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  1. Saw the outside and thought "oooooooh lovely". But that interior is as they say in Derry Girls "you're a fucking disgrace".
  2. When I saw him rollering the bodywork NATO green I thought "fuck this" ad I hate shit like that but when he'd finished it there were some nice little design touches but as echoed above far too much use of coffee bags inside the cabin. I've spent a good bit of time sleeping in a berlingo and can concur they are pushing it if you're above5'10".
  3. Very confused? Wrong Town (City). Car built after the film came out. No mention of an accord in the film. 0/10. Cheap at £375 though 🤣🤣.
  4. Love a galaxy, can't believe I've never owned one!!
  5. I reckon it's had a bump that side and somebody didn't zinc prime it everywhere and seam seal also hence its rotted. Shame but you've made the right choice, get out quick before you get in too deep. Love these saxos as well but you can't save them all.
  6. Hate to go against the grain but I really like that.
  7. Ultimate mingebag experience, doesn't even look that rotten. Please view this ad: Ford ka 1.3 2007 LPG CONVERTED , https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/ford-ka-13-2007-lpg-converted/1411793810?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android Price: £ 575 Download the application from the Google Play Store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gumtree.android
  8. Wow that's mint. Swansea plate as well.
  9. I tend to agree, you'd have to REALLY want one of those and the attached sleepless nights for when a relatively simple part starts failing and you get told it's citroen only and a 7 week lead time. And nobody is paying fucking £16k for one. It's like the bloke on ebay who sells (used to sell probably) 55plate passat estates for £8995 stating how they're the "last great volkswagen" and this highline spec model "has every factory conceivable extra" which means heated seats and rear wash wipe. I mean genuinely, who actually buys a car like that without spending ten minutes on the internet checking out the prices of other examples to realise its worth £2k at the most? And why the fuck can't I ever find someone like that to sell to, I always seem to get the ex whatever make i'm selling mechanic who goes straight to all the common fail points that I hadn't noticed and I end up paying him to take it away.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/587081622454294/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post Seems cheap enough for some 2.5L rwd action.
  11. I don't know mind you, with the lack of ozone layer there from the giant steelworks you do tend to get a slightly "warmer" climate. I can remember driving over there years ago when the snow was quite heavy in Swansea (very rare sight) but by the time I got to Port Talbot it was snow free. Drove to Neath/Britton Ferry about 6 miles away, a foot of the stuff!!!! Looks a good little buy that.
  12. I had the same with a car years ago, all we did was jack it up, jump lead on the starter motor, another to chassis which have its battery power. Not always possible of course.
  13. Not in the modern plates. The first two letters give the game away as to where it was registered. Had it been a Y reg then indeed the cy would symbolise a Swansea reg plate.
  14. Great little conversion that!!!
  15. This is why I love dogs, they're not like a mate that promises to keep you company on a long journey that gets curtailed as you arrive at his house as his Mrs wants to go curtain shopping, they're always like "a day out? fuck yeah, let me get my ball and take a quick shit DAD then I'm all yours" 🤣 🤣 🤣
  16. https://manorparkclassics.com/cars-for-sale/ Fuzz Townshend just sold a BX 4X4 GTi for £3750 https://youtu.be/kId-1pc-1YQ
  17. What a great story and a lovely looking car you have there, none of that rust looks really bad plus considering it's spent time in a barn in Scotland it's done really well. Anyone telling you it's only worth £2k as is knows nothing, even a shell and logbook would probably fetch that let alone a complete car. If that's done nice you could see 5 figures without much fuss.
  18. Hopefully it didn't come across as a criticism, that was 100% not the intention. I still really enjoy your ramblings about EV stuff as you genuinely present it really well. The huge difference in subscribers proves you made the right choice to go EV by a country mile and to be fair most of the people in the comments section seem pretty normal 🤣🤣🤣. If you do set up another channel for the old stuff that would be even better!!!
