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  1. I'm stuck watching Friends when I should be there waiting for the I bomb 😭
  2. Got to miss tonight as I'm stuck living with the in-laws right now as I've no pot to shit in. Literally. The bathroom's being re-done.
  3. I've never used the bell icon, although plenty of the videos I watch badger me to do it. I think, back in t'day, the home page of YouTube listed the latest videos for the subscriptions you have. But it never really introduced you to new channels, you'd rely on suggestions on videos you watched. Now the home page is a mixture, and I quite like it. It's how I got introduced to Jago Hazard and Simpsons Classics. Thing is though you have to trust your viewers to watch your stuff, like it's on TV. There's plenty of people saying to put little reminders in about subscribing and liki
  4. Jeez I like that @juular, I'm going to get a torch for my torch I think. I've got two LED floodlights but they're bulky, so it's hard to get it right in there. Really I want a suit full of super bright LEDs and just wear that, but they don't exist. The welder (Clarke MIG 106 Turbo) doesn't have it on the welder itself, think it had it on the book. I'm at MIN 1 right now with the wire speed down to between 2/3. I used a higher setting and it was leaving too much wire. The wire itself is 0.6mm. With the gas, I've had it at 10psi and I found it blowing the weld away. I'd get the blob o
  5. Nothing wrong with mid roll ads, as long as it's done right. Which no one seems to do! Google doesn't know best, so don't let it place ads in places that it thinks is good. Check out Plainly Difficult, he does mid roll adverts but the videos are edited to suit. So where he puts them in, the video will have the old school black and white bar at the top, and the video goes dark for a second for the advert to play. So it feels very much like you're watching Channel 4 for example.
  6. Started on the inner arch today by welding in a new plate. I welded it, knocked it back, welded where I missed, knocked it back, blew holes, welded them, knocked them back. Now I have the fun job of making the arch. I decided to remove more of the outer arch. As the steel behind it was rotten: The outer arch itself isn't totally solid, so I thought I might as well. Plus it means I have more access to make the arch properly. I've cut a panel to fit above that, where the curve starts. I need to get a sand bag tomorrow to hammer a curve in to it.
  7. I think, really, with the amount of Citroen cars in your fleet that a name change is in order. écrou de moyeu* *Google translated.
  8. I still love that car, you should Swiftly get it back!
  9. You won't be watching my next one then? I shall give it a watch over the weekend @Endfloat!
  10. I can't. I just get pangs of guilt for not getting that CX from here. I regret it more considering the state of the RAV4 right now.
  11. Doug De Prick. The only one to make that Hoovie clown look like David Frost.
  12. I'll lend you my 30 year old Boombox then. You've gotta supply your own batteries. 8 D cell, and 4 AA.
  13. If you're not playing this on the radio in it, are you even bothered about driving it? https://youtu.be/gAcvbGuqG0Q
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