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  1. Seen a few things about this and if it applies to you you should have heard by now. It's confused by the fact it's MCE the underwriter that have gone bust, MCE the broker are still going. So you could previously have had a policy from MCE underwritten elsewhere, that will be fine. Or, you could go online to replace your cancelled MCE policy and find MCE are offering you a replacement - this will be with another underwriter.
  2. Seems very unlikely that a man converting a second hand Renault Trafic will know the answer to this, it's between your mate and his employer. Although, quite often work vehicles are on lease not HP so they go back at the end of the contract and the lease company will sell them.
  3. Citroen Berlingo multispace. The one car that could be all things to all men, just that none of them are ready to admit it
  4. What's this, a shit old moped ACTUALLY OUTSIDE THE HOUSE? Oh yeah it is. This scooter has actually been about 95% finished for ages but I've pulled my finger out over the last couple of weeks and got it up to 98%. I did actually ride it on the road once when the numberplate first came, but it had no lights so I really wanted to sort that so people have less excuse for driving into me. I'm pleased to report that it's pretty fun to ride. The engine is kitted, a "115" Polini (actually 111.something cc) with an unknown expansion exhaust. It can definitely "keep up with traffic" although really it's cruising speed is about 45mph. 4th gear is really long (a feature on these) so you have to hang on to 3rd as long as possible and change to 4th at 40+ to keep accelerating. I reckon it's probably geared for 60mph but only has the power to get to 50-55, and that would be on a very long straight road or a slight downhill. I can't tell you how fast I achieved though as i MAXED OUT THE SPEEDO on a slight downhill. Probably about 51mph. Anyway I am chuffed to get the little thing "finished" and will continue taking it out for a blezz now and again when the weather's OK. Nothing fell off or owt but I feel like you need to build up a bit of confidence in a steed, especially one bodged together from bits in your own shed. Next steps for it, a couple of badges, a plastic rear bumper trim thing, then decide what to do with the engine. It's leaking oil out the gearbox which is a case splitting job to fix, so while there seems sensible* to chuck a 125 crank in and a bigger kit. All that would be $$$ though so I'm putting it on hold for now. Another thought that crossed my mind was to try a different exhaust and leave the cylinder as-is - according to Polini this kit should give about 9hp but my arse dyno says nowhere near. The gap between 3rd and 4th is highlighted even more by the fact the engine seems to make all the power at high revs, so maybe a pipe like a Polini "snail" or similar box pipe will give a better spread of power. Chasing hp numbers is all well and good but maybe 45-50mph is OK when you're rolling on drum brakes. I may also add a battery and some wiring for the electric starter - it's an elestart engine and actually also an elestart frame originally but in the interest of time/$ it's just wired up with a non-battery AC loom, I can just add the battery and relay etc later if I want to flex on kickstart peasants. It's at the bottom of the list though.
  5. Just re-read the hole fred, 10/10 for excessive effort spent on ungrateful A-R heapz. This is proper content. Also a few old members/memories in the early pages of the thread. RIP to: Davenumbers Spartacus Buying a shitter with a few months tax on it and sending the disc back for a refund
  6. Not seen any fleet progress, mostly ebay tat fodder. (Did check with him it would be OK to post)
  7. Great car-ing, can imagine it just driving down roads and stuff all day if required, or even just sitting there on the road in readiness for such activities. Just read back through and saw you sold the old Vespa and kept the new not-Vespa, I can see why. I've nearly finished with this PK I've been building and whilst I do look at V-range smallframes and kinda wish I had held out for one of those, the fact they now appear to be worth PROPPA MUNNY would just mean I was scared to take it anywhere. As this PK is badly rattle can painted, by me, I won't mind as much when it falls over or I drop something on it in my total shit-tip of a workshop.
  8. Too busy buying helmets and handbags to post the letter back to the doovla?
  9. The one in Brighouse always has a few minty Volvos out for retail but tbh they could be the same ones since I moved here a couple of years ago. I can only find them listed on ebay, they have 11 cars on there but I'm sure there are more than that on the forecourt. Maybe they get a lot of local business?https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/volvospecialist/m.html The corner of part-stripped shitters does seem to change occasionally, I guess they are used to repair customer or sales cars through their workshop. I do remember the one on Manchester Road as we lived in Golcar before so used to drive past going to/from town.
