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  1. Sorry but to me it looks to be an issue other than steering. We are looking down from the top of the wheel and it seems there is a lot of lateral movement at the top and bottom of the wheel.
  2. Through the course of this recommissioning apart from the more complex components I've made drawings for and had made professionally I've also been making numerous basic brackets and fixtures to replace old rotten parts. Here are a couple I've made during tea and dinner breaks while at work, all that remains to be done with these is to stamp the original part numbers back onto them (once I find my letter punch set!):
  3. The drawings for the 12e door components were dropped off this morning and hopefully I should have a couple of sets of metalwork to collect in the upcoming days ready to start making a door. Of late my bad guts have been playing up but the upside of this is early mornings in which to make some Brian progress before work, the heater blower has been targeted and yesterday was stripped down to find everything inside being in fantastic condition. The motors bearing felts were pretty dry so were washed out and re lubed. Today saw the commutator cleaned up (brushes are like new) then it was re-painted and re-assembled with only the SMITHS sticker to glue back on, I tested it and it runs quietly and smoothly, another job ticked off.
  4. Thanks Dez, it's been a lot of work but starting to feel the reward is in sight. I've read previously your telling that it is a towing point and don't doubt the fact that is what it's quoted as being in literature, it's also good to read a bit more about it. But, I feel it must have been an addition just to appease the demands of perhaps the MOH and isn't really functional. I did note during cleaning of the part that the end is threaded. I am however certain if it were used to tow the car that any little jolt would cause it to deform and tear a chunk of the body away. It will however be providing a little support to the front of the body which without it is entirely in suspension. I tried to speak to someone at SPAX but she wasn't very interested in the situation and told me the only way to get the product I wanted was to check a file they kindly sent me, take the code of each suited component and compile a complete code to send back to them. As all of the measurements of the crucial components are all obtainable from them I feel this is probably the way to proceed. The shocks are adjustable as are the springs, the coil spring will be of the dimensions as original but can also be adjusted. I did try to search for the Armstrong units you mention above or any cross referencing of them but have thus far drawn a blank.
  5. Despite my posting on this forum I don't do any browsing of threads and thought all InvaCar related posts were accommodated in the same place until I just found this. Nice work Adam, follow topic clicked.
  6. I would suggest the above if you're not going for a proper fix immediately Dez. Get the bandage on as tightly wrapped as possible and the reinforce it with the tin can trick, it may then at least last a short while.
  7. At last I've managed to sneak out of work and family commitments and have a day out with Brian the Mk12e. The task was to get the chassis, floor and some reproduced fixtures drilled to enable it all to fit together, I'm not quite finished but most of the more critical holes have been drilled. All this was made quite tricky due to the fact that the original components are so rotten and lacking rigidity and also have great chunks missing entirely due to rust. It is also true that InvaCar must have hired a Chimp or drunkard to do this job originally as a lot of the holes on the old chassis had been double drilled or slotted, this also made the job harder. All that remains to be done drilling wise now is to drill a series of rivet holes along the outrigger flanges/floor, this shouldn't take so long as the six hours taken measuring, measuring again, fitting up, removing, measuring again and marking, drilling, re-fitting (yes I'm a slow worker!). Once they're drilled it can all come apart once again, clean and wire brush the new chassis which is still covered in flux and also starting to show surface rust and then slap a bit of paint on.
  8. I'm afraid I know no other way and don't really know what I'm doing full stop but, generally I manage to get where I'm going, eventually. Imperial graph paper isn't as easy to pick up as it was though, I guess because everyone else is using electronic methods?
  9. I've just finished up drawings for Invacar Mk12 door skins and door end plates and fixtures, I can't guaranty 100% accuracy due to the state of the remnants of the door I had to work with but will post the drawings here in case they may be of use to someone, present or future.
  10. Good work Dez, I can only imagine your issues with doing such work but as has been said above progress is progress. I struggle to find time, other than that I've been rounding off my knuckles since I my peers were playing Sinclair Spectrums and scratching my head over issues has left me with little hair. Glad you are seeing physical evidence of Adams endeavours which will have cost him that most precious of all things, called time. Most of all I hope you're feeling a great sense of achievement in at least getting closer to that diagnosis and that that sense of achievement it will push you onward.
  11. I think that new twist grip and cable will save you a faff Dez, good investment I'd say and it looks to have a mid way oiler/grease nipple which will be good way to keep things smooth and long lived. On the Brian front the next sub project is on the bench and now in pieces awaiting measurements to be taken and drawings made for a new skin and end plate. In the mean time I await the arrival of a new A3 Imperial graph paper pad and new batteries for my Verniers as both ran out with the last "Brian" drawings made. Also Mrs6C has found a correct door handle on the Ebay which has been secured so we now both have one of them.
  12. Spent a little time this morning and managed to trial fit everything of importance to the chassis, thankfully everything lined up and fitted straight up . My friend James has been heavily involved with making the chassis so I'm not surprised it is bang on as for a man of his talents it's really a minor project. Here are a couple of pictures of the chassis and one also of one of James' more involved projects, a full scale 3 ton Ruston Proctor steam tractor that he built from surviving drawings of an engine that sadly never made it into preservation. In future is is planned that Brian comes with us and the Ruston when we steam off on the road to rallies, not only can he be displayed but also can provide a convenient way to get to the shop for Cider supplies!
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