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Autoshite's official for sale/wanted thread

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If you have:

  • a part to sell
  • something you're looking for
  • something to give away for free

please post it here.

(Starting a new combined thread so that we have less pinned threads.)
The original wanted and offered thread is here
The original shitecycle thread is here

Got a part you need, searching for something rare you cant find even on ebay? Think an autoshite member might have it? Feel free to bash up a WANTED post here and see if anyone has your wanted item and whether they can be arsed to part with it for beer tokens/favours etc...

Alternatively, got something you want rid of? Think an Autoshiter might need it? Stick up an OFFERED ad here. Actually, I don't know, it might be better to just advertise it in its own thread. Its up to you.

If there was a similar thread like this somwhere, I couldnt find it, so get over it.

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For sale, badgeless grille to fit Seat Ibiza 2002-2009, this was the wife's car it came off to give an idea of the model




Decent quality item, made by FK automotive (German kwality Yo!), was only on our Ibiza for a couple of thousand miles.

£15 ono posted or pick up from Middlesbrough TS3.



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While having a clear out, I came across a pile of Practical Classics and Retro Cars mags. 20 PC and 7 Retro Cars from about 2009-2013.


Free to collector, or will probably go to the tip in next couple of weeks.


Actually shit loads more as well, Diecast/model collector, Classic car weekly also. If you want a pile of mags, come and have a rummage!

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Still have:


22 inch wiper blade - http://autoshite.com/topic/10525-shitecycle-free-to-a-new-home/?p=1242042

Czech number plate holder - http://autoshite.com/topic/12104-autoshites-official-wantedoffered-thread/?p=1236877

Skoda Favorit rear seats - http://autoshite.com/topic/12104-autoshites-official-wantedoffered-thread/?p=1237257

Golf Radiator (92-97) - http://autoshite.com/topic/12104-autoshites-official-wantedoffered-thread/?p=1213375

Fiesta 95-02 radiator (does equivalent 121) - http://autoshite.com/topic/12104-autoshites-official-wantedoffered-thread/?p=1213375

Ford Fusion 3 badge (whole badge now) - http://autoshite.com/topic/12104-autoshites-official-wantedoffered-thread/?p=1227997

Oil filters: 

Halfords HOF274 - Clio, Twingo, Modus, Dacia Logan and Sandero

C148 - Cougar, escort V/VI, Fiesta III, IV, V, Mondeo, Scorpio etc, Toyota Celica (77-85), Corolla (70-81)


Still wanted:

Ford Fusion brochure 2002

Classic car buyer from January 2017 that had a write-up on the Mondeo Mk1. A scan would do!

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Collected from where? If it fits under a V6 ZT, I'm interested

Lytham St Annes Lancs (Home). Or Dalbeattie, Dumfries and Galloway as have a static caravan up there...

I have no idea if they are the same for different engine variants though.

Anyone here actually know?

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Lytham St Annes Lancs (Home). Or Dalbeattie, Dumfries and Galloway as have a static caravan up there...

I have no idea if they are the same for different engine variants though.

Anyone here actually know?


Just had a look now - if it's wide but short, it's for the 1.8 turbo, otherwise if it's approximately as long as it is wide, it'll fit everything else.

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I have 2 headlamp wiper motors for a Volvo S60, working, left hand and right hand side. Free, just the price of postage please £8


Also a high pressure fuel pump for said S60, fully working, again, have it free, just the price of postage, £8 (it's bleedin heavy m9)


EGR valve and inlet pipe for PD130 engines, working, just a little mucky. Grand price of FREE m8. Postage price £5 soN


Or, collect for double free in person in sunny Brum

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Got loads of stuff here needs getting rid of, so much so that I'm struggling to get over my strong instinct to carry on prevaricating. However, got to start somewhere I suppose. Lots more to come, mostly not car related, but might as well start with that.


Renault Clio bits - all from a Mk1 Phase 3 1.9D RL 5 door that we scrapped- I assume all of it apart from the headlights will fit any phase though.


Free to collect or you pay postage:


All four window glasses, plus the rear quarterlight glasses and the divider bits.

Two headlights (Phase 3 only). One has a couple of locating tabs broken off but that never caused MOT alignment issues AFAIK. Bulbs working when removed, might not be now.

