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  1. LabRat

    Pride & Joy

    That is lovely. A mate of mine had one for his first car. Despite the hamfisted attempts to "fix" it (too fast according to his mum- she used to pull it out of gear if he went above 25mph) by fucking about with the timing, it was pretty much unkillable. Well saved!
  2. Base spec Korando C at dusk. An abundance of orange.
  3. Some pleasant individual has hit the Korando whilst it was parked up, put a nice dent in the wheel arch and taken some paint off too. Lovely. Wouldn't be so bad, but Mrs LabRat had borrowed it to go to a course in Manchester while I replaced the brakes on the Tivoli... She is utterly mortified. Timefor a phonecall round the repair shops then. And people wonder why I'm getting more antisocial as the years go by.
  4. Don't know if you can get it over there, the pest control guys at work use Ficam D powder- you need to spray it at the bastards and their nests, it'll kill the queen and larvae in short order.
  5. I have no need for this and the wife will probably castrate me for contemplating it, so on that basis, I'll take 2 randoms please.
  6. LabRat


    That is fucking grim. Well done!
  7. Just caught up with this, the old bus is looking fantastic! Got a real want for one of these now.
  8. This, though i have seen an few more since we bought it. Would love to get my hands on a Mahindra too, more for the comedy value than anything else else.
  9. And it's a pass! Surprisingly no advisories either. Might treat it to a wash and vac out now...
  10. It's mot day for the Duster. It should pass- there's fuck all wrong with it that I can see, but lurking underneath that solid Romanian body is the brie and wine soaked heart of a Renault, so god only knows what'll happen.
  11. I can do next week, this week is a bit of a pain as it's the week before half term and I'm stuck covering parents evenings all week.
  12. Well. The Mrs has been informed and she reckons that she'll "laugh like a drain" if I win and it'll be an adventure if nothing else. Nice to see that she's gotten used to my chod buying habits.
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