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My shite radio show

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Hi, I don’t know what Autoshite’s policy is on shameless self promotion but I think if there’s a place to promote my new radio show it’s here.

So ten weeks ago I was approached by a dad of an old mate of mine who has an online radio station called Duggystone Radio. He follows my Instagram and took a liking to my little history lessons of cars so he wanted me on a show. And before I knew it, The Road Show began as a little 10 minute segment on Monday’s Business Show but it’s already expanded to its own hour-long programme.

I’ll admit that the show does still need some work. From next week I’ll be turning it into a show which, rather than just covers one topic, has various small segments that hopefully will become regulars so people know what to expect. I want it to have car related news, perhaps a segment on someone’s interesting car, maybe even road tests - who knows?!

It airs on Sundays at 11am on Duggystone Radio (you young blades can download the app on your Androids and iPhones) and then it gets uploaded to Mixcloud afterwards for people to listen to whenever they want.

I’ve been a member of Autoshite for a long time and absolutely love it’s community so I wondered if you’d be interested in giving the show a listen and telling me what you think. I mean let’s face it I’m no HubNut, I’m 18 after all, but it would mean the world for me if my shows got your backing as petrol heads and enthusiasts of shite cars.

Thank you.

This episode was the second we did. I cover a wide variety of topics (like developments in the electric car world, people’s first cars, even a report from the NEC Classic Motor Show a few weeks back) but this one is probably the most shite so far, it’s Cars You Love To Hate.


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Just now, Dave_Q said:

Shameless plug OK by me, will give it a listen on my way to work one day.

Thank you, that means a lot. 

Nows probably also a good time to mention that on Facebook we also have a group page. Just search for The Road Show - Duggystone Radio and, by all means if you want to, add yourselves to it. It just means that when we're looking for peoples opinions you can comment with your views and experiences. It would help me immensely. Thanks.

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Alrighty then, recording for my latest radio show is done and dusted. This week we talk about:

  • The latest car news
  • A Car You Love To Hate: The Fiat Multipla
  • My Dad Had One Of Those: The Vauxhall Chevette
  • Christmas Presents for the Car Enthusiast

It airs on Duggystone Radio on Sunday at 11am, repeats on Monday at 10am and then will be available on Mixcloud for whenever you’re free to listen 

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9 minutes ago, paulplom said:

My partner was on Bbc Tees radio yesterday. They came and interviewed her the day before. It was about the courses she runs for the rnib called living with sight loss. I was cringing listening to her voice. 

The art of the radio voice is an acquired skill. It’s why I can’t listen back to myself when it’s on!

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