  10. Yeah I drive past that place (Brighouse) taking the kids to school and it always strikes me that it treads the fine line between "business" and "hoard" with the number of broken Volvos parked out the front. https://www.google.com/maps/@53.6972572,-1.7857694,3a,75y,354.86h,76.36t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1swxjALqq6e64lpTX0CKlKKw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  11. Thanks, yeah did ring them about a transfer box but they didn't have one suitable, as mine is the earlier 5 speed auto. The 6 speed auto is much more common but has a different bolt pattern where it attaches to the box.
  12. Yeah happy days all round really. Great to drive, so comfortable to sit in, banging stereo. It went over to @NorthernMonkey to have the 2WD situation sorted. I got the repair sleeve from the Volvo dealer in Huddersfield (£130) and NM got the angle box off to see if a new one would be needed, and it was. Was able to find a good second hand xfer box in Manchester for £120 (wrongly listed as a rear diff). It's almost impossible to picture but these were the splines on the input to the old transfer box, on the outside edge they are OK as that part wasn't engaged with the sleeve but about 2mm in they are worn smooth. The connecting sleeve splines were also completely worn off. Apparently this is incredibly common on them and unless you went looking for it you probably wouldn't know unless you tried to drive it up a damp field as they are FWD by default and the rears only kick in when slippage is detected. The test is to stick your arm under when it's parked and try to turn the prop, if you can turn it by hand then this connecting sleeve and/or the transfer box are fucked. I was glad I took it to NM for him to do on the ramp. As ever with these things there are plenty of people insisting they did it on their gravel drive in 2 hours with some bailer twine and a scissor jack from a Corsa but he had a fair old struggle to get the old box off and that's with a ramp. Access to the bolts holding the transfer box to the gearbox is almost non existent. After all that I am pretty sure the 4WD is working and there are no new lights or warnings from the Haldex etc which is another thing that can happen. If you are planning to buy I would be tempted to say go cheap and use your eyes. On the owners groups there are plenty of people with tales of woe having spent strong money on a low miler then suffered borkage. If you buy cheap you have some headroom. Things to definitely check are: 4x4 - can you turn the prop? Try some wheelspins in a gravel car park if possible ABS/brakes etc - warnings on the dash for this, could be ABS rings or worse. Sometimes the driveshafts seize in the hubs and there are tales of them being unable to be separated with a 20T puller Gearbox - on an auto evidence of fluid changes is good, if none do it soon. Needs JWS3309 unicorn jizz fluid which you can buy in bulk. Apparently if the autobox is on the way out it doesn't start playing up till its properly warm so you need to drive it for a good half hour or so to confirm DPF - none on mine but few complaints about them on the groups Tax - post 03/2006 are all £££££ VED Overall I am pleased with the car. If you want one you just need to know they are not great on diesel on local runs (25mpg) but fine on the motorway (40ish mpg) and expect maintaining one to be more like a Disco 3 or RR sport than a 240. When I was ringing round asking about getting the transfer box sorted one place gave me a price for if everything went well with a warning that "it's an XC90, so things do go wrong" I should also add a disclaimer that this post is no guarantee that NorthernMonkey would want to tackle this job again as it was definitely more involved than we expected.
  13. Sorry my bad, it's normally a Tuesday and I only changed the date not the day.
  14. Might make the effort for this as I can't any more in term time.
  15. 3 4x4 BX GTIs still taxed and 22 on sorn according to how many left. Decent telly, as per the CHM days all these challenges are now just overly staged, the big xmas tree bit in this one for example
  17. Some of you guys haven't been on here long enough to know that Ghosty does the headgasket on 100% of his reliable Honda D-series engines, and it shows. If the gasket wasn't blown at purchase it would have been by the Woodhead pass, that is just how the world works. This way is arguably more efficient
  18. I like it when they look like someone has already scrapped it. Might be a decent car under the moss, presume it's up to the buyer to try and get it down from there without breaking it? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1814014175465221/?ref=facebook_story_share
  19. Whilst Shit Banger Car Business is indeed serious business you cannot run it on numbers and logic alone. If you don't wanna sell it don't sell it. What would your chances be of buying another in the future for the amount of money you would get for selling it? Yours regretfully, Sold A Nearly Running 2 door E30 for £500 in 2012.
  20. Yo dawg, I heard you used to like RS turbos in 1993 so we got you one that looks like it's just been joyridden and stripped for that authentic vibe
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