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    TV cars

    Yes, I remember the Dolly sprint, and I'm sure Bodie was driving around in a brown Rover P6 in the early episodes (pretty sure it was also Frank Haskins' Rover in the Sweeney). Cowley's car was a pre-launch SD1 in the early episodes and I remember a Zakspeed X-pack kitted MK2 Capri featuring too.
  2. AndyW201

    TV cars

    Another vote for Jack Regan's Consul GT, and his later MK2 Granny 2.8iS. Also, the Bodie & Doyle Capri 3.0S and Escort RS2000 combo had a big effect on the young me, along with Dave Starsky's be-striped Gran Torino. Also, as in my avatar. Not the most desirable, or in the best condition, but the appearance, (and subsequent premature death) of that dilapidated Zephyr kicked off what would be one of my all-time favourite programmes.
  3. Jealous of that W123, I've managed to grab an Audi S6 and Lotus Europa in my local Tesco, but still no sign of the Merc. Might have to bite the bullet and get the 9 pack with it in, at least that has the MK2 Golf Country in a different colour scheme and the Caddy hearse. Been having another 'get models down from the attic, have a look at them, then put them back' session. Expect some pics of underwhelming diecasts, with a particularly distressing Vauxhall flavour later!
  4. I 've visited my local big Tesco a few times but only fell lucky this week, managed to grab a Lotus Europa and Audi RS6. Only W123s were in the 9 packs but they're quite reasonable at 8 quid, and there's also the Caddy hearse in those.
  5. I miss my old brown 190e. I got it in 2008, bought blind off eBay for £700 with full MOT and 6 months tax, which was a bit of a barg at the time. The colour made the car for me. Nutria brown was only available in 1993, the last year of 190 production, so very rare. I owned it for nearly 3 years , using it every day and it asked for almost nothing, other than general servicing. One of the front springs broke, so I lobbed on a set of 40mm lowering springs which made it look a bit better and didn't alter the ride too much. I was a fan of the euro look at the time so changed the front gingercators for clears (not something I'd do now...) and added some genuine period (and not cheap) Hella smoked rear clusters. The icing on the cake was finding a set of Lorinser LO dished rims, which were like hen's teeth in the 15" fitment. Definitely one I'd have back today, over any of the cars I've owned. I know it'll attract plenty of 'you ruined that' and 'barried' comments over the lowering, the wheels, the lights and the plates, but though I've owned better specced (and better engined) 190s since, it's still the looks of this one that get me. And It's the only car I've ever made (a small amount of ) money on!
  6. Hi from just up the road! Love the Granny, a taxi firm I worked for years ago had a J plate 2.0 Ghia with the twink engine for 'executive' runs. I felt like quite the Lord Shite when I was driving that. I remember it could be persuaded to go sideways without too much provocation...
  7. IIRC Sava were a company that licence-built BMC commercials in Spain. I remember loads of Sava-badged J4s chugging around Benidorm in the 80s. The old J4 lived on even longer, being Pegaso-badged by the end of production.
  8. Bishop Auckland sounds okay to me if it's a goer. My shite game is weak at the mo so I'll most likely be in a modern Corsa as well for everyone to laugh at! 😁
  9. A tricky one with my current fleet. My Corsa VX line is a highish spec with sporty trim. I suppose the equivalent would have been a Chevette GLS with the better trimmed interior and rostyle wheels. Or something like a Fiesta 1300S (would have been too early for a 3 year old Supersport). As for the Skoda, a 15 year old one would have been an MB1000, but they would have been thin on the ground by then, and there was no 'hot' version like the VRS. In reality an ageing boy racer who never grew up, like myself, wanting a down - at - heel sports saloon would have probably gone for an early 70's mk3 Cortina GT, FD Victor VX 4/90 or maybe even a Dolly 1850 or Sprint.
  10. Welcome to the Azurite blue down-at-heel Merc club! Love the CLK, effectively a faster 2 door version of mine, down to the comedy rust and giffer type scrapes! I'm much the same as you with Mercs, all the 190s I had were kept looking nice and respectable but I think ones of this era suit the faded grandeur workhorse look. My C200 even has an NI plate for the flat-roof-pub landlord look...
  11. God I've got much want for 90's Vauxhall dealer tat now. Particularly those V-grille black bumpered Astras! Problem is people seem to want stupid prices for Gama RHD stuff, I've already written off Schabak stuff as out of my meagre pocket money range now! Had my existing Vauxhall range out for a play and a clean earlier. May don my flame proof underwear and get some pics up...
  12. ^ Bit of a rarity there, a utility bodied Duple Dominant. Our local firm, Cleveland Transit had quite a few (along with the coach-spec ones, all Leopard based.
