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  1. Just worn out I’d say, they were old, rusty and very scored. the rears may well be crappy as there is no resistance to the handbrake lever until it’s near the end.
  2. It’s a good little thing. It’s had an oil/filter, air and spark plugs already too a week after getting it. Just the brakes needed attention really. Fronts are all grand, but I’ll order some shoes too so next week I’ll have it all done hopefully 🤞
  3. Did the front discs and pads on my father’s i20 today finally. The bottom slider pin on both caliper brackets had seized so I sent it off to Bigg Red who returned it looking perfect. However my suspicions about binding at the rear have been confirmed. It’s going to be the same story, I can sense the bracket will be a nightmare again so to save time waiting around I’ve ordered up second hand calipers with the brackets that aren’t seized. New discs and pads on the way too and I have a feeling this has shoes inside? Perhaps someone knows. No idea.
  4. Diagnosed that the camshaft adjusters on the Vectra are making that common noise that they all eventually do. No rattle on startup, but once up to temperature when oil pressure naturally drops it becomes audible. I didn’t clock this, and I wish I’d done so before doing the cambelt as it could have been done as a “while you’re in there” job. 🤦‍♂️ I took the solenoids out and removed the filters and gauze which didn’t do anything really as it didn’t have any startup rattle to begin with. Duly booked in on payday as yes, I could live with it till it got much much worse but seeing as it’s my daily, I don’t want it to give way or cause issues down the line. Both pulleys come in at about £200 as well which is a kicker. I’m going to replace the solenoids with new ones just so it’s all done. Providing sterling workhorse duties for the two tip runs earlier too
  5. I’ll be listing this for sale soon if you’re interested. I’m local to you, it’s 60k miles with a 12m MOT and service history. 1.4 vtec, low insurance and road tax
  6. Yeah it’s been satisfying tbh. I think it’s just needed a bit of TLC re this stuff so I’ve clearly got it when it all needs doing. mine doesn’t leak on the manifold I think it’s leaking more behind itself. I checked the oil cooler too as I know they are common but I think it’s ok. I can get a new kit for £30 from Neo Bros so it’s not the end of the world to farm it out when it does present itself eventually.
  7. Thought I’d update on the Vectra. since acquiring it, I’ve already wet/dry sanded and DA polished the headlamps, fixed the floppy indicator thanks to @Popsicle help, replaced the blown heater resistor, and given it an oil/filter, fuel and pollen filter. Fuel filter wasn’t original which was good to see, at least it was done once in the cars life 😂. Even cleaned out the rubber bung and surrounding area of the pollen filter so it doesn’t suffer the flooding in the footwell that it can cause. getting underneath there is clearly a small oil leak which, I suspect is from the weeping rocker cover given how it has slowly accumulated over time. Absolutely rinsed brake clean everywhere to clean it all off. I’ve ordered up a Febi rocker cover/gasket set which I hope arrives by the weekend. I’ll replace the plugs then too. I’ve also changed the nasty plastic steering wheel with one from an SRi which is miles better. I’ve also had the timing belt/water pump and auxiliary belt done. It was on the original belt as well so glad this is sorted for peace of mind. also put 2 new rear tyres on, as they were so old I couldn’t even see the dot code on one of them! It starts immediately with barely a crank and the engine is really torquey. I think it’s definitely had a clutch in its life as its immediate and a good biting point, again good to see. I am clearly going beserk but as people know me I’m incredibly pedantic and have to get stuff done asap, else it really itches my brain. The interior is what lets the car down, it’s just tired seats which are typical cheap Vauxhall. I’ve found a guy breaking a VXR and I’m travelling there Saturday where it’ll have VXR recaro seats which will just lift the inside. I’ve ordered the rear drop links and bushes as they are audibly knocking and for the sake of about £33 all in I may as well do it this month. next month I’ll replace the thermostat as it’s lazy, and I’ll see about doing the front discs and pads as although pads have plenty on them, the discs are pretty poor in my opinion. overall, enjoying this car. Will serve me well for a bit.
  8. Give this a go. With the handbrake on, put it into reverse then go to each sensor and listen out for a static noise. You’ll have to put your ear close to them. If there isn’t any sound then that’s usually the dead one. I did this quite successfully on a mates Audi recently and diagnosed 2 failed ones. Replaced both and all was well again.
  9. Birmingham by any chance? This is always parked up in the city centre in various places
  10. The MOT history is unreal. Never failed.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/256395727405?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=NjvfJjbZR1S&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=KCW16zwOSD-&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  12. IF I buy the 5 off Robson I will be using this place mate and making a day of it IF 👀
  13. And home! once again what a top lad Jordan is. I am knackered now though. The seats are indeed unbelievably comfortable!
  14. Car is a gem and @JJ0063is an absolutely top bloke, pleasure to have met you mate
  15. very plush seating on this one..shame I won’t enjoy it for long.
  16. Quick dash onto the final station connection.
  17. Something else came up local that weirdly wasn’t a diesel but I bought that anyway. This collection is for a family member! Your threeway guess MAY be right
  18. Wrong on all counts so far chaps. train has now become rammed and my peace destroyed. getting off at the next stop for the connecting final train however..which may offer up a clue
  19. Greggs tuna baguette 6.5/10. Abysmal. It didn’t deserve a photo. thankfully for once it’s not a packed train so I’m enjoying the relative peace.
  20. Bloody hell, look at the extent of the water logging!
  21. On the train now..lack of charging point is giving me RANGE ANXIETY. iPhone 15 pro max batteries are absolutely dire fyi plus side I’ve a table. I feel safe with this table
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