow his last mk 1 escort to its new home. Wanted it myself though had only enough for a 16th let alone the 600 quid asking at the time.
  23. A simple man with simple pleasures. Up early. Helped by neighbours getting raided. Thanks for that and thanks to the tidy pc for moving the bully van out the way so i could hook up the trailer. Bacon sandwich 🥪 A tyre that goes round all the way round when air added First at the gate for materials Nice cuppa Bricklaying today. I like bricklaying. Have laid two before i left the flat.
  24. Defo sat in some water near some steel. Been painted a fair few times too.
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