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  1. https://www.scandinaviandesigncenter.com/brands/iittala/tsaikka-glass-with-handle-2-pack/?variantId=30006-01&currency=GBP&countryCode=GB&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIp5fs3cXN3wIVJijTCh3m7w3UEAkYESABEgKRAvD_BwE
  2. i am right near there @Datsuncog...
  3. i believe that the first nonpayment fie on a car reg will be waived if you phone them up and ask nicely - worked for me anyway ps wait for the letter as when i forgot to pay i was told to wait for the letter before phoning.
  4. Thank fcuk for that Well done shandylegs
  5. Not sure I could face being a megabuswanker!
  6. 9ish hours 3 or 4 changes and £178!!! or £738 for a direct flight lol edit scrub that i misread the flight details - i would have to fly via amsterdam
  7. cant afford the 4 tickets and certainly cant afford the train-fare. if only you were closer.. and paid
  8. i would be interested but you are a fair treck from sunny essex! GLWTB(ridging)
  9. that mondeo is 20 odd miles from me. i have a mk2 v6 ghia x estate. i did a full circumnavigation of the m25 to collect mine. mine was £162. puma or ghia x would be a good choice but that mondeo is seriously salty. well bought
  10. deepest condolences to Dave's family - i like many here have tears in my eyes for his loss.
  11. https://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/product/1801/rubber-extrusion this anything like it?
  12. do not like although i have just spent my £7 on a disappointingly smol kebab
  13. puma is mk4/5 fiesta based not ka. not that that stops them rotting
  14. this will be replacing the ex jifflemon roffle milly puma which has 'sucked up a puddle' apparently. i have a broken rover 75. and a broken alfa 75. i will be borrowing the 600 back tomorrow for a long distance ebay collection, as it appears to be the best car in my extended fleet
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