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  1. Yeah used to be a thing in the 90's/00's but not so much now for some reason, all this unlock with your phone bollox.
  2. My oh my, still hot now.
  3. Who is that? What an outfit 🥵🥵🥵🥵
  4. I have these on my Merc, but povvo spec ones get them on the seats themselves. I think it's an infinitely better idea than putting them on the seat when you inevitably have to move to the most awkward place to even find them, then adjust your seat to suit you in an awkward position as well. On the door another good thing is that if another driver is 2'1" and you're 6'7" you can move the seat while the door is open so on the right place when you get in. My son sits in a such a way in the car that I feel physically sick when I get in, like I'm being choked, seat back a bit as he's tall but the backrest feels like it's leaning forward, it's hideous. I drive gangsta style with the seat chilled out so having that feature is really useful. Only bugbear is that I feel they could have put it on the remote so it detects who's keys they are and sets it up ready. Had a similar feature on my old Grand Cherokee and thought it was pretty cool. Citroen looks lush by the way, well bought.
  5. This arrived on time and I tested it yesterday, wow what a piece of kit, covers 30 systems 😱😱😱😱. Car has more historic faults than a 13yr olds homework but nothing that truly scares me. Highly recommended for this class of car. Cost £150 with the adapter but I did but an adapter for £8 I'm yet to try them the unit is only £99+8 so £107. I'll report back when done. Mightily impressed.
  6. Got all excited when I saw the postie about to deliver my icarSoft dongle as it said by 1:06pm and this was 1:05pm but alas it was only some wallpaper samples. A bit concerned I checked my emails only to find out it's by 1:06pm Saturday 😬😬😬
  7. Things are slowly improving with this car after a bad couple of weeks. Drove into work one morning at about 4am and hit a huge puddle on the motorway, car did well, no aquaplaning or the like but it did some damage to the bumper ripping it off its side mount, rusted away bolts but typical of this era Merc, easily fixed.... Probably why I still haven't done it 😬😬😬. But worse was to come, got into the work carpark and heard a knocking sound, steering felt dreadful. Checked later on and the wheel had about 10mm movement top to bottom 😬😬😬. Thought the bearing hub but may have worked loose as I'd checked and greased these a week previous but actually it was the exact opposite, almost welded on 😱😱. Ummed and ahhhed but couldn't get a bearing kit for it anyway so took the decision to drive it home slowly and stop regularly to check. No issues to be fair but it needed some attention as you could see/hear the wheel. Next day I needed to take doggy out for his morning walk and thought I may as well use the Merc and I'll get the parts for the car afterwards. This highlighted (yet) another issue, everytime I took a sharp left-hander, it cut out and took a while to restart. FFS. I had noticed the fuel guage was down at just under 1/4, as I'd come home on cruise at 60/65mph it hadn't really moved so I didn't stop to fill. This was then getting worse and as nobody seems to understand hazard lights on mean you're stopped/broken down, I just kept getting beeped and shouted at, karma I suppose as I'm a bit of an angry driver most of the time with bellends. Nursed it home and parked it, pissed off, in the street facing downhill. Got wheelbearing etc in my other car, they were something silly like £18 a side so I got two. Went to get the nut off, no fucking chance, I'd have to cut the hub. Ah ok, let's get a new hub as well.... hang on, the spindle bit is part of the knuckle and that's the bit I'll need to cut ideally? MEGA FFS!!! At this point I try to start the car to turn the wheel and it won't go. Considering car take back options and realising the chances of getting a new knuckle are non existent, I can it a rainy day fucked off and put it back as was. Turns out this era of Merc all pretty much use the same knuckle and I found a 37k mile spare on eBay for £65 delivered, fantastic service and it even had an as new Merc brake backing plate on it. Winner. Easy to fit really, even the bolts weren't awfully tight, had to replace one as it was spinning. Car now drove nice and after lowering it to the ground, it started ok? Hmmm. Lift pump maybe? Well, these have mechanical lift pumps in the engine bay but nothing in the tank HOWEVER Google fu found the estate tank to be different and a known design error meaning below 1/4 it starves the engine on left handers 😱😱. So that fix is to keep it above half. With the new knuckle it drove great. Only other issue was the under cover detached on the Severn bridge 😬😬😬. I managed to salvage it at a safe place and I'll fix it back together in work when I can. Got an icarSoft dongle thing coming today that's apparently the dogs for this model, should let me know why it has an airbag light and abs light on the latter only occurring after the hub fault so should be easy to fix. The undertray has hidden a few horrors but nothing terminal.......yet.
