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  1. Alright then shite fans, time for me to clear some space in my parents' loft and get shot of my carefully-assembled model collection from a quarter of a century ago. These have all been "cherished" in the sense that 12 year-old me would take them out the boxes, display them, occasionally dismantle/reassemble them, take the racing stickers off some of them, respray a few of them, add number plates to them, but leave most of them alone and return them to the boxes. I'm not mad keen on simpy lobbing all of these on Ebay therefore am open to offers on any of the following. See something you like, speak up! As a guide, the going rate for the BBurago 1-24 scale that make up most of the collection seems to be in the region of a tenner each, the 1-18 scale a bit more, the 1-43 a bit less. Bulk discount will be available! Postage is from Jersey so not the same rates as Royal Mail, I need to check out the approx cost as a small parcel seems to be considerably more. A small portion of the 1-24 stuff first. Some of these are photos cribbed from the Internet on account of not having dug everything out yet. Will probably retrieve the rest at the weekend. Ferrari F40 Citroen 2CV Beetle convertible Beetle has two bits of interchangeable plastic representing the soft top in lowered and raised positions - nice touch. Mine is in a red box same as the 2CV however. EDIT May 2019 Beetle and 2CV sold Fiesta XR2i Granada Scorpio My Scorpio has different wheels to the above, otherwise identical. 3/10/17 SCORPIO SOLD Autobianchi Y10 3/10/17 Y10 SOLD That'll do for now. 1-18 stuff up next.
  2. My Compact is up for sale again, MOT until November. Manual, 2l turbo diesel, 165k miles. £750 I've replaced a load of stuff over the years, been meticulous with servicing. Brand new turbo, crank pulley, injectors, inlet seals, handbrake mech, vortex filter etc). It had a new BMW battery from dealer a couple of years ago. New black kidney grilles. New spare wheel, toolkit, books, wallet, first aid kit box etc Swirl flaps in the inlet have been blanked. Has black M-sport alcantara interior, with bucket seats (fully adjustable) and leather bits. It's really clean inside and out. Cool fold out rear windows like old Japanese cars but they’re auto electric powered 17" E90 alloy wheels with four 5 month old Landsail tyres Two keys, service/manuals, dealer keyring, etc. The only things wrong with it: the glow plug ECU is reporting a fault. The front bumper is stone chipped. It has always started first turn of the key in whatever weather in the four years I've had this, so I'm sure the glow plugs are working, but it's just giving an error. It has had this fault in INPA since I've had it. It shifts quite well with 150bhp, I've managed 70 - 80mpg on a gentle run over 200 miles, but always get an average of 60mpg. There's no rust on the car, it's pretty mechanically sound I've done close to 70k miles in it I think. Only the crank pulley has failed on me in that time.
  3. First some background: I was brought up with no car interest, a car was transport and nothing more which resulted in a selection of poor cheap cars being the cars of my youth. Fast forward many years (just over 9 years ago) and I have a wonderful* Vauxhall Vectra estate to carry us about. Unfortunately it is crap and throws fault codes at us with nothing being there when it is checked (even at Vauxhall) As Mrs T is the main pilot of this chariot with the two little miss T's on board, it has to go. The hunt is on for the new steed to safely and comfortably carry the family around. I have a company car at the time so big journeys are not an issue. ebay is my weapon of choice to find the new family car. It has to be good value cheap for no other reason than I am tight. Weeks of research with lots of cars that are too expensive and too far away for easy collection end up in my watch list. Finally a possible is spotted in Fife. I go and have a look and find a poor looking but solid car. One previous owner and lots of history. The auction was to end on the Saturday at midday, we were going to be out! I decided on how much I was willing to gamble on it and on the Saturday morning I put in my max bid but straight away it went to my max bid, I was winning but it had three hours to go with no room for me to go up! We went out anyway. I spent the next three hours kicking myself for not bidding more while we were out as it was the first car I had seen that fitted my criteria. Fate was in charge. On returning home I go straight on ebay to find 'Congratulations.............' For the grand total of £500 I had just won this fine vehicle! It has 5 months MOT and after fitting seat belts in the rear for the girls car seats it is pushed into daily service. My gamble and subsequent use results in a perfectly reliable car that actually does what it is supposed to do. Even more importantly Mrs T loves it so a win all round. All my cars have names (most are earned over a bit of time) and this one is called 'Gwendolen' ( G reg car and from Wales originally. I hate the name but I am not going to argue) That sums up part one, more will be along later (probably much later)
  4. Copied over from Shite In Miniature... Note for future reference... I've decided most of my Matchbox (-sized) cars can go. It's a vast collection, Most have been repainted at least once - by me, obviously. My eyes and hand aren't good enough to do them again. I've got way too many to list so ask if there's something you want and if I've got it, we can do a deal. Most will be 50p each plus postage, so it'll make sense to build up a parcel. I thought it best to do this, then I'm not clogging up the main thread. This could well go on for months.
