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Show us your shite - in the snow!


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Mazda has to live outside unfortunately, has a bit more snow on it now but this is a few days worth admittedly:




Starlet needs clearing every morning but it's pretty good in the snow being quite light, low-powered and on skinny tyres. Couldn't get out yesterday as I live at the bottom of a hill and it was like glass, but not too bad today:




All the others tucked away.


This guy knows where he needs to be this weather too: :lol:



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Finally went to collect my car from where I'd left it on Sunday Night, not because of the snow, due to the German Market being in Town :wink:




Wasn't too bad, lots of people getting stuck round and about, just stuck mine in 'W' and it plodded through.. Thankfully.

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Mat.T, what's the story with the derelict Roller in front of your Saab?


I for my sins work at a Rolls/Bentley specialist restoring them, its one of a few dotted around the place used for spares or probably for sale as a resto project if someone was really brave! It has a friend in front of it:




this one is a resto project of one of the guys who I work with, haven't seen much progress since the snow!




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