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  1. Well finally got insured - I did try getting insured with arnold clark (i have the dubious pleasure of being employed by them!) thinking that I would get a decent price being an employee but nope - anyway go compare came up trumps with a policy for £149.40 for the year - thanks for all the help! And thinking of the golf I REALLY must get it on an agreed value policy - it is up for renewal in march so time to start shopping around - think footman james as some of you suggested might be worth a try - especially if they can do agreed value...
  2. thanks - lot of good suggestions here - the golf should really be on a classic policy with agreed value - my insurance is up for renewal at the start of march so will probably go with a different insurer them - it has only covered 51000 miles so using it every day through the winter is doing it no favors plus it is racking up the miles - was only 36000 miles when I first got it two and a half years ago! It is strange that comprehensive is cheaper - the audi isn't really worth much - three years ago it was rear ended whilst parked up - that pretty much wrote it off there and then - the other vehicle did it and buggered off - see the pic below for how much it was damaged... We pulled the back of the car out using another car and with ebay i got two new rear lights but the whole back end is out of shape - car is still a very good runner otherwise - its an early 1.6 turbo diesel which i have effectively owned for 9 years - it is a perfect winter beater with (unusually) an excellent heater for a diesel and 45mpg regardless of how you drive it! The cheapest quote I have got so far is £144 with lancaster insurance - i'll try footman james as some of you have suggested to see what they say.
  3. Ok here is the story - I currently have my trusty mk2 golf gti which I am using as my daily but I have been given back my old 1990 audi 80 td from a friend who was using it for the last couple of years so the plan is/was to start using the audi as my winter "hack" and keep the golf off the road during the winter. Unfortunately it has hit a snag via insurance - I am insured on the golf with the AA so thought i would see what they could do for me with an additional policy for the audi - there were a few problems which surfaced when I called them... 1. they only do fully comprehensive policies - i only really need TPFT as the car is not really worth much. 2. most of the insurance companies they deal with point blank refused to cover it (age of car). 3.for some reason even though i have about 19 years NCB with them they said they couldn't use this with the other policy hence I would have zero NCB. So the quote the gave me....£1592! Bearing in mind i'm a 45 year old married home owner with a clean licence i was more than a little shocked with this - even the guy on the phone was surprised - even to the point of recommending i try some on line go compare type sites! Anyway what do some of you guys do with your cars? classic policy? cheapest one on gocompare? And just because a thread is nothing without pics here's the cars in question.
  4. I don't normally bother with eBay useless descriptions of cars but that one for the purple mk1 golf really boils my piss - advertised as a "campaign" model which it maybe was - once - but as it stands all the features the campaign had are missing! pirelli wheels, leather steering wheel, twin fog lamp grille, etc. Obv as a mk1 golf it will still go for huge coin to someone who dreams of the car it once was - good luck finding all the bits to resurrect it!
  5. There is a kit available from vw to fix this very thing - if I remember correctly it was about £20 per side - comes with a new paddle, spring and ring - means you can still use your existing key as well - a bit fiddly to fit (having three hands to do it is a help!) but it's dooable with a vice to hold the handle/key - used to sell loads of these about 10 years ago (god I feel old now!)
  6. Re: that Golf Rallye - I had one of these for over five years - sold it in late 2005 - good fun (once you got used to LHD!) but not really that quick - only got £4000 when I sold it to a guy from wales - saw it up for sale a year later £7500! Here's mine...
  7. Bloody hell they don't hang about! looks like it's still running - in one of the pics of the dash its idling - at the time of the accident I didn't open the bonnet - looking at how badly the front end is mangled i'm sort of glad I didn't......the lower front panel is/was touching the fan on the alternator! The car does have a "secret" immobiliser in the shape of a second heated rear window switch - it kills the feed to the coil - I'm just imagining the hilarity the day the new owner is driving and notices it - then switches it off - along with the engine.........! I do notice they state on there its estimated retail value - guess it must help prospective punters get an idea what its worth fixed up? Going to keep an eye on this - if it stays low (doubt it!) might have a stab myself..... In other news tomorrow is going to be interesting - firstly my "new" gti will be coming home (yay!) and secondly arnold clark officially take over the dealership where I work...things are going to get interesting real soon!
  8. Well to be honest it does seem like a lot for a smashed 33 year old car - I was expecting nearer £500 but to be perfectly honest it would be a lot of work to bring the jetta back from the dead anyway - lack of time and money would have eventually have seen it broken for spares and I would have hated to do that myself seeing all my work over the years trying to make it a good example gone to pot - hopefully someone out there will snap it up and either restore it to it's former glory or break it to keep other old cars on the road - a shame either way! As for the gti that will become my new "daily" despite some people I know saying I should just park it up in a garage and not use it I plan to make the most of it - YOLO!
