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  1. JimH

    Youtube moments

    If you haven't seen it (very unlikely) watch Mayall reading George's Marvellous Medicine. Perhaps the greatest bit of kid's telly ever.
  2. JimH

    Youtube moments

    While getting dewy eyed over bits of Jackanory I came across this bit of telly I'd not seen at the time. Not only is it quite funny in a Happy Shopper Python sort of a way there is no shortage of chod to spot.
  3. That is a Morris MRA1. Superficially like a flavour of Morris Commercial but the military version with four wheel drive, a voracious appetite for fuel and a sweet as a nut straight six. Nice wagons.
  4. Best have another update. Some bending rolls. These can only do 1/8th plate and they are a little old and worn but even rather old bending rolls sell for lots of money. As soon as they get big enough to earn their keep the prices get silly. So, you take your rolls and you wrestle with a 3m sheet of 18 swg steel and you end up with this. Which is the start of the boiler cladding. This is one of the more irritating jobs because it is very visible and easy to make a mess of. It is in two parts - one above the footplate and a smaller one below. Here is the beginnings of th
  5. Record of a BBC programme made a while ago: https://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/c43e9881a91c40b0919e4f092b3f6c3b Nothing but a description of the show but you don't see them mentioned very often.
  6. Hells bells. You don’t have to look at them for long to realise why torsional stiffness was just something that happened to other cars.
  7. Two projects I find myself pondering when things get dull. 1. A Twini. As far as I am aware there is at least one decent recreation of what Cooper got up to. I’d like to do another. 2. If you get a copy of VW Treasures by Karmann and flick to the back you’ll see a sketch of a Beetle rally car they built but didn’t take it any further. It is essentially a 1302 with 914 front and rear suspension and a 2 litre flat six where the rear seat would have been. The one thing I don’t like about that is that I really can’t stand 1302s.
  8. This picture appeared on the BBC website earlier. I thought it was rather splendid.
  9. That is a DG which is the model after the Super. The big “development” over the Super is that it has a gearbox with a running gear and a get you out the shit bottom gear. This may have been an improvement when you were shifting loads but now we only play with them now so yes you get a bottom gear but you also have a pair of large, straight cut spur gears howling away on the road which I absolutely hate. They look very similar but almost nothing is shared between them.
  10. JimH

    Truck Shite

    I'll put this here rather than in for sale because it's likely to be of interest only to those who who are into trucks. I have sitting here a small box filled with negatives. They were rescued from a skip by someone who just happened to be passing when York Trailers place at Northallerton was being demolished quite some time ago (I'm guessing now but I think it was about 2008 or so) . Most of the negatives are of the "here's a trailer what we done builted" variety but there seems to be a fair few wagons photographed as a result. I've only had a quick rummage through and it seems to be mos
  11. Things didn't pan out quite as they should but it's mostly forward movement. Here are most of the bits to make up the nearside cheekplate. And here is 67% of the offside one You should be able to see why it needed so much hitting to form the flanges on them so they can rivet to the apron plate. It starts off tight at the top then eases as you move further down the curve. Our guess is that these presented some difficulty to Sentinel. Our justification for this is that to the uninitiated (YCRTA go to pubs and talk to girls) the Super and its successor the DG look pretty much
  12. I've just twigged how late that GS is. Why was there such a big overlap between GS and BX production?
  13. While I appreciate that gentlemen never discuss money what is that car likely to sell for when you tire of it?
  14. Water is easy enough - you just carry a standpipe, hose and hydrant key. You aren't really supposed to do it but we've never been told off yet. Most of our running around is north of the border where the water is good enough to drink so we don't bother with any boiler treatments. The number of running hours is pretty tiny. If you were running day in day out then you'd probably take a lot more care over what you were putting in there. The tipping rams are just bonkers. There were all sorts of problems trying to fit everything in around the axle(s) and engine as well as position the ram in
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