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  1. I'm amazed this isn't further along, have a free bump. I would very much like to win this, if only to wipe the floor with my brothers 2000 Golf GIT. (1.8t)
  2. Very nice, I've looked many times at buying an XM but every time wussed out and stuck with a Xantia. After an LHM car nothing else really comes close
  3. When I had my C5 the Maf sensor was failing, replacement with a genuine one restored all of the horses. Funnily enough it was after I'd driven my dad's 110 hdi xantia I thought the performance was not right in the C5. I've heard only genuine Mafs are any good, avoid cheap ones on ebay and the like. That's only hearsay though as I only tried the real thing! 54mpg is excellent though!
  4. Enjoyed the C5 video very much, bought back fond memories of my 2001 2.0hdi sx I had, probably 10 years ago now! . Same seats etc. Always wanted an estate but we're too expensive at the time. Nice place to sit and I actually quite like the unusual looks. Strangely enough I never quite gelled with it so have been dailying a Xantia ever since (except a saab vert!). With regards wheel balancing, if it has the same sx alloys mine had they are centreless and a pita to balance properly. I took mine back countless times to get it done (Ebley tyres) . In the end F 1 autocentre had the correct ad
  5. French stuff often gets upset by low voltage. I had a C5 that went batshit crazy on a dying battery every fault on every system I didn't even know it had. New battery and the fairy lights went away. Never know, it might even cure the handbrake fault 😂 😂 😂
  6. Once I've run out of Xantias I will be buying one of these next. Really pleased to hear how good it has been to you, it's helped me make up my mind for when the time comes! I am hoping to get another year out of the xantia before retiring it from daily duties and putting it in storage. Please keep the updates coming!
  7. Worst car I owned either a Seat Alhambra TDi. Only had it very briefly but it was Rough, grumbly and slow, quite good on fuel though (PD). Broke front front suspension springs, various things didn't work and it a depressing VAG interior with loads of blanking plugs and zero toys. I only had it a couple of months. The Citroen C8 I had was a far, far superior package. The other contender for worst car was the C5. Mine was a 2001, so the first year they came out. Citroen are the masters at putting something on sale that isn't quite fully developed, I've heard later ones are much better. I had al
  8. I'm quite pleased with my car history, the problem is I wish I'd kept them all, except the Seat Alhambra 1987 Citroen AX 11RE - Had this for years, fitted GT interior, loads of extra interior bits from the upper models, loved it. 1993 Rover 218 SLD turbo - Had this for a few years too, brilliant bit of kit. I really wanted a Xantia (they were quite new then!) but this one came from a well known lover of cars, it even went out to the states and back again with the owner who had it from new. It never gave any trouble and frankly was excellent. 1995 Xantia 1.9 Turbo D - What I alwa
  9. I miss my Ax, an 1987 E reg 1.1. First car, all the adventures etc, added loads of stuff from ones out the breakers yard, digital clock in roof, extra plastic bits. Old square interior definitely the best. Will dig out some photos.
  10. Saab 9-5? Like a Volvo but more GMy. Audi A6 Allroad that's broken? or soon to be broken?
  11. Excellent, a collection thread during a quiet work day. Perfect. Good luck!
  12. Probably a stupid question, but do the rear most or middle wheels drive those bendy buses?
  13. Andy F

    Crap jobs.

    Currently need to send the gearbag from the camper off to be refurbished, but a house renovation has seen the camper sadly ignored for the last 6 months or so. Whenever I seem to get a moment to wield the spanners, one of our everyday cars needs attention. The last one was the Fox from Kiltox which needed the oil leak fixing before it went to a relative. I must make time for the camper before the winter really sets in, this thread has given me (well deserved) guilt
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