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  1. I've got quite a few: Get up earlier (and probably go to bed earlier too) Walk an average of 8000 steps a day Cycle at least 100 miles every month lose at least 2 stone, but ideally up to 4. Try not to worry/minter about relatively insignificant problems. Read more books Learn more about cycle maintenance- possible do a training courses. I was up at 6:30 and had done 6500 steps by 9am, so not a bad start. The big Breakfast in Morrisons cafe whilst waiting for my windscreen replacement is probably not ideal though!
  2. It's been fairly calm on the forum recently, but surely this deserves some warning points if not a ban😆
  3. Can someone please start listing cars fitted with A-series engines?
  4. The 1.8t is 150bhp, which is actually 2.0l engine. There is a 1.8 120bhp that is non turbo and actually 1.8 - not driven one but specs suggest it slow and miserable and I doubt it’s very tuneable. It’s might only be 30bjp less but the torque is massively less. - 123lb/ft where the 1.8t has 177. I also had a 1.8t, not the fastest car, but power delivery was smooth and Progressive through the rev range.
  5. Should most garages have a pump to remove oil through dipstick hole or filler - I thought many modern cars don’t have drain plugs anymore. We took our car to a different garage for a cheap oil and filter change and forgot the about the Bodge to oil sump to fix a leak that means the sump plug can’t Ben removed. They appear to have responded in a Nuns and Kittens will die fashion. Just waiting for an update from my wife.
  6. ^ I don’t know, but I quite like the dust, so it’s not a problem for me.
  7. You say that, but when I did all 4 corners on my Saab 9-3 (plus a service) it took me about 6/7 hours! However 3 hours work to save £160 seems worth it to me.
  8. No Caliper on quote as each item is listed on quote as a supply and fit price. They also list the make of pads and disk and they match what ECP would supply. They are Pagid front pads £74.14 and Eicher Premiim Brake Discs (2) £126.63 both plus Vat so £240 all but a few pence. My concern is a Caliper is required which will increase that price substantially. This was all done 11k/12 months - the car has been standing for the last 2 months though.
  9. Am I being ripped off? Took my car for an MOT and it failed. Coil spring I knew about so fine, then on a tyre with exposed cords right on the very inside edge and then also Nearside service brake excessively binding. Also MIL, but that should reset for a while. In terms of cost the tyre price is my preferred tyre and within a £ or 2 of the best price - I need at least 1 before I can drive the car anyway as it was a dangerous fail. The coil spring is supplied and fitted for £80 - good price the part (same make) would cost £65. However the brake are what concern me, they have quoted £240 for Discs and pads - on the current Eurocarparts discount I can get the same discs and pads for £85 - £155 labour seems a bit excessive. My other concern is that only 11,000 miles ago the discs, pads and the Caliper on the binding side were replaced. I’m tempted to just get the tyres and spring done and either attempt to do discs and pads myself or get an alternative quote.
  10. It failed on this - the years must have changed with the new style MOT. Hopefully a reset will clear it for the retest.
  11. Duct tape did the job, no fail for this, but no MOT due to the coil spring and tyres worn to cords on inside edge!
  12. There are 2 other known potential failures for this car. Firstly the headlights are slightly cloudy, I don’t think they are bad enough to fail, but I have a cleaning kit, so might give them a quick polish before the MOT. The second one is some idiot was jacking up the car to see what the knocking (broken spring) and put the jack in the wrong place and there is now a hole in the bottom of the wing, and it’s a bit flaky at the bottom of the wing anyway - I assume this will be a fail and taping over the edges won’t be enough? I will probably get a new wing, but Won’t get one before the MOT at 17:00 this evening!
  13. On my car the giveaway would the broken off piece is still there!
  14. 2005 Diesel FTW! It’s not been on for a few days but likely to light up during the test.
  15. Thanks - that a bit of a blow! What about EML lights are they now fails?
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