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  1. I've not heard of pre-cut house keys, but the Wilmot Breeden ones were used on garages as well as cars. My parents garage had a lock that used one of the FS keys. I remember seeing a stall at the Tatton Park Autojumble which had a rack of Wilmot Breeden keys. When I was into collecting keys I managed to get a few Wilmot Breeden ones.
  2. Talking of keys fitting, my Mum had a habit of locking the keys in her Metro, and one time, according to my Brother, she borrowed the keys from someone else's Metro & one of them fitted in the door lock!
  3. A couple from the PNO...R series in my collection.
  4. Japanese picture but text in Dutch by the look of it.
  5. A gift for Kryten from Red Dwarf.
  6. I heard Kawasaki tried making a large V twin motorbike engine like a Harley Davidson. They design team used their usual tight tolerances, & were disappointed to find it didn't have a Harley style throb to the engine note, as were potential customers who thought it wasn't as powerful because of the engine note.
  7. It seemed to be common for cars to fall off the system if they were untaxed & when the switchover to computerised logbooks happened. I've found a few when I've been checking out old photos.
  8. My Yaris gave me very little trouble in the time I had it, but I would get the rear floorpan rust treated as mine had advisories about the boot floor rusting on the last 2 MOTs. The rear struts cost a bit to replace if they wear out, I was quoted £600 to fit a new set. Even after 66000 miles the engine was still running smoothly with just regular oil & plug changes.
  9. I remember there was a fad of putting tow bars on cars for extra protection in case of a rear end shunt, though I've heard the can cause more harm than good in a high speed collision.
  10. I've seen a Citroen 2CV with a towbar.
  11. Yes this style of carpet hasn't been fashionable since the Shah of Iran was deposed.
  12. I remember some friends of the family had a Polo in the same colour before buying 2-3 Derbys.
  13. I've heard the electrics in an XM can give trouble & there are a lot of them to go wrong.
  14. VOD...S was an Exeter issue of August 1977 & SAF...Y a Truro issue of November 1982.
  15. Thanks for that, a few times Citroen had trouble getting their innovations to meet American regulations.
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