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  1. Was lucky to get back to Darlington yesterday. Tomintoul was already like this at 8.00 yesterday morning. Luckily got over the Lecht and through Cockbridge, delivered to Aboyne and got through the Braemar to Glenshee stretch before the snow gates got shut. County Durham was a bit naughty too, I've been driving curtainsiders to Scotland over 10 years and I've never known the cross Pennine stretch of the A66 to be so bad.
  2. The slippery slope continues, more Minichamps Merc Madness. After bagging a W124 saloon earlier this year, I still wanted the C124 Koop version. This one came up on the 'bay with no bids at 6 quid, which is what I got it for. No cardboard outer box, but the acrylic case is in good order. At the price I wasn't complaining. The C124 is a handsome thing, well modelled here. When I first unboxed it, I thought it was Bornite and got a bit excited, but it turns out to be Anthracite, which is a dark grey with more than a hint of bronze. As a former serial owner of square, brown Mercs, I'm more than happy! This makes a nice contrast with the saloon model, as this is the later 124, with the smaller grille set into the bonnet, when they became the first series to be called the E Class and were badged accordingly. Glad to see the intricate (and easily broken off) bonnet star is in situ. A late model such as this shouldn't have gingercators though... The Minichamps coupé and cabriolet 124s do have a nice little surprise in store compared with the saloons, with an opening bonnet and boot. Not bad detailing under the bonnet. Interior detail, as is usual on these Mercs is fab, though <pedant alert> they seem to have used the clocks from a diesel (clock instead of a rev counter). Nice Becker stereo though! Timber and 'ruched' leather on the side panels and the later airbag wheel is spot on. Only problem seems to be when handling the car, the rear wheels felt 'sticky' and when I put it down, I found some of the silver paint had smudged off one of them. Weird. A job for the silver Sharpie!
  3. I remember quite a few pimped-up MK1 Mondeos wearing those, along with the RS bodykits. The green Mondeo taxi I drove years ago eventually gained a set of series 1 RS Turbo 7 spokes, which looked pretty good.
  4. A 2 door soft top car is of course the number one choice among police forces to transport police dogs in too... 🤣
  5. Also today, nipped into Morrisons for a bit of shopping. Finally they've restocked with some new Hot Wheels. Was pleased to find the RX7, this release is flipping lovely, Ditto the N600, sadly I went through the box and this was the only one, Hell of a lot of red.! Couldn't remember if I'd already got the lightning in red or whether it was the red Syclone. I'm starting to think I need to do a spreadsheet of Hot Wheels purchases to try and keep track... Oh no! More Then &Now. The hunt for the 2016 Camaro begins... £2 each now as well in Morrisons. 😯
  6. Arrival number two, Another I've been chasing for a while. Sadly, these Cararama Pumas have been going on eBay lately with Buy It Now prices of £30-£40, which is a bit mad when you can still get a Minichamps one for a lot less. But when I saw this one hanging around at less than a tenner, I had a punt on it. In all, I'm very pleased with it. A lot of Cararama models can be a bit 'approximate' or a bit toy like, but it seems that, like the Merc W203 I got recently, they really made an effort to do the Puma as a decent quality collectors model. The shape is pretty much bob-on. Small details like the scuttle, wipers and mirrors look at least as good as on some premium models Cracking detailing too, on the headlights, And on the tail lights. Correct shape rear seats too, in fact I think those casting marks on the rear quarters are the only things you can really fault this model for, considering its from a bargain basement range. A tiny bit under wheeled maybe, but the wheels themselves still look great.
  7. Today's arrivals, a '90s Ford One-Two. One I've been after for a long, long time, the Minichamps MK1 Mondeo Si in the gloriously lairy Citrine yellow. Not in bad nick overall, a couple of marks on the box and display case but the car is in great condition. I remember a few Citrine yellow Mondys running about locally, including a gorgeous hatchback with the factory RS body kit and Escort Cosworth style alloys. Thought it was about time I got a Mondeo in miniature as I have driven a fair few thousand miles over the years in my former career as a cabbie. When I started, the Sierra, Pug 405 and MK3 Cavalier were the cars to have in the local cab trade. When 1-2 year old Mondeos started to come onto the market though, the lads went mad for them, and for good reason really. They were good to drive and reliable. The company I was working for was one of the first in our town to use Mondeos and it didn't take long for me to blag one. M765 FEG was a Tourmallard green TDLX hatch. I loved the colour but not the beige interior which, being a taxi, took some keeping clean. And there was a lot of beige, even the steering wheel... As usual, being a Minichamps model, it's a good un, despite dating from the '90s, though the headlight and fog light treatment give the age away a bit. Good grille treatment though. And at the rear, the tail lights and 'heckblende' are done well, along with the badging. Unusually, IMO, they've gone for a blue interior with this one. Shame they've used the generic Mondeo interior as well, as an early Si would have had batwing style front seats. But the all blue interior takes me back to another cab I once drove, N59 VAJ which was doom blue on the outside and so blue on the inside, (it was only the instrument surround, gear lever and handbrake that werent blue, even the carpet mats were blue!) that Eiffel 65 would have loved it... Another Ford ticked off the list.
