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  1. I was just taken aback by the startling acceleration figures. Quite the mover.
  2. There has been a lot of work being done but most of it is of the mind numbingly dull variety. I'll sort a better update out later but for now here are a couple of photos. Both Sentinels were due their hot test this week so we took the opportunity to at least see if the Super could run under its own steam. The inspector was supposed to be here on Tuesday but he forgot about it which meant we had to get them both going again on Wednesday which gave us a chance to sort out a few teething troubles for the next day. Tuesday was all foggy but at least it moved under its own power even if the steam brake valve was messing about and wouldn't stop it. It looks a bit crap without the rear wings and the cock eyed headlamps hardly help the look but at least it has seen daylight now. What it did remind me of is what a delight Supers are to drive. Yesterday the sun came out and the brakes worked properly so I felt more confident taking it up a small hill. The bits sticking up from the cab roof are the start of the brackets for the headboard - it was supposed to rain and I didn't want it to get the bare steel wet. I'm pretty pleased with the look of the body. The curve of the roof is right and it looks suitably butch. More later.
  3. You would have thought they'd suffered enough.
  4. If there is anything not wired for hard use it is those spot lamps. Every single line uttered by either Price or Jones in that film is quotable.
  5. Have they? How much involvement does GM have in Europe at the moment? I don't know enough about how or why GM got rid of its European operations to draw any conclusions but could Ford be baling out of the same market?
  6. Everyone knows notches were best and Razoredges were besterer.
  7. My own was a pre-S/N notch. The old man had numerous fast/square/notchbacks. In moments of weakness I still want another.
  8. It's not that much different today. The Esso garage sells wedding dresses and that's about your lot.
  9. What a ridiculous looking motor car. I love them.
  10. Is it still the best seller? Surely they are not stopping making it because people are buying too many?
  11. She takes the eye https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/225210923482 I went back a few pages to see if it had been done before and didn't see it. Soz if it's old news.
  12. - My son is going to get a boiler made for it and sell it for much more - We're going to restore it ourselves (forty years on and the waggon is still a pile of shite) - Someone at work says it's worth more than that - I've seen them advertised for more than that - I've been told I'll get more if I send it to auction - There was one on the Antiques Roadshow last week and the man said it was worth thousands (not a complete vehicle that one but the point stands)
  13. ^ That in spades. Turn up to make an offer cash in hand and the kit to move it there and then. Otherwise you find that when you return all excited like to collect your winnings someone new is there who threatens to set the dogs on you.
  14. What's that supposed to be for then? Toast rack?
  15. From what I can see it is the rides and the more modern wagons that are up for sale.
  16. Found after egg set me off on Runcorn.
  17. A door looking pretty much the same as it did before. But wait. Aren't those hinges? Do you mean it actually... Yes it actually opens. And closes. And stays exactly where I put it so the fit lines are still spot on. I am very, very pleased with this because I am a woodworking incompetent and the wood for this body wasn't exactly given away so if it went wrong I'd have been in schtuck. There is a middle hinge still to go in but I wanted to get the second door on to minimise the risk of painful rework if I'd put things in the wrong place. You can't get hinges that look right any more so we made these. The design of the hinge means that they fold back quite close to the body. Close enough to hold them in place with a reasonably stout tie bar - if the wind catches these things they will really hurt someone. They are very, very heavy. While I am here we popped down to Preston(ish) to pick up the headboard that someone made for us. Although it was pretty simple it really needed a bead swaged onto it top and bottom and we didn't fancy stumping up for a swage for just one job. It's made in four pieces. I'm messing about at the moment trying to pull the curve to match the curve on the cab roof. Some had headboards as advertising space but they made a useful place to throw rolled up tarpaulins. The main reason was that they look quite good when you have a big body on the back. This is the short section which makes up the rear section. It doesn't hold the same height all the way round but drops down and gives it a bit more shape. You can see the beads that have been swaged on. And finally the boiler is getting stripped down for its annual inspection. The thing hasn't had a fire in it since the last hot inspection and it's being inspected again. *rolls eyes* That's it for this time. Not much but I wanted to show if the opening door cos I'm dead proud of it.
  18. JimH

    Concept Cars

    Let's keep it positive. I love this one. And I really love the way the interior was going. I find it hard to believe that the gear shift would have a hope in hell of working. Fortunately steaming big chunks of the car did make it into production.
  19. JimH

    Concept Cars

    I posted this elsewhere last week but it is worth repeating here. The shots of the wibbly whining wobbly doors opening and closing suggests they hadn't spent a fortune on this prototype.
  20. JimH

    Concept Cars

    What about this pretty little thing? So much lovelier than any of the dreary slop that wears the four rings now. That said, at about the same time Audi gave us this hideous view of their future so maybe they just got lucky with the orange sweetie. Pass the sick bag. Not difficult to spot where the TT handbag came from.
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