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  1. Ditto , which branch are you starting at
  2. Like everything it has pluses and negatives , my job is 50% desk 50% physical so it keeps me interested , which company are you are starting with
  3. If your looking for work then a number of car hire companies will be looking for seasonal staff especially at the airports , if your licence is fairly clean then they'll be driving work , airports mostly moving dirty/clean and workshop , if a a del and coll site then del and coll cars from customers , I've been in the industry 25 years next month ... try
  4. Sometimes the villains relied on a senator to .....from 4 minutes
  5. That's German pornography
  6. It's a shame the same can't be said of the current range , we didn't bring any onto the fleet last year , still got Grandlands and Crossland off the road for engines and gearboxes , the amount of times I've seen " Low oil pressure " on a Vauxhall dashs in the last few years
  7. Take the senator , remember the police loved these things as they are bombproof
  8. After Easter another defleet of the older cars before influx of new , debowsing a 70 plate 50 odd k Crossland and I see the cover for the centre consule cubby is missing ...... I wonder how long that's been missing , pulling off the side panel produced 3 fag lighters , 5 ear rings , half a snickers and £13.64 in change .....I'm guessing it's been gone a while ...
  9. Did you get the tin tack ?
  10. Why am I singing the theme tune from From Russia with love .....
  11. Boycie

    Stars in Shite

    Bobby was a mk2 Jag man , prob gave his to Tina
  12. ....... I can smell them both from here ....
  13. Rover dealer circa 1993 Salesman " We'll give you £50 for the princess against the 87 820 Sir " Owner " it's a one owner with 27000 miles " Salesman " ok £60 Owner " Done "
  14. HMCs car history is like the life of John Profumo .... Minister of War ....Silver Shadow ...... get caught shagging Keeper and lying ......washing dishes and driving a tatty MG.....
  15. .......or we could just ban Audi drivers ...... Salesman " What car are you looking to purchase " Buyer " Audi " Salesman " That's you banned , give me your licence .....next "
  16. That's seen a lot of fingers , sadly you can't get the same patina on a 2001 Golf.... I'd be tried
  17. I hope his middle name is Interceptor ....
  18. Do you get a Christmas card from BP ? ..... You should
  19. My Dads dad died when I was 5 months old , old school farmer , apparently talked with a cigarette in the corner of his mouth , I have a pair of his gold cufflinks which must be over 60 years old
  20. A £250 pay rise back then was a serious chunk of money , love it was done by committee to , you can just see the room , proper teacups and the smell of tobacco in the air ..... days sadly long gone
  21. There's a reason it's the most popular .... It's feckin awesome
  22. Range Rovers catch my eye the same way my mates pyscho gf did 25 years ago , you know it'll be expensive and painful but ..... you still want a go
  23. Farmers .... I'm surprised it's still got a service book ....I'm a farmer's son Did it use to have blue lights on the roof ?
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