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  1. Amazing! That looks like exactly the right combo of yellow / noisy / that particular type of fast feeling that you get with 125cc’s and lots of gearchanges. FUN I don’t fancy their chances at being able to hide their approval of the sound and smell of a 2 stroke. I’ve had a bit of a fleet shuffle recently which means I’m gonna sell my “I would never sell this” LML actually.
  2. Yaaas! Don’t worry about pics M9, it’s VIDEOS we need
  3. I love convertible versions of humdrum 90's motors. Simpler, flashier, shoddier times.
  4. Valid point and I wish I knew, I'm just lost in a vortex of WANTING EVERYTHING Good to see that someone is paying attention. Left accommodation, collected bike, cycled it to work. Home hasn't featured yet! This is an old Babboe with some mods: https://www.babboe.co.uk/city I'll probably electricfy it if it's a keeper.
  5. We all know that funnest thing ever is indentfying holes in your collection of vehicles.. those little niches where your Vespa, Morris, Fiat, Ford or bicycle won't do. I have one such hole in my collection and an opportunity to do something about it came up... So I set off on my trusty Brompton on an 8 mile cycle across London. Where I then collected this and cycled 10 miles in a somewhat slower fashion. It's fucked, but it was very cheap. The indexing is all over the place, the chain alignment is wonky, the steering is out of alignment, there's a mismatch between chain and sprockets, the list is endless. The chain skips about 6 times with every pedal revolution which made the journey FUN. It's pretty hilarious how lllloooooooong it feels. BIKE IN A BIKE FTW!
  6. This thread needs pictures. Until then I'm afraid I can't help, other than to say: I love Metros, A series & Turbos
  7. Spotted out and about in North London a little while back
  8. Can't beat the sound of a 2 stroke twin! More vids please, we need to hear some revs!
  9. Congrats dude! It’s been great seeing this come together. Can’t wait to see how fast it is via video…
  10. Dunno M9, but I’d like to price it as the cheapest MOT’d one on the scene.
  11. Where we at? The Morris is being delightful as ever. So much so that I treated it to some new rear tires to match the front ones (Nankang 155/80 R12). The rear ones were about 30 years old so this was looong over due. Here it is parked next to something infinitely less desirable. It rewarded me by the indicators going wonky which I traced to the flasher unit, presumably because Lucas. I had a 2 pin solid state one kicking around for the scooters, which according to the wiring diagram, shouldn't work. However, it does. Presumably because Lucas. This brought a very bright and consistent flash rate, even at idle with the headlights and wipers on and stuff. Very non-Lucas. Anyway, talking of scooters, that Vespa GTS has been on my list of things to sort for aagggeees. Remember that hole in the floor? Well it looked like this (not pretty I know) Then it looked like this after some skillfully applied red hammerite: Then I had to faff around getting indicators to work, bleeding the brakes, changing a couple of bulbs, pumping the tires up, applying zip ties to broken bodywork, all which took an annoying amount of faff. Then I pinged down to the only MOT station I could find that would see me there and then... DOH! He was closing shortly, so gave me 30 mins to get home to try and fix it before he left for the day. 20 mins of that was travelling time though, giving me 10 mins to fix it. Eeek. Switch tested ok, I could get voltage to the horn, but no horn. Must be the unit itself. I smacked it on the ground a couple of times but that didn't help. Then I noticed it had a little screw on the back that didn't appear to do anything, which I removed. This caused the horn to go "click". Then when I screwed the screw back in, the horn went "HORN". Still to this day I do not know what that screw does. Anyway, never mind that, because: Yay! Does anyone want to buy it? Whereas once upon a time it felt big and very fast, since riding a 650 on my test I need much, much more speed. Might roffle if there's interest.
  12. Airbags. Anyone wear them? I'm considering one for my motorway commute on my recently acquired Maxi scoot
  13. From when I investigated sorting my black death, it certainly sounded like the demoralising task of cleaning up was most of the battle. I'm gonna say that doesn't look too bad though compared to some, crack on!
  14. Fun fact: I spoke to another ULEZ tester up Cambridge way who was a bit more frank about their process to get it to pass. They work on mixture first, either with a "fuel module" which I guess is a resister on the ECU somehere, to richen the mixture, or, get this: BY RESTRICTING THE AIR INTAKE which usually costs in the region of £60. If that fails, they fit a cat. He didn't say in so many words but I'm guessing that you remove the old sock from your intake manifold as soon as you roll out of the yard £240 lighter.
  15. I think that dash is doing me the remind of my brief spell with a Black Death Vito
  16. Nah, the trick is to try to think about all that stuff less. I guess one option would be to write it down and set fire to it 🤷‍♂️
  17. I'd be keeping the absolute fuck out of that- it's ace! There may be some momentary weight lifted in selling it, but I'd say you just need to reframe keeping it in 1 of these 2 ways. Either: 1) Keep it right outside your house so that you can use it every day. When I had my Morris stashed away it felt a bit like a burden, now I'm using it every day it undeniably sparks joy every single time. 2) Keep it stashed away but try to remind yourself that it's actually an apreciating asset, not coming to any harm doing nothing. Revlieved of the burden, you'll come to love it again soon enough. For me, one of the greatest joys is coming back to a pleasure that you've deserted for a while, be it a favourite bike, recipe, tune, car, whatever!
  18. Yeah totes & cheers m8! I've spoken with a few folks who have had their bikes done there, and they range from testing them and charging £180, to charging them £450 for testing and fitting a catalyser. I gave them a ring a week or so back cos I was interested in a Honda FJS Silverwing- big 600cc fucker. Honda were super helpful and gave me the NOx data which was sadly over the 0.15g/km limit- something like 0.21g/km. I then saw that someone had got their silverwing tested and it passed, so I gave them a ring with a question along the lines of "if i brought my Honda Silverwing to you, would it pass?" To which they replied "couldn't possibly say mate, they usually test okay though". I then said, "cool, in case it doesn't, how much would it be?" to which they said "Look mate, ask the question as many times as you like, but we just can't say ok? There's a couple of things that we might be able to do" with a surprising dose of attitude. The attitude, combined with the closed door will they/won't they charge me whatever the fuck they want puts me off a bit but yeah I've deffo been considering cheaper bikes with the test fee in mind. Weird though innit, that they can pass a bike that the manufacturer reckons wouldn't pass? Further reinforces your "closed door" theory.
  19. Yeah maybe! Is it ULEZ compliant and what engine size is it? EDIT: Actually X reg is presumably not compliant.
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