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  1. I spotted the number did as well, both series shared production teams & the cars managed to appear in both shows.
  2. I remember checking out the registrations of Peter Sutcliffe's cars last year & none of them are on the DVLA system. Probably long crushed unless West Yorkshire police have any of them tucked away somewhere.
  3. Big old Vauxhalls were also common as villain's cars in The Professionals Their scaled down American styling looked the part & they were cheap as chips because of premature rust & high fuel consumption, so getting smashed up in a chase was no big problem.
  4. It's said that a silver Ford Focus has been the most anonymous car for the last 20 years, probably used by plain clothes police officers too.
  5. One of my Uncle's farm hands had an Imp in the 1980s when they were already rare. To a young me it seemed a real platypus of a car with a rear engine & opening rear screen among other quirks.
  6. The parents of one of my school friends had a Landcrab & a Maxi in the late 1980s, when both looked quite old fashioned. Later one they had a thing for Volvo 240 estates, & there was one still one the drive when I last passed their house. Both had professional jobs, so it seemed to be an eccentric middle class choice rather than conscious bangernomics.
  7. Nice to see a Ferodo advert.
  8. This office block near to where I work has a Stymie Bold Italic sign.
  9. They eventually sold over 2 million.
  10. Sometimes it's known as the Chip Shop font.
  11. I've seen that on Flickr, possibly a bigger version showing cars at the side.
  12. I remember someone mentioning that pre-war cars will eventually start to drop in price as people who remember them as non-classics die out. I imagine they won't ever get to the cheap as chips level though.
  13. I wonder if the Ford Anglia Torino was from an idea for a mid life reskin.
  14. Villiers also made superchargers, I think the blower Bentleys used them. Armhurst Villiers was a friend of Ian Fleming.
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