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  1. I used to like that Matchbox Volvo F10...😎 I didn't have the cable drum version. The one I had was red with a blue Lion's cage on the back.
  2. Vin

    The grumpy thread

    I started buying it again when Holman left. Each to their own I guess 🙂
  3. You may dare...😄 Both the doors that were on it, one original, one replacement circa 2006, were both absolutely rotten. The bottoms were full of wob, mesh and glassfibre, that I put there over the years.... The green doors are 100% better than what was there, but they are not perfect, so I didn't think it worth going to the effort of painting, as I will have to do work on the passenger door at some point in the future. I have a brand new drivers door in primer and bubble wrap in a lock-up, so that is not such a concern. I got the doors from a scrapyard circa 1995, from a 6 month old malta green Panda CLX that had been crashed by a pensioner. I got the boot lid too. I put them on my daily driver at the time and then kept them when that Panda died circa 1998, so they have been in a shed since then...
  4. Very sad about the Jersey Panda...🙁 I've been driving this about for a few weeks now, so I thought I better update with a few pictures from the back end of Summer...
  5. Vin

    Sainsbury's Archive

    Very late 131 there. We're getting into Regatta territory by then. In fact the only 131s I've seen on B plates are estates, when it was just marketed as the Fiat 'Panorama'. (according to my copies of 'Fiat World' from the time)
  6. Vin

    Sainsbury's Archive

    @barrett Eddie Honda PI has already solved the case...
  7. Vin

    Sainsbury's Archive

    Can I just say HMC this is one hell of a shift you are putting in... I (and of course our fellow shiters) am very appreciative!! 123456789/10 (Would use again)
  8. Vin

    Sainsbury's Archive

    I thought the white car with the front end smash in the hoard, had the look of a Volvo 144, but that black patch on the C pillar and what I think is a front hinged bonnet made me think not. After a bit of googlin, I reckon a Triumph Dolomite... EDIT. Just realised MorrisItalSLX had already worked that one out...😄😄
  9. Very impressive, but that door mirror and wiper set-up is HORRENDOUS.
  10. Vin

    Sainsbury's Archive

    Brand/nearly new motor then. Whaddaya reckon. Fag rep trying to butter up the staff behind the tobacco counter??
  11. Vin

    Sainsbury's Archive

    Oh. A 1964, so 20 year old Vauxhall, parked up next to a 1983 Passat...in 1984. I actually recreated similar this morning...I parked my 1999, 20 year old Fiat Marea next to an 18 plate Passat, in Sainsbury's car park at Colton, Leeds. I just thought I had to mention, as the equivalent to that picture can still occur, if you get my drift...
  12. Vin

    Sainsbury's Archive

    Finally got round to having a look at this archive... The closest Sainsbury's to me is in Scunthorpe, but that was a Safeway, built on the 'Old Showground', the former home of Scunthorpe United, that became a Sainsbury after the Morrisons takeover. I do remember when the Sainsbury opened off Clive Sullivan way in Hull though, as we lived on the North bank then. According to the website it was 1984 and I remember our next door neighbour was a regular customer. Sainsbury's wasn't for my Mum though, she was a Jackson's/Grandways regular... Hull (Hessle) 1984 Hull (Hessle) June 1984 June 1984 June 1984 1984
  13. Vin

    Sainsbury's Archive

    Special edition Panda too. That green paintwork marks it out as a 'Fantasia'...
  14. Yes, that was me, I was there... I'm pretty sure ol' Aston is talking about the 'Starcraft' when it comes to the rape camper...I stuck my head in the open rear door and it was just as grim inside as out...
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