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  1. Wow! Local Morrisons are on top of their Hot Wheels game at the moment, Check out this wacky little funster, Nice recolour for the gasser wagon, I think this an old-as-the-hills casting, but I've not seen a Cobra in the line up for years so this is a welcome release. A nice, fairly tasteful job they've done too. Another outing for the Datty pick up. Nice matt paint job, and still love these steelies, And a couple of modern Germans. Not everyone's cuppa but I think the new Merc A Class looks nice in red, And this seems to be one of the sought-after ones on the HW sites, To be honest there were a few more there I would have had, but the 'nip in for bread and milk' shop was starting to get expensive...
  2. Early '80s Toyota Carina at a guess?
  3. Sadly things didn't go well for the little Aggro after I owned it. My mate bought it and did the small bits of welding (a little bit at the sill ends, under the sill covers and replaced the lower rear corners with NOS panels) it needed, then put it up for sale , just needing paint. Predictably, the massive cuntfunnel that bought it raped it for the engine then resold it as a rolling shell covered in primer and with the mint sorrel brown interior ripped out. Next thing I know, my brother sends me a pic of the V8 Allegro racer, with the message "isnt this near the reg number of the one you had?" Errr... I've seen pictures of the build, and considering the race car was apparently built on a red shell, I'm not sure how much of my old one is in there. But in the corner of the workshop, another 2 door shell in gold and primer can just be seen. I'm just glad it lives on in some form as its future post engine-rapeage didn't look good. (Apologies for the words on a pic only thread...)
  4. Apparently the HW Drift Taxi/Time Attaxi is based on this generation Tokyo taxi spec Toyota Crown,
  5. This was the Allegro when I owned it, I suspect there's not much of it left in there now though...
  6. What an idiot! Posts without uploading pics... Tonight's Morrisons finds, I like this Monte Carlo casting. I haven't seen this release in any of the previews so was a nice find. The Jaaaag is now in a fetching sparkly version of BRG, which suits it nicely. The newer Civic Type R in a nice Touring-car style livery. Beats all those 793-odd Bisimoto-liveried versions of the previous shape one... And on the subject of Honda, the big find of tonight, Prelude!!! A little honey this one, love the pimptastic red interior, and great Tampos front and rear, Still hunting the gold 944 though!
  7. Nocturnal visit for supplies to Morrisons paid dividends tonight,
  8. 4 cylinder A Series variants ran on small 14" Transit style wheels. 6 pot versions got 16" wheels , stronger chassis and beefed up suspension.
  9. Funnily enough, my local Heron Foods outlet. They're part of B&M apparently, so the new one that's opened near us does have a half decent selection of HW from time to time. Better than B&M actually ATM...
  10. Finally, after a drought of some months, I found some recent-ish HW goodness. Love the red Scooby!
  11. Some baseplate swappage took place today, the Consul base now wears a set of factory option GT style sports steels. Yay or nay?