  13. After all the cleaning and displaying, a little repair job. (sorry, another Vanguards Ford). I managed to build up the whole Vanguards 'boy racer' collection. Weirdly, on the mk2 Cortina, the front wheels disintegrated. While hunting for a cheap wheel donor, I managed to find another mint boxed example, so the one with the knackered wheels was relegated to the loft o' lost diecast. Then, when my mate brought the Sweeney models round, he asked if I needed any model wheels as he builds a lot of motorsport conversions and has loads of spare sets. So he gave me a set of minilites from a Trofeu Escort. They're now on the original knackered Cortina, and look pretty good. As a bonus the Trofeu axles are thicker, pushing the suspension wires up higher. So the car now has a nice lower ride height much more befitting of a boy racer car! Stance yo!
  14. So, continuing the cabinet reshuffle (heheh!), out came the later mk2 Granada 2.8 injection, purchased from our own bramz7. Another one I've been after for a while and compares nicely .with the earlier mk2 S. Alongside the yellow Cortina S, the green 3.0S finally gets an airing. My dream garage would contain a signal green 2.0S so this is pretty close. Some more TV detective nonsense with a pair of Bodie and Doyle Capris. I love the Minichamps version, complete with realistic tartan seats with tiny fishnet headrests. and re-creating a well known Professionals scene, Then as an alternative to all this sporty S pack and GT frivolity, a bit of mk3 and 4 giffer spec caramac coloured Cortina business. Loving the beige interiors... Finally in the rejigged OSF section came the mk1 Capri GXL. The Vanguards Mk1 has come in for a bit of a kicking, there are a few wonky bits, especially on the twin headlight versions but I still like this one. It does make a bit of a change to have a mk1 Capri that isnt a GT or an RS. Nice to have the facelift tail lights and I like the twin tailpipes and the GXL badging. And the new miniature Ford 'I wish I had what they'd be worth in real life' section, (yep I like Escorts as well... Soz like)
  15. Well, looks like this little lot should be as welcome as a dose of the shits while wearing cricket whites, but what the hell... Warning! Vanguards content! Did one of the usual removal and cleans of the main display cabinet contents. I also went for a bit of a root around in the loft to give some hitherto undisplayed stuff a bit of shelf time. A mate of mine had a couple of The Sweeney-themed models for sale on a FB diecast site, that I've been after for a while. They're unboxed and been in the wars a bit, but together they were a fraction of the price of one mint and boxed example. Mark's an old mate from school so even delivered them to my door gratis! He also replaced the missing mirrors and driving lights on the Granada. The Cortina still has the backs of the driving lights, just need to find something to fill them, and replace the mirrors. It now has a nice supergluey fingerprint over the rear wing, due to dickhead here trying to stick the rear foglight on and failing. If it wasn't a signal yellow mk4 S, it would have had the toffee hammer treatment... Shut it you slaaag! Get yer traahsers on, you're nicked! etc... Loosely Sweeney related, I was looking amongst the various Ford stuff in the loft. I remembered I had a nice base spec mk1 Granada in purple velvet that I fancied displaying. However I also unearthed this in another 'fark me, I forgot I had that' moment. A Consul 3000 GT in the 'not at all like the GT in The Sweeney' colour scheme of Copper bronze with matching interior with only the black vinyl roof and 'similar but not that similar' NHK reg number presumably avoiding any licencing difficulties...
  16. Hey LS, it's a 1/43 mate. If only it had proper trim on the inside of the doors and rear panels, it'd compare nicely to many diecasts made today IMO.
  17. Oh, so would I! In no way is this meant to be a 190 replacement, and hopefully I'll see myself in one again. But I needed a cheap snotter, I like shonky old Mercs and this fitted the bill for half a bag. In a few ways it still feels like an old school Merc but as mentioned, in some ways it's better than a 190. Just doesnt give me the buzz I used to get from a nice 2.6 190 though!
  18. With the Vauxhall dealer model love-in going on in here lately, I remembered I had this in the loft... A bit different to the ones on here previously. It's in a UK dealer box and as can be seen, it's a later V-grille mode with updated wheels (a bit like Omega MV6 items). This one is made by Schuco, but must be based on the old Gama casting as it seems to have the same Calibra script cast on the opening tailgate. It's a nice model, it may have to find a place in the 'orl Voxhalls ar shit m8' section of the 'favourites' cabinet.
