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  1. I remember my Uncle mentioning he once borrowed a Ford Fiesta with only one sun visor! Probably specced by the same Scrooge who decided the Mk2 Escort Popular should have drum brakes on the front wheels, cross ply tyres & stickers for badges, with some other penny pinching!
  2. I heard the Australian Pound was typically worth 80% of Sterling. The Australian Dollar seemed to keep to roughly the same exchange rate, during the late 1980s one was worth 40p.
  3. I've wondered how well a hatchback Princess would have done. The B series engine was another odd choice, rather than using the 1750cc E unit. Supposedly BL considered selling them in the USA & wanted to use an engines mechanics would find easy to work on if they have fixed up an MGB. It also helps 40 years on when restoring them that many parts are available from MG specialists.
  4. I imagine a lot of 3 door estate Mk3s were used as light vans, especially in base trim. A few years later a lot of Mk2 Astra estates seemed popular with self employed tradesmen, who seemed to run most of them into the ground even when the hatchbacks were still common.
  5. I've got some good BL & Ford examples, along with some Vauxhalls with unissued Luton or Swansea registrations.
  6. Richard_FM

    Car chases

    I remember really liking this along with my Dad.
  7. HON...N was a Birmingham issue of March 1975. It seemed to common to use 3 letter combinations with the next year letter for dummy plates for publicity pictures.
  8. I know The Brothers had a pre-Dr Who Colin Baker as a proto-Richard Branson business rival. This is a good write up of it: https://www.tvcream.co.uk/telly/tv-a-z/a-m/b-is-for/brothers-the-2/
  9. I heard in the Soviet Union & probably some of the other Eastern European countries there were no garages, and car owners were expected to do all their own repairs. I assume you had to order the parts from the manufacturers.
  10. DAA...S was a Salisbury issue of August 1977.
  11. This was a Morris Minor under the skin, also made as the Austin Lancer.
  12. It's rare these days to see Q plates even on kit cars. I've heard some insurance companies won't provide cover for cars with a Q plate, & once issued to a vehicle they are permanent.
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