  8. Off work this week, and had to nip out to do an errand to the local 'little' Asda. Not one I go to often as its just a small express type shop. But Lo and behold! New case Hot Wheels goodness! Was jealous when I saw bunglebus had got one of these as it was on my 'to get' list. Pics don't do justice to the paint on this, it really does sparkle. Been looking forward to getting hold of this! Not sure if this is a new casting. It's down as 'Hot Bird' on the base too, rather than Trans Am, and it's dated 2021 on there. Flying chicken present and correct. Still one of my fave HW of recent times.
  9. Mostly gained from my early days as a trainee in a Rover dealership and later as a taxi driver. Triumph Snag (Stag) Triumph Dolloposhite (Dolomite) Triumph Toiletdoor (Toledo) Ford Esc-rot (Escort) Austin Monte-won't go (Montego) Vauxhall Ashtray (Astra) Bedford 'absolute f***ing C***' (Rascal). Coined by a mechanic at Reg Vardy Rover circa 1991 after having a flame shoot out of the carb while sitting in the drivers seat of one and eventually having to get the engine out of it. "Bedford Rascal? Bedford Absolute F***ing C*** more like!" Vauxhall Edam (Adam). Small, round and cheesy...
  10. AndyW201

    Dad cars

    I remember my dad saying his first car was an E series Vauxhall Cresta, in the early '60s. That was followed by a MK1 Ford Zephyr. After meeting and marrying Mum, he downsized a bit with an Anglia 105E. Despite it being only about 5 or 6 years old at the time, he remembered the rear shock mounts rotting out. That was followed with a MK1 Cortina. Then my brother, sister and I came along and they had to get by with some snotters including a MK1 Escort estate (one of the first), a Vauxhall Viva HA SL90 (the first car I remember, so that will have been about mid-1974) and an absolutely disastrous MK2 Mini, complete with one piece flip front. I remember going with him from school to pick up the next car, YWW 159L, an immaculate white Hillman Avenger De Luxe, this will have been aboute 1978. A great car, went all over in it and it never let the family down. Another Avenger next, a brown Chrysler De Luxe 2 door BYG 745T, only 3 years old and an ex West Yorks police CID car. This one didn't end so well, it ran fine if a bit tappety so dad was persuaded by a local part time mechanic to get another engine put in as it was high mileage, being ex-police. Only the engine the guy put in was worse than the one that came out and dad got fed up and sold it on at a loss. Needing a cheap short term car, my uncle came up trumps as he bought the odd car from auction and 'flipped' them (to coin a phrase not really heard of in 1982!). He got hold of an Escort MK1 1300L estate, PTO 715M, in Sahara beige and in really tidy condition. In the end it turned out be another really good car, and we had it over two years. Next came our family's first new car, the Escort was traded in for B829 MPY, a Nissan Sunny 1.3 GS 2 door in metallic blue with oh-so '80s silver & red wide 'graphics' down the side. Next was D260 BPY, a Fiat Uno 60S in red, also with 'graphics', and dealer fitted glass sunroof and Sparkomatic stereo. (First cassette player any of our cars had!) Mum didn't get on with the gear change though so it didn't last long. It was traded in for D944 FPY, an Escort Mk4 1.3 Popular, later gaining a side rubbing strip and L wheel trims so it didn't look too pov-spec! Back to Nissan next and F610 VPY, another Sunny, a 1300 LS. First car we had with leccy windows! Then back again for H976 NPY, a Micra GS with yet more dealer graphics and a smart set of dealer accessory 5 spoke alloys. By then, the Nissan dealer had lost the franchise to the AFG group, so started to sell Rover and Hyundai. Next car then was K901 XEF, a Rover 214 Si 3 door. I really liked this one. The first car I got to borrow a few times when my own shitter wasn't working! Vauxhall next, M830 OVN was a Caribic blue Corsa 1.4 SRi. Another favourite of mine. Then Ford, N51 VAJ was a Tourmallard green Escort Mexico. Dad loved this one, but they