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  1. I used these guys loads when I lived in london and I’d thoroughly recommend. Immaculate premises too. Their “no pass, no fee” policy also extends to motorbike ULEZ testing which is fucking great in my book. Here’s a pic of the Saab of many shiters in their bay
  2. This is looking wonderful and has got me wanting a BX again. White is by far and away the best colour on them imho
  3. God sorry I can offer no help other than than to say that the voltage does sound lower than I’d expect and the resistance maybe a bit high? I think I’ve got an old untested stator somewhere but it’s from a largeframe, I presume they’re different? Also, was there ever 6v versions of these?
  4. Incredible! I've loved every bit of seeing this come together. Can I buy it yet?
  5. At least I don’t have to worry so much about missing out on bargains anymore
  6. The perfect car. I had a simultaneous BX and X1/9 for a while (still got the X1/9). Angular Bertone FTW!
  7. What does SXI mean (other than SeXI obvs)?
  8. I do! I’ve made no further effort to put it up for sale yet, but I would let it go to a shiter
  9. How would you tell if the sprag is knackered, would it not disengage or something?
  10. Imagine you’ve been offered a 42,000 mile 2010 Triumph Tiger 1050 from a nice person for £1500. It’s been outside unused for a couple of years and has got surface corrosion and stuff. What do you say?
  11. I’ve got a very tatty Tucano Urbano one from a Vespa GTS250 you can have for postage
  12. This delightful thing is a mere £1800 on the blue https://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/225126/1959-austin-cambridge-bedford-1800
  13. Wow that’s lovely!! Only a couple of years until maximum exemption too!
  14. Oooh that’s a nice one. I find these really sensitive to colour combinations. I adored mine, and this white with red is really nice. But black, red, always look a bit meh to me. Hope that doesn’t render me too superficial!!
  15. Is this autocom active plus setup any good to anyone? Drink plus postage?
  16. And what’s that nestled in the background? Posh North London at its finest.
  17. You can get an optional foot lever for the DCT- I’d be interested to try one!
  18. I quite like the look of this as a ULEZ family wagon but the advisories and weird things wrong with it are sapping my enthusiasm. Lies!
  19. These are starting look almost funky
  20. That went well using a cutting disc on a dremel with a washer as a guide. I was miles away from the sealing surface. it’s all back together with the pedal jammed down with wood- I’ve had success with that bleeding method before but I’ve never known why it works..
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