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  1. Nearly 2 weeks later, the mg6 is finally roadworthy again! Ended up paying a mobile mechanic to come and do the job, £60 well spent in my books. Its also sporting a nifty new Black Lion brand ditchfinder as the tyre on that side was utterly wrecked thanks to the spring taking bloody great lumps out of it... So shit Chinese tyre, for shite Chinese car.
  2. After a week of phoning round, a very nice bloke from the mg6 owners club (yes, that's a thing!) dropped me off a used full passenger side strut and spring assembly along with 2 genuine SAIC air filters, 2 rear coil springs and 2 rover 75 droplinks (they fit a 6 but need about 5mm taking off the top to clear the spring cup.). All for the princely sum of £50. The job is a total twat for me to do at the roadside, but I've got a mobile mechanic coming on Monday to swap the strut over for another £60. Then it's a replacement tyre and it's roadworthy again. Until then, it's d
  3. 4 hours later, it's home. Wouldn't be so bad, but it's only a 5 mile journey! (Helps if I put this in the right thread... It's been a rough day!)
  4. Currently sat waiting for the big orange taxi- halfway home on the split shift and the mg6 has decided to snap a front spring and sit the remains on the tyre. Lovely. Thats me on Hobson's donkey for a few weeks whilst I source yet more chinesium... Bastard car.
  5. That may yet be the plan, it's either that or chance one from a breakers. (Which being chinesium, will be ready broken for my pleasure) I'm thinking I might be able to swap over the lock backplate with the correct socket, we'll have to see what horrors await once I've found my torx bits and calmed down a touch.
  6. The curse of ordering parts on Aliexpress has come true. Despite me pointing out repeatedly that I need a front left door lock for a UK spec mg6, I've received a lock for a Chinese spec Roewe 550. Which is identical, apart from the wiring connection which is 8 pin instead of the 6 pin on a mg6. Fuck sticks. Looks like I'm returning this one and trying eBay again.
  7. Oh happy, happy days. The door lock I've had to order from AliExpress has been returned to the seller because "it contains magnetism". Now begins the fun task of trying to get it either resent or get a refund. I can seriously see this car getting scrapped shortly if this is the future of getting parts for it. Bloody cars.
  8. In it's never ending quest to live up to its heritage, the mg6 has now shat it's passenger door locking mechanism. Whilst the bloody door is closed and deadlocked. I now have to destroy the door card, thanks to a piss poor design and manually force the lock from inside the door itself. Then I can get the door open and the window regulator fitted, along with a new lock and somehow find a replacement door card. I swear, it actually wants to become bean tins!
  9. Managed to get a replacement window regulator for the 6 from AliExpress, at the bargain price of £37... The local dealers wanted £160! (Genuine SAIC part too.) It's going to be mid April before it gets here, so I've strategically placed some tape to help hold the window up. The bad news for any other lunatic with one of these wonderful* vehicles, is that MG UK have very quietly decided that the 6 is now classed as an "outgoing" model in the uk. This means that they are going to shortly be dropping all dealer support for it, so parts will have to be imported from China. This is
  10. This also happened earlier Wether it makes it to 60000 or ends up heading back to China to become a fridge very much depends on parts availability in the next year or so.
  11. It might yet come to that. If I can work out how the bloody door card comes off without destroying it. A mate of mine has described the mg6 as the perfect storm- chinesium parts, assembled by pissed off Brummies!
  12. Came out of work to the alarm going bells across the meadows and this... So that faint clunk I heard from the passenger door this morning will be the regulator snapping then... Looks like another wallet lightening session on AliExpress is in order. 😶 All moderns are, etc
  13. That's... Useful. My local mg dealership doesn't even know what an mg6 is, let alone find any info in the owners manual! I'm hazarding a guess that, since it's essentially a k series, that would be a no then.
  14. In my case it was numerous awkward and hard to get parts breaking in short order (£650 for a front suspension lower arm, key dock failing at £190+ coding at the local mg dealership, lower engine mount failing and now NLA as the supplier in China has ceased manufacturing) The wife's ssangyong is just known as the Tivoli.
  15. I just call mine Bastard, or it's full name Temperamental Bastard when it finds new and inventive ways to break.
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