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Show us your shite - in the snow!


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I can't compete with that amount of snow!, and to think the papers are reporting SNOW CHOAS here with the piddy amount we have!.


I took this about a hour ago, the Kadetts all wrapped up in the garage for winter.



My Opel Kadett in the snow by Trigger's Retro Road Tests!, on Flickr


Here's the Bora around the front for bonus shite points.



My VW Bora in the snow by Trigger's Retro Road Tests!, on Flickr

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I think its all relative to where you live, to be honest we usually dont get as much snow as this, so much for global warming,eh!

To think in some previous years snow was pretty much a here-today gone-tomorrow event last winter and so far this one have been pretty exceptional.

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Pandamonium, how familiar! :D I remember getting pulled by a plain-clothes Astra in my last Riva, about 4am one frosty morn in 2001. "You might like to clear some more of your screen sir..." I'd already done it once, it had frozen over again!


Meanwhile, fun in the snow? This was 2006...


I bet the Plymouth never met conditions like this on the beat in LA!

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Crappy night time photos I'm afraid. I took these a couple of hours ago.


First the Brava. It snowed here on Friday night. I cleared it up and used it on Sunday. It hasn't gone anywhere since though.......




The reason it hasn't gone anywhere, is because I'm using this instead.....





Which puts a big grin on my face in conditions like these :D:D:D

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