got rid after the third time it got broken into. So it was traded in for a delivery mileage Renault Mégane MK1, N927 TCN, a nice enough car, but the parents just didn't gel with it. They missed the Escort. So after getting a garage built (!), they were back down to Ford, and came back with P371 JVN, a nice Escort 1.6 Si in a nice shade of Aubergine purple. A strange one next. Y584 DTV was one of the recently launched Corsa Cs. They got it from the Motorpoint car supermarket in Derby. It was part of a cancelled Irish order, so it was badged as an Opel GSi, the equivalent of our 1.4 SRi. It was a good £4000 or so cheaper than the SRis list price but had keep fit windows and no air con or sunroof. Was a little rocket ship for a 1.4 though. Next up was a Citroen Xsara, NY52 XYA. Again, a nice car, roomy, extremely comfy, well equipped, but it had the 1.4 8 valve engine and it was soooo slow compared to the Escort. (Even compared to the Corsa 1.2 SXi I had at the time...) Then came the last car my mum and dad bought together since my dad passed away in 2004. PL03 PDK was another car supermarket purchase, a Mégane 1.6 Dynamique. My dad loved the big-arse Mégane when it came out and he loved this one. It had the usual loaded spec, plus the electric panoramic roof. Sadly when he died, Mum traded it in for an 05 Clio Dynamique, as she was starting to find the Mégane a bit big to handle. Since then, she had had a few more typical 'giffer' cars, '07 Mitsubishi Colt '09 Ford KA '11 Nissan Micra '14 Nissan Micra '16 Hyundai i10 '18 Hyundai i10 Still driving at the age of 74, no plans yet to give up...
  11. Not long ago, I nabbed this Minichamps Astra H, complete with fancy dealer promotional packaging for £not a lot. As a Vauxhall apologist, I was happy with this as its a cracking model and it filled a modern-Astra gap in the collection. But I still wanted a model of the GTC (the fancy 3 door coupé/hatch), trouble is in 1/43, you're restricted to Minichamps really, and the majority that come up are the dealer edition OPC (Opel) or VXR (Vauxhall) branded items in the sought after Arden blue, which go for £££££££. But today, something arrived. "Who's down with OPC?" "Yeah, you know me!" A LHD, Opel OPC badged version, rather than the UK VXR one I'd have liked, but beggars can't be choosers. And as can be seen above, the cardboard outer sleeve is absolutely mullered. But for about 1/5 of the price the dealer edition ones go for, and in the rare Star Silver, I'm happy. Luckily, the car is absolutely mint, (it seems it's been on display in the acrylic case for some years, with the outer sleeve kept in a damp attic or something. Don't even think the tea towel/iron treatment would save it). One of the best looking cars of recent years I reckon, the GTC and it's captured well here. Good detail on the front end, particularly the headlights and grilles. Ditto the rear end. Just like on it's bigger brother, the Minichamps Vectra C OPC that I also have, the alloy wheels are fantastic, along with vented discs and blue calipers. As usual with Minichamps the interior detail is lovely, with the usual sat nav screen they normally do on top of the range cars. The seats are the usual sporty Vauxhall 'Darth Vader' type and look great but I couldn't get a pic through the narrow windows...
  12. Absolutely god-awful pic (even worse than the subject matter), but this is me, September 1991, aged 17, two weeks after my test attempting a wheel spin outside my mate Dave's house in my miniMetro 1.0, TRM 894X, with MG stripes, MG interior and scrappy-sourced TD rims and tyres. Like most of us on here, there was about 8 stone less of me in those days, and I'm still trying to rock my early 90's hairstyle with whatever's left... EDIT. Only other photo I can find with me actually in a photo with one of my cars. This was 2008 (I think) on the 190 owners forum stand at the Santa Pod Retro show. My brown 190 in the foreground, I'm the tall fat bloke in the middle. (Not sure why I look so angry in the pic, I was having a good time...)
