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  1. I thought that, but it is an automatic and people expect low 20's, mid 20's is really good and you get about 30 on a long run. A lot of my driving is on country lanes, so I'm stop/starting a lot, getting to NSL, then down to 30. So it's mixed. Only two runs I've done were the day I got it, and Bournemouth, and the latter was mixed driving again. Plus I wasn't keeping tabs on consumption. Sat here trying to work out when my next long trip will be, and I can't think of one. 5G in the Pfizer vaccine. Billy Gates found out, told Mr.T, and I got that. I told them. I messaged them on Faceache and asked if they were still doing the stickers for the high miles. They were, and I gave them the address. I drive past often, his Discshittery is behind a wooden gate. There's no doubt I'll see him again, but a balloon full of brake fluid is more my style. If I had a style, obvs.
  2. Nothing to report. Which is nice. It's belching black smoke on acceleration when above 2,000 rpm, but not all the time. So I'm not concerned by that, I think it's just me not driving it hard like a nutter. MPG is around 21/22mpg, which is better than the rough 18mpg I was getting. The difference is tyres, I've put them at 38psi all round (seems to be the middle ground from other owners I think). Although part of this recent MPG included me throwing some weighty planks on top of it and going across the Midlands with it. I'm considering doing an EGR delete in the new year with it. Again, I'm researching it, but the black smoke "issue" is thought to be improved with that as well as MPG. But you don't buy a vehicle like this for economy to be honest! Cool news though, and this applies to all Toyota owners, Toyota do a sticker thing for their "High Miles" club. The thresholds are 150,000, 200,000, and 300,000. Well the other day my Land Cruiser clocked 150,000 miles dead. Anyway, this turned up in the post. What's nice is that they also included a Land Cruiser Owner sticker in it too! Which I didn't know about and didn't ask for! I think it's only open to Toyota UK, maybe Ireland too I don't know, but I think it's a very very cool thing to get!
  3. How dare you come on to Autoshite and speak sense! BURN THE HERETIC!
  4. To be fair I'm quite glad that there's no one around to re-tread tyres like that and force you to buy new ones.
  5. I'm watching, hoping, that Freya gets sacked from the Bake Off. Well, I'm hoping she fucks off from the bake off. Will be along in a bit
  6. SOLD - to the Brierley Bonk Mossive Am Yas.
  7. Laserdisc films, 70 of them, free for collection. Can drop them round if you're not that far away etc.
  8. You know what, sometimes I do get a little bit down that I don't get the traffic to my own YouTube channel. Especially if I've spent 5 months wasting my life welding a RAV4 and it only gets 90 views. But then I see the absolute shite hawks that you attract, commenting bollocks like this, and suddenly the 90 views don't seem so bad 😂
  9. Sell out. As in, sell out of them. What do you think I meant? Do some limited edition ones of quotes of the MG EV keyboard shaggers for extra sell out.
  10. Saw the prick again this morning, just down from when I had the altercation with the shrubbery. I've never seen a man look so sheepish as I mouthed "ah it's you dickhead" as I passed him.
  11. Not news to do with me, but imagine my surprise to see @Idriveaclassic rocking a Rover P6 towing a caravan on Channel 4 right now on "The Perfect Pitch".
  12. I do like that. A worthy modification to your humble skip.
  13. We ended up getting a pram because it's fairly compact when you fold it down, as the wife's Mercedes isn't blessed with a great sized boot. Thanks to the hybrid bollocks. Also, some how, we've inherited an old silver cross pram. Thanks to the LandCruiser, I can not only tow the pram if I want to I will also no doubt be inundated with requests to do driveways or cut some trees down! That Happy Sling Lady - sexist much - has been recommended to the wife before on something. I'm up for it, would probably be easier for me to cart the child around with a sling than a pram. Saves on the gym membership too! Babyshite - Your Child Is Our Concern - In a non-child catcher/social services/Jimmy Saville kinda way. I've never been down there, but now I feel like it's a challenge!
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