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  1. I'm not so sure, it's a derv in excellent condition, under 100k (just) and looks reasonable VALU to me even pre pandemic. Someone was selling a petrol one on here that didn't look that great for around the same a few months ago.
  2. Motor Museum Warwickshire 🤔🤔🤔
  3. Shame they never put a turbo in that gen as it was a far better car.
  4. Nope, shit in the 80's and even shitter now. Plus car tax obvs but they were utter fucking wank apart from the digital boost gauge that probably never worked. Worse in everyway than any other turbo hot hatch from the 80's I can think of. Yes the Uno handled shit but it was quick and could be modded to handle well, relatively reliable engine and so cool inside. Mk2 were a vast improvement as well, apart from not as pretty. R5 was amazing apart from HGF, and Ford rs turbo's were generally alright. The metro was also about as reliable and tough as sleeping British bulldog as a security guard. If it was £2k and you took a chance then yes as you'd not lose much but otherwise you're looking at least £10k for a metro, fuck that.
  5. There's a more specialist VAG style fault reader available that you can usually get from ebay for 30 odd quid that will do everything and reset all systems. VAG love to throw up lights for no or minor reasons very frequently.
  6. Not even close, went on until x and a few late reg madness y reg, the latter of course being VERY late but there were a few. Loads of X reg ones in Ford Swansea Plant where I worked, they were practically giving them away to us back then with some stupid old fashioned plaque on them that said ford motor company or the like in a model t style writing. They generally had everything on them as well, electric seats, aircon, sunroof, those odd triangular alloys, front fogs and so on. My mate bought an estate one, pretty good car apart from he had a flat one day in the freezing cold and the entire spare wheel well including wheel was frozen solid.
  7. Could be the future? Who knows 🤣🤣
  8. Ooooh that's a cracker. We're looking to move to Europe in the next 2 years or so, most likely Spain or Portugal. Is it still the case out there that you can buy a car from anywhere in the bloc and re-register it quite easily? A friend of mine used to do this frequently as he reckoned older cars were way cheaper in Germany than in Portugal where he lived. As he worked offshore he'd simply fly into Germany from the rig, but the pre-agreed car and drive it home over a few days/sometimes "a 1'nner" depending upon where in Germany it was but I've lost touch with him.
  9. 🤣🤣🤣 Awesome. My mate had a Mk2 cavalier 1.6d in that off red colour they all seemed to come in on an E plate. We drove off to Oxford for the Ford fair, me in my mums fiesta auto which was my only working car, a few others in convoy and my mate in the Mk2. As we pulled out of Swansea one of the lads asked him if he could pick this girl up called Lisa which he happily did as she was fat and single and a bit of a girl, exactly his type. Trouble was she lived on quite a steep hill and he boiled the brakes on the cavvy going downhill. Balls. OK, let's think about what we're going to do, perhaps phone the AA, try bleeding them etc but when she came out of her house squeezed into her very tight black jeans with a clear view of the undercrackers he claimed the brakes were suddenly OK. Drove all the way to Oxford and he admitted he'd had to pump them most of the way if he had to brake hard but the temptation of young Lisa was too much. Still, he had a good evening with her as I did with my mrs of the time..... And someone rolled a car in the camping field.... And we managed to drift my mums auto fiesta.... Without a Mk2 jag in sight 😉😉😉.
  10. Well I can't argue with that description other than to say you must have been really unlucky and ended up with a total wrongun. I've had 2 now and maybe driven 5 more and while I agree with the steering thing ( bit of a tadts) I found/find the rest of the controls really good but then maybe I've been lucky? Can't fault any of the other vans on your list though, but then I do love a van 😂😂
  11. I find Brighton one of the worst places in Britain for many reasons, possibly because my sister lives there, but one of the main reasons for dislike is parking, it's fucking dreadful........ And the way people treat anyone without a London twang as literally knowing nothing about the world. Gets very tiresome very quickly hence we haven't been in years. Used to like the lanes area and the seafront is OK but the underbelly at night /early evening in arcades and so on was very off putting when our son was young. Not a place for me however judging by the rate her god awful flat has increased in value over the last few years I maybe in a minority in that respect.