  5. Sadly I'm selling my Grandfathers Rover 45 on his behalf due to ill health and also having the DVLA take away his Driving licence. It's a 2002 1 .4 Impression 2 in Met Red. 85,000 miles. Remote locking, Leccy front windows. PAS, factory CD player. An AC. It has some battle scares to both bumpers and a couple of minor dents but polishes up decently. Interior clean and tidy. Still has a full set of genuine wheel trims, mudflaps and rubbber floor mats fitted too. He brought the car in 2013 and it has been a good car on the whole with mainly local trips to the shops etc but has been on a few longer runs over to Wales.. It did suffer a headgasket failure in July 2017. Which he had repaired to the tune of £708! I have the receipt for the work carried out which inc a new Cambelt kit too. We have had the car for over a month and had intended on advertising it sooner, but as my Grandad got admitted to hospital then my Van broke down and the Cav failed the Mot. It got pressed into service and we added over 1,500 miles without complaint. My brother just had a new set of front discs and pads fitted last week as they were past there best. I have the V5 and some recent paperwork but my Grandmother can't find the current Mot certificate but it's not really a issue and is available online to view. Pricing this is difficult. As this is for my Grandad and the money will hopefully go towards a mobility scooter or his care. He wants £500 and can be viewed at WS9, Aldridge or possibly at DE12, Measham if preferred. Mods I have tried to put this in the For Sale section while posting this via my phone, but it's still ended up on the main page?
  6. In a blatant attempt to take advantage of what is probably our summer thought I would test the water today. Probably above the usual Autoshite bangernomics budget but easier life on here than ebay etc etc I picked this up as a daily for 12 months 2 years ago and love it! 83k potted history but serviced twice in my ownership. Had 4 new good year tyres when I bought it and new brake pads on the back. The brakes are currently squeaking a bit - will clean if I get time, Comes with set of Brembo discs and pads for front - not needed but bought and not had chance to fit. It’s auto - roof works perfectly comes with official merc wind deflector. MOT is July. Drives great - did north coast 500 and used daily with no issues - economy is reasonable. It’s a three foot car - looks good in pics but plenty of marks and blebs - rust on wings as is the norm - worst in pics - will need doing in due course but not unsightly - I spend more time cleaning and waxing this than the expensive cars in the fleet!! I’m not convinced I want to sell and will regret it but I have another ‘toy’ car and could do with something with 4 seats - been offered a family car which has sentimental appeal but one out one in - if no one fancies I can see me keeping another 2 years!! I’m looking for £2k - tell me if I am taking the piss - I know you will!! Comes with model of car with correct colour and plates - that has to be worth an extra couple of hundred?!?!? If it rains tomorrow I’m sure value will plumit!
  7. My attempt at living a shite free life has failed. Trawling e bay/ gumtree again etc but I thought I'd put out a wanted ad here. I've been browsing the for sale threads, but is there anything your thinking of moving on and would like to keep in the fold and have a hassle free sale? I'd consider anything but something fundamentally ok with a bit of MOT would be great. There is a bit of a strange condition- unusually I'm free this Wednesday and rarely at all other times- so being able to collect during the day this Wednesday would be perfect.
  8. Going to try this on here before the fun that is eBay or similar. My mum has recently replaced her trusty old SportKa with a newer 500 and currently it’s just sat in the garage. It’s only done 38k with I think mum being the third owner plus a very large file of bills. As you can see from the MOT history ‘a lot’ of miles have been done in the last few years....! Has the leather interior, an aftermarket Bluetooth kit, Air Con that works and four good tyres plus working remote key. It has had some attention by a welder in the past but the filler area is solid and other than a few obvious bits on the sills and corners of the rear bumpers is in nice condition. If anyone is interested please let me know. I’m back there later this week so can look at the paperwork or anything else on the car in more detail. She’s looking for about £750-800. Car is currently SORN and located in deepest Lincolnshire (near Spilsby).
