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  1. **First post for years alert** Fcuking hell Stuart!! 250bhp?!? ...As you were
  2. Here's my Mk1 Megane daily: I still see plenty of R and S reg Scenics around. But other once common cars I hardly see any more: Nissan Almera (remember the advert being on all the time when it was new...) Old shape Peugeot 106 - I passed my test in one Any non-sporty Saxo Any Saabs Fiat Cinquecento Fiat Coupe Ford Puma/Cougar Ford Maverick/Nissan Terano Vauxhall Frontera Early Galaxy/Sharan/Alhambra Early Espace - the 90s school run bread and butter Old shape Range Rovers Bedford Rascal Citroen C15s are thinning out... Or is it that all the once common cars are hidden by the hordes of Audis, VWs, Mercedes, Binis, Land/Range Rovers etc.?
  3. Let the suspension do the work. Whack in high first, jack up, place the axle stands under the subframe, drop suspension to lowest setting so it lowers itself onto the stands. When done and wheels are back on etc. start the car and whack the suspension in high first. Once the car's fully raised, jack up, remove the stands then lower slowly to the ground off the jack. As the car's in 'high' it won't try and trap the jack. Mark.
  4. mnde

    oh cr@p

    Hi Matt, I've just been looking through some old photos, and found a couple I took of your Bug at Aircool Day, Duxford, and the H van rally in Melplash, both 2003 Mark
  5. mnde

    oh cr@p

    Hi there - welcome and good luck with your new VDP! I'm wondering whether or not I ought to tell Chris Salter I know of an LNA for sale........ DIdn't you have an import Beetle a while back? Cheers, Mark.
  6. I was brought home from hospital in a Simca 1100 Estate
  7. Retrofit the setup from a Mk2 BX 16V/TZD? or a CX? Might be worth talking to Rob Moss. He's equipped one of his GSAs with plip central locking. With a "pip" sound and flashing indicators an' everything... Mark
  8. mnde

    Renault 14

    I know a certain C Salter (who's been looking for a 14 for years) is bidding on this... Mark.
  9. Here's mine: Great for just being able to chuck your keys &c on the roof. Super work with the Chryslerr, Boobydoo M.
  10. Hi Wuvvum, the white one belongs to my friend Chris - I had a ride in it a couple of weekends ago when we went up the A1(M) to collect my GSA from Chevronics. I took pics on the day but haven't had time to post them. Not every day you see a 16 and a GSA Break in convoy Chris has an account on here but so far he only lurks. I'm seeing him tomorrow so I plan to tell him about the Alpine for sale on here Mark
  11. We had exactly the same problem with our K reg Clio. We took it to the dealer and their solution was... to tape it up with that black tape like the Clio above. Is it entirely different to a BX for example, which has drain tubes (that get blocked)? Mark.
  12. I too found this cringeworthy and almost utterly predictable, the only thing that made me smile was the firing off of tin cans and tennis balls in the 'improved' cricket match. Was I the only one looking out for the Allegro's lap time on the whiteboard? Glad to see it didn't get trashed. It wasn't required, which was a blessing. All 3 waxed lyrical about their cars at the end.. made me wonder why they buggered them up. Got a hint of remorse from JC and JM when they'd fecked their cars with the mountain tyres.. like 'what have I done..?'
  13. Fantastic Allegro Alex, in one of my favourite BL colours too. I can only re-echo the praise on this thread. Enjoy it! Must encourage my tat owning friend Chris to buy another Allegro. I've driven three that he owned (2 saloons - one early, one late, and a 1750 twin carb estate, but all are long gone now). I'd like one, but I rate my chances of owning one currently as rather small... Mark.
  14. C'mon show us a pic of the new lightz in the boot. The original thing was a piece of crap and was always iffy, even after cleaning up all the contacts etc. I really ought to wire one in the GSA when I get it back. Being "Special" pov spec, it didn't get one as standard. Once I had one of those stick on LED push activated LED lamps you can get from IKEA mounted on the boot wall, but that fell off after a while. Mark.
  15. Another thought - I also never got a chance to check the accelerator pump diaphragm/operation in case there was a problem with not enough fuel being supplied under sudden heavy load.... I didn't ever test the fuel pump... I found the other thing that instantly improved the cold start was when I changed the coolant a couple of years back- obviously making sure it is properly bled is important because the coolant hoses that supply hot coolant to the autochoke waxstat are at the highest point in the system, above the height of the radiator. I was going to try bleeding it again to see if that helped, this time using an improvised header tank (2L coke bottle with the bottom cut off and shoved into the rad filler with blutack as a seal, then filled to the top with coolant) to help force any air out better. Mark.
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