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  1. You can get INPA working with a modified Blue VCDS KKL cable. https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1505990-My-DIS-INPA-SSS-CARSOFT-NAVCODER-Interface It was too long ago for me to remember where I got the software from but the wire did work.
  2. The poll seems not to work if you already voted on the original 2 options. We might need to delete this thread and start again
  3. I just remember him asking for advice on whether to buy that mini or not, I figure if I advise him to buy some of the worst choices he'll hopefully get something else lol
  4. Focus or fiesta with the 1.0 ecoboost BMW 120d or 320d In that budget you might stretch to a Jag XF? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/176326480937
  5. The reality would be that even spending 2-3x as much as you did, you'd be working through the same list of issues.
  6. I'd concur with @dome that it's got to be worth an hour or 2 with some plusgas and fire trying to see what you can get moving. Certainly on the tie rods, they always look bad but I'd say you have a decent chance. The garage may have a very low tolerance on what looks "siezed" as it's got to be better to take the money for the alignment and send the customer for some suspension bits elsewhere than it is to risk even a slightly dodgy looking bolt/arm and end up with a customer's car stuck on the ramp for potentially days.
  7. Spring loaded key - several, Audi key in pocket now Remote central locking - yes also several Keyless entry - nope unless my wife's cars count Push button start - no Pull start - no Handle cranking start - no Automatic gearbox - yes, XC90, BMWs CVT gearbox - various mopeds Overdrive (that isn't a selectable gear) - no Odd number of cylinders - D5 Volvo Turbocharger - yes, 2.0 tfsi, 1.8t, various diesels Twin turbo - no Supercharger - no V6 - n0 V8 - no Boxer engine - yes, Impreza Air cooled engine - only if mopeds count Electric - not mine so no RWD - yes, various BMW Part time 4WD - Audi and Pajero Full time 4WD - a different Audi Locking differentials - Pajero Hydrolastic suspension - err, no Hydro-pneumatic suspension - no Adjustable ride height - yes, Audi allroad Longitudinal mounted FWD - yes, Audi A4 TDI Mid Engined - no Rear Engined - no ICE which doesn't drive the wheels by design - no Front wheel handbrake - no Electric handbrake - no Left hand drive - no Cruise control - several Radar cruise - no Heated seats - current S3 Heated rear seats - no Air conditioning - yes but mostly needing a regas M9 Two seats - only if motorbikes count More than five seats - yes, C8, Vito Fabric roof - convertable? Yes, 2x Audi A4 Sunroof - yes Carburettor - breadvan Polo, Renault 5 DMF - sadly yes DPF - also yes, current Vito has one Android auto - only in aftermarket Chinese Android shonk if that counts Bluetooth - factory phone kit in S3 Speech Synthesis / talking dashboard - no Ribbon / drum speedo - no No speedo - no Odd number of doors - no Gullwing doors - next door has a DeLorean if that helps Pillarless windows - Impreza, E36 Plastic windows - don't think so No windows - yes if motorbikes/scooters count Opening front windscreen - no Opening rear windscreen - no One or more heated SIDE windows - surely this isn't a thing Heated mirrors - yes on current S3 Heated washer jets - no No radio of any sort - mopeds No belts in fitted rear seats - no Built from a kit - no Plastic bodypanels - W639 Vito pre-facelift front wings Plastic / GRP bodypanels - as above Electric pop-up lights - Porsche 924 Manual pop-up lights - no Sliding PASSENGER door - no Fresh air face ventilation with the heating on - think my Vito does this Wood rimmed steering wheel - Impreza Imported from abroad - Impreza, Vespa Made by a manufacturer which no longer exists. - no Made before you were born - no Owned more cars than you have lived years - no Car bought from an Autoshiter - a couple at least Car owned previously(or subsequently) by three or more Autoshiters - no Bought sight unseen - loads Bought without even a photograph - yes one or 2 from ebay Collection included flight - 2nd Impreza from Belfast Collection included more than two trains - yes at least a couple Collection included a drive home to a pre-booked MOT of more than 100 miles - E30 BMW Brighton > Nottingham Won in a ROFFLE - Ignis Sport Brought home on an A Frame / used to A frame another vehicle on its first journey - no Didn't make it home on it's first collection attempt - no Sold within a week of purchase - no Ex-taxi - not that I know of Car had previously been off the road for five or more years - yes if mopeds count Owned the exact same car (not just the same model) previously - no but sold an E28 back to the friend I bought it off Owned in part, as part of a convoluted shared ownership scheme - no Required solicitors letters / police assistance / detective work / confrontation / breaking and entering to collect after purchase - no but I did find the famous ExplosiveCabbage 306 on google maps Was displaying the wrong identity at purchase - yes on a moped, Gilera 125 wearing a 50cc registration an no frame number Given for free - 2 or 3, one was a 2 door E30 320i with no exhaust or MOT driven home from South Wales to Nottingham I think that's 45, or 38 if you're only asking about things with 4 wheels.
  8. I had a GSXR once with the same or very similar calipers and I did them myself. All they really need is the corrosion/rubbish cleaning out from round the seals, I found a small rotary brush on a Dremel worked brilliantly. On mine most of the seals were even reusable.