  8. A guy in my old unit share, who was also a fucking bellend, had one with the 3.0. Utter crap, roof fucked, brakes fucked, sounded shit, paint was awful, always needed consumables. He thought he was the fastest car in the world as well when in reality it was very average. Not a patch on the previous E36/39 gen cars. I know you bought yours for the right price so you can tolerate it but they're nowhere near as good as the rep they gained in the 80's/90's. My aunt bought one and I test drove it, the 3.0 back in 2011. It went really well and felt solid back then but wasn't long before bits started breaking on it and it just never had the appeal of the earlier models for me, felt a bit too corporate. I still like BMW though, I think my only really irrational hatred is for VW transporters as to me they do absolutely nothing better than a whole host of other vans in the same category for at least double the price yet the owners think they're in some kind of super club where EVERY other VW van owner loves each other and it's all the summer of '67 again. The reality is that the engines are shit, they have a host of stupid faults that never seem to get resolved like abs sensors, EML crap, rattly horrible engines, underpowered and also for me I find them terribly uncomfortable. Living in the countryside as well and near a surfers beach it's even worse in the summer when they turn up mob handed doing 30 in a 60. Watching 4 of them get out of the van after a night does always amuse me though, they look like they've had about 20 minutes sleep 😂😂😂😂😂, although no doubt telling their friends in work how wonderful it is to get away and "experience" the outdoor lifestyle whilst traveling somewhere pointless 30 miles from home each weekend to justify owning one. Then to drive back down the M4 at 50 behind a lorry to try and save fuel or because it's gone into limp mode again. Wank.
  9. And to his defence, when he arrived for work the carpark was full so excuse the shit parking 😂😂😂, I only went over to fill up my washers.
  10. Nearly a month in now and I'm still really enjoying it as a cruiser, really does just eat up the motorway miles. Had just the one issue alluded to in the other thread when it cut out with an ESP light then took a while to restart. The good folk on here seem to think a crank sensor is at foul play and I've also since found out (because I don't read things properly) that this was changed to be fair for an intermittent issue. I think I'll need to remove the bulkhead at the rear of the engine for better access and just fully check all wiring etc just incase it's pinched on something, I do now have the delphi knock off so reading codes and so on would be really handy as i could be a million miles away. Admittedly there's been zero issues since so who knows, but I'd just like to confirm all is well. Cleaned out the interior the other day and it's in really good order actually. I use this as a temporary home when I'm in work for 2 nights a week and it's perfect for this, the armrest provides a great footrest so I can really stretch out 😂😂😂. Underneath I've found a patch that needs welding, best to do it sooner rather than later, it's on the chassis outrigger top cover, really easy access, O/S. The crossmember needs attention as well, but does, for now, seem to be solid, just needs a good wire brushing and protecting. Again it's one of these clever* designs in that it's covered by plastic and foam to stop dirt getting into the engine bay/reduce noise...... But stop dirt and water getting out, FFS. Still, we're way beyond the life cycle of this car now in manufacturers eyes. I've spotted a bit on the chassis leg at the front that seems soft under the underseal so that will need looking at also, again really easy access. Jacked it up on both side jacking points and very solid, seems like the welding done there for the MOT was of a good standard. Ironically the N/S is pretty much as new, can't see rust anywhere, very odd. I still think it's a great looking car, not as nice as my colleagues T5 I parked next to the other day but then he gave pretty decent coin for it.
  11. I would do that... Before you do that. After sanding flatter you can then in theory for a thicker gasket/goo to take up the difference but not affect internal dimensions much (not sure how vital they are). I suppose adding some heat initially and perhaps a lump of wood/soft mallet on top might help it get closer? I'd worry with my hamfistedness that I'd crack or break something though 😬😬.
  12. Bloody bargain that, paint looks really good under the stickers.
  13. £1111 for me. Looks pretty decent but I can recall someone on here selling a nice one with OMGHGF done and couldn't get a grand for it. Yes it's low miles but aren't they all? Also, I still think much over £1k for a metro/100 is a hard mental hurdle to overcome 😂😂.
