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  1. They can smell a "wrong un".
  2. Claypole


    Normally a bottle or two on Freecycle. Or ask for one.
  3. Claypole


    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/DYMO-JUNIOR-EMBOSSER-MACHINE-Label-Maker-Printer-New-/250795067264?pt=UK_BOI_Office_Equipment_Supplies_Office_Equipment_ET&hash=item3a648d0780 £6.90 plus p&p. Crazy fun for the kids it seems, can't see them being impressed tbh.
  4. Buy the bigger cheaper bag, peel and chop them as you prefer then bag them into the freezer with some spuds or whatever other veg takes your fancy in individual potions. Then when you want a "slap up tea" you can just use them as required. I wish i was rich/that busy that I had to buy the pre peeled and chopped stuff - lazy gits.
  5. So you need something to insure to keep your NCD then you can use it when you do buy a car?
  6. Refuse to pay the penny, I have before, then report them to Trading Standards anyway. One I only use when I have to has a saucer by the till with pennies in it so guess they try it on when they can.
  7. Full wheel Disc lok - search ebay by "Nearest" - if you can find one near enough to pick up you'll save getting molested for postage.
  8. Mine's out of date too but it's not 10 years old the robbing gits. (well it was out of date last July and still is...) I'm due a points clearance so didn't rush to update it. They must have had a right laugh when they dreamt that up, money for nothing.
  9. Have a look locally for a gas supplier - I bought my own bottle from the guy at the gas place, tested and filled, said about a fiver per refill. Or try an advert for a bottle on your local freecycle.
  10. My dad came down to help work out why one of the rear lights on my Astra Estate shite wasn't working. He'd brought a spare rim with a tyre on it, as one of the fronts was a tad illegal... Ok we'll get that changed before starting on the faulty light. An hour and half later the wheel was off the car. It was stuck, hit it with hammers, dropped the car's weight onto the wheel with no bolts in it etc etc. Even tried a sledgehammer on the rear of the rim. Gave it up and did this : Had to use a cold chisel and hammer on the stub to even get it to move, it was seriously rusted/stuck on. Scratch one steel wheel. If anyone has any laying about that they will sell for about 54pence then let me know.
  11. Guy on a BBC program stripping wall paper with a butter knife... Just needs Mambo No5 to come on over it.
  12. "stop asking about the girl she is not for sale!!!" If she's happy to be photographed in that turd I wouldn't have her for free.
  13. Chitty's even got a retro tat suitcase, puts those hipsters of today out of fashion for 100 years.
  14. Soap dispenser advert - who gives a toss how dirty it gets... you are washing your hands with the soap anyway ffs... common sense long since shipped out.
  15. There are always cheap disclok's on Ebay if you can find one close enough to collect to save the postage.
  16. With a towbar for the gift set with speed boat and caravan?
  17. Round, who wants to be square? Grimy faded petrol blue paint check, plates, er gone, fail, white door, er fail. I can offer up a white bonnet and boot lid though?
  18. Reported for keyword spamming - I felt like it.
  19. Claypole


    Wondered why I'd not had any metal stolen this week.
  20. The 1.6 Polo I had was quite thirsty. The 1.4 was ok. 1.9 TDI was fantastic, should never have sold that one.
  21. Claypole

    The Works

    I bought all 3 from the Rotherham shop.
  22. Cigs to be hidden from view in shops... Someone is being paid to come up with this bobbins. I'm sure if I went down the local shop and couldn't see and cigs I'd think "Oh I'll give up smoking then". (not that I have or do smoke) I've cars to piss my money away on.
  23. 2 knackered tyres. A pickaxe Rigger gloves - ladies though as I have little hands. A wrecking bar An Astra steel wheel my dad's arsed up trying to paint with a mixture of paints Two rear light bulb holders that failed to fix the faulty rear lights A very big plastic bag
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