  9. volvoman


    Volvo 850 T5 CD Estate, 225+ BHP, 1997, P. Reg, Auto, Low Mileage (159 629 miles). Last of the 850’s, registered 19/3/97. Service History (20 Volvo dealer/specialist service stamps). 5 Factory T5 Columba Alloy wheels (refurbished approx. 3 years ago) but still in excellent condition. 4 matching P7 Pirelli 205 x 50 x 16 tyres (the correct size/fit) with plenty of tread/life in them. Metallic grey, Leather interior, Electric memory power heated driver’s seat, Electric Windows x 4, Roof Rails, Electric Mirrors, Climate Control, Air-Con, Cruise Control, Factory Stereo with Alpine CD in boot. Roof Spoiler. Full Logbook in my name and address. 2 sets of Keys/Fobs. Recent/fresh MOT (May 2020). Higher octane fuel always used. 3 previous owners, the last owner/enthusiast for 15 years. Ive owned this 850 for approx. 18 months, an travelled just 5000 miles in that time. Cambelt changed at 139 238 miles. A new Driveshaft/2 gaiters fitted last year. Classic Insurance, so a fully comp policy costs less than £200 per year. No Pets, a non-smokers car, no tow bar. These 850 T5’s are thin on the ground, look around, there are not many available. This is the CD spec, it’s the next model down from the very desirable 850 T5 R, so it can only really increase in value. Note - Previous owner had this chipped? But I have no written proof/Dyno read-outs/prints to prove this? However…I have owned another 850 T5, also an early C70 T5 GT (240 BHP) but both of those cars did not drive/feel as “aggressive” as this 850 T5!...So, a “Sleeper” with the potential to embarrass well known sports cars/hot hatches! This is not a show car, it does have blemishes/marks, an after all…it is over 22 years old. Study the photo’s, the car is bone dry in the pics, no professional valeting or detailing/polishing here, just a clean/dry car. Insured and taxed, so test drives are welcome. Reluctant sale, no Test Pilots or Joy Riders required. Priced to sell at just £1495. Texts are time consuming, so a phone call/chat is the better option. 07936 027216. I'm in Kent, approx. 20 miles from the Dartford Tunnel, near Maidstone. Points to consider – Drivers side front wing shows signs of a small rust patch (a very common fault with the 850). Slight distortion in side of Bumper (below rust patch on drivers wing). Both front leather seats are worn/cracked, but no rips/holes (driver’s seat being the worst). Previous owner sourced a matching coloured Tailgate (Tailgate is from a V70) It’s a perfect fit, but the high level brake light(top of glass) is the giveaway, that it’s from a V70. 2 small indents in both drivers/passengers lower doors (just below door trim). Rust scab on rear of roof (size of a 10 pence piece). Drivers door card edge has small tears (I think previous owner used to catch the seat belt?). Battery is sluggish, when starting car. Scuff on corner of rear bumper (passenger side). Load cover no longer retracts (another common 850/V70 fault!)
  10. Well, OK, just a few brochures for sale, after having sorted through my pile over Christmas. The postage price will vary according to weight, so the prices below exclude postage - we'll sort this out in PMs. Obviously, if anyone wants more than one, I'll send them together. All are in excellent condition, with some very minor age related creases.
  11. The scrappers offered me £150 for this, but so far I haven't had the heart to see it crushed. It's a great little car, fairly low mileage and drives brilliant. I got it from a family member, ran it for a year and had great fun with it. It's a runner. MOT expired. Last time it had an advisory for a rusty sill. Doesn't look that bad to me but I haven't poked it too hard. Starter motor doesn't always engage but the last time it was tried it started first turn of the key. Starter motor aside, everything works apart from one wheel has a slow puncture. In my ownership it had new front tyres, and new speakers in the doors. I even fitted some Eibach sport springs and a new set of KYB shock absorbers. It handles brilliant and at the time I was toying with the idea of entering some Autosolo events in it. That never happened, but it's still a fun cheap little thing to thrash around.
  12. I sold the Skoda to someone in Yorkshire, because someone offered me a shit-sounding Mazda in Southport. Urgent preparations were made and the journey commenced. I met the Skoda owner in Rochdale before a short drive to his house. GOOD OMEN. Last Skoda pic. Deal done, we looked at local vehicles of interest. This used to live in Sydney. Then the new Skoda owner drove me to my new car! How nice is that? Well, I had saved him a six-hour roundtrip I guess. I took no pictures of my new car, but did a video thing. The horrific kangerooing issue was soon identified. Went back to the vendor, borrowed some screwdrivers and aluminium tape and wrapped the pipe considerably. Then drove 100 miles. Had food. FLATTERING PIC Got home 12 hours after leaving. It's a 1.5 GLX, but is surprisingly punchy. It has two weeks of MOT. It has a gash right along the nearside where it caught a gate post (or more specifically the hinge upon it). The windscreen is badly scratched by ancient wipers. There's a CV joint on the way out. There stereo is from an Alfa Romeo, sounds fantastic but is horrible to use. The buttons don't light up. It's all rather firm - steering wheel, seats and suspension. There's too much lumbar support and I don't think you can adjust it. There is a clutch foot rest. The column stalks are proper JDM. It is an absolute hoot on Welsh roads. Even on an odd mix of budget rubber, you don't really need to slow down for bends. It's quite remarkable. The 'home' shot shows why there's no petrol station shot. It had three-quarters of a tank! I shall put it in for an MOT and see how much my MOT man laughs. More pics to follow.
