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  1. I've been wondering the same recently. I currently use my Xantia estate hdi for around 12-15k per year. In fact, I've been using Xantias since they were nearly new and a common sight! I've tried moving away, but keep coming back to them. I have been trying to justify a new or newer car in some on sort of lease, and got close. A Nissan leaf deal was posted, I think on @Kiltox thread and the sums added up to a negligible change of outgoings. Mainly due to the fact I would only ever be charging at home and the cost of diesel. With all things considered, I would be in roughly the same place financially with either a 20 year old diesel or a brand new electric car, but less worry of impending doom. I am tempted, but yet to make the leap I would be much worse of with any thing probably 3-15 years old, which uses petrol/ diesel, always more complicated and expensive to fix and if you spend a lot buying a car, you've got to fix it. The Xantias have only ever been a few hundred pounds, so although I would be sad to see it go, financially it wouldn't hurt. Luckily, beyond routine servicing and one clutch in 12 years I'm definitely up. I like driving them because they are comfy, 50+mpg and despite the age still very dependable. Even the saab 2.0T I had was cheap to buy and run, bit juicy maybe but it was fun. Sadly not big enough, so couldn't stay long term.
  2. Loving the increasing amount of Maestro/Montego content. Phwoar and moar please. We were a big Austin/ Rover family until I went French and everyone copied!
  3. I wish I had a big one. I have gear selector envy
  4. I was hoping to go in the xantia, but my band actually got a booking for a gig near home, after more than a year with hardly any work coming our way! Fingers crossed we can start getting out touring again! Gutted and delighted.
  5. There's always a huge debate on the solid/ dual mass flywheel, but in the case of the C5 mk1 a solid one would be fine. The exact same engine and gearbox 2. 0 110 Hdi are used in the xantia which never had a dmf.
  6. Sounds like a fun game, is there a prize for the shiter who finds the advert?
  7. I'm amazed this isn't further along, have a free bump. I would very much like to win this, if only to wipe the floor with my brothers 2000 Golf GIT. (1.8t)
  8. Andy F