  12. Lovely post lady called today, Ooh, a parcel for me! Yes!! One of my holy grails. In an incredibly kind gesture, our very own @Skizzer had offered me this Consul gratis after I'd mentioned in an earlier post that I've always wanted the super base Daytona yellow Consul, and I'm extremely grateful to Martin, it's a very welcome addition to the Vanguards collection. This place... I love this version, just for its sheer base-ness, the shape looks great without the usual Granada-bling. And it's Daytona yellow! All the bits are right for an early Consul, the base grille and the body colour rear panel. Only decoration being the 2000 badges on the wings. It's spanking new as well, the mirrors haven't even been fitted! So, I got out all the MK1 Granny/Consul collection, see how it goes with them, Only other Consul in the collection so far is the 3000GT, in I-cant-believe-its -not-Jack-Regan's spec and colour, A bit of an odd one next, it's badged and labelled as a Granada, but the lack of body decoration and wheels make it look more like a Consul in my mind, it only needs the front auxiliary lights and it'd be more like a GT. M plate would be too early for the period when the Consul name was dropped and the base models were renamed Granada too I think? Got to love this colour though, can't have too much purple velvet... Going upmarket now, The Onyx green 3.0 Ghia is a recent purchase, and was featured here, but the white Ghia goes back a bit longer... I had a couple of the original Vanguards models back in 1997, the 105e and a Consul Classic. This was my first purchase of the 'new' range that came out in the early 2000s with far better detailing, sprung suspension and a lot more interesting subjects. I was torn between this one, the Marina 1.8 Super and the Consul 3000GT rally version. This won, though I went back to the shop a few weeks later for the Marina... This ones in pretty good shape for a model that I've had for 20 years, and had on display. Need to get it apart though to clean the inside though, open windows aren't a great idea for models that get played with... er... put on display unboxed. Interesting that this version has sunroof detail and the 3.0 and Ghia badges on the front wings but the Onyx green Ghia version from the same period doesn't. And to finish on something a bit different, The 3.0 Ghia also made it into the Hidden Treasures collection. Yes, the 'patina' is a slight bit forced, and the 'Kevin & Tracey' sunstrip is a bit crass, but it's generally well observed stuff. The repairs on the sill ends and rear arches are good. And get a load of the tiger-skin seat covers 🤣 So hopefully, a nice bit of variety out of the same casting. I've been having ideas about the base Consul however. The only thing Ive ever found to nitpick is that Corgi/Lledo changed the wheels from the correct perforated wheels and hubcaps on the prototype to plain four-slot steelies as featured on their MK3 Zephyr casting, although the hubcaps fitted are correct for an early Consul. But looking at the GT type steelies on the purple Granada, I don't really want to mess with the yellow 'un but I think it would look nice with the GT steelies. And they were a factory option on the whole range...
  13. Ohhh I'm jealous of that Vanguards Cav! To think I could have had one for under a tenner when Corgi had a Black Friday sale some years ago... Got the Steel Grey Astra GTE though, so not all bad. Also got the Gama Cav somewhere in the stash, buggered if I know where though. Still a decent looking model, and holds up well considering the difference in age between it and the Vanguards casting.
  14. There are a couple of Brazilian part work Chevy Chevette wagons knocking around eBay too, may be an easy conversion?
  15. Correct! This is also for a Ghia, the original split in two...
  16. That R6 is a little sweetie! Sadly nanoshite has had to take a back seat at the moment due to teh_furlough pay, but a piece of diecast dropped through the door today. And when I say a piece... Been waiting for this for a few weeks, but it'll help me do a long-overdue repair on one of the big buggers gathering dust in the loft. And after a couple of weeks of solid graft redecorating, the big clean up has started and so I started dusting the contents of the cabinet. After a couple of drinkies, I decided to have a bit of a piss about... Had this one a long while, but one of my faves, both as a miniature and a real life car. It's the Nordic blue version of the SRi 130, which was never available as a single release but as part of a 3-car Vauxhall Centenary set with a Brabham Viva and a PA Cresta. I was lucky enough to bag it loose for a few quid some years ago. Lots of nice detail as usual, liking the special SRi 130 decals, a fair attempt at the alloys as well, but Corgi did a better job of them later with the Astra GTE. But tonight, it was decided it needed a little bit of the ride height gone, so it became the latest victim of Andy's drop shop... Doing it like it's 1995 all over again!
  17. Yes there have, there were 3 versions of K11, the headlights and grille nostrils being the main identifiers, Early ('93), small headlights, narrow grilles. 1st facelift ('98), larger headlights, large chrome rimmed grilles, restyled dash, different bumpers and rubbing strips, 2nd facelift, ('00), grilles larger still, large grey insert in bumpers, different side rubbing strips again, slightly restyled interior, 1.3 replaced by 1.4 Wheels were all 13" on early cars, 13" for 1.0 cars and 14" for 1.3s with 1st facelift, 14" for all with 2nd facelift.