  19. One job that did stand out as needing doing was the boot. It opened, but was a right bastard to close again. On inspection, the striker on the slam panel didnt look too clever, like it had been attacked with a set of mole grips. It never locked either, or worked off the interior boot release. It came to a head after slamming it shut, (with my work bag inside along with my sleeping bag and bedding for my overnight truck run), to find it wouldnt open again. A replacement mechanism was boughted from the bay for £20 posted and arrived in two days. With some help from bro_w201, we got the boot back open without too much carnage. The old boot mechanism was removed, Yep, that's frigged! As I took it out, the wire for the internal boot release popped out of the bootlid. It appeared the motor this plugs into was missing, and we found the actuator rod for the central locking which hadnt even been connected to the mechanism. We surmised that the boot had previously been broken into, whether as part of theiving scumbag activity, or the W202 trick of flattening the battery, and locking the owner out of the boot, I dont know. It seems a mechanism from a Merc of that era but not a 202 has been bodged on. You can see where the striker has smashed through the plastic surrounding the mechanism. So, on with the replacement. Luckily this came with everything on, so the wire for the internal release was plugged in, the central locking actuator rod was attached and the striker was expertly* straightened again, Like factory* After confidently removing anything I was likely to need again, gently the boot was dropped down. It closed! It even opened again! So now the boot locks and unlocks with central locking as it should. It also works off the internal release as it should and even pops open with the little boot release button on the key fob. Result! It even sat nicely, better than it ever has done since I bought the car, with factory panel gaps, Or as good as these cars get anyway... Next up, to investigate why the heater blower works intermittently. I've had a blower. motor fail on one of these before and theyre not too bad a job. It just doesnt seem like it's failing on this car. There's not the usual death rattle, and when they're on their way out, you can usually get them going when they stop, by thumping the bottom of the dashboard. This doesn't work on this car. The word on the MB forums is the heatert control panel causes intermittent operating on these, a strip down and a spray with contact cleaner apparently does the trick. I just need to find where my tin of bloody contact cleaner has gone...
  20. So, currently, two inactive cars, so I was going to have to spend anyway. I got the Merc in the first place to have a spare, running vehicle should the main one shart itself. Yeah, did well on that one didn't I? Still, as good a time as any to get the Merc going and have some use out of it! Motive, my local accessory and spares shop came to the rescue with a suitable battery. Considerig that nowadays a car battery seems to be the second biggest purchase after a house (according to most ebay sellers), £75 wasnt bad for a battery that would rouse an old German barge. It turned out to be about twice the size of the one the guy I bought the car from put on. So now at least it started and ran, nicely too. Next problem was the tyres. Two of them had gone flat and had perished and cracked to buggery, despite one not looking that old (yep, it was an Avon). The other side looked better but the nsr had a nail right on the edge of the tread and sidewall. Basically only the nsf tyre was anywhere near serviceable. A quick finances check revealed the worst, so reluctantly it was down to the part worn emporium. It can be pot luck with this place with what you get, however the guy came out with a Conti Eco contact, a yGoodyear efficient grip and a decent looking Hankook. All date stamped 2017, no cracks, repairs or damage with a good 4mm at least remaining. £60 the lot fitted and balanced. Straight away the car felt better as I took it back along the A66. The droning/howling sound at 55-60 that I thought was bearing or diff noise was gone and the steering wheel has stopped shuddering badly at 60. So all sorted, taxed and insured in time to pick Mrs_w201 up. It was a bit of a surprise for her but she soon cheered up as she now has designs on having the Octy at weekends to get to work in, once it's back on the road... Next task then was my 30 mile commute to work and back through the week. This it accomplished without complaint. Crawl through the school run traffic (much easier in an automatic) then onto the A66, cruise on, lovely. An urgent job came up soon enough. It isn't all granite...
  21. Short, insignificant update time! Well, this ol' heap is WBODing like a boss all of a sudden. (Actually looks better with a coating of road grime, my hastily touched-in rust spot repairs don't show as badly.) It started last weekend, I remembered the Octavia, my current daily, was due an MOT. So straight down to my tame MOT tester and lo and behold, Shitbags! Ah well, couple of ball joints and the dreaded VAG rear calipers strike again. It will live again, but for now, it's at the back of the drive, to have a think about what it's done! So, with bugger all in the way of working cars, it was time to drag the old Merc out of the cobwebs... with a duff battery that wasnt even right for the car, two flat tyres and a better half that needed picking up from work in two hours' time... And of course had to swap the tax and insurance over from the Octy. WCPGW?
  22. Paid finally (hopefully). Apologies for the lateness.
  23. Ah balls to it. I'll have another then please.
  24. Gnnnh! Staggered 16" Lorinser LO wheels!!!! The best aftermarket Merc wheels of ever. Yep, Lorinser were a big styling company. Mainly wheels bodykits and lowering kits. This beauty definitely has the kit and the wjeels. Will likely have got the springs as well when new.
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