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  1. If you can make one from that side on picture and the fact it's a Toyota blank then you can be the new key wrangler
  2. Some people do still operate like there is some sort of code of honour and you have to let the first person to call view first or you'll be seen as a scoundrel. Try not to get wound up about it, his prerogative to take a 50/50 chance that the other buyer will either not turn up or will turn up but will only be able to offer £400 and/or a non-pedigree staffy for it because his budgie needs surgery and he's skint because the police raided his weed grow.
  3. Those numbers are amazing, kinda shows how far we've come. Modern cars will have RPH(repairs per hundred) targets in the region of 1-2. Special shout out to the Fiat 125 for achieving 108RPH, ie the average customer had to have theirs repaired 1.08 times.
  4. I've concluded that I like the fixing as much as the driving. Yes it's inconvenient at times, I just had to drive my van to Sheffield 2 days in a row at £10 a time for CAZ charges as the Audi is off the road waiting for me to replace the oil pickup. But the satisfaction of putting it all right keeps me going. I don't put things into garages though, think I would have been buying a smoke machine and trying to do it myself before waiting 1 month + but your supercharged V8 is a bit more complicated than my golf engine with a turbo. Keeping the 335 long term or just until this one is sorted*?
  5. Price is relative but the fact that a toastie from Starbucks was the only sustenance available is a damning inditement of the priorities of society on ready procurement of bacon cobs and related breakfast foods.
  6. Man, if I was in charge I would do a law that there must be a big standard greasy spoon caff which serves standard bacon based fare at an acceptable price/grease ratio within 100m of all train and/or bus stations. Signage should be prominent to help hungry out of towners. I decided this on a collection mission when stopping at Peterborough at breakfast time, walking a good 5-10 mins and finding the only breakfast option was McRonalds. Poor show Peterborough but I doubt most other places are much better.
  7. I'm an enthusiast = I fix my own car with twin and earth, baler twine, self tappers/tek screws, and mix my own underseal from a secret family blend of creosote and Golden Virginia
  8. Enthusiast selling their car: worth a million quid for non-specific reasons related to their enthusiasm Enthusiast buying your car: £12 max mate, that dealer sticker in the back window is from the second dealer that sold it at 3 years old not the original dealer so it's basically scrap
  9. Still haven't touched the engine due to snow etc but have fixed the roof. My new module turned up and it got rid of the open circuit code and there was some slight progress in that the windows went down when you pressed the button but then nothing else. I found that manually opening the front of the roof then meant the rest of it would go down, although there were codes for position not feasible on the front motor. I lashed up a test rig with a motorbike battery and applied some volts to the front motor and got nothing. Managed to find one listed wrong on ebay for £25, fitted today and we have a fully working roof.
  10. Like how he doesn't take offers on the scrap he's selling, what a roaster
  11. The Audi cab I bought recently which was on FB for 1000, the seller reckoned he was getting 2-3 messages AN HOUR which were either just "600" or offers of swaps for gold, quads, and dogs. It can play in the favour of a shiter as you can pick up a bargain just by being less of a shithead than the other people messaging. I got his number, asked some questions, had an obligatory attempt to try and get it a few quid cheaper, failed, booked a train, sorted. He held onto it for several days without a deposit or anything despite the ad being live and his phone pinging with messages about it even as he picked me up from the station, presumably as I had established myself as a human and clearly had my shit together enough to book and actually get on a train putting me in the top 0.5% of facebook marketplace buyers. I quite like the one where you're selling something and you get some no-mark messaging from Dover or Inverness asking where you are and not even managing to be able to put the postcode you've given them into Google to find out for themselves how far it is, how these people manage to breath and feed themselves I have no idea.
  12. Free bit of science - it's not exactly the smaller hole as such, it's that more of the energy of the gas will be lost in the extra portion of gas that is reflected back by the smaller hole. Basically all exhaust systems just work by bouncing the gas round corners, back/forth in boxes etc to make it lose energy. Hence why if you slice a standard silencer open it looks like a low difficulty rat maze. The MOT is completely open to interpretation. I would say from the dB levels you've posted it should be fine and not loud enough to be classed as "unreasonably louder than a similar car in similar condition", but that could mean anything to anyone FFS so it's still a bit dependant on the tester.
  13. Doesn't look very grand, it looks quite small actually.
  14. Stolen off of the Facebook, bet this guy could buy a new Yaris by selling his plate to someone with a GR. Apparently it's the diesel for the ultimate mismatch of mingebag car / $$$$ plate
  15. I agree with @artdjones that 99.7% of people greasing a brake pipe are doing it to hide something, but the test is inspect only not de-grease so the advisory is the only thing they can do,
  16. Dave_Q

    HMC- Rover P4 80

    There's a guy on a forum selling one you know
  17. Guessing it's a vinyl on the window or something rather than a glitch in the matrix or the Tardis going on the fritz
  18. The lifecycle of AS: Think I might buy X Post thread, are X shit? Dozens of unanimous replies - yes I've bought X My X is broken 60 goto 50, do not pass go, do not collect £200
  19. Yeah I hope we haven't sounded too unsympathetic, it's not the situation it's more the reporting of it as if the council had just waltzed in one day and taken his cars when there had been a process followed over a number of years. I hope getting the cars moved on helps him and he's able to clear and maybe dispose of the house if that's what he wants to do. Obviously none of us knows what his life has been like and can't judge.
  20. I think the "assets rotting" bit applies more to the house than the £500 cheque from EMR
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