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  1. A while back but this makes me laugh. https://www.business-live.co.uk/economic-development/angry-wife-sells-djs-25000-3995253
  2. Nah, must be a different one. The SW has been at radio two for as long as I can remember.
  3. Steve Wright has always been totally shit. I listened to radio two for 25 years at work and when driving. When Zoey Ball joined a few years back enough was enough. I reckon she's permanently on drugs or pissed. I've changed to radio six and have never looked back. All commercial stations can get in the sea.
  4. I have a disclok you're welcome to if you want to call for it. Same as this. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/car-security/disklok-steering-lock-silver-small-743849.html
  5. That white one was immaculate and looked brand new.
  6. The last time out on the red c90 it was quite cold and it activated my white finger even though I was wearing proper gloves. I invested £11 on ebay for some thinsulate leather gloves. I've been out today for a good hour in cold weather and these have done the job. Not sure how they can make and deliver leather gloves for that price. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153914025356
  7. I was on a road trip to Leicester to flog the brown c90 and got a couple of spots.
  8. Spotted at Leicester services.
  9. Would you be interested in my son's 1986 honda vision 50cc?
  10. I had an A reg black 944 about twelve years ago. It was an ungrateful, unreliable bastard and I was constantly spannering it. It's death knell was when it started billowing blus smoke when hoofing it. I swapped it for a mates auntie's N reg vectra in gold beige. That's how desperate I was to get rid of the fucker. Anywat I digress. Top thread.
  11. Yes you did. Sorry man I didn't think you'd mind because of that. Pm me your deets and I'll send you the money.
  12. I've got both. Send me your address and I'll post you them.
  13. Out on the red C90. It looks like I've sold the brown one to a guy from Devon and we're meeting at Leicester services which is roughly half way. Sold it for £1600, £200 more than I paid which'll cover my diesel in the van.
  14. My nickname at school was Jawa. No idea why when I looked like fucking Yoda. Thick cunts.
  15. Road trip today. 4hrs 3mins and 235 miles each way. Taking fil's S80 and swapping it plus cash for a pug 107 from @tom13 He gave me a grand for expenses and got rather aggressive when I refused. I wouldn't care but the ovlov has half a tank of disesal in it. Ho hum.
  16. Illegal, missing or incorrect number plate is £100 according to police camera action or whatever is on channel 5 atm.
  17. For the first time this year I've seen a few wasps this year. Partner is off to Newcastle for food and beer with her mate and has just messaged saying she's been stung waiting for the bus 😂. Wasps are evil cunts and will sting for no reason whatsoever. I remember being in a beer garden on a red hot day about 20 years ago. I thought there was a bit of sweat running down my arm, no it was a fucking wasp up my t shirt sleeve and the cunt stung me in the armpit. It hurt for a fortnight. I love bees on the otherhand. My grandad showed me how to stroke them. They're totally placid. He also showed me how to grab nettles without being stung. If you grab aggressively and pull them out they don't sting. It's when you brush against them you get stung.
  18. Sorry not sorry for laughing.
  19. Step son recently finished his masters in aerospace engineering. He has just left with his specialized hybrid. He's cycling to Newcastle to get a 7 o'clock train from Edinburgh. From there he's cycling to Aberdeen then Inverness sleeping rough in a small tent as he goes. He's done this shit a few times before but always with mates, never alone. One of his mates did it on a very early 80's mountain bike. It weighed a ton! He reckons he'll do 6 or 700 miles and he'll see me Sunday.
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