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  1. Look under the clutch arm- it's a white plastic effort- should come out with grips if you're gentle, maybe get someone to stand on the clutch pedal to shift the arm out of the way. Like I said, not sure if the bigger engine has the same set up, but it's worth a look for nothing.
  2. Re the gearbox oil smell: check the gearbox breather. On the 1.3s there's a nylon style breater that has a tendency to get stuck (it looks a bit like a white bung) and block up. This causes gearbox oil to be drawn up the speedo cable and drip down the back of the clocks and onto the carpet/your shoes! (Ask me how I know...) Don't know if the 1.6 shares this trait, but its worth a look for nothing! Good buy btw, these are bloody decent little cars.
  3. I had an 04 tdci 130 for 6 months as a stopgap, ran lovely considering it had 260000 on the clock. Watch them for shitting injectors- fault codes a plenty and the dmf likes to break up, it'll struggle to start as bits of flywheel gets in the starter and it'll knock like a bastard at idle. The smoke could just be down to being stood- give it an Italian tune up and see what happens.
  4. Christ, that looks grim. Bringing in the new year in style I see!
  5. 2012 Mg6, a vision in red and orange, with nice white dials. Can't do anything about the shite "mood lighting" down lights fitted to the rear view mirror console, short of black tape or pulling the bulbs.
  6. We can arrange something at some point mate. I've not seen any going for £500, but the way they hold value, anything could happen!
  7. Looking forwards to seeing this, a decent challenge you've set yourself there! You're more than welcome to have a go in the mg6 at some point too, now it's just about clear of all the giffer "improvements"
  8. Fucking cluster migraines are back again. Been laid up for half the day waiting for the sumatriptan side effects to clear up. Wonderful.
  9. If it wasn't for AS and the cheap mg6 thread giving me ideas, I probably wouldn't be the proud* owner of this fine machine The good humour and general friendliness of this forum really is amazing. Hoping to try and get to more meets next year.
  10. Just back from visiting the parents in Sheffield. 160 mile round trip, quarter of a tank used and the 6 is running like a dream. Time for a few beers and me feet up I think.
  11. So long as I don't get any call outs for work (the many joys of being a school caretaker!!) I should be able to get over and have a closer look at it for you.
  12. I'm over in Oldham, but might be able to go and cast an eye over it next Saturday for you if no one else can. Can't store it though unfortunately. The belt is a 7 year/80k job and servicing is every 15k. There is a throttle remap offered by the dealers that makes the pick up slightly less aggressive and the last shat nav was 2014. Look out for rattling trim (cupholders and parcel shelf are TADTS) and make sure it pulls clean through the revs. Blocked plenum drains can have the ECU swimming, so make sure it's clear too. Handbrakes are the same as a 75/zt so not too sparkling either unless adjusted up. If it's been stood for a while, the traction control warnings might light up, but should clear once the engine has run for a bit. A strong battery is a must or the ECUs get upset.
  13. So I traded in the broken Ssangyong, feel free to laugh at my madness. In my defense it was £1500 after the trade and ive always fancied a go in one...
  14. Would that be Cropper and Jones? I've dropped them an email, hopefully they can help. May still end up with a winter snotter for a few months at this rate, but at least it won't be quite so dire!
  15. I've tried a couple of radiator places round here who laughed like drains and sent me back to the dealers. Not sure why; it looks to be a fairly boggo radiator. Currently searching the web to see if it's the same type as a Hyundai/Kia. Made by Korea Delphi apparently, but I doubt it would just be fitted to Ssangyongs surely?
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