  13. I’ve been meaning to start a thread about my cars since I started posting on here, but never quite got round to it. Until now. Although a number have appeared in odd posts across other threads I’ll try to collate updates, comings and goings in here from now on. Even if no-one else is interested it will serve as a record of what I’ve been wasting my time on. My cars, with one exception, fall into two camps. There are five BL/Rover products, all of which come March I will have owned for 10 years or more. In order of acquisition: 1964 Austin 1100. Bought in 2005 for £950, which remains the most I’ve spent on a car! Fitted with MG1100 engine and uprated cam, Continuously MOT’d and in light use during my ownership. 1972 Austin 1800 automatic, bought in 2006. A Bristol car all its life (I lived there from 96-09), it was originally Wild Moss but resprayed (I believe by the original dealer) Mallard green, as it was seriously old stock at the time. Had hand controls from new as the first owner was paralysed, it retains all the under-bonnet gubbins for this, with the battery moved to the boot. Off road since 2010 awaiting an engine rebuild. 1973 Austin 1100 2 door deluxe (just like SiC’s). Rescued in 2006 from long term storage in a hanger at Bristol airport. Limeflower with matching interior. My everyday car from 2007 to 2010, and at various times since. Needs bodywork, and the suspension celebrated obtaining its last MOT in 2017 by popping a pipe over the rear subframe a day later! 1990 Maestro diesel van. Ex South Western Electricity Board (hence the orange colour). Bought in 2009 to help with move from Bristol to Norfolk, it was my main transport for most of the time from 2010-16, when it finally produced a MOT failure list which needed proper attention. New sills, wheelarches and floor sections later it’s now solid underneath, and waiting for similar attention on top. MOTd but rarely used. 1975 Austin Allegro 1300 estate (series 1). Bought in March 2009 from its sole previous owner and used until the MOT ran out that August. Slumbered until 2015 when much bodywork was done and has been back on the road since early 2016, averaging a couple of thousand miles per year. Now for the past few years I’ve rotated my everyday car fairly frequently (by which I mean every couple of months or so); however last April I stumbled across my 1996 Punto 55SX. It’s got under my skin and is going nowhere, although it might have the odd month off whilst I try something else So that’s my basic fleet, but since deciding that 20 years working in the defence industry, with 4 hours per day commuting for the last seven of those was quite enough I’ve bought and sold the odd car to make a bit of money. My criteria are that they must be something which interests me, or cheap and local! Some have been seen or even sold on here (V70 T5 last year for example) but at the end of 2018 my sales stock was precisely zero. Something had to be done. Last Wednesday this arrived (as seen in News24 thread): 1997 Punto 60S. Needs a wheel cylinder for MOT but really needs the clutch release bearing replacing (and possibly the operating arm) before it’s sellable. A friend has offered to help with this as I’ve never split an end-on gearbox before (I refer you to my collection of gearbox in sump cars above, which I am quite happy to take apart). Then on Friday this appeared: Vovlo 850 2.5 20v automatic in top of the range CD spec. Cheap as the electric front seat was supposed not to work (the movement part, not the heater). As the battery was flat on arrival I charged that before playing with it, and the seat works perfectly! There was a problem as someone's had the switch pack off before, so maybe disconnecting the battery resets the memory box through which it all works. I'm sure one of our more learned Volvo brethren will be along shortly with an explanation. Once I’d cleaned copious amounts of seagull poo off it I found a very nice car with an incredibly sweet sounding engine. MOTd to November, I’d planned to have a bit of fun with this but a family member’s phase 2 V70 died spectacularly last week so she will be taking ownership next Monday And to bring us up to date this morning I brought this home: Very local and very cheap, owned by a 95 year old lady who gave up driving last year. It’s a 1.2 SXi semi-auto thing; I can’t see it needing much for a MOT which will occur the week after next. Just need to find a battery that will fit in the stupid under-scuttle location as I’m not buying a new one before the MOT result is known! Have a final pic of the three shades of blue together Apologies for such a lengthy post; I will try to update as cars come, go or are put up for sale, and if I get time I’ll add photos of some of the many BL vehicles I’ve owned (although being a luddite means I don’t have digital photos of the majority).
  14. These are all ORIGINAL artworks, not reprints. Sales of these items will help fund the aquisition of a new Vulgalour vehicle, I hope. Since these are originals it is first come first served. There is only one of each of these. I will post them anywhere in the world, within the limitations of the postal service. Postage within the UK is FREE. If you're outside the UK it will cost between £3 and £15, usually, unless you want it sent through a special service. Postage and packing costs (correct as of 25th February 2018 UK First Class - FREE (normally £2) Recorded - on request Continental EU Standard - £4.00 Recorded/Signed - £9.00 Australia Standard - on request Recorded/Signed - £10.00 If you see something you like, leave a comment or send me a message. Items can be combined if you wish to save on postage (particularly good for non-UK buyers). Items are not framed, it is just the original artwork as it came off my art desk, which means you get to frame and mount them any way you fancy. BMW E30 Touring - £45 Ink on Bristol Board (posh art paper) A4 sized (approx 210mm x 297mm) Mazda 929 Coupé - £45 Ink on Bristol Board (posh art paper) A4 sized (approx 210mm x 297mm) Robinson R44 - £35 Ink on Bristol Board (posh art paper) A4 sized (approx 210mm x 297mm) Caraboat Mirage - £45 Ink on Bristol Board (posh art paper) A4 sized (approx 210mm x 297mm)
  15. I've just purchased the astra from HMC on here so thought it best to put my smart fortwo on here. Its red in colour(comes up as silver due to colour of tridion shell) I'd say condition is ok but other people would say it's good. It's quite a high specced little car with heated seats and aircon(its warm.) It has a panoramic roof. It has 2 sets of spare alloys which will come with the car. It has a split in the rear plastic about 4 inches along. It uses approximately 1 litre of oil per 400 miles. It does smell when accelerating aswell but dont know what the smell is. Its MOTd till October and has 1 key fob. Its £30 tax and it's the 700cc engine. It always starts and does he speed limit. Being a smart the gearbox needs time to decide when it should change gear.(they all do this) It has electric windows and also leather steering wheel(rare as has 3 spokes and paddles-same as the brabus) All warning lights go on the go off as they should. I'm wanting £300 for the car. I'm in Plymouth thanks Thomas.
