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  1. Yea, I realise that but I can take the hit. I wonder how much his insurance will be next year. I hope it's a lot. I doubt if he will learn from this though. Just an arrogant shit.
  2. I've never owned a car/van later than 1990 so I suppose for me it was the 80's although I had lots of 60's and 70's shite which was great fun.
  3. Further developments to this incident. My insurance has put it down as knock for knock. Serves him right for being a nobhead. Had a phone call today from, I presume, his garage guy who said it would cost me £250 and that I hadn't informed my insurance company. Load of bollox. Then he tried to tell me having a Ford badge on the front was illegal. Not as far as I know. I did tell him that his mates number plate was definitely illegal whereupon he went a bit quiet and I rang off. Insurance has a very good pic of his number plate. What they do about it I don't know. I may take a hit on this next time I renew although I might have paid for NCD protection. Will have to check.
  4. I had a go with a Plasma cutter on Friday. This one can cut through 20mm steel. I was impressed.
  5. I saw a local steel moving artic with L plates on it. Hingley or, similar, is the company. In house training.
  6. What is it with Audi drivers. Are they bought by aggressive drivers or do they become aggressive after buying one ?
  7. Further to the above here is his number plate which is actually BO56 not BO55 which does indicate a certain type of Audi driver I think.
  8. Leaving it up to the insurance. I'm sure he is going to try and blame me. We'll see. There goes the no claims. Bastard !
  9. Yep an Audi and one of those fast things. I don't know, RS ? or something.
  10. I had a slight accident earlier this evening. Urban dual carriageway, Dudley by pass, where they are doing some resurfacing. Right lane coned off coming up to a round about. I was in the left lane behind a line of cars waiting to get to the round about and numpty comes up the right lane and decides there is enough room between the cones and me to barge in. Unfortunately there wasn't enough room and my offside corner met his rear arch. Big shaven headed guy jumps out and starts shouting and generally being aggressive. I thought, look out road rage. He tried to open the passenger door, mines lhd, which was locked, coz I don't have any friends and therefore don't carry passengers. Starts to come round the other side so I locked the door. I thought he was going to attack me. After a bit he calmed down enough that I got out, keeping my distance just in case. He had a minor scrape on his rear arch area and I had no damage. Can't beat a 305 steel bumper. I took photos and exchanged details. I have never made a claim or had one against me in 50 years of driving so I was well pissed off. I'll give everyone one guess what make of car he was driving.
  11. I've got alloys with no hole and no matter what tyres I get I have never needed to get them balanced. No vibration until I hit 85 70mph and then only slightly, which might not be to do with balance.
  12. I bought a car with a turbo and bought an intercooler for it. Now I own one but not fitted. Anybody know why it can't be fitted ? It said it would fit. Is my only choice to sell it and lose money ? It would be handy to see what higher category a performance part would get you before spending the money. Why can't I have an intercooler with a turboed car ? I'm probably missing something, apart from brain cells.
  13. Lhd scrote and a Merc. I need a better camera.
  14. What a stunning motor. Alongside triplerich and fourwheeledstool there are some top resto jobs on here. I'll have to make sure I don't park my shonky 305 anywhere near them. Seriously embarrassing.
  15. My 32 year old base 305 van is certainly not overly modern that's for sure. Overly old ? Not sure really. I've been dailying it for twenty years and because it's as simple as they come there's not much that can go wrong. I've driven from here to Portugal quite a few times and from there to Holland and back four or five times a year for about ten years. The only ftp's in the last seven years have been the injector pump seizing, recondition in two days, and cables, accelerator and clutch. Clutch cable I don't consider a Ftp as I can drive it without and the accelerator fixed at roadside in a few mins. Oh yea, and a shattered windscreen while I was working and staying at moogs gaff. Being self employed and working for a client where I do preventative maintenance I don't have to be there every day which makes life easy. So overly old ? Not to me it isn't. Up the pub a few years ago the workies were talking about where they were going on Holiday and I said I was going to Portugal for a month and was asked if I was flying. When I said I was going to drive there in my van they could hardly believe I would take such an old thing. There and back no problems. I would get in it tomorrow and go anywhere with no worry that it wouldn't make it there and back.
  16. Further to above. I don't know if they are up to sending stuff. If not I can pick up and find a way to get them further.
  17. This could be of interest to those who have an old/older car and need new sills. There's a company round here, Tipton, who can shape sheet metal to nearly any form. Straight lengths up to 2/2.5 metres. If you can't get replacement sills, and they are straight, this company can do them. You will have to shape the ends but that isn't too difficult. I'll find out how much, roughly, on Wednesday when I pick up the shaped piece I've ordered, not a sill. The garage I use get them for MX5's and I think they said are about £40. The company is called Bowgriff Sections and all you need is a form of the shape you need. 0121 557 1117.
  18. Mmmm. Unimog. Tyres are on the wrong way round though. Minus point.
  19. I love Russian trucks. They have the look of 'don't mess with me coz if you do you you will regret it'.
  20. I get the idea of it but some of the smaller details, like selling a sport part to upgrade to racing, I don't get. Maybe it's just me being a bit thick. There doesn't seem to be any instructions. The tutorial I found was pretty useless.
  21. I've been trying to play this game but can't work out how a lot of it works. Anybody know the ins and outs ?
  22. I would be tempted to get a journo on it now. An environmentally friendly built in Greece electric car, pictured with top bloke and isn't allowed to be imported. For a journo there is a few angles there. Environment and hypocrisy for a start.
  23. I like the judicious use of gaffer tape to hold it together
  24. I get parts for my 305 from the seller and have seen this in the flesh. He had It up for 6500 a while ago. Wood.
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