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  1. I bought the ex-bollox Laguna 2.0t F4RT Sport Tourer auto, I ran it for about six months, but gradually the car slipped into its own insanity. As mentioned by other posters it suffered from electrical/electronic maladies, the weird circuits and electrics meant that if one system failed, it would take our other random parts of the vehicle. e.g. Heated rear window circuit also controlled the headlight washers, which technically needed to work due to Xenons. But if the fuse was in, the HRW circuit would drain the battery. Windows regularly forgot that they were supposed to go up and down, and needed reseting constantly. As the Sat Nav didn't work, you couldn't set the clock etc etc etc... I never got to the bottom of the cooling fans being inoperative, nothing on the car correlated with anything i could find on the web etc.. In the end, it lost boost pressure which was the last straw, so I sold it to work. It looks like someone persevered with is for a while after being sold at BCA, as it was a good few months before it disappeared off the DVLA.
  2. Someone did at least specify the screen. Have you ever seen one?
  3. The Jag has had a slight rumble from the NSF Wheel Bearing for a couple of month. Last Saturday I hit a pothole, which finished it off. I booked it into my local Jag Specialist - Tasker and Lacy; who quoted me 'around £200 all in' to replace it. It needs special tools, a press and the ABS ring taking off (which are pretty much unobtainium) . They had it done in a morning, genuine Jag bearing and a final bill of £246.00 inc VAT. Seems steep for a bearing, but its under warranty and after chatting to the garage owner for half an hour when i picked it up, he said he has just got one like mine in for scrap, which for a few beer tokens I can raid for all the trim parts mine needs. Sadly not the same colour, but should yeald some vital bits.
  4. That's my old one. Was originally a Newlander Camper, but the camper body had all the structural integrity of frosties. I sold/gave it to a mate who put a second hand Toyota Dyna Pick up bed on it.
  5. Volksy

