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  1. Whoever designed air wrenches and then thought it would be a clever idea to sell them to the knuckle dragging apes in fast fit tyre fit centres wants shooting for crimes against humanity. Not that I've thrown my back out trying to get the front wheels off the mg6 or anything... 20 stone of fat bastard swinging off a scaff bar and the fuckers are still solid, I've not even thought about touching the locking nuts.
  2. A green Talbot Alpine, which dad then got rid of for a Tagora.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373030201482 1.0 Metro city for £1850. Looks tidy, though I wonder what went wrong to warrant an engine and gearbox change?
  4. Sorted the locking wheel nuts out on the Tivoli, but now the washer jets have turned into a half arsed dribble. Which means that the front bumper and driver's wheel and arch liner have to come out to get to the pump and filter, which is presumably blocked. So it can wait for now. The mg6: It's an mg6.
  5. Our tip will let you take small amounts of asbestos, so long as it is contained and well sealed, not cling filmed up! That little lot will probably be coming to a beauty spot near you shortly
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2553586864912426/ (Sorry, phone got confused when writing the initial post!)
  7. Meanwhile, on farcebook
  8. "Talbot motorhome rebuild or spares no engine box bonnet had water damage but good rolling shell" Possibly a candidate for the just fucking scrap it thread?
  9. £650 fronterror diesel
  10. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/505009500438915/ "VAUXHALL CAVILIER SPORTS HATCH GLS VERY RARE TO FIND" "2.0 Auto did start and drive but been stood a while needs TLC" "Open to serious offers only" £3500 £50 and Xbox 2nite m8?
  11. Spotted at the Oil Can Cafe in Holmfirth, slightly crusty but being used as a family car.
  12. LabRat

    Shit Ideas

    Mg6 (that's probably enough for this thread right there) keys/doors/ignition set up. You get a whacking great slab of plastic for a key: This in turn goes into the dock to start the car. However, because it is made of finest chinesium, the dock will shit itself and require replacent at totally random intervals. This needs coding to the bcu at a dealers, cos no bugger else has the software. Also, the door locks are made of brie and will pack up if not oiled on a monthly basis. This means that you have to use the emergency key, hidden in the slab of plastic. As you can see, this also is plastic and guaranteed to snap in the seized lock, the moment you try it. Once you do eventually gain access with the emergency key, you're fucked anyway as the dock has thrown a wobbly and you can't start the fucker. Also, you have to pull the door cards off the doors, whilst they're closed to get to the locking mechanism. Still. It not like the parts are hard to come by or anything...
  13. Mrs LabRat's Tivoli needs the Aircon regassing (first world problems) and the locking wheel nuts smashing off the rear wheels at some point as the locking key was made of chinesium or its Korean equivalent. The mg6 has picked up a quirk where if you have the aux cable plugged into a phone and you turn on the headlights, the satnav/display reboots... I should get it looked at, but TADTS. Otherwise it's doing remarkably well for a 7 year old Chinese saloon
  14. Weirdly enough the mg6 isn't charged, even though it's powered by the vehicular equivalent of Brunel's boiler. The wife's diesel Tivoli is also exempt, despite the fact that its diesel and therefore nuns and kittens are at risk every time we start it.
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