  13. Aye, all stuff I've picked up from the owners forums. (Think I've seen you posting about your car on the FB owners group). At the moment I'm keeping an eye on the gearbox as when I got it, it would sometimes go into neutral after flooring it to overtake or initiating kickdown. It took about half a litre of gearbox oil, since then - touch wood- it's been okay for the past month. But I'm prepared for the dreaded gearbox plug replacement... Handsome things though, aren't they? Especially in higher spec. I always fancied an Avantgarde SE for the staggered 'Adharaz' alloys and this one being Granite grey also appealed, one of the colours that goes great with the weird blue tinted glass that MB fitted to these. Just a shame it's had an aftermarket replacement exhaust fitted, hence the diesel-lookalke backbox! Love the electric heated sport leather seats and the alloy interior trim. (How does the window thing off the key work then?, I tried to see if it had a feature like that but couldn't make it work). Lovely smooth motor as well, I was used to the turbo shove of my old Octy VRS, but with the supercharger on these, it's just a nice smooth build up of speed. And the 'charger whine is quite addictive. Sadly it looks like I need to get some front discs on it as the slight brake judder from highish speeds is spoiling the party a bit!
  14. I got one recently, 180K Avantgarde SE, same spec as this, 108,000 miles. All I can say is, I'm scared!
  15. I got them from a Facebook seller I use from time to time. (Ana's Hot Wheels for sale UK). As you mentioned on Sunday, these are from a case that seems to have been missed in the UK, so it seems to be the only way of getting them. Yeah they cost more than Tesco's prices but I just offset that against time and fuel traipsing around shops and finding nothing! Still shitloads cheaper than eBay sellers too...
  16. Lovely post lady has just called! Not really got hold of any EVs, but I do like these little Hondas. Nice to see one that isn't covered in estate agent graphics... Nicely done, this one. Makes a nice compare & contrast with the recent Hot Wheels N600. And a Hot Wheels interloper. Just got this one to fill the box, as I've been searching high and low for this one locally. It seemed to be in high demand among the scalpers when it came out. Liking the deep-dish slotmag style rims on this one.
  17. Yay! Probably another one I won't see in our shops...🤣 Can't wait till they do the MK2 Escort as a mainline!
  18. Round here at the moment it seems to be various S and RS badged Audis and W204/W205 Mercedes C Classes, depending on the success of the individual's 'enterprises'. Although there is one guy, who seems to call at a lot of home addresses late at night, in a recent model Kia Sportage (probably for 'stealth'.).
  19. New stuff here as well! As usual the Middlesbrough store had sod all, but the one near the in-laws at Ingleby Barwick came up trumps. Nice to see the Ryu Asada tribute on the SVX packaging. Almost missed them as they were mixed in the rummage box with the previous releases. Looking at bunglebus's post reminded me I forgot the '32 Ford as well. Bollocks! The girl I get a lot of my Mattel stuff from on Facebook has had a lot of the new releases lately too, a few of which are heading my way. TBH it just looks like a lot of re colours, not a lot of new castings yet. No new version of the Capri yet either it seems. Joined the grey Scooby set as well! Thought I'd missed out on this one.
  20. Another Merc-in-Miniature arrived today. Another Minichamps as well, so it's a pretty good one. They did a myriad versions of the W/C/S124, but this one particularly appealed, one of the reasons being... the simulated wing vents signify this one being a lowly diesel version. Though perhaps not that lowly! It's a well rendered thing, and pretty bulky, much like the real thing. Sadly the saloon version doesn't get the opening bonnet (with nice underbonnet detailing) and boot like the Minichamps coupé and convertible do. It's in pretty good nick for a nigh-on 30 year old model that has been on display. However, some of the drivers door mirror has broken off and the grille star is missing. Sadly this seems to have been part of the grille moulding rather than the models of the later cars which have a sturdier metal star fitted. Other than that, nice front end detail on show. Nice to see this design of alloy wheel featured which was a factory accessory on 124s,190s and early C Classes, making a change from the more common 8-holes. As expected, the interior is a treat, especially from a model dating back to the early 90s, including what looks like some aftermarket door cappings... Loving the auto selector, just like the real thing, and check out the '80s style carphone! Just superb. And another thing about this model, which made me want it, is the colour scheme. Signal red over Corsair red with black leather is very evocative of one of my old Mercs, my old 190E 2.6 Sportline, (I know, wrong model, wrong size but I can't afford a Minichamps 190....)
