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  1. Latin America seems to get all sorts of odd rebranded cars, South Africa has also had some semantic oddballs.
  2. Me & my Kettler Go-Kart, along with my Dad's Mk2 Vauxhall Cavalier which he had from 1986 to 1988, registered in the C...JET series. I credit him with starting my interest in transport and other technological things. Sadly he list his battle with lymphoma yesterday. John Davies RIP 18/8/1948 - 1/8/2020.
  3. Best Boy is another puzzling technical credit, Ken Morse seems to have a monopoly on operating a Rostrum Camera at the BBC.
  4. In those days Niki Lauda had to use his earnings in touring cars to finance his Formula 1 pay drives.
  5. I was surprised to see a Saab hearse conversion today.
  6. A lot were exported to the Third World because no-one wanted them here, or else banger raced.
  7. That's an interesting design even by 1970s French standards.
  8. From Motor 24/10/1987 The prices make interesting reading.
  9. Can you identify which cars these steering wheels are from?
  10. Salisbury registered BHO146V is listed as a Red Datsun Other Estate 1171cc (probably a Cherry) which was last taxed on 1 November 1992.
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