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    I think that was 'Sold in 60 seconds' with a bloke called Charlie Taupe.
  2. RedSparrow


    Damn, you got there before me!
  3. There's a Finnish film called 'Hold onto your scarf Tatiana' that features one of these.
  4. Abandoned garage with old Alfas in Rusper, Sussex. Apologies if it's a repost! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWpo8_L6aWI
  5. ^^^ Wot Barrett sed. Plus I read on a forum it was an attempt to make a luxury car so they didn't have to import so many, but then then war happened and it was chucked in the factory scrapyard, only to be discovered after the war. There's an argument about whether the engine is a Polish original or copied or licenced from Ford.
  6. I generally dislike Vauxhalls, but these and Chevettes are really stylish. Lovely car you have there
  7. Apparently the Polski-Fiat thing goes back to the 1930s. There was another old one in the lobby, I'll try and find the photos. The 4x4 estate used Lada Niva parts, evident from the wheels. The limo was made in a rush for the visit - and it shows up close. It's a bit wobbly in places and has big lengths of box section all over the bottom. It sits low cos of all the extra metal grafted onto it. My fave was probably the black secret Police spec one, or the ambulance, which had a wonderfully depressing light green vinyl interior. Btw - where are the FSO lads (benno and Cyanide Steve and others) threads? I can never get the search thing on this site to work. I'd like to know how that rotten green Polonez is coming along.
  8. Alright? Not been on for a while. I felt like I didn't have much to contribute anymore. Anyway, I went to Warsaw in August, and in the Technical museum there was a special FSO exhibition! Some interesting one offs and prototypes including a limo made for Breznev. I'll let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions.
  9. Man, that's awful in about every way. Probably off the the oval at that price.
  10. Wartburg is pretty awful - probably cos it has 'wart' in it. Has anyone said Bongo Frendee yet?
  11. I had this. Free on the front of TG magazine. About 10 2 minute clips of famous comedy shows. A bit shit really!
  12. Just noticed how much the front of these looks like a Merc.
  13. I saw a Chrysler 300 badged as a Lancia the other day. Irritated me that they put that badge on something so ugly and shit.
  14. It's actually quite a stylish looking thing, but you can see how it would've looked outdated by the 1990s. Either way 8)
  15. Cool! It's like a cross between a Berkely and an Lotus Elan+2.
  16. Chicks love a TR7. From the outside. The shitty plastic interior and crap seats seem to be a turn off.
  18. Hello! Small Czech update, just because these aren't like the million Favorits and Felicias I see everyday. Barkas: Late 80s Volkswagen engined one. If it was a 2 stroke I would've noticed! And this was very interesting. A Simca 1200 I beleive. Interesting because it is on old Czechoslovakian plates for the town. This means it was imported, probably by a Communist Party member or someone with friends in high places. Very possibly the only originally Czech registered one in exisitance.
  19. Ha! I thought that was a Panther Rio when I first looked at the picture!
  20. Train fees are extortionate in the south east. From Heathrow airport to Hastings its about £60 and nearly 4 hours or £80 and about 3 hours with the cunting Heathrow express. I pay a mate £20 to drive me door to door in less than 2 hours. And sucessive governments try and convince people to use the train!
  21. Man I'm sorry to hear this. You do seem to have bloody awful luck with tossers vandalising your stuff.
  22. Amazing. This car couldn't have ended up in better hands.
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