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  1. I've got that engine in a Saab 93, it's a good engine. Low revs at motorway speeds so surprising mpgs on a run and it seems tough enough. If you keep it get it remapped for smiles and German baiting. Have been told Coil packs last around 140,000 miles and then need replacing but they are no DPF or other scary diesel modern maladies lurking!
  2. When I was 18, my girlfriend (now wife) went to visit some relatives in the Pyrenees. As poor students it was a cheap 2 week holiday. I provided labour for their renovations and they put us up for free, including the use of their 1988 325i BMW convertible. Black with red leather, lovely! We drove it everywhere , including a trip over the pyrenees and into Spain. The only other time was last week. I had been sorting out the roof on the Saab vert and ordered some new parts. My brother was going on holiday for 2 weeks lent me his car so I didn't have to put mine back together. A Citroen C4 2.0HDi exclusive. Very impressive bit of kit actually, I enjoyed the week and saved some money on fuel compared to the SAAB. Win win.
  3. Strangely enough I saw one yesterday, old boy driving it around in Cheltenham. Couldn't tell you the last time I saw one before that though. Fine derriere that
  4. Cor! Lovely. I loved my 218sld Turbo (decadent student shite). Was very different to the Corsas and fiascos that my peers drove. Apart from my best mate who had a Primera estate. We got some odd looks.
  5. Can't believe I missed this! One of your finest randoms please. Would be good to catch up with you if I win. Which I can't.... I'm still in roffle mourning after not winning that glorious Safrane, so as far as I see it this is like counselling.
  6. Yesterday I saw a Mazda 626 coupe in red. Driving out of the local church at my parents between Cheltenham and Gloucester. They can't have been plentiful when they were new! No reg plate as its was in profile, looked tidy though. Guessing it's local if at a church so will keep my eyes peeled for it again.
  7. I regularly think about Legacys, I do like a Subaru. Our Picasso goes in for an MOT on next wednesday so we'll see how long this one stays with us then!
  8. We are on our second. The 2001 2.0 Hdi 90 we had first was brilliant, great on the motion potion and tough! We now have a 2004 1.6 petrol which is heavier on the juice but quiet around town. Not the most refined things in the world, but very comfy, bigger on the inside than you could possibly imagine and actually handle pretty well. My wife always wanted one with the big sunroof, its her car really but as the Saab convertible cant take all 5 of us, its the default weekend car. If you sell it and the sunroof still works let me know!
  9. Am I sad or relieved? I have no idea. What a rush. I need to have a word with myself
  10. Mrs Andy F is quite chilled with cars and has previous for impulse purchases too. Like the time she bid on an old, unseen Mini 1275 on eBay. She won it and then realised it was in Lincoln and it was very, very snowy. And I needed to hire a trailer to bring it back to Gloucester. Nice day out tbf, MIL came along for the ride and provided the sandwiches. Ahh for the chod filled days before children. The wife can stay
  11. Yikes, I'm in a rehearsal until 9pm tomorrow, so I'll be in suspense until I finish work.
  12. Paid! Gloucester is quite a way from Newcastle. Who knew...
  13. There are more Safranes for sale on here than ebay and auto trader combined, some compared to none.
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