  12. Utter rubbish everyone knows berlingos are the best small vans bar none. How on earth did you find the controls awkward? They're one of the easiest cars to navigate!! Same layout as any normal European car for the last 30 years? Not knocking a combo either, they're ace.
  13. I don't think you dithered, you just stuck to your principles of not buying a car without a v5c and there's nowt wrong with that. In many ways you stick to your word and came back when it arrived, great work on both sides. I knew the logbook wouldn't take long as its just literally done one on my SEAT 😂😂😂. I'd love that pug as a project but I've too many cars and not enough time.... Plus I fear I'd hurt "lionheart" and end up putting his lovely 2.0L in my berlingo which would mean being banished from my favourite forum for life 😢😢😢. I could put the 1.6 16v back in it though and pretend to a new owner it was just a bit down on power 😂😂😂. I think that will sell very easily on here, its not really needing much and it's still got plenty of test as well. I still love the picture of the dog on a Christmas card the PPO sent, so cute.
  14. I can remember being parked up on the Kingsway in Swansea one night with my mate when a random teenage girl in a tracksuit, pineappled blonde hair, terrible make up, really tall and a typical teenage skinny physique comes up to my window and says in a broad Swansea accent, "ohhhhh, got the guvnor ave EWE? Goes like fuck they dooooozzz and they takes a hammering all night. My brother ewezzzz tooooz nick them and do ram raids MUSH. He's gone down now though as it 'appens for breaking and entering. Takes us for a spin MUSH?" Desperate to avoid being on the operation yewtree radar and about to make up a feeble excuse, luckily I was saved as the police cruised past, her and her mate disappeared quick sharp as did we. She was clearly following in her brothers footsteps........ Probably a local MP now or the like.
  15. Chrysler 300c 🤔🤔🤔. Sorry I haven't been back in touch, its been manic these last few days, hope your new purchase from Wednesday got you home OK 😉😉😉
  16. I hope it's not stupid as I feel exactly the same way, I can't stand the things. I was given a V8 one once that was an apparent non runner. Put a good battery on it and changed a few fuses and she went on the button but the drive back to the workshop convinced me LR life wasn't for me. Fine if you need a proper off roader but useless on the road, worst handling I've experienced I think ever, and I've owned a jeep cherokee. Of course they're totally different cars and era but getting back in my ML made the disco look like something that a man with a red flash should be walking in front of and the merc like the starship enterprise.
  17. "With chips or a salad it's CORNED BEEF, why don't you try corned beef hash????".
  18. This...... " If a car is sold by a trader to a member of the public as a restoration for spares/repairs and it is transported away, there are indeed no comebacks accepted, because the car's "satisfactory quality" is a restoration project (beit a full on weldathon or a simple non runner) If the trader allows the buyer to test drive it on public road and/or drive it away, it is assumed that the car is being sold as fit for purpose (to drive on a public road and meet the appropriate laws for doing so) and as such can't be considered faulty/spares+repairs. " ....... seems bang onto me in my experience. I used to do a lot of collection /delivery and every garage I collected a car from gave me a sheet to fill in worded thus and wouldn't let the car leave unless on a trailer. I seem to think salvage is a similar situation?
  19. I think it is 👍👍👍
  20. Car for life that and can't see much going wrong for many years. I love people who only buy new cars for "reliability" when something like that will be just as reliable, if not more and not cost you £3k a year just to buy.
  21. Going to say my old 110bhp b5 Passat had a fettle on the set up and easily kept up with a 3.0 tdi A5. They go well anyway but mapped up are pretty mental even by current standards. A lot better on fuel as well, but my Passat was the roughest car I've ever owned, inside and out yet mechanically exceptional.
  22. Awesome 👍👍👍
  23. Should have left the supra standard and in a couple of years time it would be worth more than the Lambo 😉😉😉
  24. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fair play 👍👍👍 Yes it was deffo an L plate, I used to fantasise over owning one after I had a CAR magazine or the like stating they were the best thing since sliced bread winning I think every element of the road test they tried it on. I'm sure it was a black one and they couldn't stop harping on about the V8. I think it's competition at the time might have even included a late model scorpio, senator (both 5 years or more into the model run) and a 5 series, maybe a merc but it hammered them in every category. They weren't wrong either, still quite a few about having given their owners very little bother over the years.
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