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  1. It would be a ballache but could you drill a hole through the axle and use a castle nut and split pin?
  2. Had a fit of tittering seeing this the other day - not heard it for years.
  3. Was Tom Cruise rolling down the M4 the other day?
  4. Thats been relisted, fetched £730 last time. Quite tempting to relieve some early 90's mega mpg misery like when I last owned one.
  5. Picked the leads up for daughter No 1's Beetle at midday. Never heard of the brand, I'm sure someone will point out they're shit! Got them fitted, popped the inlet manifold back on and bolted everything else back together, bloody fiddly back of the hand scraping job. Took it round the block and it seems to be running sweet. The plan was to drop it off in the works carpark and leave the keys with security to surprise our daughter, we got rumbled by one of her mates spotting us as she came back from a smoke break. Oh well at least its a good deed done for today.
  6. Managed to get a few jobs done over the weekend. Couriering caddy has been knocking at the back end - new droplinks again. Went with the Meyle HD stuff as it seems to last a bit longer than anything else. Rattly old and shiny new, fairly straight forward to replace, not much room on the drivers side due to exhaust and heat shield, so you go at it with a spanner rather than a socket, as is usual where it bolts on to the anti roll bar it wouldn't budge, I've learnt not to fight and just go straight for the angle grinder. Quick blast round the block and the annoying knocking noise has gone - happy days. On to daughter No 1's floppy top Beetle, had an advisory for track rod ends at the last mot, drivers side fought like a bastard, passenger side came off a piece of piss, only difference was the passenger side had longer to absorb some penetrating fluid, maybe the stuff does work? Erm can you tell which one put up a fight - horrible things. While doing this I noticed the cords coming through on the inner edge of the front tyres, I'd got a set of pretty new stuff an Toyota rims, so off to the local friendly tyre place who popped my tyres on and sorted the tracking - car drives better now, apparently it was shaking above 60, I really wish my kids would tell me this stuff sooner so I can sort it out. Anyhow once done it was on to the misfire, its a 2.0 AZJ engine, it had misfires showing on cylinders 1 & 3, I changed the spark plugs last week, which improved things but it still wasn't right, a lot of things have to be removed to get at the plugs, mainly the inlet manifold and a few other things to get at the bolts to remove the manifold. So time to change the coil pack, looks straight forward, not so much stuff to remove, shouldn't take long, famous last words...... I was really gentle pulling the leads off, gentle twist and gentle pull, first two came off eventually, third one snapped in two pretty much straight away, I ragged the last one off in temper. I'd better take the inlet manifold off again, FFS. This happened Saturday evening, got the new coil pack in, removed the manifold again and hoped I'd be able to pick some leads up from one of the few local factors open on a Sunday and put it all back together, no joy, best I can get is midday Monday. I even moved the location around most of the midlands and South Yorkshire on ECP site to try and find some in stock. Daughter No 1 was due at work 8am this morning, thankfully Mrs Popsicle took her and daughter No 2 picked her up, she's pretty gutted about the car being off the road and I feel bad about it for being a bit to ape like pulling the leads off, hopefully Monday it will all be sorted. Is there a knack to pulling the leads off coil packs? I can usually tell when something doesn't feel right, but the bugger snapped really easily, I've predominately ran diesels for the past 20+ years or older stuff with dizzys, non of this new fangled coil pack lark. At least the new coil pack fits.
  7. Oh bollocks, hope one of the local motor factors open on a Sunday have a set of leads in for daughter numbers 1's floppy top Beetle.
  8. I'm sure I've said this before, but I'll say it again, cracking work, brilliant write-up and hats off to you for persevering with it, but fook me you're not having much luck with the ungrateful bastard - you deserve a change in fortunes with the bugger.
  9. They're kicking off like fook already, whatsapp groups on fire, I'm pretty sure it will be changed as they've all said they won't do it.
  10. I thought they drank the fluid in your eyes first. 🤢
  11. Daughter no.2's second year at uni timetable has come through, Mondays 0800-2000, with one 15 minute break in a 12 hour day, then just 1 hour to do on Tuesday, Wednesday off, normal days Thursday & Friday. You'd think the highly educated, while not living in the real world eejits could organise something a bit more manageable.
  12. You picked some cracking weather for a run up the A82, did you have a look for Nessie?
  13. Oh well done thats brilliant news. Looks like it put up a bit of a fight to get fixed and IIRC you had troubles sourcing a box for it. I reckon you've beat the odds there in getting it going again.
  14. Yea it was a strange colour, a very pale yellow, far to pale for the Jamaica yellow of the time so probably had a colour change.
  15. Saw a Mk2 Cavalier estate earlier, pretty rare car to see on the roads these days, followed it for a bit and we came to a stop at some traffic lights, oh time to grab a quick pic for the folk on AS - bloody camera focused on the bug splatters and reflection from my windscreen - FML.
  16. A few weeks ago a Sedona hit the passenger side wing mirror of my Caddy van, it seemed to take the knock pretty well, just the surround trim clips seemed damaged, I covered it in gaffer tape and thought no more of it. Over the last few days at motorway speeds it had started to vibrate, this was slowly getting worse and really distracting at night seeing lights behind me shaking around, so rather than risk it falling off I thought I'd have a proper look earlier. After careful removal of the gaffer tape and trim this happened - oh bollocks. Thats a bit fooked. Time to get the tools out, eeny meeny miny moe....... Fuck it cover it with both and drill a hole through the bottom and put some cable ties around/through it all. Factory finish! Quick blast down the local dual carriageway and solid as a rock. Just got to wait for some bugger to push it in to get past in a car park now, I think I'd better order a new one, about £70 all in on ebay, I don't think thats too bad for an electric heated mirror the size of Dumbo's ears.
  17. https://greatbritishcarjourney.com/events-calendar/ Delorean day and a general meet at Great British Car Journey on Monday. Also Rover P5 club visit on Sunday. They're also making lots of steam by firing up the victorian pumping station at Stretton. https://www.visitsouthderbyshire.co.uk/event/stretton/steaming-days-claymills-victorian-pumping-station-4/
  18. @egg the footballers Lada reminded me when the mighty rams had a brief deal with Saab.
  19. Oh dear thats grim - £1620.
  20. I think Edensors heritage is that it spoiled the Duke of Devonshires views so he had it flattened and moved elsewhere.
  21. I know its a bodge and you seem to do things correctly, but I'd be popping a drop of superglue on that and then forgetting about it.
  22. My Caddy air filter after 20k miles. I often think about not bothering but they're only £10. You're probably right that the Qashqai one has never been changed.
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