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    RR P38

    Someone might not have seen this already.
  2. A lost idea or two is now great loss. Sure a Princess estate might have been nice or perhaps a three door BX would have been groovy but the course of history would hardly have been altered. The one coulda shoulda for me is if BAE could have hung onto Rover for a few more years to let the Ronda thing happen properly. There was something good happening there that was lost.
  3. Indeed. It looks like a daft Victorian skirt so it got called that.
  4. I've not seen this one before. Looking at the horses of the following vehicle they appear to be galloping and the way the Amoskeag is making smoke suggest that it isn't exactly idling. However, the gentleman hanging onto the steering wheel appears to be out for a Sunday morning stroll. Nine tons with a chassis that crude can't have been a barrel of laughs.
  5. Don't worry. The fire brigade is here now...oh.
  6. Sorry. Not enough black and whites. Here's a much more fragrant (and more posh ) way of fighting fires. It's a 26 girlpower manual. Sorry it's tiny.
  7. There is some less than detailed stuff about what they did here: https://sfrheritagetrust.org/merryweather-gem-steam-fire-pump/ The photos are crap but you should be able to make out what they did to the thing. The slightly weasel words that stand out are "and return it back to its condition prior to the accident" ie a non runner that hadn't had a fire in it for years. And I am not going even start on trailers that just jack knife out of the blue for no reason at all. *rolls eyes* You were given that thing to take care of and you smeared it along the motorway. Well done all of you. T
  8. In case anyone gives a monkey's I've put some waffle in the Sentinel thread about our Merryweather. It was almost all in colour so didn't belong here.
  9. I'll bung a few photos of this here rather than cluttering up the B&W thread which was where the conversation started but this is the Merryweather Gem. Being built in 1908 it is one of the later ones. It's been around here since the early 60s when it was bought from a scrap dealer in Melton Mowbray. We last ran it properly in the mid 80s to early 90s when we decided to call it quits on a boiler that was approaching its 100th birthday. Also there were a fair few things on it that were not right and were getting tired and despite a fairly major engine rebuild in the time we ran it
  10. I'm not mad keen on sitting in fields avoiding the general public so an excuse to go for a drive is always welcome.
  11. Not quite. It was pieced back together so it looked OK. As far as I am aware that one hadn't run properly for a very long time so it was just mde to look rightish. IIRC they magaed to smash both the cylinder block and the pump on it which would have been a serious project to remanufacture. In the end they were all finished off by their boilers which are all now very, very old. We were in the process of making a new one for ours but got distracted by another Sentinel. We'll get round to it once the Super is finished.
  12. If anyone gives a flying toss about this sort of thing get yourself over to the BFI Player where there is a fair bit of very old and very, very staged films of these sorts of engines turning out. Just bung an appropriate term in the search box. Start here: https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-fire-brigade-turn-out-1900-online You will notice that they all look a bit top heavy and might need to be taken gingerly on the bends. ETA. This is a good one too. https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-metropolitan-fire-brigade-turn-out-1899-online If you watch carefull
  13. A lot of shells being filled at Chilwell. The last thing you would want to happen is for it all to go up in smoke. That's torn it.
  14. They never went very far so it was usually a case of throwing some coal on before you left and leaving it at that. Boiler water relies on having it pumping stuff (so no seawater) and the only water tank is a tiny copper tank (about 4 gallons) so the last thing you wanted to do was having it blowing off before you got set up. Then you were at risk of running out of water and popping a tube. There is an arrangement that lets you pull fresh water from a handy barrel if you are pumping sea water or rubbish that you don't want in the boiler. That said, there is a footplate at the back with a g
  15. Some poor quality black and whites of the old girl in service. This is it newly arrived in front of the new station. To give some idea of what these things cost that station was built for only £30 more than the engine cost to buy. Dealing with flooding. And a bit later with the new petrol appliance. By now the logs refer to it as "the old engine" or "old old coffee pot". The lad on the left's tache would soon become very unfashionable. And a colour one of it when we ran it in the early 90s. It's only ticking over here hence the rather pathetic dribble coming out t
  16. We have a 1908 Merryweather Gem that served at Beeston (Notts) until the early 30s (I think - we have a summary of the station logs somewhere) - towards the end of its time in service it was hauled by a petrol lorry instead of horses and it was not uncommon for the carriage to be scrapped and the boiler and pump mounted on something else. The Merryweather boiler (and the Shand boiler they ripped off) had very little water and a very, very large heating area. Ours is a C Boiler which had 136 copper tubes. Steam could be raised from stone cold in 11 minutes but when in service they were kept wa
  17. Ding-a-ling-ling As far as I am aware the only one left lives in a museum in Singapore or somewhere else equally far away.
  18. Go and look up the Merryweather Fire King. It is not quite as monstrous as the LaFrance(?) top left but the same sort of layout. They must have been horrific to drive - Just look at the size of the steering wheel.
  19. JimH

