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  1. O, No, I just really like third gear, honest. 😂
  2. NB The last bit of it went in the bin today, I found the dented door from the car park incident buried in the scrap pile. The car itself went to Chompy snake as a straight swap for the Ronnie Pickering red picasso which despite all is still going. Edit, too slow! Lol I weighed the door in using a ldv convoy if anyone wants to know.
  3. There is a reason for that too. Here's the very first Haynes manual, Mr H stripped and rebuilt a midget and wrote about it incorporating pictures and diagrams from the BMC and Autocar. This was presumably quite hard going because his next few books were for everything else ever fitted with an a series and mostly a cut and paste from the MG book.
  4. Honestly though, even Haynes manuals of yore only had a couple of useful bits, the torque settings and contact breaker gaps mostly. Did anyone actually try to follow the dismantling instructions?
  5. I think all the starship enterprise/zombie survival etc jokey manuals probably outsell the car ones.
  6. You go on observing it having ABS fitted, it's generally quite obvious compared to passive hydraulic brakes, and I'm following my way along the brake pipes with a torch as part of the inspection. Also Laguna 2 isn't that well hidden if you're looking up at the bottom of the car over an inspection pit. Iirc it's under the chassis leg behind the NS headlamp.
  7. Actually, I checked the manual and they changed it again! No abs lamp is now a major fail again like it was before 2012. You used to see some years back with the abs light wired to the oil pressure switch.
  8. I have a Haynes manual so old it isn't even called a Haynes manual (Austin Healey sprite and MG midget by JH Haynes) and that's soft covered.
  9. Are you sure you test regularly? They binned the advice about abs lamps with the old vts devices about four years back, and it's been ok to pass/advise a warning lamp not illuminating at all since 2012....
  10. Oh yeah, and don't forget that the new rules also give us testers the power to fail based on visual checks only so I'd recommend fixing your smoky old heap rather than trying to cheat the test.
  11. There was a special notice about this the other week, don't deface or remove the emission tag between a test and a retest, it will fail again.
  12. Although I can only see half a tyre in the picture it looks legal to me. /MoT tester
  13. It's ok, I'll just point out where the public road passes through the museum instead.
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