    XM Fettling

    Very nice, I've looked many times at buying an XM but every time wussed out and stuck with a Xantia. After an LHM car nothing else really comes close
  9. When I had my C5 the Maf sensor was failing, replacement with a genuine one restored all of the horses. Funnily enough it was after I'd driven my dad's 110 hdi xantia I thought the performance was not right in the C5. I've heard only genuine Mafs are any good, avoid cheap ones on ebay and the like. That's only hearsay though as I only tried the real thing! 54mpg is excellent though!
  10. Enjoyed the C5 video very much, bought back fond memories of my 2001 2.0hdi sx I had, probably 10 years ago now! . Same seats etc. Always wanted an estate but we're too expensive at the time. Nice place to sit and I actually quite like the unusual looks. Strangely enough I never quite gelled with it so have been dailying a Xantia ever since (except a saab vert!). With regards wheel balancing, if it has the same sx alloys mine had they are centreless and a pita to balance properly. I took mine back countless times to get it done (Ebley tyres) . In the end F 1 autocentre had the correct adapter and they got it right first time. So comfy, your video has made me want one again. Would be a good back to back test with my silver xantia estate 2.0hdi 110! Have a pleasant waft!
  11. French stuff often gets upset by low voltage. I had a C5 that went batshit crazy on a dying battery every fault on every system I didn't even know it had. New battery and the fairy lights went away. Never know, it might even cure the handbrake fault 😂 😂 😂
  12. Once I've run out of Xantias I will be buying one of these next. Really pleased to hear how good it has been to you, it's helped me make up my mind for when the time comes! I am hoping to get another year out of the xantia before retiring it from daily duties and putting it in storage. Please keep the updates coming!
  13. Worst car I owned either a Seat Alhambra TDi. Only had it very briefly but it was Rough, grumbly and slow, quite good on fuel though (PD). Broke front front suspension springs, various things didn't work and it a depressing VAG interior with loads of blanking plugs and zero toys. I only had it a couple of months. The Citroen C8 I had was a far, far superior package. The other contender for worst car was the C5. Mine was a 2001, so the first year they came out. Citroen are the masters at putting something on sale that isn't quite fully developed, I've heard later ones are much better. I had all sorts go wrong on that, rear arm bearings, dual climate blew on only hot on passenger, interior trim bits rattled or fell off, DMF always had the death rattle, ate drop links but the worse thing was the CV joint failed on Frocester Hill, near Stroud. Alarming, violent shaking which then destroyed the hub. Lovely thing to waft about when it was working, so comfy and smooth, kind of makes me want to have another. Ever since this, I've always bought a model that has been out for a few years so any issues have been ironed out or been identified as been model specific. Eg the C8, i bought a later 2007. Autos were supposedly a bit weak so I got a manual. Early 2.0 hdi 110hp (16v and different to the early 2.0hdi 8v as found in late Xantias and early C5s) were problematic with early versions of dpf, so mine was the later more proven 2.0 hdi 138hp. It never put a foot wrong. My Xantias have been 1999 and 2 2001 models so very late and incredibly dependable. Other manufacturers probably do enough research Worst car I've driven probably either VW polo, just felt very narrow and unstable or a focus which gave me ball ache. I thought it was just me but I'm sure I've read it further up the thread too.
  14. I'm quite pleased with my car history, the problem is I wish I'd kept them all, except the Seat Alhambra 1987 Citroen AX 11RE - Had this for years, fitted GT interior, loads of extra interior bits from the upper models, loved it. 1993 Rover 218 SLD turbo - Had this for a few years too, brilliant bit of kit. I really wanted a Xantia (they were quite new then!) but this one came from a well known lover of cars, it even went out to the states and back again with the owner who had it from new. It never gave any trouble and frankly was excellent. 1995 Xantia 1.9 Turbo D - What I always wanted. Had it for years and years until it developed an LHM leak on a return pipe. I was convinced I needed something more modern by the, (this was 2009) so bought a C5. In fact I ended up replacing the pipe and sold it to a friend who had it a few more years. Shouldn't have sold that one. 2001 Citroen C5 - Fine car, quiet, comfortable, but niggly problems I hadn't experienced in other cars. On one of the times it was broken I borrowed my Dad's Xantia and much preferred it to C5 so I went out and a bought a 2001 Citroen Xantia 2.0 HDi - Had this for years and did about 100,000 miles in it changing only oil and spheres. In hindsight best car I've owned. At that time I was regularly having 26 trumpets, 8 tubas plus laptop my work etc. It just wasn't quite big enough so I bought a Citroen C8 2.0 Hdi - Despite negative reviews it was excellent and much better than the Seat Alhambra that I can't remember where it fits in. Eventually sold C8 (needed more mpg) and wife's Mini 1275 to buy VW T25 which we've had 8 years and now in need of work when I've finished the house...! So I bought another Xantia. Then another for spares and ended using the spares one as it was an Exclusive and had lots of toys. Sadly the exclusive went from sailing through every MOT to disintegrating underneath so was sold. And a Saab93 convertible turbo was bought cheaply as a stop gap. Fixed the roof, had it remapped and kept it way longer than planned. child number 3 meant it had to go, so I bought another Xantia, an estate this time. Fab Wife has had succession of 306 and Xsara Picasso alongside the above which have all providing excellent service. I enjoyed the 2.0 HDi 306 , great fun!
  15. I miss my Ax, an 1987 E reg 1.1. First car, all the adventures etc, added loads of stuff from ones out the breakers yard, digital clock in roof, extra plastic bits. Old square interior definitely the best. Will dig out some photos.
  16. Saab 9-5? Like a Volvo but more GMy. Audi A6 Allroad that's broken? or soon to be broken?
  17. Excellent, a collection thread during a quiet work day. Perfect. Good luck!
  18. Probably a stupid question, but do the rear most or middle wheels drive those bendy buses?
  19. Andy F

    Crap jobs.

    Currently need to send the gearbag from the camper off to be refurbished, but a house renovation has seen the camper sadly ignored for the last 6 months or so. Whenever I seem to get a moment to wield the spanners, one of our everyday cars needs attention. The last one was the Fox from Kiltox which needed the oil leak fixing before it went to a relative. I must make time for the camper before the winter really sets in, this thread has given me (well deserved) guilt
  20. That reminds me, I need some new batteries. Good luck!
  21. One of these in estate form was on my shortlist for my last car purchase. I could never quite decide between pre 2007 with SBC brake failure and more electrical gremlins or post 2007 with these problems ironed out but the potential for 7G tronic issues. Before 2007 E270 was a 5 cylinder, E320 was V6 After 2007 E280 and E320 are both the same straight 6 but with different states of tune. They can both be tuned up to the same amount but forget what that is now. They are a timeless design, I just need to be brave and buy one!
  22. Yikes, that's a crazy car buying story! Didn't realise the Corsa had given that much grief! That story reminds me of when I bought a clearly knackered 1987 AX off a bloke on the towpath of the Gloucester Sharpness canal in the dark. But without the stately home bit. It was only destined to be a parts donor car, but that didn't make the journey home any less eventful. Sounds like a thermostat stuck open to me.
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