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  1. Get it in the air and try and rust proof the cills. I must do my own at some point. I've seen a few badly patched. My clutch is also quite high but I'm used to it. I must look at adjusting it. If yours doesn't have a rev counter they're around £60 on ebay and are plug and play. I love mine and it's driven flat out everywhere. Go kart handling too. I had a full front to back exhaust fitted in mine yesterday for £230. I fitted new discs and pads last year. They were only £50 to buy iirc.
  2. And 300 miles on a stepthrough doesn't appeal.
  3. I'll do my best but all I've got is the 107.
  4. Epic. Nice to meet you on Saturday btw.
  5. £92 to insure it this morning. Took it down the priory in Tynemouth in the van to get a picture. Don't have my cbt you see.
  6. I've met @gm on numerous occasions and he's actually a nice guy.
  7. A quick look on the mot history and it's pretty clean although 160k on it. I offered him £500 but he declined. Cunt.
  8. A mate's just paid £400 for this. 2.0tdi quattro. He was messaging yesterday to see if I had any smoke bombs for the air intake so it must be fucked in some way 🤣
  9. I've no idea. I saw it a while back and it brought back a lot of happy memories. I had a spare few quid after selling the transhit so I thought why not. I'm going to be running around on it short term. No idea yet whether I'll sell it later or just garage it for the future.
  10. Completely different map and drives 100% better. The gearbox has far better ratios too.
  11. I started my business from the hatch of 1.8i L reg turquoise/greeny/blue one in 2003. Happy memories.
  12. Collection. Looks like the ex @Kiltox van might crack 40k too.
  13. Didn't mk1 orions use an escort exhaust with an extra bit bolted on or something?
  14. After 5 months fucking about I've managed to flog my transhit on Tuesday. Got a not unreasonable £11250. I owed £5k finance so it still but a few quid in my bank. I'm very happy to see the back of the cunt and I feel sorry for the poor fucker that will eventually end up with it. Ford? Never ever fucking again.
  15. Get yourself a criminal record sharpish. You won't have to do it then.
  16. I've got a ctek smart charger you can lend if you want to call for it. I also have a digital battery tester/monitor.
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