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  1. We had these for a while in Leeds too, too big for the roads, they were awful trying to navigate the medieval streets of York. Watching these from above, when I lived in a high rise, they reminded me of slugs wandering around the city centre.
  2. I do like how these look, saloon over a hatch anyday. I used one in NZ, 1.8 Auto if I remember correctly. Comfy if dull. I was in my early twenties, so I'll probably like it now!
  3. Had a run out this weekend. Leeds to Manchester, then up to the Isle of Harris in the Hebrides. For legitimate reasons I will add. Drove up through Glen Coe, via Ben Nevis and over to the Islands, empty roads - and I mean empty. The C180 performed impeccably, only used a tank of fuel to get there, and got out without any aches or pains. I must say, I'm rather impressed with it! T
  4. Those Victor's always look like they have received punch in the plums.
  5. Friends of mine organised and created that stunt. They used to do a similar thing for the old Top Gear Live shows, but from a crane rather than a Dam. I've really warmed to Flintoff, I just think that he doesn't suffer from, or actually enjoys fear!
  6. I had one of those tiles on my keys for a year or so, that's how long the non-changeable battery lasts. It was pretty useful. Shame you can't program the sounder to say 'Set me free you Crazy Bi@tch!!'
  7. Mercedes passed the MOT the other day. Had advisories for the rear tyres wearing, and slight play in a NSF link rod. Overall pretty impressed with this one!
  8. Never seen one with Cloth trim before! The rear looks like quite a nice place to be, rather than the standard vomit speckled vinyl generally fitted!
  9. Along the lines of @wuvvum I gained a Fiat 127, called; and I quote "Super Five Speed Shirley" These had a ratchet seat recline, not a winder, A block of wood was procured to stop me disappearing into the back seat on Shirleys overly vigorous acceleration . Those 1050cc Fiat motors were grand!
  10. Descended Kirkstall Hill in Leeds in my old '61 VW Van, and as the lights turned to Red at the bottom of the hill, I was doing about 40mph hoping to make said lights. I hit the brakes and the van blew a wheel cylinder. Single Circuit brakes, so no braking. Yanked on the handbrake, and as one rear drum was full of brake fluid (guess it had been weeping for a while) the van violently turned left and thankfully stopped on the stop line of the traffic lights. however at 90 degrees to the direction originally travelling in.
  11. Fitted new brake pads to the C180 this morning. Sadly the new ones didn't come with the wear sensor, so I still have the annoying 'Brake Wear - Visit Workshop' when I fire it up. A new sensor has been ordered, as the MOT is due at the end of the month. The last pads I fitted were on the Jazz and Focus, both of which had seized parts, especially the Jazz, with bolts rounding off etc. That was a newer car with half the miles. The Mercedes looks pretty healthy underneath, although after a wash, the rear aches are suffering after a very salty winter.
  12. Many moons ago, I had a 1986 Peugeot 205 GLD, which had covered a gargantuan mileage but still managed a daily commute between Stoke and Chester. I generally used to use the A533 but occasionally the M6. Driving back to stoke on the M6 one day, it was a 60mph traffic jam. Anyone who knows the long straight section near Sandbach will understand what it can be like. Suddenly the truck in front of me in the centre lane swerves violently, nearly taking out cars on either side, as I'm distracted by the potential cataclysm about to occur in front of me, I run over a metal wheel in the car
  13. Volksy

    Bus Shite

    This still stands, for the moment. It was due to be demolished a couple years ago. Locally known as the 'Red' bus station, it is now home to a bar called 'The old red Bus Station' and my mates Pizza restaurant.
  14. 1977 Citroen GS x2, this was followed by a 1980 Alfa Romeo Guilietta 1.8, after these my old man retired, so he and my mum then shared a car after that.
  15. Visibility out of the above would be somewhat akin to driving round sat in a Converse baseball boot staring through the lace eyelets!
  16. Holy hell, I had that Nikko mighty ranger, just seeing it brought back the smell of warm plastic from the motor! Mine died when the front suspension broke.
  17. A chap I used to work for collected Scammells, He had an Explorer, and Crusader and a Constructor. He used to be heavily into Citroens, having been trained at the Paris Factory. When he retired, he sold everything and disappeared. As he used to smoke about 50 B&H a day, I'd be surprised if he was still around. Pretty sure this was one of his....
  18. I prefer this advert for a 245...
  19. I'm with the 'Do Not Paint' crew. Just looks like most Dyanes from my yoof!
  20. I think the Mercedes SLC is a 1:12 Otaki kit. I remember seeing one in Beatties model shop as a kid.
  21. Berlin beige as well.
  22. It's currently in Leeds, in a heavily student popularised area at the back of the Uni. Will see if it sticks around.
  23. White lights front. Red lights back. 😉
  24. Clocked this old bean today!
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