  19. Brilliant!!! I wish I had banger done that, it was a hateful thing as well but at least I had the porsche experience*. The turbo would have been a hoot though, oversteer on every bend.
  20. Oh god the old originality "experts". I was one selling a 924 for a grand with 10 months mot. Overall it wasn't a bad car, certainly scrubbed up well for a car that was probably 24 years old then. Had a few timewasters/chancers (this was back in the free ad days) but one guy phoned up and seemed really interested, well spoken, claimed to be a porsche mechanic and so on. After an hours worth of grilling over the phone, he asked me what sunroof it had. It looked like a britax conversion thing to me but it didn't leak and worked fine.... He starts to wobble a bit......,shit I'm losing the catch here. I play my trump card quick "listen mate you sound like an enthusiast and I would love to see it go to a good home. I'd let you have it as is for £850 cash, near enough half the price for any other one in the free ads for sale,what do you say?". He replies " OK, have you got the bag the glass from the sunroof goes in? " " I don't mate sorry, but I reckon I've got every receipt for any work it's had done over 24 years!!!". " hmm I think I'll pass it you haven't got that cover, cheers ". FFS.
  21. Thing is, when I was younger I thought the most girly cars ever were an audi tt convertible or a mx5 of any description yet now i find the tt strangely alluring. Still don't get the whole mx5 thing but that's maybe because I haven't driven one. I'm sad to say I like the idea of an elan lookalike mk1 mx5 and put a touch more power under the bonnet.
  22. I thought the mgf was the one but I still think you've made a great purchase. I dealt with these a lot when I had my own business and they're awesome fun, the 1.6 does go really well too be fair but from memory was a tad thirsty. Those bigger wheels make it handle even better. Certainly don't remember them rusting any worse than a normal ka, in fact they always looked a lot tidier as they weren't actually that cheap new. I have tons of ka bits I was really thinking of throwing away in truth but sadly not much sport specific stuff, may have a stereo front for it if it's a standard Ford one I'd be happy to post to you for free? The only other thing I think I have is a set of clocks for one with the rev counter etc, again happy to post it to you, can't remember the mileage but it was low, 44k or the like. The headlights are the same as a normal ka but the bumper makes them look a bit more swish. I've got a few sets of those but in truth nothing in decent condition so I won't suggest sending those. The duratec is often mistaken as the same engine but actually its an ohc motor but still chain driven, VERY tough. The only issue I ever heard about one was the thermostat failing causing overheating as no temp gauge but I'll be honest I replaced it on one I had as a serviceable item and it caused more grief than if I'd left it alone. I/we as a family must have covered over 100k in a Ka which although sounds tortuous, was actually great fun and in truth I never had one major issue with one of them, however 2 did fall to the dreaded rust. The others just got either sold on as cheap shitters or broken up into parts to use for newer ones to sell on. Such a shame ford didn't realise how long the mechanics would last and therefore spend a bit more time on the rustproofing as they're genuinely one of my favourite small cars ever.
  23. Just subscribed, looks a great channel!! No offence to (Gary) kiltox but the whole EV thing and where to charge it has gone a boring for me,but then 2k odd subscribers means he's doing something right. May change if I ever get one but I'd love to see him resurrect the whole modern hero's thing of a new shitter each month but I get the appeal of basically free fuel in a brand new car meaning that kind of takes over. Looks like it will be deadly quiet here after midnight so hopefully I'll catch up on some old skool goodness.
  24. Nice selection of cars there and good to see the airport being used for something useful. Enjoying the commentary too with just a hint of Quentin Wilson vs Mumbles twang in it 😉😉😉😉, a compliment by the way. Nice drive across the back of Cefn Bryn as well, fantastic set of roads, sticking to the 40mph limit of course 🤣🤣🤣. If you do ever need another pair of hands on a job I'm not a million, well in fact not even a mile as the crow flies, away from your filming location.
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