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  1. @egg you’ve been on fire recently! Beauty after beauty.
  2. I have an LS2 Valiant 2 that has a very slick flip front and visor mechanism- the front flips all the way round the back, not like a sail on top like many of them. I don’t haven’t tried a huge amount of helmets to compare it to, but fuck me the mechanism makes it very noisy which you remember long after you’ve forgotten how slick the flip is. https://www.motocentral.co.uk/brands/ls2-moto/ls2-helmets/ls2-valiant-2.html
  3. Fun fact*! More powertrain options than sales units
  4. You helped me fix mine too Top Daf energy 👍
  5. I’m really starting to hanker for one of these- can anyone give me an indication of what they’re like for interior space compared to something like a Mk1 Focus?
  6. Problem is that the 1150’s sneak under the ULEZ NOx limit whereas the 1100’s do not.
  7. Thanks for the input all! Given that I need to do a huge stretch of motorway, weather protection and luggage capacity really appeals to me. I know of this 2004 K1200GT with 70,000 miles for £1600 or so, but for some reason these don’t appeal as much as a boxer. Plus this era of K seems to get very mixed reviews.
  8. I quite fancy trying a big beemer for my 75 mile commute- something like the R1150RT. Did @Jazolihave one? @Barry Cade?
  9. Tragedy, hope, love, despair: All of human and canine condition captured in these examples of image perfection.
  10. I like the sound of the 1987 “Nissan computer link”
  11. Talk to me about this 145 project…
  12. I’ve done a few around Essex on my Vespa and a few around Kent on my old BMW. Definitely the most fun on a scooter!
  13. I’d love to bomb about in this R A N O V E R for a while
  14. Motorcyclists: how important is it to you that your jacket and trousers zip together? I have an old Alpinestars V1 jacket and I’m pondering getting some trousers that attach. Did they change zips much through the years?
  15. Wonderful work as always. If you’re ever serious about not completing the project (which obviously I reckon you should) lemme be the first to put my hand up- especially now all the hard bits are done
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