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  1. Harry, I'm afraid time is something I find incredibly hard to find and I wouldn't like to commit to offering you that. However, I do have the best part of your cars panel in my possession and would be happy for you to have it.
  2. Going back to @LightBulbFuns mould line query, I finally got chance to take a piccy of Brians. @Harriytait, lovely to see one of Brians companions ready to receive attention. I hope your car is a little bit better condition barring the rear section.
  3. I'm fine for another Mk12, Brian will have my restorative attentions for a while yet and then after I'm pootling around in him on the road, perhaps that elusive model 70 will come to join him?
  4. I'll try to remember to get you a photo Dez, having said that I still owe you an attempt of a piccy of my bulbous bulb etching. At present my mind is a complete flood of chaos, what with my own projects, friends projects, work projects and more so please bare with me. Perhaps @dollywobbler could help also, TWC is quite an early example.
  5. Brian the Invacars power unit parts arrived a couple of days ago, all new seals, bearings, re-built crankshaft, new Piston, rings, brushes, condensor, etc. Most components were ready cleaned off awaiting re-assembly and so the engine and gearbox are now back together and rotating silky smooth once more.
  6. It would be good to get a hold of a front suspension unit if there is a spare to be had, I've not had a reply to my Email to the chap with the model 70 rears but I did enquire after a price. I collected the two sets of Mk12 chassis components this morning , one for Brian and a set for another lucky Mk12. They are very nice and with very minor fettling by hand make a perfect fit, a really nice job was made of Tig welding the flanges onto the large radii too. The other two components I've not mentioned before but that are pictured are the rear end body mounting brackets that bolt to the end
  7. In my search for shock absorbers so far I have sadly reached a blank in looking for units suitable for Brian the Mk12e, we shall prevail. However, I have uncovered some NOS model 70 SPAX replacement units should anyone want some?
  8. Had a bit of tuition on the welding today, all seems to be quite simple and hopefully I find it so in practice. You are not wrong about the Nickle Bronze rods being expensive @Mr Pastry but I now have some on order. Sadly none were to be found in my mates cabinet but we spoke about the differences, and that the Nickle Bronze rods (SIFBronze no. 2) give a joint that is more resistant to fatigue and shock than normal Silicon Bronze rods. This is why they are used on motorcycle frames and race cars, this, for the sake of originality and to keep Mr. Greeves on side I am going to use them. We
  9. All of the suspension arms, engine cradle are good to go again, they'll be shot blasted and re-painted. There are also a good few brackets and struts that will be severed from the old chassis and re-used after having been sure to take accurate measurements and probably a few jigs to assist with alignment. There are thre other components I will probably send with drawings to the firm making the outriggers. First a left/right pair of angled brackets that Nickle Bronze weld to the transverse tube of the chassis (these are specific to the 12e) and are what the floor and front body panel bolt to a
  10. And you are a good part of it Dez, providing inspiration and information along the way. My thanks are to you. There are eight outriggers being made, probably right now.
  11. First trial outrigger was presented to me earlier today, it is a great job. One small aspect was not perfect when offered up as the lower part of the 1 1/2" radius does not contact the centre spar, this will be rectified with the final products. It is also around 1/32" over length between radii but I have opted to keep this as is and hand finish the smaller radius to achieve perfect length.
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