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  1. Yes, that was me, I was there... I'm pretty sure ol' Aston is talking about the 'Starcraft' when it comes to the rape camper...I stuck my head in the open rear door and it was just as grim inside as out...
  2. I haven't used bracing, but I do try to deal with one section, complete it and start on the next. For instance I made sure the inner sills were back to strength before chopping about the back sections. Where the seams are exploding, for example in the arch where the boot floor meets the inner wing and chassis rail (the two pics below), I bite the bullet and chop it out, with a dremel in this case as it's easier to get in. I then make repair sections, in this case two pieces, a floor section and then a wing section. As regards the triangular section you referenced, in my case it is solid and the seam is OK, the rust on the section is surface which I ground off with a cup brush and a dremel to get into the corners. I then put converust and painted with POR-15. There was actually a little bit above the triangular section on the seam, which I dremeled out and you can see in the below picture where I welded in a patch and ground the welds down. Top left 1/4 of the picture.
  3. There is also a little update on the Fiorino engine... I don't have any pictures, but the cleaned up pistons are now back in the block. They were fitted with new piston rings and new end bearings. I also fitted the new crankshaft seals. I cleaned and refiited the oil pump and oil pick-up pipe. Cleaned and painted the sump with POR-15 and assembled with a new gasket...
  4. I thought I'd update this thread with recent shenanigans, but realised I hadn't updated it for ages... Panda bodywork... | had lots of little repairs to do to all the common Panda grot spots, before I could even comtemplate replacing the outer panels... I've tried deleting the last picture (below) as it's out of sequence and doesn't add much, but it's not havin it...
  5. I quite like Woodstock and the associated acts, to the point a couple of years ago, I had Woodstock as a 'specialist subject' in a local quiz... Anyway, it's 50 years ago and this excellent documentary is on Iplayer...https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0007n24/woodstock-three-days-that-defined-a-generation And from it, I noticed that somebody left their Lada* parked on the side of the road... Also Triumph TR and Citroen DS in the thick of it.... (the ID of that red car in the background is comin...) On first viewing, I was like 'how on earth did a Hillman Hunter get to Woodstock?'. On proper freeze frame viewing, tis a MK2 Cortina though. National Guard Bell Huey and MK2 Cortina... * OBVS it's a Fiat 124...
  6. 1800 TU was recently seen in a 1974 film on the BBC archive on Facebook...it adorned a Rolls Royce Carmargue being piloted by Fyfe Robertson. Gist of the film was how far the car had come since the Model T Ford...
  7. I went to this tonight. I took the Panda 45CL. I went to the last one and took the 900T van, but not my camera... It's been great weather, so it was a great turnout... I took a few pics tonight, but not many... My 45CL... , RHD Simca 1000S coupe...
  8. Vin

    Truck Shite

    Saw my first Pea wagon of this years campaign yesterday. Broken down at the end of our road. Half on and off the main road junction...05 plate Scania...
  9. Vin

    The grumpy thread

    My experiences of buying stuff from the USA have always ended up with me paying 25 quid or more just to get it off the courier...😄
  10. Just thought I'd mention, there is also an earth strap from the starter to the bulkhead, in the area below the heater box.
  11. Yeah, I'd deffo clean the earthing 'hedgehogs'...that tends to sort out nearly 95% of electrical niggles on Pandas...
  12. Hottest day of the year, so I spend it outside welding. I am utterly fucked....😁😁 Rear inner wheelarch arrived during the week too... Floorpan and inner sill now repaired.
  13. Cheers Craig...He certainly loved his Pandas and 126...I'm sure he's cheering me on in spirit... I haven't got any pics of the inside. I will be using it in middle of July, so I'll take some then...
  14. Bit of an update.... All quiet on the Fiorino front...I've put it on the back-burner for know on the basis it is in the garage, thus is not dependant on good weather conditions... I have projects outside that will take precedence when the weather is better, namely the Fergie and now the Panda 750L... The 750L was out of MOT last November. I thought I would leave it til the Spring/summer as I knew it would need a tickle with the MIG on the end of the sill. I did get hold of a pair of genuine sills from a lad in Halifax last summer and they have been in storage. I decided to bite the bullet and rather than patch the end sill, just cut the whole lot off and repair what was inevitably going to be there. As expected, the inner sill and edge of the floor was crusty and needs repair sections letting in before I replace any outer panels. I have also been able to get an inner wheelarch panel, which means I don't have to do a load of awkward metal shaping and bashing. Obtaining this, prompted me to get a rear wing too, as there is a load of rot in the wheelarch...I will probably end up taking the rear window out and cutting accross and drilling out the spotwelds. Less visible weld area to clear up too... Here it is when it appeared at Shitefest in 2012, when I kipped in it... Also, in other Panda news I got the 45CL out of the lock-up where it has been for the past two years and got it MOT'd. I let the MOT lapse in 2017 as I had loads of other stuff on, but I started it regularly. It's now road legal again and I really do enjoy driving it. It's great. Here are some pics, including the ICE.. I've also got the cylinder head back for the Fergie, so I've been lapping the new valves in and have assembled them into the head... That's all for now...
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