  21. Got excited when I nipped into Tesco yesterday morning and found fresh stocks of Matchbox mainlines on the pegs. Alas, they were all from the last case. But at least I got the blue Mini Cooper, Fiat 500 Abarth and modern Honda Civic I missed last time around. Not even anything new with Hot Wheels lately, Smyth's was a waste of time last weekend and local Morrisons regularly restock but with stuff from 2 or 3 cases ago.
  22. It looks like the W202 C Class is finally having its day. Prices are slowly but surely on the rise after years of just being rusty £500 bangers. Rough rusty ones are still out there of course but nice clean ones are coming onto the market and prices are heading well north of £2k for 230 kompressors and 280 six-pots. It could have easily have been a deserving successor to the 190, but the well known ill-advised water based paint fiasco (along with the bio-degradable wiring issue on the W124) and the general cheapening by Chrysler as time went by cost MB dearly. When recently deciding to go back to an oldish Merc (now the wife has had to commandeer the Corsa for school-run duties), I very nearly went for another W202, but having never tried a W203, I've ended up with one of those instead. I'd forgotten about the Vanguards Dolomite, there were so many that were on my want list around 2001-2003! I got the original white 1850 release when it came out. I liked the fact it was a relatively base version (even badged and described on the box as an "automatic"), even though I equally love the Magenta Sprint I also have. Because Magenta, basically. Just a shame they did such a cock job with the Sprint wheels...
  23. Ooft! I need a Vanguards Cosmic blue Wolseley now...
  24. Arrival, part two, and just to show that I'm not all about rusty German barges, Another Vanguards variant that I've been chasing for years and inexplicably never got round to buying one of! This is from one of the golden eras of Vanguards IMO. It was amazing at the time that I could finally get models of "real life" classics that other manufacturers had ignored. Stuff like Marinas, MK1 Granadas, Allegros, Hillman Imps and, as shown here, the Landcrab. At this time, Lledo had really upped the game with detail and features like sprung suspension. This one was another eBay purchase and it really is as new, right down to the box. Unopened bag with the mirror still on the sprue and collectors card un-removed from the box. There were a couple of reasons I have been after this particular version. One being the colour, of course. "Antelope" really shows this one as being a later BL-era example. (Complete with correct plughole badges on the front wings) However this one has a wider than usual side stripe and a slightly racy red interior, which gives away the fact that this might not be the usual family plodder. That little boot badge says it all. This is the twin-carb 1800 S. I've always liked the idea of the Landcrab's slightly staid styling coupled with the grunt of an MGB motor. Generally I just like sporty versions of cars you would think unlikely to have a sporty version of, I suppose. A great model of the Landcrab IMO, I think the S would have looked a lot better with some Wolseley 2200 style Rostyles as standard though. (Runs and hides...)
  25. Today's arrival, part one. Another baby-Baby Benz, the previous generation C Class this time. I already have a Minichamps C180 in fairly-base Esprit trim, that I got fairly cheap as it was unboxed. I've always fancied the AMG C36 variant though as a contrast and managed to get this one in decent boxed condition (though missing the cardboard outer sleeve) for a tenner, not too bad a result when you see what people are asking for these... Bonus points for being one of my favourite colours, the rarely seen (and imaginatively named) Light Yellow, only really seen on early launch Esprit versions. I've never seen it on an AMG version but the lairy colour suits the 'Big rimz and kit' styling of the C36. For a model from the early '90s (it's nearly 30 years since the C Class first launched, scary!), it holds up well. The ribbed effect on the headlight lenses is fairly convincing, grille detail is good, and I love the delicate photo etched bonnet star on these. I know '90s German saloons aren't everyone's cuppa on here, but I do think the 202's styling has aged very well, and the Minichamps model captured it nicely. Amusingly though, judging by every one I've seen, they never seemed to get the front wheel arch quite right. It seems a bit wavy, as if it's been plugged full of wob. Quite prototypical then... Nice job on the big AMG Monoblock alloys though and the tiny Sport front wing badges. Never seen those badges on a real AMG though, I suppose it makes sense that they would have started with a factory Sport model with its uprated suspension and brakes then drop the 3.6 24V motor in. The interiors are what really make these Minichamps models for me though. Again the seat pattern is exactly right for an early '93 Sport model, though it's a shame they didn't plump for the wacky check plaid trim from the following year. All the AMGs I've ever seen in the metal have had leather anyway... Even the door trims are done the same! Colour coded steering wheel trim and gear shifter as well.
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