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  1. Decided to go and put some petrol in the mg6 earlier... Only to find that it was so fucking cold this morning, the doors are frozen shut and the fucking locks won't work. On a normal car this wouldn't be much of a problem, but this is a chinese special and the link rods from the handle into the locks are plastic, so snap if you try to force them open and the mechanisms themselves are about as solid as a kinder egg toy. Fucked it off and went in for a brew instead. Bloody moderns.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2009-59-CITROEN-C6-LIGNAGE-2-7-HDI-V6-AUTOMATIC-/114584985369?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 "IT HAS COVERED OVER 300000 MILES." £1500
  3. Indeed. But at least the headgasket won't fail... Small mercies and all that.
  4. It's a convoluted process that involves keeping the key fob as far away as possible from the car after opening the doors, waiting 10 minutes for the bcu to switch off again, hoping that you don't accidentally activate any electronics until after you've connected any booster pack up and prayer. Lots of prayers. Maybe even a blood sacrifice to be sure. Then put the key fob in the dock and hope that it's not lost connection to the car on the resultant power on. Or in the words of the manual "consult your local mg dealer if an problems occur" On the plus side, it fired s
  5. I'm finally allowed back outside again tomorrow- been stuck in isolation for the last 2 weeks, as my wife unfortunately caught a dose of the 'rona. (She's back in work again and feeling almost human- it's left her asthma playing up so she's on steroids and inhalers again, but no sign of the long Covid thank fuck) So at some point today I should go out and attempt to start the 6 as the temperamental fucker has been stood sulking at me. (Better check in daylight, rather than at 5am tomorrow when trying to go to work) It was running fine when I parked up, but standing and chinese electr
  6. Wonderfully crusty 75 tourer in Chapel Point. The half arsed hammerite and primer on the sills are the icing on the cake!
  7. And it's finally fixed, with a full test. £349 lighter, but at least it's legal again. I would say back to silent, smooth running, bit this is an mg6 we're talking about. Now to try and do something with the tivoli's knackered wheel bearing.
  8. Just dropped the mg6 off at my friendly local garage for the wishbone replacement and retest. Total cost of repairs looks to be about £450 in total, £220 of which was the bloody part! Interestingly enough, I got a phonecall yesterday from Stoneacre Mg who "noticed from their records that my car has failed it's mot and is overdue it's annual service". They've "put together a really good deal" including transport, labour, parts cost and the cost of 2 continental tyres (one was advised for wear on the inner edge thanks to the wishbone) at £1077 + vat. (But I can claim £250 parts cost ba
  9. The wife's ssangyong has decided that it doesn't like all the attention being focused on the mg6 and shat out it's rear wheel bearing... Wonderful! So out of 2 cars, we have one off road waiting on a suspension arm and mot retest, and one with a wheel that sounds like John Bonham on speed.
  10. Yep. Same here and because Saic decided to shrink the wheelbase on the mg6 compared to a 75/ZT, it's the one suspension part that unique to the 6. The joys of modern motoring!
  11. Failed on the front drivers wishbone- the one part that you need to sell a kidney for. £219 for the wishbone and 3 hours labour because the front subframe has to be dropped to get to the mounts. Fucksticks.
  12. That's the mg6 dropped off for its mot. It's only done 4000 miles since the last test, but that was done by stoneacre mg before I bought it, so Christ only knows what will happen. If you're anywhere near Oldham and hear a strange, high pitched wailing in the next hour or so, it's just my wallet howling in misery!
  13. Minty fresh 190d spotted whilst out with the dog.
  14. The mg6 is due it's first not under my ownership next month, so of course, it's started with a faint knock on the front suspension and an accompanying squeak when you lean on the driver's side wing to check... Everything looks ok as best as I can check at the side of the road, so it's either an anti roll bar link at £44 or the lower control arm and bushing at a nice £234.43 + postage. Of course, it could also be because it's an mg6 and TADTS. Let's see what the nice man at the garage says.
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