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  1. She recorded a song with the same title which I presume was used on tv adverts I found it online a few years ago I’m sure it’s on you tube
  2. Nice I do like how the French use break for any estate car.
  3. Also concerto, Suzuki got to alto first though along with Nissan with stanza.
  4. Thanks I did think there was a 125p in the car park picture but it’s actually a lada 1500
  5. This was almost a companion book to my first car I remember having flick through at Waterstones back in the day. It used a Honda prelude for a lot of the pictures.
  6. I imagine they were trying to keep printing costs down by not using any colour. A lot of magazines & newspapers still had black & white photos at this time, though Today broke the mould, even if their pictures ended looking psychedelic.
  7. Ford were really in a sweet spot in the mid 1970s in terms of model range.
  8. Yes the mk5 was launched in 1990 so would have been very new when the photos were taken.
  9. Yes & the mk4 escort is an rs turbo on sorn which I only found out when putting the reg into the dvla checker.
  10. Thanks I chose to put up here the pictures with the most examples of tin that was common 30 years ago but hard to see now outside a car show. I checked all the registrations & only 2 are still listed & then one is on sorn.
  11. Your New Car was a book written by Roland Jones as a guide for new drivers, & published by Ian Allen in 1993. Most of the photos featured cars of the time, which I have scanned & posted to Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/richard16378/albums/72157712805915711/with/49431671026/ I've attached a selection of pictures, for some reason Flickr makes it very hard to insert them between the text here for easy captioning.
  12. Yes not many Senators were sold to private buyers, most being fleet sales for upper middle management. I heard Rover sold the last Montegos as a job lot to the MOD, & these were later registered with P reg plates when sold on.
  13. I’ve heard that some cars brought over from the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man then re-registered have ended up on newer plates than the should be due to a quirk in the dvla system.
  14. I’ve heard of the police buying run outs of cars then storing them up. The met did this with the sd1 3500s, even buying them from dealers wanting to clear their stock. Some were issued with E reg plates after being stored.
  15. I’ve got the motor magazine collection of road tests which I’ve been meaning to scen for ages but the paper size is just more than a4 so it’s really hard to get a page scanned in one go. It’s just about possible if the margins aren’t tight but otherwise it’s 2 scans per page with a lot of fiddling with software to get the 2 scans lined up. At least the stuff I’m currently working through is a4 or less. I’ll upload some soon.
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