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  1. Yeah it's a carbon copy of the last crash in 2008 but with cars instead of houses. Credit available to anyone who asks, 100% or more loan to equity (got a balloon payment owing on the last car, no probs we'll roll it into the next one) and the whole house of cards set up on the assumption that almost everyone can always make their payments and the asset can be sold for a decent % of what is owed. If lots of people default at the same time because, for example, they are now spending 4 times as much as they were last year on gas and electric, you could start to see thousands of cars hit the market at once depressing used values so the finance houses can't get their money back. With a corresponding increase in demand for old bangers. But what can we do, other than stockpile some Micras and Zafiras ready to cash in when the time comes?
  2. Cheers, it's a common mod when remapping and not too bad to swap over. The 109 has a really short diff to make up for the 88hp, a 4.09 so something like a 316 touring in E30 terms. The one thats gone in is 3.455. I recently turned the boost up a further smidge and max fuel from 65 to 70mg so I reckon I am somewhere around 130-140bhp now, 1st gear was close to useless at this power level. Not to mention the fact I've swapped a 248k mile diff for one that's only done about half that.
  3. Yeah you're right there, it's been a while since I did a big day of fixing like this and I'm knackered now, those diffs are heavier than they look.
  4. "I have it on good authority from my contacts at Citroen that all the metals, including the lithium are organically hand scavenged by artisan 3rd world orphans. The Citroen factory generates all it's own electricity from it's in house combined power and heat tyre furnace which is still working through the stock of 70s metric tyres and has been certified net zero carbon. Parts logistics are done in 20 mile segments by a fleet of remote control Amis powered by electricity generated by burning whale oil. HTH"
  5. Better day today. ARB bushes: Gaiter: Changed gearbox oil: Old diff oil: New Vs old diff. The mounts looked like they would like up right but I swapped them over anyway, the new diff was off a 64 plate 130hp van. About 20% lower ratio. The 64 mount on the rear of the diff had different rubber bits, mostly hole rather than mostly rubber. Dunno if this is in the name of NVH or saving money. The front mount was a slightly different shape so that was swapped as well. Also had to pop out for a driveshaft boot as one was fooked. It's all back together and been for a test drive, I also fixed the sliding door with a new bottom runner. The diff is just about right, it's now sat at 2400rpm at 70 instead of 3000 which is pretty loud. Hopefully this will save my ears and maybe even help mpg a bit. Annoyingly there is still a knock from the front end going over bumps, I cannot find anything wrong other than the bushes I changed so it'll have to wait for the MOT man to tell me. Other than maybe fitting the front seats if I can summon the energy tonight, we're about ready to go.
  6. Yeah I guess I must like it. Deffo better to drive than the Scudo but also much needier thus far. When I found the welding needed on the sills: I did have a serious look round to see if I could get a better example or a similar size van but I concluded that I would need to spend something like £5-6k. My MIG man doesn't think the van is a lost cause so a few hundred on welding and the other bits I'm doing are going to get me something that is not just (hopefully) sorted but is set up how I want it. The diff for example, I would probably get away with just some fresh oil but I am putting the longer ratio on as I've remapped it and the 109 diff is hilariously short to make up for the 88hp. Looking towards the winter and next year I do think I will look at getting a pop-top put on and doing some sort of mostly removable camper interior. So yeah I am fairly emotionally invested but also financially, I cannot get anywhere near what I think I can make this into without spending lots more money than I'd like.
  7. Off on holiday in the van on Friday so trying to make sure it will make it the thousand or so miles it needs to cover. I fitted the towbar electrics, my OEM YO towbar came with a Merc 13pin jobber with almost no wires left on it, I went for a generic 7 pin socket with bypass relay as recommended by @Barry Cade. All pretty easy to install as my van happens to have an accessory socket right by the D pillar to take the relay power from. Today I was gonna get some of the mechanical work done. Changed the fuel filter which I've had waiting for a while, no pics but use your imagination. When firing up after the fuel filter change I heard a familiar Thomas the Tank engine sound from the top of the engine. FFS. It was injector #1. No obvious reasons why it should be chuffing again, assuming I did not do a good enough job of cleaning up the seat last time. I got it to here: Seems to be a bit of a carbon deposit/stain that won't shift but I decided to stop as I was concerned about how much I was cutting from the seat. It's all back together after an emergency trip to the dealer in Bradford for a washer. They kindly gave me 4 and couldn't be bothered to charge me for them, I already had an unused new bolt from last time. So yeah several hours lost and before we leave on Friday AM I was hoping to: Fit 2x ARB bushes Fit steering rack gaiter Swap diff (due for delivery tomorrow, longer ratio and this one is a bit squeaky at times) Fix sliding door (new rollers to go on) Fit single front seats and swivels Not sure what my prospects are for achieving all that but I'll see what I can do, only the first 2 are properly essential I reckon. I also added some stickers to the 2 wheeled fleet, bit of an obscure reference but if you know, you know
  8. The back light might be off a 6v Chaly.
  9. Hopefully all 3 of the people who click on this by accident are sat down as I have MAJOR happenings to report. Sad indicator: Now erect indicator: Update ends
  10. Who was it who was grom-curious? @tom13? This looks alright for the price, can't imagine starter is mega hard or expensive to replace. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/804762380935816/?ref=facebook_story_share
  11. Worth making enquiries, if it's a 2014 Lambretta its a Chinese effort which is not massively well regarded. A 2014 Vespa might be worth a look but all depends on price.