    RR P38

    I know where your wife is coming from. Despite using one as a daily runner I have a big problem with the image ( I spend lot of time fretting about that sort of thing). I tried to improve things by tending to be seen in public wearing army surplus combat trousers with my scally lurchers in the back. I felt it gave off the right slightly down on his luck scrap metal dealer vibe to my look which I was happier with.
  20. Everything in the cab is stinking hot and it is full of very hot metal just waiting to burn you horribly. Even the bloody throttle valve handle is cast iron FFS (although cast hollow in an effort to keep the heat down). The boiler top is red hot, the chimney is hot. Even the boiler feed pipes are hot. The point is that you don't get on these things without your sleeves rolled down and a pair of rigger's gloves on.
  21. Up to 1400cc, under £7k - Uno 45 Up to 1400xcc, under £9k - AX GT Up to 1800cc, under £10k - Rover 214S Up to 1800cc, over £10k - Pug 405 GL Up to 2000cc, under £15k - Cavalier SRi Up to 2000cc, under £19.25k - Tough choice between the Alfa 164 and the Rover 820Si. Would probably go for the Rover. Under 2000cc, under £25k - Tougher choice between the XM V6 and the 827Si. As above. Over 2000cc, under £29k - Cosworth (but would probably change my order very late in the day to the Carlton.) At about the same time my old man chose a car in the up to 2
  22. Not much progress to see but I was in there with the camera in my hand so we'll have a short update. A lot of this sort of thing has been going on. We quite like bending stuff hot freehand rather than using formers. The pipe is packed with sand to stop it collapsing while pulling it. Trying to fit the pipes in can get a bit tricky at times so shapes can become rather flambouyant rather than a series of 90 degree turns. This is the throttle valve to engine steam pipe which is run in steel. Everything else is run in heavy wall copper pipe. This is the feed heater piped up. Ye
  23. Although values have dipped somewhat lately the steamers are still quite valuable so theft is always a concern. Fortunately Secret Santa came to the rescue. We can sleep soundly now. He also gave me some handy pamphlets to help me choose my next Talbot or Lancia so thanks for that. *Wasn't being rude but I'd forgotten I'd got it delivered to my office and I only came back to work yesterday.
  24. JimH

    RR P38

    I find it unbelievable that the same one has been one here for twelve years. I bought it in very late 09 just before the whole country froze over for a month (which was handy) and it's been a pretty cheapish runaround ever since. I used it as a daily until a few years ago and then my old man took it on to replace a V8 engined Series 3 that was his then snow car. Ex Land Rover press car which was a 2000 (so it just sneaked under the cheaper tax band) 4.6 Vogue. I got it with 78K on it and it's done about 45K in our hands. Apart from the occasional bout of suspension going doolally for no appare
  25. Nothing terribly exciting or obscure. Single cylinder: Marshall S Type roller, various low volume agricultural disasters from great manufacturers such as Trak Grip and Garner. Twins: Vee: Ducati 916, Ducati 748, Ducati 900SS Parallel: Yamaha TRX850, Fiat 126 Steam shit: Fowler T3B, Sentinel Super, Sentinel DG4 Three: Triumph Daytona 955i, Triumph Trophy 900, Fergie with a Perkins triple in it Four: Inline: VX220, Sentinel S4, 944, 944 Turbo, Bimota SB6, Honda Fireblade, Scammell Scarab, pretty much most things I've had or driven have been inline fo
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