  16. I am dipping my toe in the water but it would be good to judge the interest. This is a car I had about 3 or 4 years ago, it ran beautifully and was tidy inside with a Dolomite 1300 SE dash fitted. This was sold to Kes on this here forum and taken up to sunny Anglesey. Sadly the necessary work was put on the back burner. This came back to me a couple of months ago and I have done a few bits and pieces. I have bought several bits for the car: New plugs, HT leads, oil filler cap, rad cap and brass radiator plug (a worthy upgrade). There is also a new choke cable, oil filter and the rocker cover has been cleaned up, rust killed and painted. I have new foam gasket and screws for the rear light clusters and a good used part loom for the number plate lights. Front foot well carpet sections (both sides). HL door cards supplied with wood door cappings. Work needed: A battery is required. Spares need fitting. Cooling system has been drained and needs refilling (will do if I can). Bodywork: The car has its issues. The boot floor needs a section cutting out and new metal letting in, the recess where the tank sits needs cutting out and a new section welding in as well, I have a good spare section already. A couple of patches needed for the O/S sill. The rear 1/4 panel near the top of the rear end needs a repair section fabricating. The boot lid needs a tidy but yet again is hugely viable. The N/S chassis rail will need a small patch too I think. Small patches required here and there, nothing truly major. A couple of the doors need a little bit of work but remain entirely usable. The A pillars need a clean up and fix but again, very typical of the Dolomite range. The section by the 3 rear vents just above the rear screen needs cleaning up, rust killing and painting. Passenger front footwell needs a credit card sized patch. The exhaust is solid but is covered in surface rust, a good clean up will sort it. This is a project car but one that is hugely viable with not a huge amount of work in the scheme of things. The front valance and front wings are all spot on. The car is a great colour, Brooklands Green. The car is located in Edmonton, North London and will need to be dollied or trailered. Price is £775 which will see my expenditure covered. The value of these cars is finally increasing and once sorted would be a great little thing to blat about in. Photos to follow.
  17. Being two of the resident American-auto lickers on here, danthecapriman and I have been having some PM chatter about possibly going abroad and bringing one back. Here's one that we fancied quite strongly until Dan realised his passport had expired... So you see the sort of thing we like! Well... then this one appeared in the ebay thread... Dan and I discussed it at length (when was the last time you had a PM conversation run to 8 pages?) and decided I should bid on it. We set a ceiling, because neither of us wanted to be involved in a bidding war even though we would be watching when it ended. And we were outbid. Fair enough. Then I got a Second Chance Offer. Winning bidder turned up, declared it wasn't for him, and scarpered. The seller liked the car so much he almost didn't send me the Offer, and when it took me a while to reply (consulting with Dan) he almost wanted me to turn it down so he could keep it. But I didn't. Consultation showed that we both still thought it was a good buy, so I accepted. Arrangements had to be made, money drawn, directions printed, etc etc. So yesterday my friend Roger arrived, a mere three hours later than we had arranged. Immediately he declared his 2006 Fabia wasn't well and he didn't fancy it all the way to Derby and, crucially, back. So ok, we went in my Saab. He liked that, a lot. Derby is almost 200 miles from Barrow, in case you wanted to know. You know what my Saab looks like so you don't need pics of that stage of the trip. So, here we are at the seller's farm. Let's take a minute to explore some of his other toys... ...and believe me, these are only highlights! So, now let's look at the Cadillac in a bit more detail... Don't worry, I do have the bonnet mascot! Seller removed it at my suggestion, because the car will live outside on the street. I don't want to lose the ornament! So, we set off to drive home, after one of the compulsory-element pics... Seller directed us to a gas station and a chippy... (I might cross-post that one to Cars AndGirls...) The girl in the white shirt is one of the chippy staff, she just couldn't get enough of the car! I took a load of pics on her phone of her sitting in it, admiring it from outside... then finally we could have our tea and get back on the road. We stopped at a couple of services, not least because driving at night with no instrument lighting is pretty stressful! Especially when you have motorway roadworks for mile after mile, with a 50 limit and cameras. So we finally arrived in Barrow at 1.00am, having listened to Ken Bruce covering the Eurovision most of the way up. Yes, the Cadillac has its original factory AM/FM radio, and it works! This morning I thought I'd better do something about the lack of door-locking, that the seller pointed out to me. The car has 4 keys, all slightly different! One for trunk, one for ignition... er... A little consultation with Dan brought forth the suggestion that the power-lock actuators might be at fault, and upon dismantling the driver's door, this was indeed the case. I disconnected the actuator from the lock and all was well. One of the "other" keys was found to fit the doors, so now I can lock and unlock them manually. Good enough. When I took my dog out, I couldn't resist grabbing this shot... And then I decided it needed a clean, so I swept it out, found a carpet offcut for the trunk, and washed the thing. It does look better. Several of my neighbours have come to have a look, and gone away impressed. What happens now? Well the immediate plan is just that I should (and will!) drive it, as much as possible given that I don't have anywhere off-road to keep it. This is at least partly why we went for a mechanically-sound car (which it certainly seems to be) with cosmetic issues. One worries less about a fresh ding, you know.... To this end I'll be going to work in it tomorrow, and stopping at the Post Office on the way home to get the tax in my name. This car is the right side of 40 years old, so I get free tax. Lovely! What happens in the further-distance remains to be seen.
