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38 minutes ago, JeeExEll said:

Green TB2, on the streets.  Any more info on it?

1) You can hire it from here - https://www.lastretchlimos.co.uk/thunderbird-2-event-cars-hire LA Stretchlimos, Essex.

2) It's a Toyota Previa underneath...


3) And it's pig ugly from the front -


Supplementary - there's a bed in the back and giant 2's stitched/glued to the front seats -


More 'orrible details and pics here - https://www.motor1.com/news/315499/thunderbird-2-custom-van-sale/


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I just wonder if it's a stretched Mini underneath, or whether it's a modified Mini shell plonked on top of something else. If it's the former, I imagine the A-series is lost in that massive engine bay!

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