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  1. Here is some footage of the same waggon on the same promotional trip. One thing that might take your eye is the crude modification to the doors to get those huge vents in. The steamers were warm at the best of times so I suspect that things were pretty unbearable in there in warmer climes. Apparently the promotional trip came to an abrupt end when the waggon was involved in an accident. You might want to speculate if the accident was in part due to the left foot throttle which even then was a bit old fashioned.
  2. JimH

    Bus Shite

    Don't suppose you know much about what engines they use? Details seem to be very sparse indeed.
  3. JimH

    Bus Shite

    Anyone got anything on the Leyland SG7. More specifically we have a semi-professional interest in the engines used in them.
  4. Tally Ho! The best Mini photo bar none.
  5. Things keep getting slower because you have to spend ages finishing things. When you first made a clevis pin it was just something to link one thing to another so you turn the pin up, pop it in the hole and use it to make sure everything works. In your mind it is finished. However, now you have to take that pin, machine the head, drill it out and tap it to take the grease nipple, make a collar for it and drill it to take the split pin. Nothing hard but enough to make a couple of hours disappear. As we go on you need to look harder at the pictures to see a difference. For example here is o
  6. Not a Haynes but I have an Autopress manual for a Porker 914S ('69-'72)
  7. Anyone who tells you that you can only do short journeys in a Mini is a ponce who needed their legs slapped more when they were a child. I spent 3 years doing a 90 mile a day commute in one and they are never anything short of hilarious. The 998 may appear to be feeble on paper but they are more than capable of keeping up with modern traffic. For all we get excited about Cooper this, twin SU that and discs all you really need is a drum braked City E in hearing aid beige. The ignition shield has been mentioned already but it is essential. Motorways in heavy rain are no joke without one.
  8. I had a very early pre N/S one. Most T3s here were Fastbacks or Variants and Notches weren’t very common. I believe that imports of notches was pretty much zero when the square bumpered ones appeared. I love them and were I ever to suffer a major head injury I’d have another.
  9. It's a Bizzarini. The interior is really nice.
  10. JimH

    Youtube moments

    More Confessions than Carry On. You expect the cars to be bouncing up and down in comic fashion before the wheels fall off and steam comes out the radiator cap.
  11. JimH

    Youtube moments

    You know what isn't in the least bit sinister at all? A 70s DJ with a young woman in the boot of a car.
  12. JimH

    Youtube moments

    He looked very, very like Patrick Marber.
  13. JimH

    Youtube moments

    This just appeared on my front page and I came to post it here only to find it had already been done. If you haven't watched this then I recommend you do if only for the important lesson that a documentary does not necessarily have to involve a bloody stupid voice over. Fave moment was the German/Yorkshire translator.
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