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  1. I've seen the Merc on Instagram, its been cobbled together in the last couple of weeks.
  2. I managed to get scooter No.1 back together and looking pretty tidy, so I bosched it on ebay and sold it to make some space. Acceptable looking: Kymco Agility 125 (21) I needed some space because I did a buy of something else 2-wheeled. 20190323_140213 A mighty Huoniao HN125. Supposedly a copy of a Honda CM125, its actaully not a bad little bike. Good for getting some road miles before I do my full license anyway, I'm enjoying blezzing about on it. Car-wise the red 205 has now gone over to Ireland and is in CarlosFandango's fleet, so my many years of constant Peugeot ownership has come to an end. For the first time in quite a while I didnt own a car. A change in personal circumstance has meant I'll need a car of my own again, so I set a meagre budget and a distance limit and did a bit of a searcharoo online. I must be out of touch, but it seems like £400 doesnt get you much any more, at least not within 15 miles of Lincoln. Far too many moon-miles ruined heaps being peddled around here. I did, however, manage to find something adequate. 20190412_183535 A Mazda 323, not exactly one of the most interesting or inspiring cars ever built. I have to look out the window to remember exactly what it looks like. 20190412_183554 But, it is well tidy, hasn't been to the moon and back and was in budget. The seller went to great lengths to tell me I wasn't going to be picking up chicks in this, but I think that the velour and autobox have a certain niche appeal. I'll be pressing this into daily use soon, hopefully it'll not turn out to be a total heap.
  3. I passed my CBT last week, and I've just won a cheap 125 on ebay to bomb about on, cant wait
  4. 205s are just plain ace. I've had 8 of them and will probably have another in the future. My pick would be a 1.4 TU engined version, even in regular form they are nippy and great fun to chuck around even in standard form. Petrol cars feel much lighter to drive than the diesel and I think that suits the character of the car. As others have said the cambelt is a doddle to do and the parts are all cheap as chips. When you're looking at one check the rear wheels haven't got the peugeot sag in the beam (though replacements are available - refurbs) and check for rust: in the boot, under the rear seat, check inner sills by lifting the interior carpet and look at the inner front wings. Gear linkages can sometimes get worn so its hard to find gears, but replacements are available. Seats can wear easily but replacements arent expensive and 3 and 5 door seats are interchangable. The mechanicals on the petrol ones are all a piece of piss to fix. Dont overlook the automatics, they go bloody well for what they are (I've had 3). The carb ones can have issues with the autochoke, but the later ones are single point injection so that solves that. There really is no reason not to get one.
  5. I thought that was a fag end for a minute... EDIT: love this shape of Jeep, but like others have said, the mpg puts me off. Hope you can get it all working.
  6. No rush on collection, PM when you know possible dates etc
  7. I'll have a random if there's any left
  8. Its about 8:30pm i think EDIT: the Saturday draw is at 7.45pm apparently
  9. There are but 2 people who haven't paid, which I reckon is close enough to go for tomorrow's draw.
  10. Let me tell you a tale of Robert Kay He left a message 'YOUR ALL GAY' But without a username I dont know who to blame But thanks for the cash all the same
  11. Yeah, aiming for Saturdays draw. Only a few left to pay so looks like we'll be reet to go ahead.
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