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  1. These are Sash Clamps. Useful for when you want to clamp something fairly wide, like trying to glue wide planks together to make a bigger plank without it bowing. So you'd have two on the bottom, one or two on the top. And it's going to be 100% better than the chinesium shite you'll get at Screfux.
  2. I'm using this: https://hobbyweld.co.uk/products/hobbyweld-5-mig-welding-gas/
  3. Making me some repair panels now for the arch, starting like all good people do with me cardboard. It's now dawned on me, how the frig am I meant to do this? This panel, and the subsequent ones on the arch are easy enough. It's how they join to the outer arch is where I'm starting to get stuck. Originally, the inner arch would go out to the outer arch, 90 degree turn down, then another 90 degree turn so it met with the outer arch lip. Am I right in thinking I could just make panels that go around the inner arch, then make a separate panel that replaces the curve of the in
  4. MG EV owners really are Poundland Tesla botherers aren't they?
  5. Going to have to skip tonight, my to-do list just keeps getting longer with less things coming off it!
  6. Here we have the curse of Mike Brewer. Fucker thinks he can do an Edd China on it, get it for pennies, throw a bit of Auto Glym on it, sell it for £999.
  7. I'm offended that you view the beige forum in a blue colour scheme. Heretic.
  8. Short day, as it decided to snow and rain and generally be shit weather. I cut a bit of steel for the outer sill before the weather turned, welded it on and tidied it up. Fiddled with the welder as per @jonathan_dyanesuggestion, turned the wire speed down, it helped a bit. Not burning through anything but sometimes the welds just don't want to stick, like I'm putting oil in a non stick pan. Turned the gas way down and it seemed to weld better, as in it was giving the bacon sound not the zapping sound I had before. I also welded in the reinforcement panel as well, s
  9. I would quite like something to look forward to, to bring the RAV4 to, to make the pain worthwhile. I did consider Festival of the Ordinary-BL-Bullocks but I don't think I'll get a place, as I don't think saying "I spent 5 months welding the arse of it" is reason enough to give me a place.
  10. You could say that this was a "timely" event...
  11. I'll be 100% honest, I do believe you could be the new face of Step One Underwear. Believe me I would if I could, but I don't have the beard to carry that sort of package off.
  12. Yeah I'm well aware it's shit. I don't understand it really. I thought it was a gas issue, and in fairness the small canister I had the regulator is fucked. But I use the Hobbyweld 5 gas now and I can hear the gas coming out, so that's not a problem now. The wire speed is set to 3, I put it up but that was too much. I don't think I've put it down further than that though, and with the two switches one is set to min and the other is set to 1. I selected 2 earlier, and that just put holes in the steel. I think it's technique, as I am capable of creating welds where they're just slightly proud of
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