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  1. I see Renault's claim that Safrane was a name generated by computer was a lie, unless computers were that sophisticated in the early 1980s.
  2. I had the Ranger Rover from Octopussy, complete with horsebox & fold up plane.
  3. Thanks for that, the car looks a bit muscle car, like a Pontiac Firebird with a smoothed out nose. The disclaimer "model does not fly" is a nice touch.
  4. I think Hampshire police had some Amazon estates as motorway patrol cars,
  5. Me & my brother had the fire chief car in the early 1980s. A lot of die cast cars seemed to not be based on actual cars & many that were could end up a bit quirky. An example was the Honda Accord with roof mounted wings & propeller module.
  6. I imagine 1.3 didn't sell well, the crossflow engines tended to give a perky performance, iIve been told even the Mk1 Escorts with them can feel spirited. A lot of Capris were modified, especially when they were in banger territory.
  7. I've sometimes wondered how many 1.3 Capris survive, as they would made a project for putting a more potent engine in.
  8. In cars 2 there was a French car with her eyes in her headlights which freaked out Mater.
  9. Was is actually DH 10 OAF spaced wrong?
  10. I was quite pleased to find my old Citroen 2CV is now my nephew’s current favourite toy car. He’s possibly not seen a real one. It’s a corgi iirc, I remember buying along with a Rover SD1 & a Triumph TR7, all in the same shade of yellow. I was useful for recreating the chase early in For Your Eyes Only.
  11. Quite different from the Cadillac Saville he drove as Max Cherry in Jackie Brown.
  12. Those vans remind me of those conversions for wheelchairs that seemed to be common in the 1980s.
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