  18. Apologies to Faker for photobombing the thread but I got all nostalgic with this thread and dig out some pics of my previous K11s, My first one, basic 1.0 'Shape', (radio cassette and 5 speed box but keep fit windows, no central locking and no rear wash/wipe), dealer fitted bodykit and lowered on 30mm Jamex springs with 15" TSW Hockenheim alloys, And it's replacement, early 1.3 Si, (I had the first facelift K11 on the road in Middlesbrough according to the salesman...), the Si didn't get power steering, sunroof or front fogs at that time. Lowered on 30mm Swift Motorsport springs and 15" Team Dynamic alloys, Still hunting for pics of the Mystique...
  19. I think so, though they weren't very good pics. I'll try and dig them out.
  20. That's a great find, 1.3 K11s go very well, and the Si is a nice spec to have. I had 3 K11s in total; A white pre facelift 1.0 base which got the pukka Nissan bodykit from the dealer. I then lowered it 30mm and put on a set of 15" rims. Then came a facelift 1.3 Si like the one above, which also got lowered with rims. Last one was a bit special, the 1.3 Mystique which was based on the SE (the 5 door version of the Si). These came with every option for a Micra at the time, ABS, RCL, leccy windows, sunroof, front fogs, special Clarion radio/CD and came with a special purple/bronze/gold flip paint job. This got lowered and 15" rims fitted again... Your looks fab, I'd love to have a go in a 1.3 K11 again, as mentioned they have a willing engine and weigh bugger all. I surprised a few unsuspecting hotter hatch drivers with mine!
  21. I had a few Merc 190Es, this was my favourite, in practically my holy grail spec and colour scheme, Bornite metallic paint, with the 2.6 6-cylinder engine and factory Sportline chassis pack. Immaculate cream leather inside. Apologies for another 190. This was just an ordinary 2.0 manual, but I loved the colour and with the Lorinser rims I fitted and the slight lowering job, I was happy with how it turned out. (The German plates, clear corners and Hella smoked tail lights were quite in vogue at the time...)
  22. While rummaging about in the loft earlier, I came across another collection that's not seen the light of day for 15 years or so. Soz, it's modern Corgi related again... Still with me? Good. This collection goes back years, to when I was still working on the taxis, although I was starting to alternate it with the delivery job, eventually packing in the taxi trade altogether. So, early 2000s-ish, I was still getting catalogues sent from Corgi, and I saw a couple of Vanguards models, in period taxi livery. This piqued my interest, and a small-ish collection built up. So, from what I remember, the first one I purchased was this, Note, the Lledo name was still quite prominent on the packaging at this point, although this was after the Corgi takeover. Usual marketing leaflet inside the packaging, but at this time, you didn't get the collector's card/certificate, instead just getting '1 of XXXX pieces' printed on the base. I don't know if the livery of these Vanguards taxis were based on real companies or faked, however the Manchester licencing sign on the bonnet of this one looks kosher. Don't know why the model is described as from Leicester either, if it was supposed to be licensed in Manchester. All the same though, it's a decent model. The Vanguards Marina, despite being from the early days of the range, captures the real thing well. It's a 1.8 Super, so the grille panel is correct, and the Marina Super wheel trims are among the best that Lledo/Corgi ever did. I like the tiny BL badges on the front wings too. Again, I'm not sure whether the real private hire vehicle would have had a Taxi sign on the roof, as most of the councils I know of only allow Hackney cars and cabs to have roof signs, not p/hire. But the signage is good, the tiny signs in the window informing 'Not insured unless booked through operator' lend it an air of realism. Next up, a bit of posh (ish) Ford action, I have to admit, I have picked up a fair few Vanguards models over the years... The MK3 Zephyr is one I've never bothered with though. However, having got this one out today, I may have to get one or two as it's a lovely model really. Nice to see the lowlier Zephyr being modelled, with it's single headlights, less body bling and plain wheels. I think they have caught the shape well, I must be the only one to prefer the styling of the Zephyr with the thicker C pillar reminding me of