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  1. Well I mean, it's a very good colour match if my car was silver. What a load of bollocks. Also, this Hammerrite underbody seal - am I meant to do two coats of this? As it doesn't seem to cover the primer all that well in places...
  2. Fairy muff. I'm breaking my MG ZR in August - sans interior, engine, wiring loom, ECU etc. Another chap wants the fuel tank, so if there's anything that either of us don't need then you're more than welcome to it before it goes in el crusher.
  3. Pity, this project seems ripe for a Rover K-Series.
  4. The Espero has aged very well compared to the other Daewoo's of that era. Hell, of any of the cars of that era.
  5. He has that every year, this has only ever happened once on this particular day. The priorities of some people!
  6. I should be on, bored because I can't drink, but mildly high from prescription drugs 💪
  7. Those round keys were shared with VW/Audi as well. Not sure which ones though.
  8. I'm proper off my nuts with these tablets. Went out this afternoon and threw on the first bit of filler on the passenger side. Quite possibly the worst bit of filling I ever done did. Went out in the evening, put more filler on it. Took the orbital sander out to flatten it as my arm is deader than Lord Lucan so I thought it would be easier. It isn't. So I just got the block and sand paper and smoothed it back, to the point where it was smooth enough for the dolphin glaze. Which I managed to fuck up. I don't need to smarten or smooth out the part of the bodywork that's in line with the plastic door trim, as it's all hidden by plastic trim anyway. Didn't sand it down, as I felt a few drops of rain. Which promptly stopped. It's meant to be showers for the next two days, which I'm fine with. I've been measuring the car up for grommets, only need 5 which are ordered, and for fuel lines. I need one for the vapour line, one for the return, and then there's the injection line which I've put a question up on the Ask A Shiter part of the site. So this line is the fuel injection line from the pump, and I think I've broken it. Because the rubber part of the line isn't part of the metal collar on the right of the nut, and there's a plastic tube attached to the collar and the rubber line which has collapsed. Is that OK? Is that meant to be right? Don't particularly want to fuck about with this when the tank is back in place. The knee is getting so much better, so I hope to be able to operate the clutch on the 107 in order to get the fuel tank from storage to put some Vactan and stone chip on it. I also need to check the tank straps, I think one needs replacing but I'm not sure at the moment. We really aren't far away from MOT time, which is scary as I've a nagging feeling I've forgotten something.
  9. My Dad's Hyundai Tucson did 14mpg. That was a 2.0 litre diesel. Obviously it had an issue, but as far as my dad was concerned if you've got the money then the mpg is irrelevant. There is truth to that though, otherwise there'd be no market for huge rollers and Range Rover Sports.
  10. Ah, the Hitachi. The only thing other than my RAV4 that needs copious amounts of welding. Ironically, the train that took you to your Audi which is far older and better built!
  11. Has the log book been updated to reflect the smaller engine?
  12. Ripe for a K-Series engine conversion! Does the logbook have it down as a 1.6 then? It comes with an inhaler for the driver to help them push it up hills!
  13. This is the point. He has 4 million subs but I'd wager a lot of them are drawn in to the exotica rather than the oddities. However, I don't think he's capable of making a joke out of an oddity without it coming across as forced. Only thing I can compare it to is how Roy Keane described Henderson's inclusion in to the England squad as he was injured. Southgate said he added to the team, and Keane - straight faced - asked what did he contribute to the squad? Card games? It was cutting, and it was funny, but it was done in a position of knowing the full facts. Doug though just points and laughs at it as much to say "look at these idiots, what idiot did this? i mean why?!". More Peewee Herman than Quentin Wilson really.
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