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  1. One little thing that slightly niggled me during Brian’s recent trial outings was that the clutch bite didn’t feel positive enough to me, with some slip before the plates gained their purchase on one another. I decided to remove the primary drive casing and investigate. All looks good at first inspection as I recall it being when I previously reassembled it after having selected the best components from the three engines, these were all thoroughly cleaned and dressed accordingly to ensure best performance. However upon second inspection of the two springs I have found that the inner of the two has perhaps expanded its outer diameter over the years and is slightly binding on the inner diameter of the outer springs coils, I’m fairly confident that this should not be the case. Also after speaking with Steve Gollings the Villiers expert it seems the plates I have are not the best pairing for the intermediate plates I have. The intermediates I have are slotted and this is correct for 11e specs for InvaCar use according to Steve, the slotted intermediates are to be used in conjunction with Capasco type plates whereas I’m running Surflex plates. Hopefully before the end of the week I’ll have Capascos fitted along with new springs and should gain a much more positive clutch.
  2. I'm thinking of trying to enter Brian into Welland steam rally this year and wonder if any other invalid carriages would be interested in attending? It would be nice to think a range of various models could make up a feature there and if it were presented as such the section leader may even consider making a sub section under the classic car banner? There used to be a couple of petrol powered Bath chair types attend a few years back but I haven't seen them for a while.
  3. We still have lock to lock capability and feel it would still be possible in minimum sensitivity position. I have the tiller slightly inclined forward/right steer as I have fairly long arms being quite large myself. The latter point makes me driving around in Brian all the more amusing to onlookers and folk are amazed I fit in, I'm 6'3" and near 18 stone. The fact is, owing to the lack of foot controls or indeed anything up front, there is a lot of room in the cabin. One friend that has been notably involved but denies all involvement has also had a successful test drive and had no issues with access or seating dwarfs me, he must be 6'8" if he's an inch.
  4. There are three positions you can mount the steering rod end to at the base of the tiller, when rebuilding I decided to have it at maximum sensitivity but have now placed it back into middle position which is where it had been during service. No, nothing that bad but it can certainly give you a wobble and is definitely something worth considering. I expect it could be quite nasty if you dropped a couple of cogs in one hit though!
  5. Sod that for a game of soldiers! Despite its appearance the Mk12 is quite an intense driving experience and I don't fancy trying to take pictures while driving. That said, Brian does seem much more manageable since I lowered the steering sensitivity yesterday morning, he was quite twitchy before. Another thing noteworthy of the driving experience is that you have to try for a good smooth gear change, mismatching the gear to engine revs results in the drive wheel applying engine braking to the one side thus pulling you to the left.
  6. Standard set up, though with new old stock period (Rema?) lens/reflector units that a friend had in his shed, still boxed. They're exactly the same as the Lucas units bar the logo. I did notice Brians lights were much brighter but I guess a car that has had everything re-built is bound to have stronger outputs. I also noticed I was pulling away from Russell in VJN (Bryony) on inclines and from standstill. I've not spoken with Russell about this yet, it may be that the 70 is holding back, it may be how he was driving?
  7. After having covered nearly 80 mile now in Brian I have got the carburettor set up pretty well, he starts on the first compression stroke ticks over steadily and pulls strongly (considering engine size). 22 miles were covered yesterday in tandem with my cousin in the model 70. One little niggle I had was with the ignition barrel which was losing contact in start and run positions and so was pulled to pieces thoroughly cleaned and re lubricated and now functions perfectly. It was grotty in there! One other note, I can definitely confirm that Mk12 InvaCars are not great in gusty winds! Frightening.
  8. Indeed, he was an absolute heap but still enough left to gain all the necessary measurements from. He was by a considerable leap, the worst of the hedgerow bunch. Call me insane but I chose to take on him rather than any of the others simply because he had that tiny slither of history that came with the remnants of the old service dockets that had sat within him in the undergrowth for decades.
  9. While writing this I had mainly in mind the fantastic looking Netherland car and also what I reckon must be the straightest and most original 12 out there. Hopefully with the help from @Mrs6c , @StefanH will be along to show us more?
  10. It looks a really nice example as well. Incredible that when I brought Brian home I believed there were so few of these 12s about that it justified undertaking the restoration, despite the fact it was what most would consider FUBAR. Over the past month 3 really nice examples have now presented themselves. Hey ho, there's only one Brian!
  11. Same tin, same primer. Body painted in mid summer heat, this door in far from ideal sun zero temperatures. I just needed to get some paint on all that bare metal especially after the heat exposure from all the various forms of welding. Also, spot the exhaust, now complete.
  12. Back to Brian and the hope somebody may help identifying the sliding glass handles or help find an outlet for something similar to fit 1/8” glass. I’ve just taken the glass down from the attic and my golly gosh it was mucky after the hedgerow decades.
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