a big MK1 or 2 Cortina, rather than the six light set up of the Zodiac. Being a Zephyr, it's a nice big model, with plenty of weight to it. It's part of the reason I like the Vanguards, the metal bases give them a nice weighty feel. Sticking with big Fords, One of my favourite castings of one of my favourite cars. Again, nice to see the povo spec Consul modelled. Correct Consul-spec grille and low spec wheels with hubcaps. Don't know if the livery is a genuine one, but it looks good on the Daytona yellow. I have been looking for ages for the ordinary Daytona yellow version of the Consul, as it would make a nice contrast with the other posher variants in the collection (Consul 3.0 GT, Purple velvet Granada and a few 3.0 Ghias) but people are asking silly money for them on ebay. These taxi versions though are a lot cheaper, mint boxed versions can be had for not much more than a tenner so I have been toying with getting another one of these and reverting it to 'civilian' spec. I don't know if the Tampos could be removed without having to redo the paint job? Next, a bit of six-pot leather cocooned luxury after your several pints of Watney's Red Barrel and fish supper (all for less than a quid in them days, y'know...) Always been a fan of the landcrab, especially the Wolesley. It makes a nice taxi model too. Pretty good treatment of the front end. (Shame the badge doesn't light up tho...) That legendary landcrab interior space... Nice accurate steering wheel rake too! And to a slightly more budget-conscious landcrab owning firm, 2005 now, note that Lledo is no longer on the packaging. Nice colour combo, bet the red vinyl would have been pleasant to do a long shift in, on a hot day. And who wouldn't want this taking them home from a night on the piss? Possibly not one for the grammar police though. Note the spelling of the word Taxis on the door signs and on the plinth. Makes me wonder if this might have been a real life livery... Great front end treatment on this one too. Unusual to see a PA with a single tone body colour and plain-ish wheels without whitewall tyres. Puts me more in mind of a Velox? Like the Zephyr, it's not a model I've gone for before, but it captures the PA's lovely shape well, and it's another nice big, weighty model. So that's it for the Lledo/Corgi crossover clear case era. After completing this lot, I discovered there had been a few more, done a few years earlier in the good old slidey box pre-Corgi era. These were a lot harder (and more expensive!) to find, but I had to get them! Again, apostrophe-botherers beware... So, first cab off the rank (heh!) Is the Farina Cambridge Portugese taxi. Not an unattractive colour scheme, the Farina's lines look good on it. Another Farina next, An Oxford this time, in Hong Kong colours. Bit more garish, this one... The taxi plates front and rear are a nice touch though. And finally, the one that took the most finding, Another PA Cresta, In Legion Taxis (Australia) livery. Sadly the paint has gone a bit shite on this one, the blue bits have crazed pretty badly, Must be that hot Australian sunshine...
  23. Been having a bit of lockdown-boredom rummage in the loft. Mainly to repackage some of the cars that were recently evicted from the display unit. Going through the big box that I keep the empty cases in, I found a few cars I've not seen in a while. When I dug out the Haynes collection Capri and XR3 a couple of weeks ago, I was sure there was another Capri 2.8i up there! Not seen this one for a while. Bit of an oddball, packaging wise, this is part of the short-lived 'Drive Time' re-packaging of the Vanguards range, (complete with the not-exactly-authentic 1930s background inside the box). In the Drive Time era, everything was split into sections, cars were segregated into Vanguards 'classics' and 'moderns' (at the time they had just launched a moderns range including the L322 Range Rover, Rover 75, X350 Jag and Astra Mk5. It wasn't massively popular...), rally and race cars were the 'motorsport' range and police cars were the 'Emergency' range. This Capri itself is a strange one, all the Vanguards Capris I've got have Vanguards on the base plate. (I know, who knew the MK3 Capri had leaf springs front AND rear?) This one has the 'Corgi Drive Time' logo. (As well as some weird-ass paint crazing going on) Obviously Corgi soon couldn't be arsed casting different brands on the base plates as I have the MK3 Cortina GXL, also from the Drive Time range but with the old