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  1. I had to do the same, so I googled Vel Satis clock to see what the fuss was about. Much better now
  2. Pretty sure the Picasso is based on the Xsara/ 306/ ZX base. The scenic was based on the Megane which was entirely different I believe?
  3. I do admire Citroens approach to this, just keep the whole car level!
  4. Definitely! My previous Xantia flew through the MOT the year before. The next year, same place, same tester said it was beyond economic repair! He couldn't believe it either. As soon as the weather improves I'll get some waxoil on the the underside and try and fill the sills. This one feels like a long term keeper, but I've said that before...😂
  5. At the end of week 2 with the new Xantia. It really is superb, and a real credit to the previous owner. A couple of jobs I'll get sorted. It does have a bit of rust here and there, so will get it treated before it manages to take hold. I think the Accumulator sphere is quite flat too, so will grab another one. Although I remember getting reliable spheres for my previous xantia was difficult, I bought a couple that were flat despite being new (gsf). I guess the demand for them is so low they have been sat around for probably years. I'll try and get some garage time in on Sunday morning, weather permitting! I'll get some more photos up too. Other than that, it is already saving me a fortune on the motion potion over the saab, so I look forward to that making itself known.
  6. It'll be fine. Ours always gets through the mot, they are tough, loveable old things. I may have just jinxed them, sorry. They are fab motors, we are on our second. First was a 2001 2.0 HDI, now on a 2004 1.6 petrol. Diesel was definitely a better engine but its hard not to like the way they drive whatever moves them along the road. Comfy, frugal and spacious. Nice work! I've still got HDi power in my Xantia estate, what an engine.
  7. Yes, that was an adventure! Reading yours helped me to feel very confident* about my collection. 700 miles in 12 hours (including stops) is enough for me for a while anyway.
  8. The tie was in my ownership before today. I believe the phrase your looking for is "period". It seemed like an appropriate time to get it out. I'm afraid this was a very boring collection. I got a lift in my brothers new Passat, sharing the driving. Met the chap who sold it as he was giving up driving due to age. It quickly came clear this is one well sorted and incredibly well looked after Xantia. It came with a boot full of spares including a full exhaust system, wishbones and about 10 litres of LHM. It exceeding all expectations and is a superb place to waft away a long journey. Using a lot less fuel than the Saab, which is the plan. The seller explained everything he had done to it, including an after market cruise control and all the care it had in its history, the last mot it failed was in 2006! Quick fuel stop and got some Irn bru and we did it in one go. Lots of traffic on M6-M5 connection but the car was faultless. So, sorry, I've wasted the forums time with a completely non exciting collection where everything went entirely to plan.
  9. Back home in Gloucester, that was a long way. Need food, then will post again
  10. Collected what a gent making progress.
  11. Nice. That's an image I won't be able to shake. More executive than that. The clothing anyway...
  12. Why are service stations so difficult to navigate?
  13. Stopped for breakfast, about half way. Don't actually where we are, went passed Lancaster about 20 mins ago. Poo count 1. Changing driver to ensure maximum efficiency
  14. Ugh. Early. Chariot on its way, breakfast will be served in 3 hours to coincide with a driver change. Essentials, phone charger, cash and mystery matching clothing item ready.
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