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  1. I picked up an Virago 250 last week as a bit of a project, been trying to get it running the last few nights as its been stood years. But i have hit a snag. It'll now fire up on the choke, but dies straight away. Any throttle kills it and it wont start at all without full choke. Is it likely a blocked jet in the carb? I have taken the carb off and cleaned it, but may not have been thorough enough.
  2. Bit of a thread resurection - last year I bought this 206: I needed a cheap runaround and this seemed to fit the bill, and took me one step closer on my Peugeot Bingo card. 206 box ticked! Its a 1.4 petrol in LX flavour and came filled with enough dog hair to build a whole new dog. Unfortunately no sooner had I cleaned it things went downhill. Upon receipt of the log book it turned out to be a cat D, which the cheeky sod seller had kept quiet about. No bother I thought, it was cheap and works ok*. Then the clutch developed a bad judder. Then a rear tyre had a blow out. Followed by the brakes seizing on while I was driving down the M1. This culminated with the clutch release bearing shitting itself and I'd had enough. A few of you may have seen the for sale post at this point. Moving on a few weeks, the price of second hand chod local to me spurred me on to pay someone to do the clutch, I sorted the brakes, slapped on 2 new tyres and it now seems to be behaving itself again (touches wood). So I might treat it to a bit of a tidy up. Theres a dent in the drivers door that I suspect will push out. I'll service it etc. Does anyone have a matching wheeltrim laying around they could sell me? Also need an aerial as some genius has nicked mine. Sparse updates and moans about how its not as good as a 205 to follow.
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