Vanguards logo on the base, Back to the Capri, it's a nice model, the few small details between it and the cheaper Haynes version (top) make all the difference, Nice Caspian Blue/Strato Silver paint job, and the stripes and injection logos are better rendered on this version. The rubbing strips look better picked out in black. They really did capture the Capri well with this casting. Another one found, I was quite shocked to see the year 2004 on the bottom of this. Corgi had just launched the much-awaited MK1 Escort and I was excited like a small child to grab this at the Harrogate model fair. To think that was more than 15 years ago... I have tended to go for the 'sporty' variants when I've bought the MK1 models so a few Mexico's/RS 2000s in the collection. But it was also nice to unbox a 'cooking' model again, to have a look at, So this is based on a very early 1300 Super, from the days when Escort trim levels had proper names rather than initials. Back then it was basic (Deluxe), luxury (Super), mildly sporty (GT) and sporty (Twin-Cam). Corgi made a bit of effort to get the Super-spec on this right. Chrome dog-bone grille with rectangular headlights, bumper overriders, bright trim around the wheel arches and sills. Particularly pleasing are the wheel embellishers, correct for the Super (and later XL), and the 1.3 Super wing badges. Keeping up the base theme, I found this loose in the box, Another of my favourite castings, this one. Again, I have both 2000E and GXL versions of the MK3 on display, but it was nice to have this 1600L to have a look at, and compare to the 2000 GXL. Quite a marked difference in front ends. Single lights or quads? Corgi captured both Dave-the-rep and Colin-the-area-manager's versions very well. Could be argued that Dave's unadorned L captures the Cortina's coke-bottle lines best. Colin prefers his RoStyles 'n' vinyl roof combo though! Looks better parked outside the Berni Inn... At least Dave's clean, uncluttered rear end has quite a prominent L badge to let the other reps at the Blue Boar services know that it's not quite the bog-basic model. The GXL though gets a natty aluminium infill on the boot, a GXL badge on the C pillar and Colin reckons the GXL badge on the boot is the last thing those lesser drivers in their Vauxhall Victors and Morris 1800s see...
  24. I was 20 in 1994. I started the year with a white MK2 Fiesta 1.4S, F260 FHH. (Not this one, but identical) I loved it, back then where I live, you were nothing if you didn't have a sporty '70s or '80s Ford, especially one with front spotlights and red bumper strips. However, one day I was nosing around the local Rover dealer (South Cleveland Garages, Skippers Lane), with my dad (he had an R8 Rover 214 at the time), and the facelifted R6 Rover Metros were in, with a few special editions in stock in some jazzy colours. I was doing 2 jobs at the time, and worked out that I could pretty much afford a new Metro on finance. They had a Metro Rio in the showroom for £5995 which looked good in Kingfisher Blue. However, for £6995, I could have a Rio Grande, which added useful extras like remote central locking, 5 speed gearbox, colour coded bumpers, radio cassette, sunroof and rear wash wipe, extras which seemed well worth an extra grand. So in June 1994, L551 JVN was my first brand new car, at the age of 20. It felt great, it was a bit less powerful than the Fezza, but I loved the colour and the extra toys it had. Being 20, and 1994 being at the rise of the Max Power/Fast Car era, I did pimp it up a bit with a set of KN softspoke alloys. I also removed the Rio Grande logos, de-badged the bootlid and put some green tape stripes under the rubbing strips, to match the bumper strips. I was going for a bit of a GTa/GTi replica. And yes, that is a Max Power sticker in the windscreen...
  25. Loving the al-fresco shite content going on lately. I'm quite jealous, having gravelled front and rear lawns, so can't go out and play myself! So, inspired by DC's fantastic Leyland scrap hauler, I've had a sort out of the collection, and had cubed some of the old knackers that wouldn't even have made it to the 'Hidden Treasures' section of the cabinet. Donned the Hi Viz and rigger boots and got some of the 'heritage fleet' out to transport them down to Shady Mick's metal recycling emporium. Any excuse to get an E-series ERF out... Some of the bigger shells called for a bigger rig. Out with the TranStar!
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