  18. Evening all! Up for grabs is this bright green Ford Ka! I bought this a few years back for my (now thankfully ex) wife to learn to drive. After she decided she didn't want it my brother had it from me as his car had failed it's MoT. When I had it: The Facts: 2007 Ford Ka Style MOT Until 27/06/19 About 77,000 miles In Stratford Upon Avon with my brother The good: The car is in good condition. It runs well - engine is smooth and Ka's handle surprisingly well!. Not a huge amount of rust - even round the fuel filler cap! My brother has spent a lot on it in the last 6 months it has had * a new clutch * new rear wheel bearing * Two new front tyres * New heater matrix It's very green It has been cared for well. Custom decals The bad Custom decals Did had to have some repair welding in the last MoT - was done to a decent standard, but it is a Ka - this won't be the last time it needs the sparkly stick! But to my knowledge there's nothing imminent. Small patch of rust to the drivers side arch Heater is either on hot or off. probably needs a repair to the switch. The price: My brother has it up for £750 on Facebook. Shiters discount applies so £650 to any of you lovely lot! So overall a fun little car - super if you're anything from 19 to 90!
  19. Not sure what the market for these are now as the seem to be priced all over the place, Anyone care to put a value on this pile of old shite I bought it with good intentions but decided to buy the hippo instead so this is now just sitting doing nothing it drives really well with a nice tight gear change, engine starts first time and runs really nice, it has chassis rust (don't they all) mainly back cross member, front driverside outrigger, and rear shock mount area,
  20. Well, what can I say; Don't know why (I'm likely getting bored) but I think I'll be getting rid of the Civic and my life will be bereft of double wishbone and multi-link goodness for a while. Just completed a 750-mile road trip in her and she was fine...well, ok, she was a bit hesitant but at no point did I ever feel she was going to break down on me. That said, I do have breakdown cover, I'm not that brave! Called Phoebe by the previous owners because of the number plate. I think a more appropriate name is The Red Wreck. Plus I love a good Coronation Street pun. She's only been back on the road since September 2018 after being off the road for five years due to an MoT fail on corrosion and brakes. After much fettling she was back on the road. It's at this point I think I should stop referring to an inanimate object as "she" as I'm starting to sound like Martin Bryce from Ever Decreasing Circles. Good points: Starts in the cold instantly, no matter how long IT'S been left. It has MoT until Sep 19th 2019. Very nippy indeed even with the hesitancy issue. All the electronics work, even the leccy sunroof and the much-coveted one-touch driver's side window. This includes also the fantastic heater. Has a genuine 49k from new (the old lady I bought it from chucked the invoices and receipts away in the time between me paying for it and collecting it. Feel free to check MoT history on Vehicle Smart or similar). The log book states I'm the fourth owner but the first owner was the dealer the the first two "real" owners were husband and wife, the man's widow taking it on after his death. (Sorry for the dealer spiel) The body, though shabby, is solid. The strut tops, inner wings and boot floor look spotless to my untrained eyes. Doesn't seem to use any oil or water and maintains a constant temperature just below the halfway mark, even on very long trips. Still has the original wheel trims (is this a plus?) Had £1500 spent on it to get it roadworthy again, the majority of that money going on welding, brake lines and rebuilding the right-hand carb. Has had a light service with new oil and plugs and blah blah. Assuming people know service items. Interior is in fantastic nick bar the issue I'll mention below. No weird noises, knocks or bangs to speak of. The door seals seem to be in great condition and the wind noise is about what you'd expect for one of these (really loud cos it's an '80s supermini). Has the original stereo which works. There is a tape in the car which contains Christian pop. I have listened to it for testing purposes only. Signal seems a bit weak for the radio but assuming this is easily sorted. Cambelt has just been done 800 miles ago as it was so old I was frightened to even start it up. Still has the original "Les Allen of Sunderland" dealer plates and they still look great. Dealer sticker is also still on the rear window. Bad points: The welding, as you may be able to see from the pics, looks shit. It's solid but I think it's just been painted in red oxide and there already seems to be very light surface corrosion. The sills were welded and then painted in black Hammerite by the looks of it - their condition seems to be ok but who knows? They look and feel very solid. Car needs a ton of choke to idle when cold and even when warm, you can't really knock the choke off. It's a bit hesitant when you're trying to accelerate or pull away. It can catch you out sometimes, especially if the ambient temperature drops without you knowing. Hole in the passenger side front seat, seems to be sun damage. It's only small (I'll get a pic) Passenger-side door doesn't unlock from the outside and if this car ever had central locking, it is non-functional. Opens fine from the inside, though and I'll try and fix it. It's had a rear-end shunt at some point and the fog light is loose but still works. The bumper has been reseated but this does mean that if you look very, very closely the bumper doesn't quite look flush. Man on a galloping horse and all that. VERY slight noise from the o/s outer CV joint but at this stage I wouldn't even bother thinking