  14. It's like anything else that gets rolled out without all the bugs ironed out, that's plenty of exceptions that sneak through, just luck of the draw which one it is. I saw many Merc E-Class for sale when we were looking for one, newer than our c class, but still part of the old shape that had the Euro 5 engine rather than the Euro 6 our W205 came with. Many sites advertising these euro5 cars as compliant but they shouldn't really be, so I can only think that it's still quite a "manual input" exercise to alter details rather than getting the algorithm to do it all for you. In fairness, I think this is common for companies to send in their data in one form, then either the algorithm or humans to alter it to suit, this was basically my lads job when he started at Deloitte. He has now developed a tool to do it for them but they still have a lot of human intervention. And as we know, no system is infallible.
  15. It's like the scrappage scheme all over again, unveiling old beauties that the old folk have been talked into getting rid of to "save the grandchildren". I went up the scrappy in the middle of the first scheme and my god they had some lovely cars in there. They'd cut the back off a 16k K11 Micra to make it a pick up which was to be fair totally mint. Although I believe, and I think @LightBulbFunmay have the answer, but you can re-categorise some cars based on another figure on the v5c?
  16. Brakes and engines deffo are, we used to make the brakes in Ford, only difference was they were etched Volvo on them. Can't go wrong with a focus either, very well made cars.
  17. Mentally cheap that, awesome buy. Literally... Cannot go wrong, easy profit on that 👍👍
  18. Mk3 golf 2.0 GTi: No pros, just complete rubbish, don't ever be tempted you'll be so disappointed, especially if you've had any of the other models, even the MK4 which wasn't fantastic. Slow, like badly slow, they were something dismal like 115bhp out of the factory. Handled, well ok maybe the only thing it did averagely. Under 30mpg. Rust like fuck. Plastics horrible. Interior uncomfortable. Pretty fugly in truth. Almost every manufacturer at the time made a better hot hatch. Swapped my beautiful Audi 2.3e coupe for one and hated every second of it, couldn't believe my luck when the guy swapped it back. Podium finish of worst cars I've ever owned.
  19. Thoughts so far, really happy. Going to try a bit of paint correction when I get a chance, generally it's in good nick but we all know how much these loved to rust and although this isn't that bad, a good session with 1500 and a buffer will do it no harm. Nice and wafty on the whole but a more spirited session down the A350 this morning on my way in shows she does corner really well. Very relaxed to drive and quiet on the motorway as well, I think the general consensus on this era of Merc was they weren't that bad for general build rust aside. Swapped out brake switch but still doesn't always want to come out of park. I think this may actually be a selector alignment issue as I couldn't get tiptronic at first, it showed 4 instead of D but wouldn't retain. After moving it a bit closer to the original witness marks, tiptronic now works perfectly. The front part of the selector seemed a bit tighter so couldn't move it right across and I'm wondering if this also has something to do with it? With the seats out and then flat, there's a really decent load area, headrest holder was a nice design touch. Plan is get it bang on mechanically following on from David's hard work and see where I am after the Xmas MOT, if it's still buzzing along nicely maybe treat it to some nice paint. People seem to like it as well, probably wondering when they saw one last type of thing. Might try and look at the rear windows on Sunday night after work as I've got good access to most tools and plenty of free time.
  20. To be fair mate from 5000 miles away I think you did just fine 😂😂. Terry was a great help and a true gentleman also.
  21. Even better, found the newer logbook in the pack so we're all good to go legally now. Right, let's put it to work, clearing the shed over mam's house is job one.
  22. Made it home fine and a big thanks to @DavidB for the painless transaction. David is in the US of A at the mo so I was picked up by brother Terry who's an absolute top chap. Lovely little area where he is as well, I believe it won village of the year a couple of years back? Port Sunlight was a real find as well, so pretty, reminds me of the old Llandarcy village before they bulldozed it for the M4. Came home on 1/4 tank as well, I am impressed. Lovely wafty experience but still actually handled well on the twisty roads of Wales. Cruise was a delight and I forget how painless that makes a journey. Bypass through Newtown was immense as well, getting stuck behind folk doing 40 in every NSL not so but they were easy to pass in the Merc, shifts when it needs to, just that nice kind of midrange that derv mercs like, don't rev it high, use the torque. Just got to tax it oldskool style in a P.O tomorrow which will be a fun* experience no doubt. Ironically drove past at least 3 speed cops all of whom made no effort to stop a tax dodger, must remember the good days.
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