    TV cars

    More film than TV .. but this!
  6. Well, after a couple of weeks of dread, things seem to have returned to normal. The transmission has stopped shunting, slipping and generally playing up. It did make all sorts of horrible noises and kept 'creeping' in neutral. Interweb investigations pointed to the valve block in the unit either being worn, or some sediment causing the ball valves to stick slightly open. Therefore slightly engaging drive when it shouldn't and not fully engaging drive when it should. I'm not sure if the aforementioned sudden loss of power at motorway speed caused fluid issues, as the car was essentially coasting un-powered at 70mph - given you shouldn't tow an auto without the engine running, maybe that caused the issue. When I get back from my holiday, I'll book it in for a fluid change to try and safeguard against any further dramas. I'll look into replacing the battery before the cold weather kicks in, but having experienced this very vehicle with a weak battery, it's not playing up like it did back then, so i think it's OK for now, Incidentally the 'hard reset' I did on the car, which drains all the capacitors in the ECU/Computers has caused a weird transformation. The gearbox - when in 'normal' mode, is far less slug like, it used to meander along, then when power was required, hesitate (or do bugger all) then violently kick down - normally two ratios - and launch itself towards the horizon. It's much more progressive now. 'Sport' mode now actually feels like a enhanced version of the above, with the transmission changing down as you slow, to provide more engine braking, but also putting you in the right gear if you need to accelerate again, rather than using kick down. One assumes it's still learning - if these do such a thing - I'll see how it settles down over the next few months.
  7. Oh dear. I think I spoke too soon. Had an actual emergency in the fast lane. No power, spur rapid lane change to the (now non-existent hard shoulder) M60. With the 'engine stalled' warning. Its only ever happened once before. Years ago. But why? Stopped. Restart. And all is well. Then later in the day. Transmission shunt. Hmm. Thoughts please?
  8. I had the misfortune of being given an Astra Mk32 or whatever as a company car..not quite powered by an NA 1.6.. the kerbweight is the same as a Senator IIRC
  9. I can imagine Jim Bowen saying that...
  10. It's been a couple of months since I acquired the Jag of much beige back from Mr Barefoot. To be honest, nothing at all has occurred really, it occasionally, much like myself, has a stability control failure (TADTS) . Which it used to do in my previous tenure. The LH bank of the super smooth V8 has sprung a slight oil leak, some new cam cover gaskets will be on order shortly. It's happily keeping the Gulf states rich with its massive thirst for unleaded, but as I only work about 4 miles from home, it's just about tolerable. I tend to plead ignorance and NEVER flick though the trip computer. After several years of being bullied off the road in the Geoffrey the Jazz, its a revelation to command some respect in traffic. As we all know, these are just sublimely comfortable, when i picked it up it was like putting on an old pair of slippers and a smoking jacket. Which I think will be the reason that it will stay around for quite a while. I did get offered a set of XJR wheels, which would suit it, but I will not compromise that ride quality for appearance. Given I used to be a full on pineapple VW 'Slam it MAN' type, it shows that I have got old.... Even the directors at my place of employment like it, which means I can leave it with all the Bentleys and Range-Rovers littered in the Exec car park. The downsides, apart from the aforementioned thirst, are that it doesn't fit on my street (ironically it is generally parked in a pub car park at the end of my street) and that I'm going to have to start saving up to get the bodywork sorted. At the moment I like its aged shabbiness, Like that posh uncle whom has no issue farting at the dinner table. But I am aware that it needs addressing sooner rather than later. The transmission has a slight slip in reverse as it takes up drive, but I remember that from when I owned it before, it doesn't seem to have got any worse, and as long as you don't rush its fine. Mr Barefoot had a transmission service, and the report does state that the brake bands on reverse gear are worn, So i'll just hope it doesn't fail anytime soon. All in all I'm very happy that M.Imp of this parish pretty much bullied me into bringing the heap back into the fold. I'll post some pics when I can get my phone to work!
  11. I still have a dent in my left kneecap from kneeling on the upturned trailer that came with this wagon.
  12. I was in California a couple of months back, doing a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles via Highway 1 and a load of old planes. So I rented a 'Full Size' through Europcar, who sub-contracted me to EZRent/Advantage. It was neither E-Z or an advantage. They tried to give me a battered Camry that had done nearly 60k, and smelt like someone had died in it. So after another half an hour in their office filling out war and peace i ended up with this... Its a Hyundai Elantra, and you know what, despite being a downsize I quite liked it. It had a few dints and scratches, but a decent stereo, and drove pretty well. I guess its the equivalent of an i30 over here. Also in LA traffic a smaller car works so much better. Especially parking! However...... I'd driven down as for south as Pismo, then cut inland to Mojave (which I swear is Sandy Shores in GTAV), where I had rented an orchard ranch, and had noticed stickers or the remainder of, on all the panel gaps. You can just see one at the top of the 'B' pillar. On closer inspection, when bored, i noticed this... So, having rejected a Camry that smelt like someone had died in it, I'd rented a car that someone probably had - the boot was quite large for a vehicle of it's class.. I mate of mine had the following comments.. "Oh, its California, so probably a drug related crime.. Or a drug murder.. A cartel are probably still looking for that car...." I have since bought a model of the car, just need to add the 'extras'
  13. Volksy

    Sao Penza

    This has cheered up a very depressing Monday. Great work!
  14. Caliper should be an easy enough swap. Although when I did the pads on mine there was a pretty shocking amount of rust on everything. The caliper bolts just crumbled.
  15. My '55 pov spec Jazz has Aux, hidden under a little cover below the fag lighter. Didn't notice it for ages
  16. An Ex of mine had an F plate one of those. delightful car, well it was, until mid blowy - with her feet on the dash he hit the Mormflake bridge in Crewe. On a camping trip, a week before, my mate had been dancing to Doves with his feet against the screen, Saved her life.. Apparently she just dissipated down the bonnet. Then stood up and requested a lift home.
  17. They handle and brake pretty well these.. especially when a Lizard pops out of the dash vent.... ~Dont ask me how i know..
  18. Volksy

    Renault 14 Madness

    I wonder if one is possibly from the chap who used to be a prolific poster on here, who disappeared when he discovered females.
  19. Hot wheels did some that revealed damage when hit by another car, IIRC I've at least one, which was a pick up truck, they did a sports car that had a resemblance to a RX7, and a caprice with side damage. I bet not many survive with all their paint!
  20. Exhausts generally snap just before the rear silencer.
  21. Had this a couple of years back on the Jazz, all sorted with no issues thankfully.
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