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  1. I bow to no one in my admiration of the Fiat 850T, however, even I probably wouldn't want to be sitting in the passenger seat when it came to a scrap. That's going to sting.
  2. Dearheart finally got round to knitting me a new pair.
  3. The Mk3 Cavalier has aged very well. Not as well as the 405 but still not bad at all.
  4. JimH


    Apols if this has been done before but wtf? Do you reckon he knew about it or did some scally just rip off some Top Gear audio? I've no beef with Mr Woollard's sturdy and dependable presenting style but in today's money you would be forking out about £1.30 at peak rate to listen to his slightly anodyne views on the Vauxhall Belmont or the disappointing gearshift quality of the updated Fiat Regatta. Maybe it got a bit more Top Gear After Dark.
  5. Do you know of a house with an unusual amount of chod parked outside? #justsayin
  6. The true scandal of the Italian Job is that to this day Michael Caine has never been charged let alone stood trial for his acting in that film.
  7. If only Ian Ball had kept his head down and hung onto the Escort it would probably be worth more now than the ransom he might have got.
  8. This is one of those images I have never forgotten.
  9. JimH

    Truck Shite

    A few years back the tractor unit of a transporter with a very similar set up caught fire in Forestmill. Not only did that set fire to the Nissan Note above the cab it also burned through the straps which brought it crashing to the ground in flames. A good start to the day for someone, anyway.
  10. Bloody hell, they’re loaded.
  11. We had a 9-5 SAAB in Smoke Beige which looked a lot like this (library photo). You will probably spot that is very much at the dark grey end of the brown scale. It was recorded on the V5 as Beige.
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