about it. I only noticed because I'm a car pedant / hypochondriac. The boot is intact. Crease / dent / scrape on the o/s front wing. All the paint is faded and patchy with peeling lacquer. So that's about it really. Looking through the paperwork, the garage seem to have only messed with the right side carb as it had a stuck float, presumably from aged petrol lacquer. Before it's sold, I'll take the spring and piston out of the left carb - if my hunch is right I'm expecting gunk on the intake side. HOPEFULLY this is the cause of the running issue but be aware there are no rebuild kits available for these Keihin carbs so if it's not the fault, it may need a carb switch. I think Webers are a popular conversion but I don't know how that would work in terms of air filtration as the Keihins are side-draught. You'd also certainly need a filter for the PCV gases. I've probably made this car sound much worse than it is but I value honesty over conning people. I made that sound like a virtue, when in fact it just means I'm not a monster. Oh well...Certainly rather have a slower sale or sell it for a bit less than sell it in two days for the asking price, only for the car to disappoint someone because I was scant in my description. It's really a clean car, though. No idea how much it's worth and I'm certainly not averse to swappage but I just thought I'd stick this up here and see in which direction the wind blows. If I don't sell it, I don't sell it. I'll try and get some better / interior pictures over the weekend. I'll start with £800 roffle and go from there - people can tell me if I'm crazy for either overpricing or underpricing. I've decided I'll likely not take a swap because the chances of somebody having something I can insure cheaply in combination with something I like are probably minimal but I'm still SLIGHTLY open to something I can get classic insurance for. Sooner have cash, though. It's great fun to drive, with quick and direct, if light, steering, taut handling, nice snicky gearbox, punchy performance if you keep up the revs and a nice, jarring ride (ahem). The brakes are actually pretty good, not too much of a shock after driving my dad's 2006 Xsara Picasso. Very progressive compared to all-or-nothing Citroen brakes. There may be possibilities such as delivery or meeting halfway but only after a price were agreed. Don't want to firmly state I will do it at this stage because I hate to let people down. If I did deliver though I'd make it free within a 50-mile or so radius - hopefully there are a few shiters in the North East or willing to meet. Beyond that I'd just be covering my costs. I'm quite new to the group so I'm relying on the buyer to be more cognisant of the protocol than me. To sum up, it's a cosmetically compromised, ridiculously solid and reliable old girl with a bit of a cough (OH I DID IT AGAIN!). Oh, and it's got a new tyre. Don't rush all at once now.... Kind Shiter Regards, Dave
  21. the skip lovely known as,3 previous owners,last one did not give a toss,only 62000 miles,ice cold aircon,heater works on number 4 only,new resistor inc,work done in my hands front discs/pads,new timing belt,tensi,just done saturday,it had not been done since new,two front partworns,great winter michelins,1 key,original owner had it in greece for 7 years,usual laquar peel on bonnet,etcservice books,handbook,etc,drives fine,electric windows allround,remote central locking,new struts fitted rear hatchback made in feng dong,needs bloody good wash/clean,BL12LT
  22. Reeto, time to do some ForceNail as I have a few too many bits of chod, starting with a RAF Latvia made in The Glorious People's Republic of Russia, lots of opening bits, in VGC, and boxed I am after a tenner plus post. Next up a pair of GAZes, aka Transitski, a security van and Ambulance, a fiver each plus post, the security van has a chip out of the front bumper lip. Both in blister packs Next up, no pineapples included, buttery biscuit base Vanguards VW Golf, mintola in box, £15 plus post, no scene tax here Oxford Ford Thames van in PO Telephones, 1/43, a Fiver plus post, boxed but no outer sleeve More 1/43 shizzle will be added over the weekend, owt you fancy, drop me a PM, and I don't mean Twiki the Maybot
  23. Volvo XC90 D5 (2.4) 6 speed Manual EVERYTHING works... Engine and gearbox are both spot on as is the clutch. Just changed one of the drivershafts as it developed a click when turning and accelerating at the same time plus there was a little play in it too so a new part was fitted. 177k but engine purrs with no ticking. She pulls cleanly up through the gears and get her into the boost range and 1) she pulls like a train and 2) the noise of that 5-cylinder growl! Cambelt and waterpump changed etched in under the bonnet in tipex at 159k though I don’t have a reciept. Full leather, air con, cruise, ONE HELL OF A GOOD SOUND SYSTEM THAT WILL BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF!! MOT - I’ve got her booked in for mid next week so will have a fresh one, added to what is currently remaining will have 12.5 months MOT Negatives? 1) Scratch on drivers front wing 2) at current like most Volvos (well everyone that I have owned so far bar I think 1x S40 a couple of years ago) the petrol flap has come off so requires a new hinge to fit back on. Minor in the grand scheme of things... She has been returning 42/43mpg back and forth to Marlborough this week sat at 75/80. Round town driven sensibly - 38mpg which I think for a permanent 4wd large vehicle is bloody good. Have it remapped and no doubt that’ll go up even more plus the bhp and torque increase will be a bit naughty! Hmmmmm can’t think of anything else....bloody solid car! In Reading so can collect from station etc and all that jazz.... Proper pictures on Sunday....this was a very quick one this evening...
