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  1. Ooh, I haz bin spotteded. Looks like outside Toolstation in Torquay.
  2. My first car was one of these. Paid £40 because I couldn't afford 60 for a Pa Cresta. Would 've been 1971/2 and was already a bit un solid. Blew the engine up on the way to Glasgow. Bench seats for fun times with girls.
  3. Is there any of our Norn Iron members who could shitely me some 305 stuff, wing, box of bits, from Magherafelt to Banbridge over the next few weeks ? More than happy to part with expenses and a goodly amount of beer tokens. I really need the wing, with time to get it on, before going to Holland in about 4 weeks.
  4. Nah. It's not worth much. Lhd and a shed, in both meanings. Going to chuck some money at the bodywork next month to tidy* it up a bit and run it till it, or I, go to the scrapyard in the sky. Apart from that I like it because it's as base as you can get so not much to go wrong. I've had it twenty two years and I've got a bit attached to it and it gets a lot of looks. Mostly the Wtf is that heap kind.
  5. Mine is not extinct. Yet.
  6. I had one back in the 70's. It did go well and handled rather well too. Had a 1300 before that but, unfortunately, not the GT.
  7. I saw FA57EST on a car on the M25 on Sunday and it comes up as details could not be found. I think it was a modern Jaag or similar. Odd.
  8. This is what I am guarding*. Each piece is 2.5m x 3.5m and bolted together with an ugga dugga. Obviously very easy to walk off with.
  9. I am now sitting, all alone, on Ealing common which is the next site. Very unusual to be at the new site this early but it turns out that we had to have temporary road way put down because if it rains it will turn into a quagmire and the deal from the company that laid it was that somebody had to be there as security. Considering it all came on the back of 2 rigids with trailers and were placed using a hiab I'm not sure how you could steal it. So I'm here till Sunday guarding a temporary roadway. A bit bizarre. Had to come through a bit of LEZ to get here but there is a way to avoid paying which I can't put on a public forum.
  10. Sorry, that one is the only artistic* photo I've ever taken.
  11. A different look at a Peterbilt all lights and air horns. I've no idea how that happened but I think it's kinda ok. A bit more clarity perhaps.
  12. If they threaten me with court I'll be well up for it.
  13. Advance party is moving this afternoon to Rochester. The rest tomorrow. I had to put new calipers and pads on Big coz the old ones were absolutely shagged. No pics coz I forgot. I've been having fun* changing my phone provider. 3mobile were charging me twice every month the barstewards. I kept telling them I didn't have 2 phones. Customer services were absolute shit, Live chat, ringing up and waiting an hour and going down to a 3 mobile shop to kick off. I got the other number they said was mine and rang it to find it was not recognised and was to a former address ffs. Previously I had asked for a manager to contact me, later they said he had tried to. I had no missed calls or Emails so I asked how he had done it. Shouted out the window is my best guess. So I dumped them and I've stopped the debit. I went to the bank and got a refund for 3 months and nothing was said about it. They can whistle for the remaining 5 months of contract. Wankers.
  14. Me too. 505's are damn good looking cars but the Dangel is definitely a trouser moment for me.
  15. I was in the Daft LF and the side lights on the trailer stopped working on the way up. Couldn't really stop on the hard shoulder as only had the right hand indicator so no hazards. Typical circus shite.
  16. I mentioned about going to Peterboghorror to pick a vehicle up. Well here it is. A 2.0 dizzle. It was alright if you like that sort of thing. 6 speed and pulled quite well. The bum bit of the seat didn't give me a numb bum, which nearly all vehicles do to my unpadded ass, but the back of the seat was bloody awful.
  17. It's been all hands on deck here because of the wind. All the trucks and trailers have been put on the windward side to act as a wind break to shelter the tent. Performance still going on. Broken window in a bunk door that I had to temporarily board up in the pissing rain. I had to hold the door of the girls changing unit against the wind so they could get in and out. Aren't I the gent. My bus is rockin good. Starting the move to Ascot tomorrow.
  18. Tomorrow and Tuesday is days off but not for me by the look of it. I'm off to Peterboghorror, as I believe it's called, to drive something back here so that's one day not off and Tuesday isn't looking good for a break as somebody in the 'ladies' toilets decided they were going to remove the linkage in the cistern and stuff toilet rolls into it. Ffs. The womens toilet is always the worst. Trying to flush nappies and shit loads of wet wipes and complaining about blockages. There are bins in every cubicle and by the wash basins and they don't seem capable of using them. Grrrrr. Holland has gone from 2 weeks to 4 in Amsterdam so that's to look forward to. Nice. Last show is on 6th January. Then it's 3 weeks off before a show somewhere. Don't know where yet. So November off and 3 weeks in January. Got to get some work done to the Big, service, brake pads, possibly shocks, a tyre has a bit of a bad bit on the sidewall. generator needs sorting as doesn't supply lecky. I also want to get the Lithium set up in. £1755 for a battery and then £100 for a controller, Dc to Dc invertor charger £600, and other bits £3/400. It was nice to meet @808 Estateand put a name and a face to a fellow shiter.
  19. I shall wear the badge with pride although I think my days as a Captain are probably over until we return to Dorset. Perhaps next year. I finished sorting the water for everyone, about half an hour ago, and today we are not allowed to work coz the Council said so. Dead Queens and all that. This is the first circus here for a long time so we don't want to screw it up as it's a good site and hopefully a good crowd. I am cooking a couple of Lincoln sausages for a sandwich and then maybe to bed although Spoons is open today and Lee managed to acquire a book of discount vouchers so we shall see.
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