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  1. Supposedly the ships that brought over Volvos & Saabs in the 1970s returned to Sweden full of old American cars that could be bought for a song at the time.
  2. When even Allard tried making a woody wagon, I wonder if it was sold as a van?
  3. My brother used to have the yellow Elite, which was used as James Bond's car in games as it was the nearest we had to an Esprit. Later on he got an Aston Martin with all the gadgets.
  4. I remember a newsagents in Marple had a carousel like that!
  5. I remember Matchbox used to supply toy shops with display cases for the 75 range, though often the cars weren't in their boxes. With a few cars I used to keep the box as a garage, but usually they would wear out being treated like this!
  6. Brockway was another town in The Simpsons that invested in a monorail, along with Ogdenville & North Haverbrook.
  7. There were a few ideas to spruce up the Fiat 130 coupe, none of which made it into production.
  8. Underbank in Stockport, I used to walk along here almost every day as part of my old job.
  9. I remember having the Corgi Cubs police car & Ambulance. For many years M&S used the St Michael brand for many things they sold, I've still got at least one book sold with this branding. In the USA Sears used to sell many products with their own branding, including some early games consoles.
  10. It was a mixed bag in Austria because some parts had better road connections with Germany & drove on the right. It wasn't until the annexation in 1938 that all of Austria switched over. It was a similar situation in some of the other former parts of the Austro-Hungarian empire.
  11. I've heard they used the chassis from an Austin Sheerline.
  12. The world's largest drag race in the Los Angles storm drains!
  13. I guess it's from the early days of choppers, so it's probably the early 1950s.
  14. The saga of the Timelord throws up interesting things at every turn.
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