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  1. This was just in the motion potion station near Chipping Campden. I particularly enjoyed the Euro 6 badge glued to the door above the door handle
  2. Yes, of course you have first dibs! PM also sent
  3. Been a while so thought I'd update this. The clk has been happily sharing duties with the Xantia. I've done a few little bits and pieces (audio and a bit of body work) to it but I'm mainly looking out for a new drivers wing and boot lid for it to tidy it up. It's providing entertaining if thirsty transport and has made me realise how happy a convertible makes me. The kids love it and I enjoy driving it. Jobs to do Replace front wing and boot lid Find where the front suspension clonk is coming from as it's definitely got more noticeable over the last couple of weeks, it's not as noisy as the wheel bearing has suddenly got on the Xantia though! Its fairly likely that a 7 or 8 seater will be replacing the Xantia and some sort of EV will replace the clk at some point, but for now I'm content to pootle around in them both. When the time comes there will be another roffle
  4. If I needed a car tomorrow, this is absolutely what I'd buy. If I can ignore the Low cost, High Liability thread for long enough 🤣🤣
  5. Boring Citroen fan alert, but my favourite feature has always been the self levelling of the ride height and automatic boosting of the rear brakes on LHM only Citroens. Mine is always full of PA and instruments or wood for burning. I never get bored of feeling it rise before a journey. Also auto wipers. I didn't realise how much I miss them in CLK. The Xantias just get on with it and seem to wipe whenever I would myself. The CLK has a single wiper, which never fails to make me smile because saddo.
  6. 306 for me. in about 2001 (I think) I was doing some school work experience for Warner's Peugeot. We had in a new 306 HDi and it seemed like a really modern rocket ship compared to the Metros and Montegos we had at home! Had a soft spot for them ever since and owned 3 brilliant examples. Just before Peugeot lost it's way for a bit!
  7. There is something so right about a 306. We had an early 1.6, a late 1.4 petrol and a late 2.0HDi. we loved them. Incredible how much space is inside for how compact the my are. Handling is properly sweet too. We have since had Xsara Picassos which are based on the 396, but obviously no where near as fun! Just the one photo, turns out I don't photograph my wife's cars
  8. Andy F

    End of shite?

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3287314464855540/ Just seen this, 306, tidy and rare spec but surely not worth £2500! Local to me too. Scary. I will need to replace the Xantia this summer, and other than twice (a C5 and a C8 both years and years ago when they were quite new) I've never spend more than a grand. Looks like I'm going to have to dig a bit deeper or go electric with a lease.
  9. They should make all new cars use points ignition and need regular greasing of suspension and steering parts. That way they wouldn't work without some attention every week. The general public would have no excuse not to notice bald tyres then. It would keep the unmaintained cars off the road 😂😂
  10. Thank you for sharing! I should have been asleep an hour ago. We've got Ofsted in school tomorrow too 😂😂
  11. Much thanks to @gm I have managed to get the right cable into the CLK so I can have my banging choonz. It was the funny shaped connector. Added to one of these And away we went. I then gave the Merc a celebratory wash and will get some leather cleaner on my next journey out. Any particular brand of leather feed recommended on here? I've never had leather anything (I prefer pvc...😂😂) so all new to me.
  12. CLK back from the exhaust doctors. So much quieter and seems a bit faster too. Didn't get to use it much as we went up to Sutton Coldfield for family present swap/ gathering/feast. As we are a family of 5 the Xantia got the short straw and wafted us there and back cheaply and quietly. Always a joy to do a late night motorway journey in that, but the need for a 7/8/9 seater is getting more difficult to ignore. I think my ideal line up now would be a cheap ev for running around my schools in the week (around 100 miles per day) and something like an i800 or the big Citroen Spacetourer for gigging, holidays, ferrying children and their friends around etc. Which would render the CLk, the Xantia and probably the T25 camper a bit redundant. Xantia is currently full of crap from the Christmas fair at the kids school and empty of fuel, so the CLk will get an outing to Chipping Campden tomorrow for work.
  13. Andy F

    Peak Car.

    Another vote for late 90s early 00s stuff. I've had xantias for about 15 years now. I've taken a lot of stuff to a lot of places in supreme comfort at over 50mpg and without a single FTP. Mine is getting quite tired (and very rusty!) now but I'm struggling to know what to replace it with! It doesn't have an easy life blasting around the Cotswolds on rubbish roads full of stuff, but it just keeps on going!
  14. Perfect, I've ordered the first one, fingers crossed I can listen to choonz of my own choice soon. Thank you @gm Exhaust work is finished, I can't pick it up until tomorrow morning due to work commitments today, but it's done and has been suitably sorted to ensure quiet enough cruising to hear the aforementioned choonz. I won't be using it for work for a few days due to lugging huge amounts of PA, amplifiers and instruments around unfortunately!
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