  24. Been mine for the last two years roughly and provided sterling service but I haven't used it since June when the MOT ran out and I can't see me bothering again, I'm getting too close to the end of my current work contract and I'm enjoying my Vito plus need to clear the decks. The car. 2001 Leon, bodywork rust free and reasonably presentable, stupid things like the wing is silver but clearly been resprayed, looks ok but not a perfect match, front bumper hanging off a bit on one side due to a stupid high curb in work catching it. Engine and box are superb, I swapped the box on it as I lost 5th after it's one and only FTP. After I swapped out and stripped the old one it turned out that the 5th gear retaining circlip had fallen off!!! A ten minute fix, but I did find a chipped tooth and the box had been run for years without oil so scrapped it anyway. Works fine now. Literally just remembered I put a cat on it as the old downpipe failed. Starts first time everytime no matter what, doesn't use oil or water, returns 47mpg with all types of driving, have had 600 miles out of a tank and that worked out over 50mpg. Punchy engine too, pulls like a, well, fill in your own description there!! NEVER let me down engine wise, not even hinted at it. I have had one FTP though. A previous owner changed the engine in it so I was told, he must have tightened the engine mounts to 600nM and caused severe fatigue on the bolt. I'd noticed it occasionally rocking after a long run (I was using it 3 times a week back and forth Swansea to Swindon, approx 500 miles). I ignored it as it was infrequent until I found getting gear really hard, this was unbeknown to me because the passenger side engine mount was held on by about 1/2 a thread of bolt. This failed, caused major stress on the other one and then the engine dropped down whilst I was driving along at 30. The only real casualty was the driveshaft which rubbed against the chassis rail and broke the outer CV. I replaced with new, fitted a second hand mount off the other box and way to go. Soon lost 5th so changed that box anyway as stated above, lovely fresh gear oil in it, changes really well for one of these boxes, no whining etc. Interior let's it down a bit, everything works including elec Windows and Aircon but my dog took a liking to the passenger seat and chewed the fabric, he also broke the glovebox lid in the same incident, cheers Chester. It just feels a bit grubby and weathered although surprisingly not worn through anywhere. The catch. It passed the last MOT needing a few advisories which were mostly done by me including a major oil leak (loose turbo oil feed pipe) and in doing so I replaced the wiper blades as they were pants. While doing this, the arm spring dropped into the screen and cracked it. I've driven it for another year like this as it wasn't in the driver's vision. But looking at the MOT rules it will fail due to this. I genuinely can't see what else it will fail on bar possibly rear discs that are a bit ridged however these weren't even mentioned on the last MOT so perhaps not, perhaps a few bulbs. I'm tempted to MOT it myself and put it on gumtree for £650 with a years ticket but cannot be arsed really so I'm offering it at a steal really. It drives great, by all means come and try it, no problem. It has a decent battery as well and included are 2 steel wheels and 2 extra alloys. It's fitted with golf GTi alloys as I detest steel wheels, these vastly improved the ride quality on it, one has a flat though and another a really slow puncture. It's not completely fucked as I wouldn't sell it on here. I'm offering it at just above scrap really add I could remove the alloys and battery, possibly cat, James brown and get my money that way but I'd like to see it live on as it's a good car that I've put 45k on in 17 months!!! Contact through here initially please all. Thanks for reading.
  25. VW Passat 1.9 TDI SE Estate - 1999 'T' reg. MOT until the end of June 2019 - no advisories 145,000 miles approximately This car has been in the same family since it was around 1 year old, purchased from Hawco VW in Inverness, still has dealer number plates and so on... Proper no nonsense engine, good condition for a 20 year old car, and very economical to run. Really well looked after, owned for the past 15 years by a proper old school mechanic, anything that ever needed done was done without question. There is some early service history for the first 5 years or so, all done by Hawco VW Inverness, with the booklet stamped up until then, along with nicely handwritten notes to go alongside. Unfortunately in recent years its not had any history recorded, but it has had the cambelt replaced and engine serviced at 140,000 miles, plus two new Avon tyres on the front. Registration for eagle eye MOT checkers is T138LNV - pretty clean history on that front too. Its all clean and original, a few rust bubbles around the front arches, but nothing serious. Lovely blue paintwork. The only things I think that aren't original is the addition of a full size spare wheel with alloy, sourced by Hawco's in its early days, and a tow-bar. Has a CD multichanger in the back and the boot liner is present too. No pets or smokers Based up near Inverness and looking for £850 or offers. Even if vaguely interested please feel free to message and I will pass on full details and try to sort out some photographs early next week.
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