  9. Anyone else planning/needing to bring children? My wife and eldest are away anyway that weekend so would need to bring 1x 6 and 1x 9 year old. I'm sure they would love it anyway but other kids would be a bonus
  10. Looking at the mileage chart: Mileage increased gradually until 2013 when it looks like we gave up clocking it but it was still working. 2013-17 was roughly 50k a year so if we extrapolate this back for 2008-2013 it should have been on a real 300k by 2013, and more like 500k now.
  11. Yeah they soldiered on for years with PD TDIs and even non-turbo SDIs almost exclusively for taxi use. RE what happened next, obviously more boostage but maybe also some stickers and rustoleum green for a quality* homage to one of these rally weapons?
  12. No worries, I know you're not trying to have a go at anyone, I just wanted to put it on record what a professional job you're doing compared to where we were, just in case anyone does feel like having a moan.
  13. Anyone moaning about this should ask their grandparents about when daveb47 had the keys, the site randomly went down for days and days on end with no real explanation other than sob stories about how he was doing it all as a volunteer and it was very upsetting to be asked to be competent, featuring bonus donation tin rattling. Having a couple to a few hours downtime, publicised well in advance, in order to upgrade the site for real operational reasons, is nothing for people to be wittering about. Kids today, etc.
  14. Bradford + "MOT just out" = very ballsy shiting. Hope it goes well and gets a test with minimal hassle, it looks peng from the pictures at least.
  15. I'm not one for grassing in general but that is one of the worst things I've ever seen. On no planet should it be wearing the Mini ID and TBH it doesn't look like it should ever be on the road in any capacity. Is it possible to submit this sort of thing to DVLA? It could do with a marker that it can't go on the road without an IVA...
  16. Please do check the thread bornite linked Zel as in the previous case (different guy and council, admittedly) their enforcement guys were insisting that the number of cars he had on the premises was more than they considered to be "incidental to the usage of the dwelling-house" or other such planning speak. He never posted the full details of how the negotiation went but he ended up selling off some cars and going down to 4 cars stored at the premises which was a number the council were happy with. All the cars were his, he was just a man who liked small Fiats and had a few. So it's not as simple as just proving you're not running a business. I don't believe FFS ever "got legal" and tested in court whether having more than 4 of your own cars on your own property was really a planning breach but either way it was a sad tale.
  17. Squeaking in on the last day of the retest window. As per I managed to make it more of a carry on than it needed to be, my technique of cable tying a glove onto the disconnected front brake lines then leaving it for several days didn't quite keep all the fluid in. This of course led to air getting into more places than it needed to and having to bleed the rear brakes as well. The o/s/r caliper suitably rewarded me for my ineptitude. With the clock running down on the retest I had to take a day off work yesterday to drive to Rochdale to get a new caliper (featuring bonus near death experience when some cunt in a Golf ploughed through a very red light nearly taking me out) and it's just been retested this morning. I did think there was something still not right with the brakes as while the pedal is rock hard with the engine off it seems squidgy with it on. Some googling suggests Vitos and Sprinters are just like that, TBH I've not driven it enough recently to remember what it was like before but it's passed so that'll do.
  18. Admiral kindly put another £600 on the initial quote when I told them I got 3 points recently. With a mere 30-40 mins on the phone going through all the options I ended up renewing everything except the Audi with them for £1200 and the Audi elsewhere for £465. Still a big bump but could be worse.
  19. From shopping around I'm going to have to at least keep the van with them as I'm getting £8-900 for it anywhere else. My wife can cover hers for £320 and the Audi I can cover for £450 elsewhere so with some dicking around I should be back somewhere reasonable.
  20. Cheers, cunts. Probably not a terrible total for 3 cars, 2 drivers and a house but last years renewal (with an A4 instead of an S3 on there admittedly) was 900-odd.
  21. A wash occured. Wouldn't be a GTS without a bit of rust, but it's surface rather than hanging.
  22. Fairly successful day for faffing. Inspected the Vespa transmission, the belts often get overlooked and either break leaving you stranded or wear affecting performance. Based on width measurement it wasn't that worn but it doesn't look great so a new one is on order. The transmission rollers also looked a bit worn with possible flat spots, so ordered some of those and an oil filter, I have some oil in stock. Spent the afternoon putting the van back together between showers. Had a bit of a war with one of the disc retaining screws but otherwise pretty straightforward. I bled the calipers with my knock-off Mityvac which worked pretty well, although I did have to rope in a child for a final pedal pump based check. I also cleared out the scuttle drains, there was some water under the carpet last time I was in there investigating for a diesel heater, the central drain under the cabin filter was blocked with minor gunk and one of the side ones had half a tree of well mulched leaves. No pics of any of the above as I was well onto the swing of it with filthy hands, I've stopped to make tea and will finish it off this evening.
  23. I'm not a fan of those quick release joints, they seem more faff than a normal hose clamp and I can never quite tell if they're in place. TBH I am always relieved to find it's my own ineptitude rather than some new fault.
  24. Have you got codes? Mine did almost exactly that after changing the thermostat and it was the crank sensor. I was certain I hadn't damaged or even touched it, but it was. It fired up fine but like you say as soon as it went over X rpm (about 2500 for me) the crank signal dropped out, popping and misfiring then I assume it went to some cam based fallback mode with reduced performance and a shit 1200rpm idle. Febi sensor from Amazon sorted it, I think around £15.
  25. Update please - hopefully this is alternatord up and terrorising the local streets by now?
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