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  1. A5 fatha says he will have two random give you the cash monday scary 2 tickets left? surely someone wants another 2 tickets
  2. this g26 has now 'gone to a better place' and some parts will be used for the qwertina
  3. FOR SALE Passat STUNNING IMMACULATE, needs clutch
  4. I see them all the time getting forklifted into the breakers yard, they sometimes get them running next day, but they always misfire and smoke. There was a long discussion about / gearbox swaps on another forum and the conclusion was that every engine suggested would involve far too much chew to make it worth doing. dead ones fetch about 450 on ebay, but dont break very well, so if you can find a cheap, good engine & body car, ignore the mechanicals and interior and buy a spares car too.
  5. this one was spouted by a bloke viewing a scimitar GTE i had for sale "you know that Reliant wanted to use the RV8, and designed the se5 around the RV8, but Triumph wanted it for the Stag so Rover agreed to supply Triumph instead" I replied with "oh right" and while on the subject of princess anne; I heard a rumour that the royal fixers searched the globe for an eligable bacholar named Lucas, but in the end settled on mark phillips, the inventor of the crossply screwhead.
  6. JUNGLE FIND cars are always good sellers on a similar note I know someone who was clearing the jungle at his grandparents house and decided to remove the hump of weeds from the centre of the garden, after a bit of digging the hump gave way and he fell into 3 foot of dirty water and soil that now filled the tin shed air-raid shelter forgoten about for 40 odd years. oh how we did laugh
  7. me too, I dont buy and sell cars to avoid these idiots, but I was tempted, and sucumbed. lesson learnt.
  8. young drivers GGGGGRRRR or, one in particular young whippersnapper (i know his dad, sort of) passes his driving test and uses dads phone to ring me to ask if i know of any cheap cars. I explain that bangers are cheap at the moment, price of scrap is low so beware the shiny turd, etc etc. His dad seems wise enough, so I assumed he would look em over for the boy before he buys. Couple of days later a straight looking, old lady smelling, 106 XR turns up. owner wants 100 quid with 3 months MOT, 'noisy gearbox' she says. I text the dad with details, no reply. Two more days and the price goes
  9. nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i havent been here for a couple of years, but i see the grumpy thread still up and running
  10. amazo finally exposed as a 'a two-faced little whiny bitch', 'really not very fucking intellegent' and a 'truly pathetic specimin' its a funny read, look in the 'chat' section http://www.moto-scat.com/forum/
  11. ah well i was hoping it was comedy i.e. funny
  12. I had a 2 litre mk5 in cosmos blue, with a vinyl roof in about 1992 with white wellers and a rear screen visor thingy and of course a lightning strip
  13. i notice the window winder mechanism i have some elctric ones, and switches, if you fancy going all posh
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