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  1. Also "had a lot of money put into the build", I know building materials are expensive at the minute but these "builds" entail cutting bit of the car out which I reckon is free.
  2. I hate these wanky "pickup conversions" they all look shit and just guarantee that the current owner will be the last before the bridge. Pretty sure 1250 would get you a normal 407 coupe, never mind one with the boot replaced with plywood that doesn't even run ffs. Look how waterproof it isn't, just imagine how bad the interior smells with all the rainwater soaked into it.
  3. Ebay sold prices say not, maybe 7-800. Probably needs to be 500 quid if you are meant to be making anything on it
  4. PS I hope as they are now "dealing with it" when you write back you are still at the front of the queue and not the back? Waiting another 6-7 weeks is not the one.
  5. Honda direct https://www.honda.co.uk/motorcycles/my-bike/year-of-manufacture.html £30 (daylight robbery) I looked into it when I was buying this Chaly but got lucky that it was already UK reg.
  6. If it's like mine you will have a V5 in there and another letter tomorrow saying "we are going to send you a V5 soon"
  7. Yo hairnet, dunno if you saw my tag in my thread but I got my logbook back for my Vespa yesterday, 6 weeks 2 days since they received it so yours might come soon
  8. From near Madrid back to Granada
  9. Only on Autoshite would this be a compliment:
  10. Dave_Q

    P-reg Ford Ka's

    Shockingly built compared to a renno 5 is a pretty damning
  11. Yeah I'm not mega hopeful and have also heard of long delays. Which happens first, Chaly MOT or Vespa V5? Place bets now
  12. 5 weeks now and nothing from the Doovla on the Vespa, it says 4-6 weeks so will ring next week. I did also put my van through an MOT, needed a lower arm and droplinks AGAIN but nobody really wants to hear about that. Anyway incoming today: It's a Honda Chaly monkey bike type thing. I actually bought this weeks ago and eternal gent Cavcraft has been stashing it in his fabled garages for me. No plate or lights, looks like maybe it was destined for life as a field bike. I was able to get the frame number before buying and determined through the excellent https://www.facebook.com/vin2reg.co.uk/ that it was indeed UK reg on an X plate. I already have the V5 and a number plate. Tried to fire it up on Cavcraft's forecourt, it did go but just died if you applied any throttle at all. Got it home and cleaned out the carb which was tasty, although not the worst I've seen: And it's running like a champ now. Interestingly it's lost it's original engine which would have been a 70cc semi-auto a la C70, and it's got a 50cc full auto. Seems to go through the gears OK and I achieved possibly as much as 20mph brumming up my road. A Lifan 110 or 125 may be in it's future tho because fat and hills. In the meantime I am wondering whether to bother with trying to source some lights or just borrowing the temp horn and reflector from the Vespa and whanging it in for an MOT as is. It's a March 1982 reg so it'll be the last MOT it ever goes for.
  13. Dave_Q

    P-reg Ford Ka's

    This is some wholesome shit and frankly if anyone is going to preserve a P reg Ka, then you the man @egg. My Ka story is doing a summer working for the Pizza Hut in Wakefield and using their Ka when my van was out of action. I think it was a fairly late one, maybe 54 or 56 plate? Anyway it had obviously had a hard life but I was really impressed with how it drove actually, the 1.3 sidevalve or whatever it is seemed to have just the right amount of power to drag it round town in a sprightly fashion. plus excellent chuckable handling. I had really expected it to be pretty shit based on internet experts but came away thinking they might even make a passable budget track car.
  14. Insurance companies gonna insurance company. That Puch is super sexy, are you riding it to work?
  15. Well done on the sale. Not many years ago this would have been frag fodder or only seen as fit for a 325 conversion due to it being a 4 pot auto. Great to see it finally being valued as it is.
  16. Potatocam update as battery was too low for flash: Our man made it here ok. Wipers were working but with a loud squeak. Downgraded to medium through application of off brand wd40 equivalent. Hooked up the trailer and we had a total of 1 intermittent light. Not sure if this is trailer or vehicle electrics and not really wanting to try and figure it out in the rain we dismantled the trailer and whanged it in the back of the mighty Land Cruiser. Our correspondent was dispatched in the general direction of The South with a packed lunch of GT85. Chodspeed good sir, great to meet you.
  17. Autoaid are good and would cover you and Mrs6C in any vehicle with no age limits for £70 a year or whatever it is now. They do have a length limit on vehicles which is I think 5.5m (my 5.2m van is within) but their limit on trailers is 10foot.
  18. I think on any VFR the exhaust is a big thing to look for as the 2+2 into one (or two, depending) setup is quite complex and mostly hung out in the road spray. They are a lot more likely to have been ridden in actual weather than a sports bike so think that makes it worse. I had a G reg VFR, servicing was OK I had the carbs off with no issues, the engines are pretty much bombproof. I think I do recall the general bike mag opinion is a non-VTEC 800 is the one to go for.
  19. Our intrepid correspondent is on the move, not through the efforts of the RAC, more that it's stopped raining, I think. Got a few potential remedies lined up, not sure how much gas is in the blowtorch though so hopefully we don't need to go that far.
  20. Just one, but he's as much of a twat as five regular twats so refers to himself in the multiple
  21. Don't worry about the trailer mate, if it goes tits up then get back to base and we'll work something else out. All my neighbours are sound so could easily work something out for you to come next week while I'm away. Just think, at least the body of your new Toyota is made of metal not air and the brakes work?
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