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  1. There is no harm in contacting the previous owners son, he might have some useful info for you about the company/car, if someone came up to me with one of the vans I used to run 30 years ago I'd show some interest/intrigue. Whats the worst outcome? He ghosts you or tells you to bugger off, at least you will have tried.
  2. Another pleasing reading from the work van. Should have reset the trip reading to line up, but that would involve planning and thinking ahead, not likely to ever happen with me at the wheel.
  3. Nothing that I'm aware of, but as mentioned I don't do facebook or anything, so I'm normally last to find out about these things, so not really the best person to offer advice on local happenings. There is the Great British Car Journey up the road in Belper, but last entry is 4pm so probably a bit too early. https://greatbritishcarjourney.com/ Same with the Aeropark if you like aviation stuff, again more a daytime thing http://www.eastmidlandsaeropark.org/
  4. Only 10 minutes up the road from me, would have been a nice few hours out if I'd known about it - hint to myself, maybe its time to start looking on social media!
  5. Missed this thread until now, that looks a superb old Merc, well purchased. Glad you eventually got it home safe and sound. You seem to know your way round old school diesel tractors engines really well (not that I'm comparing it to a tractor mind), so I'm confident that you'll have this up running pretty sharpish. I can't think of a better way to cruise around the Norwegian fjords then in this old stunner - you have won at life sir!
  6. It is round our way (Derby), GP rang up and booked me in, same as @paulplom I got told all the obvious things that I already knew and they told me what the odds were on me croaking it in the next ten years, bloody cheerful buggers. NHS link reckons some areas have paused doing the tests https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/nhs-health-check/
  7. From memory I think the DSG's need a filter and oil service every 3/4 years/40k. Different models have differing schedules.
  8. Very fine blade on an angle grinder/dremel type cutter? I think a jigsaw would snag and jump around quite a bit, particularly with the blade going into the insulation and cladding. Obviously measure many times cut once.
  9. I'd probably squint all over that in less than 10 seconds and that includes taking me socks off!
  10. I'm sat in the study/office squinting at the screen looking at the second picture trying to work out the logo on the steering wheel, Mrs Popsicle walks in calls me a filthy bastard and storms out. No loving for me later........... Good job she didn't walk in earlier when I was getting aroused over the Dolomite for sale šŸ˜‚.
  11. Whats with the white door top left of the other white door on the building? I'd just have to use that coming in pissed up at night!
  12. A very satisfying video, I always used to panic when drum odometers rolled over in case anything went wrong and it got stuck or shot up an extra 100k or something daft like that.
  13. Not quite that bad, I did take this pic yesterday though, so just under 5k in 16 days. Or I could cheat and show my old Zafira on all the 3's!
  14. Ah shit all our motors are fucked and will be finished off in less than a year.
  15. Yea its still going strong, 212k on it now, manifolds warped so it sounds like a cat being shagged when its cold, but it keeps plodding along, I know it sounds perverse but another would come in handy!
  16. Another hot day being a steering wheel operative, started off too hot: And as I'm sure you're all aware it kept going up. How high will it go? Playing havoc with my mpgeees using the aircon all day. Thankfully started cooling down later........
  17. Give us a shout when you're getting rid of the Vectra - might be interested in another!
  18. Nice run down to Bristol and Exeter today. Started off hot. Then got hotter. And never really cooled down much. Thankfully this works!
  19. No pic as driving but spotted a red Sierra estate with D16 GER, must be worth a few bob.
  20. From the top 221k - Caddy van 210k - Vectra estate 124k - Beetle Cab 103k - Shogun 92k - Swift Total = 750k Average = 150k
  21. Scoop it up, nice vinaigrette for a salad, sift the glass out first though! Baking soda is a good way to soak up vinegar and remove the smell and a shit ton of kitchen roll for the oil.
  22. I think its been rebuilt a few time over the years, theres some pics on their site, think it was last rebuilt in 2019. http://www.derbyrollerworld.co.uk/the-boot.html Its classed as a Volkswagen Rollerboot on the MOT check site.
  23. Local roller skating place has had this since the 80's.
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