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  1. One of these in estate form was on my shortlist for my last car purchase. I could never quite decide between pre 2007 with SBC brake failure and more electrical gremlins or post 2007 with these problems ironed out but the potential for 7G tronic issues. Before 2007 E270 was a 5 cylinder, E320 was V6 After 2007 E280 and E320 are both the same straight 6 but with different states of tune. They can both be tuned up to the same amount but forget what that is now. They are a timeless design, I just need to be brave and buy one!
  2. Yikes, that's a crazy car buying story! Didn't realise the Corsa had given that much grief! That story reminds me of when I bought a clearly knackered 1987 AX off a bloke on the towpath of the Gloucester Sharpness canal in the dark. But without the stately home bit. It was only destined to be a parts donor car, but that didn't make the journey home any less eventful. Sounds like a thermostat stuck open to me.
  3. This just appeared on Facebook market place. Yikes, I think it was as startled to see me looking at it as I was looking at it! Lancia Thesis. This one was a 2.4 jtd 2005 for £800. Luckily I can't find the advert now Guessing it's based on an Alfa 166
  4. Xantia estate - Slightly noisy release bearing, rear wiper blows the fuse if used too much so needs a new motor I guess, Spheres ok, but ride not as Citroeny as it should be. Still a comfy thing to be in though. Everything is good though even the air con works! Xsara Picasso - Front washers not working, tried usual unblocking etc needs more investigation. This was a bargain actually and just keeps going. T25 camper- Rust, blown head gasket (suspected), rust, pop top will likely need replacing in next couple of years, rust and rust
  5. Good luck, given the Facebook page a like. A Fiat convoy sounds awesome!
  6. Nice, thanks for the tips. I'll give them a go and do some before and after shots. There's quite a lot, so I can what works best!
  7. The very one. Actually bought originally by the Scottish chap from the Citroën dealer in Stroud which is about 15 miles from me in 2006. So technically I brought it back home
  8. Xantia continues being a lovely old thing. Fitted a tow bar the weekend, moving house once the solicitors get themselves in gear so a good few trips to the tip needed. It's already taken the entire shed and half loft full of cardboard (why we kept the box for the toaster I'll never know) in one trip. Towbar was a mission. Previous owner had had it fitted by Witter but they messed something up and he said it never worked properly so he had removed it. So made a good one with the bits he gave me and the electrics from the hatchback spares car in the garden. Then I gave it a celebratory wash. Any advice to get tar off the paint on the bottom of the doors?
  9. Peugeot 309 just come up for sale on a Facebook page. £350 with Mot! As it's a group the link may not work here? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/725240187959478/
  10. Pleased to see Citroens featuring so prominently in people lists! A couple of Christmases ago I got a supercar experience thing. Got to drive a Ferrari 458, some sort of Lamborghini, a Nissan GTR and a 911. Ferrari and Lambo very similar, stupid fast in a way you could never use on the road and felt very fragile. GTR was just like sitting in some generic Jap saloon, not special enough but grippy! Ferrari and Lambo much more of an experience. The surprise was the 911, I'd never wanted one until then. It just felt the most playful and most solidly built. I know it's a cliche but if really felt you could use it every day. Then we got to be a passenger in a 4 seater Vauxhall Monaro thing with a racing driver. Now that was the highlight actually! Lots of space, terrific sound and very tail happy, sad I didn't get to drive that! Would love a drive in a DS and CX. My best mates dad always ran a CX familiale (still does!) as his daily, so was always getting lifts on adventures in it, that's what got me hooked on Citroens. Wouldn't mind trying a full fat Range Rover or a Tesla
  11. I had to do the same, so I googled Vel Satis clock to see what the fuss was about. Much better now
  12. Pretty sure the Picasso is based on the Xsara/ 306/ ZX base. The scenic was based on the Megane which was entirely different I believe?
  13. I do admire Citroens approach to this, just keep the whole car level!
  14. Definitely! My previous Xantia flew through the MOT the year before. The next year, same place, same tester said it was beyond economic repair! He couldn't believe it either. As soon as the weather improves I'll get some waxoil on the the underside and try and fill the sills. This one feels like a long term keeper, but I've said that before...😂
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