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    That looks excellent @Matty. Like it.
  2. Ninja man came back with a bike trailer and his Misses who gave me a box of Milk Tray. Stuff my face later with those. 🙂
  3. His name is Bwian and he collects..................... FFS, upside down again. I re orientated it and it still comes out the bloody wrong way up. I blame my phone.
  4. I helped a Ninja this afternoon. He was stopped 50m in front of me and I thought he might be having a bit of bother. He started walking towards me so I hopped out to see if I could do anything. Asked me if I had an iphone charger . I had to inform him that I had no time money for such fripperies. A message on face ache resulted in bugger all so I asked him where he lived which turned out to be about 7ish miles away. So he's left the bike with me and I drove him home. Insisted on giving me £20. Not going to say no. Bugger, it's upside down. Bloody wasn't in my saved pics.
  5. Post office Sherpas had em.
  6. Just spent most of the day putting a new driveshaft/gearbox seal on. The bloody universal joint fell apart and spread all the needle rollers all over the floor. AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! Had to spend a couple of hours trying to make sure I had them all and getting them back in. Grease will hold them in but the same grease on your hand pulls the bastards out. Got there in the end but what a fuck about. Mostly lying underneath where getting up is becoming something I'm fed up with at 69. Old age is a right bugger.
  7. Got to be in with a bloody good chance of a win at FotU I would think. Bloody lovely is that. Wood.
  8. Factory said 20mpg for the Ventora. I don't think I got more than 12.
  9. I had a 1968 FD Ventora in the late seventies. Absolutely loved it. The 3.3 made a lovely sound with twin exhausts and it was smoooooth. Black vinyl interiors are not recommended on hot summer days. It was brown which was a crap colour to have in those days so I coach painted it a nice mid blue. To this day I have no idea what happened to it.
  10. You could get a Vitesse Estate by special order so Wiki says.
  11. First thing I thought. Vitesse bonnet.
  12. I'm putting this here because it's not a grump anymore. Well, not much. Been continuing with the OMGHGF. Took the head to a specialist who said it was pile of scrap and to get another head. Bugger. Rang a Pug/Cit breaker, with not a lot of hope of getting one, who said he had one on the shelf. Wasn't expecting that. Whizzed round to check it out and the only difference was the glow plugs were longer and differently placed which doesn't matter. £100 lighter it was round to the garage and clean it up. Pictures show the old one and the new one after I cleaned it up. You can see on the old the water was eating away the head at the galleries. The galleries on the new look sharp. Checked to see if flat and it was. Excellent, no need for a skim. I've got a gasket set, head bolts, timing belt , tensioner, water pump, something else in a box, but I can't remember what, and new glow plugs. £200 and a bit plus 100 on head. Looking at max 400 when done. Not horrendous. Slight problem with coolant hose stuff. These things have a bottom rad hose that goes to a metal pipe, squashed a bit flat to get past the bottom pulley and then back to hose to the water pump. Well, it is French. There's another the same at the back of the engine. Needless to say at one end of both of them they have mostly rotted away. As it's a known thing with these they are unobtainable. Great. Possible solution which will be tried tomorrow. Then it's off on with it's head.
  13. Base and braaaaan with what could be a beige interior ? Wood.
  14. OMGHGF update. Took my heap classic van to a garage I've had dealings with before and although they are up to their ears, when I suggested that with a bit of space in the yard I could do it with a bit of their knowledge and occasional assistance. This was accepted so yesterday I started getting stuff off it. Today I had to get the exhaust off the fannymould which I thought would be a pain in the arse but after a soak in WD overnight it came off with relative ease and every thing is very reusable. Small win. The engine mount is a pain in the butt to get off but off it bloody well came. Got the head off and could see where it had gone but the head is not looking great. Going to get it to a specialist in Bilston and let them tell me if it's worth getting it skimmed or if it's scrap. It's possible they may even have one although I won't be surprised if they don't. The head gasket on this is 28 years old so I can't complain, much. The last head gasket I did was in 1975 on a Moggy Minor which took about ten minutes compared to this, which is a pretty basic engine as well, taking me the best part of a day and a half so far. Going to put a new belt and tensioner on, although it's only 3 years old and done no more than 25 thou. Also, as the water pump is 28 as well, I'll get a new one as I don't want to take everything apart in a year or two if it goes tits. Pictures or it didn't happen I believe is an AS rule.
  15. I'd frisbee those wheel trims. Poundland specials. Although I have to say it's in far better condition than my van is.
  16. An Overland Octo-Auto built in1911 by Milton Reeve the inventor of the silencer. Not one person ordered one.
  17. I could be interested in the head if it comes to it. Will be in touch if it's needed. Thanks.
  18. My trusty van has become untrustworthy by blowing the head gasket. The bottom hose from rad to engine is in 3 parts. From rad it starts off as rubber then goes into a metal pipe which then goes back to rubber on the engine. That's Xud's for you. Anyway, the end of the metal bit had rusted away in the join to the rad hose and dropped off and immediately dumped all the coolant, very quickly. I keep an eye on the temp gauge, as you tend to do with an old vehicle, but I didn't see the rise until too late. This morning ,cold engine, add water, start, fountain from the expansion tank. That's a bit fucked then. It's a pain in the butt but I suppose it's not too bad for an engine that came out of a 94 Xantia in 2010. Between services I've only ever added about a litre of oil since I got it. I'm going to see my favourite van surgeon and see what a new head gasket will set me back. I'm really out of touch with what it might cost so if anyone could give me a rough idea. A mate suggested getting another engine but I don't think getting a reasonable Xud is that likely although I know there are Xud fans on here so, again, if anyone knows of one I could be interested depending on what Mister Spanner says. Great timing as well as it's twitchy bum next month with Mot stuff. I've been looking at what I could get for my budget if I decide to get rid but what I would get for mine would be next to nothing as it's Lhd and I can't imagine many people wanting it. Also I could end up getting something that was as much of a heap as my van, or possibly worse, within my budget, prices being what they are. I iz woe.
  19. Not sure about the Item Specifics. Mileage; 100. Engine size; 100. Model; Car. Drive side; Right-hand drive.
  20. I was in a very big garage the other day and saw a bus. Couldn't take more pics because no room to. Seems to be an upside down one no matter what I do.
  21. Bloody hell ! A gritter has just gone past.
  22. I saw an F88 logging truck about a year ago and yesterday it came past where I am. Couldn't get a pic unfortunately but a rummage on t'net and I may have found it. This pic was from a year ago, as far as I can tell, with the words 'still working'. What a wonderful machine and still doing its job.
  23. Probably an after market addition.
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