  12. Vespa was meant to have gone for MOT today. Pulled it out this morning and put the new indicator relay on - less than a year ago I got 2x duff RMS ones from new then bought a genuine one for £25 which has also already given up the ghost. Anyway, had indicators. Also had petrol absolutely pissing out from the carb and a big oil puddle where it had been parked. It's leaking from the gearshift again which is incredibly frustrating after that being the reason I rebuilt the engine earlier this year. I've ordered a gasket for the carb as it seems to be leaking from the float bowl. I will put it in for MOT when it comes but I am gonna send the engine down to a famed smallframe botherer to get the leak looked at again as I simply cannot be arsed this time. 0-1 down I decided to fit a new chain to the Grom, I had a few hours of listen only meetings and it's been sat there waiting a while. The area was pretty grim. Nice easy job really, the front sprocket that's gone on is a -1 which should give me a bit more acceleration at almost no top speed penalty. The thing is geared really high stock, it's like it's set up to rev out at about 75mph in 4th but as a result barely has the power to accelerate in 4th when you get there. Shinies: Obviously you can't see how clean it is under there but it is, cleaner than it was at least. 1-1. The chain is a DID and gold because tart. Also goes with the wheels a bit. Because smoll bikes are the best bikes it was only £22. Increasingly happy with the bike overall. From some forensic investigation of the state of it it looks like it was really well looked after, stolen and extremely badly painted in light blue graff paint, then painted back by whoever bought it as stolen recovered, but not that well and not in fuel resistant paint. I really think I can make a very tidy little bike with some time on the plastics plus there is the grin factor every time I take it out for a brum. If I hadn't got so much emotionally invested in the Vespa I might get rid of it.
  13. Status updates: Chaly: allegedly being collected tomorrow Vespa: MOT Monday Ignis: bought the bits for its test but not yet fitted Vito: In a couple of weeks I am off to drive this 1000 miles for a holiday so I'm trying to get it sorted ready. Today I started by fitting a towbar - I need it to put a bike rack on. Towbar bit was pretty straightforward, I found an OEM YO one on ebay. It fits nicely inside the bumper and just needed a couple of small bits cutting on the bottom. Didn't take a picture of it all back together it seems. While the bumper was off I treated a couple of bits of rust back there: And made the mistake of poking some of the rusty bits and pulling off some of the peeling underseal. It's not amazing but it's about standard for one of these. I applied some rust converter and just decided to wob up the holes for now. The arch I don't think is a major problem, the sill does have a hole in the outer skin so is probably technically an MOT fail. Its absolute bodgery and no doubt but it looks a little better. I only had £shop matt black and only sanded it with 60 grit, I might try and buy the right colour paint and sand it back and do a better job. I'm a bit torn now as to how much effort/time/money its worth putting into this van. On the one hand it seems to be mechanically OK and I was thinking of doing some camper bits to it, maybe including a pop top. The rust is all fixable, they do do arch repair panels etc and I could get it painted to smarten it up a bit. But will it be a forth bridge job and need some sort of rust treatment every other year? The alternative would be to get a newer version but I would have to put a lot more money in to get something better. There is no guarantee of reliability with a newer one and they have some pretty scary sounding electrical maladies, adblue shit, NOx sensors, etc etc. So do I roll the dice, for quite a lot more money, to get something nicer and theoretically more worthwhile? Or stick with this and just fix the rust every other year like a land rover owner? Dunno tbh.
  14. "Aye, you'll no get it (my money) for delivery" Maybe?
  15. My theory is that the £300 TNITE gang are the same people who list absolute scrap for 12 times what its worth or OFFERS I NO WOT DEZE ARE WURF, when they list something they put a batshit price and presumably get bargained down to something sensible if they ever sell it, so they immediately offer as if they are talking to one of their own kind.
  16. Ed China fixed the air suspension on a P38 with a 99p pump repair kit I seem to recall, on that basis this should also be a walk in the park
  17. Is it an Aprilia? Pegaso 125? The engine at least will be the same as an RS125.
  18. No it's legit, Cleckhuddersfax is the term for the sort of sprawl from about Ossett/Dewsbury to Halifax/Huddersfield, it's a pretty much continuous conurbation and one of the largest outside London or summat. https://www.ilivehere.co.uk/cleckhuddersfax.html
  19. Ignored the very good advice of many bikeshiters on here and went for a slightly smaller plate. 8x6 so still illegal but hopefully doesn't look like a pisstake. Also fitted some proper mirrors, I can still see quite a lot of my own shoulders but also a much better version of what's behind me. Still haven't cleaned it, if anything made it dirtier by riding to work in the rain last week.
  20. "So naturally I gave it a full service including cambelt with parts procured from Euros and car boot sales at a total cost of £11.35, washed it and retailed it for £1995" The shadow never disappoints.
  21. I had one stolen off my drive a year or so ago. Totally my fault, left it out with no locks on and some scratters pushed it away. They never got it started as it had a chipped key but I couldn't find it so reported it to the insurance. It eventually turned up like 200m away from my house, I could have repaired it but insurance gave it a cat B write off due to the amount of damage to the frame from them trying to start it. Might be worth trying Biker Biker or a group like that on FB, often the theives are on instagram etc trying to sell the bikes on and they do sometimes get recovered.
  22. That's awful news. Sadly you have to have a tracker if you ever want to get it back. I use these cheap relay trackers, or Monimoto are normally quite well regarded. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125054806640
  23. I cannot fathom how you would prefer to spent 14 weeks drilling holes and putting on pop rivets rather than buying a welder from Lidl and trying to learn how to use it, you've got to admire the tenacity
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