  9. Update time - Well I finally heard back from the insurance about how much it would cost to buy back the jetta - £1433! plus they stated to re-insure it would require an engineers report IF i managed to repair it and get it back ready for the road - needless to say i'm out....it's a shame that things had to end this way for it but anybody interested should keep an eye out on the copart website as i'm sure that it will appear on there one day.....still a good car mechanically and with a bit of repairing would be a decent example again. The only good thing to come out of this(if losing a car is a good thing!) is that I am now the proud owner of a nice mk2 golf gti! Finally got the keys and paperwork today - it's like a new car inside and out - going to wait till friday to tax it and bring it to its new home... And a mere 36319miles on the clock - it's a nice place to sit - brings back a lot of memories of my previous mk2's.... And of course there is the "bonus" scirocco - now with a years mot! Needs minor fettling to get it to a standard I will be happy with but otherwise it's good to go - shame I can't keep this as well but space (and money) means it will have to go.....pity! In other news the Arnold Clark takeover is in full swing - tomorrow is effectively the last day of my dealership - seem such a shame that it has been built up from scratch by basically two guys to becoming a highly successful operation until the last year or two when the current owner couldn't compete with the larger operators - the way of the world I suppose.....
  10. It's been getting work done recently to get it back to life - new brakes and rear calipers plus a load of other work - should have a fresh mot when I get it - it's currently in our stirling branch so if/when I say yes it will be brought down to bathgate for me - this of course needs to happen before Arnold takes over at the end of the month of course.... As for the scirocco the plan is to get it mot'ed and ready for the road - does run and everything works - except for the rad fan which looks like a faulty switch - so this will be sold to recoup some money plus much as I would like to keep it like most of us I don't have the room! I do realise it's not the best spec - i.e. a 1.6 auto but it is low mileage as well (44000 I think) and it seems that anything 80's with a vw badge seems to be worth more than the sum of it's parts - look at my jetta, this was a lowly 1.3 base model booted hatch in an odd colour yet still seemingly worth over £3500! I would like it to go to a good home though, anybody that turns up with a pineapple and some nitromors will be discouraged!!
  11. Yes It could count against me but I think regardless of what happens in an accident even if it is not your fault they still consider you "higher risk" - this happened to my other half - hers went up even though her accident was a simple low speed shunt - anyway it looks like I would be daft not to so will be giving my yay or nay tomorrow morning - to be honest I think it will be yay....anybody want to buy a low mileage scirocco??
  12. Another update - my insurance co has just been on the phone with the a value of £3700! basically all I have to do is agree via return e-mail then the amount will be bacs into my account directly - I forgot to ask about buying the jetta back though - I will later on when I reply. The scirocco I don't really want as such - at least not as much as I would like the golf but like you say anything 80's is rocketing in value lately - I'm sure I could find it a good home - even if it is a 1.6 auto it goes ok - needs a bit of fettling and a service but could make someone a nice daily driver or show car - something a bit different than the rows of mk1 golfs that you usually see at shows.
  13. Well I still have to wait for the other parties insurer to agree that this is ok - probably why zenith, my insurer uses an independent engineer to get valuations - leaves no leeway for the other company to argue! Like you've said £3500 is not too bad - obviously it doesn't get my car back but I could still negotiate it's return (and possible breakage) to get some more out of it plus if/when I get some compensation for other items (doctor/dentist) plus loss of use then this should help - which brings me to the scirocco, today I was offered it as part of a "package deal" with this:- a very late mk2 GTI with a mere 36000 on the clock! Needless to say the car is mint and is therefore worth a few quid - I wont tell you the price I've been told but its a fair amount - the scirroco would come as part of this which I would probably sell to recoup some cash on the golf - always wanted one since having a few before - too good to pass up?
  14. Another update - Heard from the independent motor engineers yesterday afternoon - they've been and inspected the car and valued it at.....wait for it.....£3500! The guy was really impressed with it's overall condition and remarked of the valuation that these cars have shot up in value over the last couple of years - he also said if my drivers seat backrest hadn't been as worn (I was working on making a replacement seat cover just never got round to it!) the car would have been worth nearer £4000. Obviously this wont get my car back fixed but I am fairly happy with the amount - really thought that they would say £500! The next step apparently is for them to sent the valuation to my insurers (zenith) who will pass it on to the other insurance co - who hopefully will cough up. I will probably hear from them at some point shortly but as I would still like the car back (sort off) as I think the car could be saved - just need to see what happens....
  15. £12,500! Bloody hell! I do have proof I had to go to the doctor and the dentists bill (only £20 but that's not the point of course!) I think i'll wait till the engineer gets back with a value - would be nice if the other insurer would get their finger out as well and admit liability but as we all know this could take months.... I did empty the car of my stuff as the boot was full of tools and other things which I knew would go walkabout - maybe I should say allegedly! Other events in my life have now taken over somewhat - just found out on friday that our director and owner is getting out of the car game and selling the dealership I work for to Arnold Clark of all companies - this is either going to be very good or very bad....soon find out.....
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