Parcel shelf

Both manual adjustment mirrors in grey, including the internal adjustment cable bit. Driver's side adjuster cable repaired with superglue, this surprised me greatly by actually working.

Think I might have one rear light cluster, will have to check. Probably the O/S, nearside had a hole in it IIRC.

Complete front upright, taken off the N/S, including spring, top mount etc.; Bilstein (OE spec) gas damper has about 4000 miles on it from memory, so should be good for many more. It'll be a fair bit to post complete as it's very heavy, can split it if you just want the damper or spring. Should fit either side AFAIK.

I think I also have both driver control stalks- lights, indicators, wipers etc.


£10 + postage, or collect it - brand new Bilstein OE spec damper, in box. Was £35 new from ECP; I bought a pair and fitted the N/S as that damper had collapsed, never got round to doing the O/S before we scrapped the car.


Other stuff, also free to collect or you pay postage.




Found that while clearing out a cupboard, will test it to make sure the paint hasn't dried up if anyone's interested. Could probably get away with 'large letter' postage.






Technics SL=PG580A CD player. Bought by me brand new from Richer Sounds in 1997 as part of my first hi-fi setup. Has given many years of faithful service, but now surplus to requirements. Unfortunately is missing the fascia bit on the front of the CD drawer, and the remote is missing its battery cover, but both still working fine AFAIK (will test to make sure if there's any interest). Postage is about 8 quid on these via (potentially unreliable) Parcels2Go couriers.

More to come, do check back!

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    • By eddyramrod
      This is a Wanted thread, but having no money I'm offering a swop.  Key for key, no cash involved.
      I want a Bedford CF.  It's over 30 years since my first one and I think well past time I repeated the experience.  Steel front rather than the later plastic grille; VX slant-four petrol engine rather than the Opel type, and absolutely NO DIESELS; preferably a plain van body rather than a camper or truck.  Oh and it needs to be legal and running fairly reliably.  Not like I'm asking for much!
      I'm offering the Giffer Rover.  It does have its own thread: http://autoshite.com/topic/28899-collection-of-yet-another-rover-accomplished/  I bought it blind off ebay last summer and it's a lovely car.  MoT is due in March but this is how confident I am: I'll put a new one on it if a suitable CF appears before then.  If the CF comes later, well the Rover will have a new ticket anyway.  It's a 2.0 auto with 42,000 miles up, and drives just as you would expect.
      If the van comes from further than about 150 miles from me I would very much appreciate being able to meet at some suitable common point to do the handover.  Motorway service areas or supermarkets with integrated cafes would be ideal.
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      OK, maybe not entirely serious, but I clocked one round the corner from my house this morning and they look brilliant. Had been off my radar but small fuel efficient stylish estate and seem to be plenty of cheap ones about, presumably comfy and fun to drive in a french sort of way - what's not to like?
      1.4 petrol appeals with cheap tax/insurance/ulez friendly.
      I love my 205 but nine times out of ten the CR-V gets used for practicality reasons. One of these looks like being a bit more jolly and efficient, but equally practical...
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      Looking for tidy box trailer, 
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      First my brother in law had a problem with his Volvo:
      Then, earlier this week, someone broke into his house, found keys to his BMW and drove away in this:

      There’s no way of knowing whether the BMW will ever be found.
      BIL now urgently needs a reliable automatic estate car, MoTd and running, for up to £1k and located as close to High Wycombe as possible.
      Does anyone know of a suitable steed?
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      Bit of an SOS here. I've got a couple of item's I've won on eBay in far flung locations and my work shedule has conspired to make collection difficult. I'd hoped to collect them on some upcoming cross country trip but unfortunately my employer has other ideas....
      They have the flexibility to stand up the workforce to work 6 day weeks and have also extended our weekday working hours. They are blaming Brexit and trying to push production volumes as high as they can before the leave date.
      I've got two collections outstanding and was wondering if theres anyone local who could collect on my behalf and either post onwards, or sit on them until I'm able to collect. Happy to cover any expenses. Petrol / Post / Beer Money.
      The Items are industrial lights, 
      The first Item is in Prestatyn - The Seller has said collection from Chester is also a possibility, they are 3 Fluorescent tube lights.
      The second Items is in Lewisham, SE14 6QD, South london. And is a pair of explosion proof lights [ PLAN IN PLACE ]
      If your able to help please pm me.
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