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  1. Oooh. That looks a bargain. Where abouts are you?
  2. I don't believe they are a separate sub frame assembly like Peugeot. The mounts are part of the structure of the car, and when rotten can pretty much right the car off. My '78 Mk1 Renault 5 was scrapped when the drivers side outer mount parted company with the body. I knew of a mint 78 16TX which went the same way.
  3. Hnnnnnggghh, I feel the need to paint the doors yellow to recreate every Airport Taxi from my youth in Spain.
  4. Ooh, that looks like an early XS!
  5. Seem to have cured the Salt Dog Fukus of it's stalling issue. A quick clean of the throttle body was all it took. It now drives like a car from 1998 and doesn't turn itself off at every junction.
  6. I had the 1.6 saloon version. So less useful. However it went like a mental thing. And apparently was faster than a similar aged Golf GTi (Although we were dealing with the MkIII so hardly difficult)
  7. IIRC on my old 850 2.0 20v It's possible to slip the timing belt past the bottom pulley without removing it.
  8. Ha. Reminds me of a mutual friend of Mr Imp and myself, whom is notoriously messy being very chuffed with himself by managing to drain the oil out of his Navara without so much as a drip on the street. He then tripped on the front garden step whilst carrying the open drain tray, and sloshed several litres all over the steps garden and footpath... ?
  9. The bitter cress and moss are now taking over.
  10. Testing the water and placeholder threads. If it's for sale, it's for sale. If its not, it's not. Not as if the board is that fast moving that the ad will be on page six in ten mins.
  11. I've been looking at these.. *Grabs some snacks*
  12. The lack of the 3dr hidden door handles sets my anxiety off........
  13. I'm really struggling to find a white Dodge Ram crew cab.. the most ubiquitous truck. If any stateside can help?
  14. Columbia..... To Lupas escape, I've used it many times in the past...
  15. That 1049 ohc engine is a total screamer. Super fiver speed Shirley (A Mk2 that I had) was the epitome of Italian engines for me. As James May put.. Rev it, then some more, once you see the valves dance on the bonnet.. Rev some more.
  16. Salt Dog Fukus decided to disgrace its self on the way home from work today. The big central heat shield parted company with the floor pan on one side, causing a right racket as it dragged along the road. Pulled onto a kerb, and managed to bend it into a less dangly position. Still scrapes on speed bumps, but it can stay like that.
  17. That's basically a blue French space shuttle. One assumes that part prices are the same.
  18. Well the terrarium seems to be doing its thing. It's a foggy day in there as the ecosphere sorts itself out. It's bizarre that it's surging and surviving on its own. Hopefully the plants will clear the moisture once they settle in. They had some late sunlight today,
  19. I'm quite a fan of the lights, apart from the Citroen SM/DS.
  20. All this for a plastic model..
  21. Visiting Mother Volksy today, she had found some letters I'd sent her from back when I lived in NZ. In amongst them was a photo of the old CF I had out there. It was a 1969 locally built (CKD), It's pretty much eddyramrods ideal spec.. Holden 3.3 straight six, with auto transmission. Bought to look more local than getting a rental, it gave pretty good service for the year we were there. This was 23 years ago, so can't see it having survived!
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